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10+ Celebrity Wives You Probably Forgot About

Amanda J




Forget about using those annoying free online dating services and let’s talk about those Hollywood wives that broke our hearts. While some chose to live out of the spotlight, others are still married to some of the Hollywood’s famous men. Let’s check this gallery to start remembering those names.


John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Let’s start this list with John Travolta and his wife, the actress and former model Kelly Preston. In 1987, the pair met during filming “The Experts” and after dating for 4 years, they had got married.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison and Calista met at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Then they started to date and 5 years later, during Valentine’s Day, Harrison surprised her by making the question. In 2011, they tied the knot and adopted a son, Liam.

Dustin and Lisa Hoffman

In October 1980, the legendary actor married the businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen. They have 4 children together and have been together for 41 years, so they are considered one of Hollywood’s most stable couples.

Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight

Jack Nicholson was married to the actress, painter, and writer Sandra Knight from 1962 to 1968. They have one daughter, Jennifer. Sadly, the couple was separated for 2 years before the divorce deal was official.


Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

In 1992, Warren and Annette got married and since then they have been together. The couple has 4 children together. Warren said, “The most important and the best thing that’s ever happened to me was meeting Annette and having our four kids.”

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Considered as one of the favorite couples of all time, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were living together for 50 years (!) until, sadly, Paul passed away in 2008. They met on the filming of the movie “The Long Hot Summer” in 1953 and five years later, they tied the knot. They had 3 daughters together.

Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson

Clint Eastwood met Maggie Johnson on a blind date and not long after that, the couple got married in 1953. Sadly, after 31 years of marriage, they decided to divorce. They have 2 children together.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune

Sean Connery met Micheline during a golf tournament in Morocco. They got married in a secret ceremony in the beautiful Casablanca in 1975. Since then, they are still living together.

Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen

Robert met Lola because she was his neighbor in the building where he lived. After dating for several months, the pair decided to tie the knots in 1958. Sadly, they got divorced in 1985.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Elvis met Priscilla in 1959 when she was just 14 years old. The pair was dating for 7 years until they finally got married in 1967. Nine months later, their daughter was born. After some issues, the couple decided to get divorced in 1973.

William and Elizabeth Shatner

William got married to his 4th wife, Elizabeth, in 2001 and they are still together. This multi-talented woman is a photographer and helped co-wrote the song “Together” on William’s album, “Has been.” Besides, Elizabeth is also a horse trainer. What a lucky man is William to have such talented woman as his wife!

Michael and Shakira Caine

The legendary actor married his 2nd wife, Shakira, in 1973. Since then, the couple is still living together to this day. After 43 years of marriage, Michael and Shakira said that they discovered the secret of their success: each one must have their own space.

Robert De Niro And Diahnne Abbott

Robert married to the singer and actress Diahnne Abbott in 1976 and they had one son together. But unfortunately, after 12 years of marriage, they divorced in 1988. While Robert got married again in 1997, Diahnne decided to live out of the spotlight.

Bruce Springsteen and Julianne Phillips

Bruce met the former actress and model Julianne Phillips during his USA Tour and since then they were dating. In 1985, the pair decided to tie the knots. Sadly, after just 4 years of marriage, they decided to divorce.

We know that Bruce has remarried but Julianne decided to have a life under the radar.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

While filming the TV series “Family Ties,” Michael J. Fox met Tracy Pollan, who portrayed his girlfriend (Ellen). Once again, the pair will meet again on the set of the film “Bright Lights, Big City,” and their relationship began. Michael and Tracy finally got married in 1988. Since then, they are still living together and have 4 children together.


Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston

Jeff met his future wife Susan while he was filming Rancho Deluxe in 1974. At that time, Susan was working as a waitress but Jeff fell in love since he saw her for the first time. After several years of dating, the pair got married in 1977 and have 3 daughters together.

Jeff said about his life, “I want to thank my beautiful wife, Sue. We’ve been married for 33 years and we have a wonderful family, and three amazing girls, Isabelle, Jessie, and Haley. I wouldn’t continue without you.”



Local Jogger Saves Trapped Fawn from Fence, Twice

Liz L




You’ve heard of super human strength. Like when a mother sees her child trapped under a car, and she is miraculously able to lift it to save her child. But does it happen when you are trying to save someone else or an animal? Jogger Chloe Dorsey proves it is possible.

Dorsey was going for a normal morning jog through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia. She was running one of the six trails in the park when she came across an animal in distress.

A fawn had somehow gotten stuck between the metal bars of a fence. Dorsey had never seen anything like it and quickly took it upon herself to help. The fawn was obviously scared, so she gathered up her strength and began to pull apart the bars of the fence. Could she pry apart heavy metal bars all by herself? She didn’t know, but she had to try.

According to an article in Psychology Today, how people are able to lift things that weigh more than they can endure has something to do with the response our body has to fear. Some people think it’s adrenaline, and that may have something to do with it, but it also has to do with the fear of a life or death situation. On a normal day, someone would not be able to lift a car or pry metal bars open, unless they have been training for it. But even then, scientists say that under ordinary circumstances, we use 65% of our muscles’ maximum strength, while trained weight lifters can use 80%. How can we max it out? That’s where the fear response kicks in and the brain, under extreme stress, releases two chemicals that can mask the pain, for a time. That’s why a mother can lift a car off of her child and Dorsey was able to pry apart the metal bars. They weren’t able to feel the pain.

As Dorsey attempted to pry apart the bars, the fawn jumped around trying to escape because it was terrified. That did not deter her from helping, it only made her try to help more to save the baby deer. After a little while, she was able to pry the bars open enough for the fawn to escape. Her job was not over, though.

A little ways down the trail, she found the fawn again, trapped in another fence near the base of the mountain. What are the odds of that happening? She even told the deer, “What is gonna happen when I’m not here?”

This fence would be more of a challenge for Dorsey, though. The bars were stronger and narrower. She pulled with all of her strength, even trying to push the fawn through, but it didn’t work. Only when she decided to jump the fence to try from a different angle, was the fawn able to get itself free. Dorsey believes that her jumping the fence scared the fawn enough to give it some willpower to escape. It also helped that she was able to loosen the bars.

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Is It a Good Idea to Take Your Persian Cat Camping? I Did It to Help Others Pet Owners Decide

Danielle S



My husband and I started out discussing if you can take a cat camping. This was prompted by the fact that our family was moving from Oakland California to Tennessee in July 2018. Even though we have a lot of experience with moving back and forth across the US, this would be the first time going on a longer trip with our female Persian cat, Mishka.

We’ve had experience traveling as a couple, with our child, and also with some dogs. However, we were certain it was going to be more of a difficult time making this move with Mishka, especially since we had decided to do some camping along the way.

We adopted Mishka in 2014, when my husband saw her on the shelter’s website. She was not doing so well health-wise, though most of these issues we’ve dealt with easily and without further complications. She’s our loveable, sweet mess of a kitty who tends to be glued to one or another of us.

In past moves, we’d just barrel through states within a fairly short period of time. However, we knew that we’d have more time and wanted to camp out before we hit the humidity.

Of course, we worried about how Mishka would do with staying outdoors with us in such a place. The first half of the first day, we walked her on a leash in the redwood forest. She warmed up to the leash eventually and was running with us throughout the forest. She liked to hide in some tree stumps and seemed okay overall.

The downside to so much romping in the woods? Mishka is light-colored and seemed to pick up all the gunk and dirt she could find. Strangely, she did enjoy being at the beach at first. I’m convinced she picked up too much gritty sand and it was too much for her cute little paws. My husband brought her to the car, so the rest of us wrapped up the beach trip as quickly as possible.

Mishka did well with making a stop at a random campground, which we had to stay at due to the road warnings that were up for fire season barring us from going on the roads we wanted to travel. She liked being on a super long leash to chase after bugs… but of course, she did not like having to sleep in a tent. For this reason, we decided Mishka should sleep in her cat carrier in the tent. She would have been overwhelmed at having to figure out how to sleep amongst three humans and two dogs in a fairly small tent. Of course, this also meant there was no room for a tent litter box.. a concern from the start, but we made it work alright. 

Food and water bowls had to be kept separate, since our Chihuahua mix tries to eat the cat food. It went fine at first, though after three days it became a bit of a mess.

Fortunately, Mishka is a pretty chill feline. Though she likes a lot of TLC, she is not all that high-maintenance. She did end up being a big highlight of our trip!

When we got to Tennessee, it had been a long two weeks. Since Mishka was dirty and her fur was getting clumps in it, we brought her to a pet groomer right after we arrived. They had quite the job on their hands and she was extremely happy when all of that was done.

Though there were bumps and minor frustrations, we’re all genuinely glad that we had Mishka come along camping. If you don’t mind your cat’s fur getting dirty and they’re emotionally relaxed, give it a try!

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Bow Ties Helps Dogs Get Adopted

Liz L




There are so many animals waiting for homes in shelters. Why are so many of them unable to get adopted? How can we fix it? What happens when they don’t get adopted? These are some questions 12-year-old Dazhai “Darius” Brown of New Jersey asked himself after discovering how many animals live in shelters year-round.

Brown had struggled with his speech and fine motor skills since he was two. To overcome this and to help develop his skills, he began assisting his sister in making bows for her cosmetology school. Brown first started to help cut the ribbon and sew it together. His skill progressed, and he moved on to making his own bows and bow ties.

He enjoys wearing them and wears one every day. He then started making matching one for his dog and liked to take selfies and posting them on social media using his handle “Sir Darius Brown.”

After seeing how many displaced dogs there were after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, his heart grew heavy and thought about ways that he could help these animals. That’s how he came up with Beaux and Paws. His company combined his love of making bow ties and animals and was a way for him to give back. He thought that dogs wearing bow ties would be adopted out faster. And he was right.

What could be better than a dog or a cat wearing a bow tie? Nothing!

Most animals in homeless shelters are older or are breeds that many don’t want or are portrayed in a negative light. Adding a little sparkle to their appearance, like a bow tie, may help a dog stand out, when they often may have been overlooked. Also, due to overcrowding, dogs that are in shelters for too long may be euthanized. Brown wants to put a stop to that. He wants all animals to have a furever home and live happily ever after.

His mission has even caught the attention of many people, including Former President Barack Obama. Obama sent Brown a letter recognizing his community service commitment and for lifting up the spirits of whoever he comes in contact with.

Beaux and Paws has donated hundreds of bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Brown often visits local shelters and volunteers and travels to adoption events to help with the adoption efforts.

Since starting his organization, he has received fabric and supply donations that will help him continue to make bows. Most of the fabric was bought out of his own pocket, so donations have helped a lot to fund his mission. He has raised over $20,000 on his Go Fund Me page. He says that funds will not only help with costs of supplies and shipping, but he also needs a new sewing machine to make more bow ties.

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Allyson Felix Shatters Usain Bolt’s Record Just Ten Months After Giving Birth!

Amanda J



Talk to any mother and you’ll hear the same old story. Giving birth can be a rewarding experience, but it is no doubt physically intensive. Many moms complain that they struggled to get their bodies back for years after having their child. Now, imagine dealing with the aftereffects of childbirth while focusing on competing in a World Championship event just ten months later! Allyson Felix made headlines around the world when she took home her 12th World Championship medal (Gold) in the 4x400m mixed-gender relay. How did she make it happen? How could she possibly have broken a record held by the legendary Usain Bolt just months after childbirth?

Felix, an Olympic athlete, had gone through pretty much everything you could imagine during her pregnancy. In fact, Felix had to deal with a severe case of toxemia, which is also known as preeclampsia. This condition is noted due to extremely high blood pressure in the mother. Preeclampsia can be dangerous to both the mother and the child. Eventually, Felix was forced to undergo an emergency c-section operation. Luckily for Felix and her family, the c-section was a success and little Camryn was born on November 28, 2018.  While that could be the end of the story, it is really just the beginning.

With ten months until her next big race, Felix had to get in shape and ready to compete. No stranger to facing physical and mental hurdles, Felix immediately got to work. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Felix bounced back from her pregnancy with aplomb. According to a study performed by Harvard University, experiencing pregnancy can demand a similar level of energy as running an ultra marathon. No, we aren’t even joking. Pregnancy is hard

Fortunately for Felix, she was able to return to form before winning gold in her mixed-gender 4×400 relay. While Felix’s amazing recovery is almost unheard-of, it shouldn’t be the only thing that we are applauding. Instead, we should be celebrating every mom after they give birth, whether they are winning gold medals or just doing their best to raise their kids in a healthy and loving household.

Outside of her work on the track, Felix has become something of a beacon for hope for women in the workplace. Despite her dominant athletic abilities, Felix has frequently watched as her contemporaries made significantly less after enduring the rigors of childbirth, even if their performance didn’t change much on the track. Felix revealed in an op-ed published through the NY Times, “Despite all my victories, Nike wanted to pay me 70 percent less than before.” Felix went on to reveal that she accepted the pay reduction without an argument because that’s not what her focus is on. Instead, Felix has been negotiating with Nike to offer contractual protections for performance changes during the immediate aftermath of birth.

With any luck, Felix will be able to win over Nike, thus marking a huge moment for maternity equality everywhere.

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After Taking Homeless Dogs Back From St. Maarten, Couple Is Shocked By What Happened When They Got Back!

Danielle S



Do you dream of taking a Caribbean vacation? As winter rounds the corner, everybody starts to imagine spending time on the beach by the sea. For Jennifer and Kevin Boltz, they decided to make their dreams a reality by heading to St. Maarten in the Caribbean. The purpose of their trip was to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday, but when they arrived they got more than they bargained for!

Saint Maarten, also known as Sint Maarten, is a Caribbean island that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a constituent country. Only 40,000 people live on the island’s 14 square miles of coverage. The island was named by Christopher Columbus himself back in 1493, so you know there is plenty of history to go along with the beautiful views. No matter what you are looking for, a vacation on Saint Maarten can do the trick.

When Jennifer and Kevin arrived for their vacation, they didn’t plan on taking home any pets. Fortunately for them, they ran into a pair of homeless/stray dogs named Maisie and Coconut. The two dogs were on the brink of starvation, and they were showing signs of serious malnourishment. Despite their physical ailments, Coconut and Maisie were loving, happy, and sweet. Kevin and Jennifer knew that there was no way that they could bring them back home to Colorado unless they came back for a return trip. That would be crazy, though, right?

Well, Kevin knew that the dogs would become part of their family, so he had no problem making a second trip back to St. Maarten. Before he left, Kevin entrusted the care of the dogs to professionals, so he knew that they would be safe while he was away. After dropping Jennifer off at home, Kevin returned to the Caribbean to pick up Coconut and Maisie. The two dogs made the long trip home to Colorado with their new dad.

After bringing the dogs into their new home in Colorado, Jennifer noticed something startling. Both Coconut and Maisie had bellies that were seemingly growing bigger by the minute. It quickly became apparent that both dogs were pregnant. In fact, Coconut and Maisie had a gigantic litter coming! After making the final tally, they noted that Coconut gave birth to ten puppies while Maisie gave birth to seven puppies just a week later. In the blink of an eye, Jennifer and Kevin saw their two Caribbean pups turn into the moms of a combined 17 puppies! While Jennifer and Kevin’s youngest children were ecstatic, it certainly came as a surprise to their parents! 

In order to help shoulder the burden of their suddenly expanded family, Jennifer and Kevin have turned to social media. The new doggy parents are looking to raise just enough money to get the dogs the healthcare and love that they deserve. They currently have a GoFundMe campaign that was started by a family friend.

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