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4 Sisters took the same photo for 40 Years

In 1975, noted photographer, Nicholas Nixon, was visiting his in laws with his recently wedded wife. While enjoying the company of his in-laws – and purely on a whim – he suggested that his wife, and her three sisters, pose for a photo to commemorate the event. It was a casual photo that none of them at a time knew would result in a 4 decade long journey. The following year, during one of the sisters’ graduation, he suggested another photo, with the sisters lining up in the same order (from left: Heather, Mimi, Bebe and Laurie) which later turned into an annual tradition.

Between 1975 and 2014, 40 photos were taken of the sisters who are the subject of an art installation that has taken 4 decades to document. We shall follow this journey and see what tales these photos have to offer us.

1. 1975 – New Canaan Connecticut

This is the original photo that was taken at the sisters’ home when Nicholas first came to visit. It set the tone for the rest of the photos, with the black and white hue and the guarded expressions on the sisters faces.

2. 1977 – Cambridge Massachusetts

Two years later, the sisters still maintain their confident gazes directly towards the camera. While there is very scant back-story with each photo (for the privacy of the subjects), we can guess that at least one of them – based on their estimated ages – was in college. Cambridge Massachusetts is a famous college town on the east coast.

3. 1979 – Marblehead Massachusetts

While in the other photos there seems to be a standard dress code for each photo, in 1979 we see more independence in terms of dress style and pose. The faces don’t give much away in terms of the individual emotions they may be experiencing.

4. 1981 – Cincinnati

The Cincinnati photo is more relaxed and casual, and you can tell that everybody is having a great time. The dress code is fun (shorts and light shirts) and there seems to be more home in their visages.

5. 1983 – Allston Massachusetts

This is the first photo in this series where the photographer’s shadow is visible. It seems at this point that the sisters are more comfortable in the annual tradition and are ‘accepting’ the photographer to be part of the process.

6. 1985 – Allston Massachusetts

The sisters are much closer to the lens, being more welcoming to the viewers. They also present a front of solidarity, with more personal contact between them (arms on shoulders). As usual, they emotional expression is minimal.

7. 1987 – Chatham Massachusetts

In this photo, it becomes clear that they women are now aging (gracefully) into womanhood. While the faces show some of the effects of time, the eyes still maintain the fire and defiance that has been present since their first photo.

8. 1989 – Cambridge Massachusetts

Two of the sisters take centre stage while the others remain in the back a bit for this photo. IT could signify that the two ‘highlighted’ sisters might have experienced significant personal milestones (marriage or perhaps the birth of a child).

9. 1991 – Watertown Massachusetts

While we have not come to expect much in terms of emotional expressions, there is a very clear sombre mood in this photo. We could surmise that 1991 was a challenging year for the sisters as a collective unit.

10. 1993 – No location

The smiles are back. It has now been 18 years since the first photo and this shows that they are committed to this project. On a deeper level, it shows that they value the annual meeting that they have.

11. 1995 – Marblehead Massachusetts

On the 20th anniversary of the first photo, the sisters seem happy and they are holding tightly to each other. Their bond has clearly been growing stronger with the passing time.

12. 1997 – Wellesley Hills Massachusetts


One of the most remarkable changes that we can see is the happier gives as the sisters have grown older. They seem less defiant in their poses and more joyful at the opportunity to spend time with each other.

13. 1999 – Unknown Location

Most of the sisters might be grandparents at this point. They pose very close to the camera, not shy of the signs of aging now being visible on their expressions.

14. 2001 – Unknown Location

The ocean is in the background so we can surmise that the sisters are vacationing together. They seem much more relaxed, and some of them even indulge us with a half smile.

15. 2003 – Unknown Location

There seems to be some tension, and a hint of fear, in this photo. At least one of them seems to be experiencing some trouble and uncertainty on the personal front.

16. 2005 – Cataumet Massachusetts

Two of the sisters in the foreground are dressed in all white, which might signify something. There seems to be a bittersweet fell to this photo, some joy mixed with sorrow.

17. 2007 – Unknown Location

All the sisters now have visible wrinkles on their faces, but they still proudly pose close to the camera lens. It is clear that they are not superficial about the aging process.

18. 2009 – Unknown Location

The sisters are back to staring straight into the lens. They are holding each other in solidarity, which is reminiscent of their earlier photos.

19. 2011 – Truro Massachusetts

Individuality is back as all the sisters pose differently for this photo. They now seem to be within the 70 – 75 years age bracket and they still seem hopeful for the future.

20. 2014 – Unknown Location

While we have been maintaining a two year gap between the photos profiled in this piece, it seems right to finish off with the last photo that was taken in 2014. This photo perfectly encapsulates the relationship that they have with each other. They are all smiling and holding to each other. The bond is still there 40 years later.

They also seem to be less guarded about their pose. Their smiles are much softer and less cautious than they have been during the earlier years of the photography project.

This 40 year journey has not only chronicled their relationship with each other, but their personal growth as well. We have seen each of them changing some aspects, while still retaining their individual identity that makes them unique.



The Cast Of Willy Wonka – See What They Are Up To Now

Danielle S



Originally filmed and released in 1971, the classic kid lesson movie of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory became a bit of a sleeper hit that crept across America and became a classic. The movie was replayed again and again on TV for years afterwards, and the golden ticket prize inside the chocolate bar that the movie’s hero wins has been replicated in jokes and references repeatedly. In 2005 the movie was released again in a new version, with actor Johnny Depp taking the role of Willy Wonka much further than Gene Wilder ever did, and it to become a success of its own as well. The second version resonated with audiences of another generation and had the same effect. So where are all those actors today? Many are grown up now and have had some interesting tales of their own as well.

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The 20 Most Pause Worthy Moments in Movie History!

Amanda J



If you grew up with a VHS Player in your living room, you probably learned to get pretty handy with the pause and rewind buttons. With DVDs and streaming services ruling the day, those same skills are being put to the test! Hollywood is well known for putting together scandalous, exciting, and scintillating entertainment that can leave us dropping our jaw. Today, we are going to look at 20 moments in Hollywood history that we had to pause again and again and again!

Welcome to the 20 most paused moments in cinematic history!

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Kim Ng Has Become the First Female MLB’s General Manager

Amanda J



The Miami Marlins has hired Kim Ng as its first new general manager. The hiring has made her the first female GM of Major League Baseball. NG is a 51 years old Asian American who has served as senior vice president of MLB for nine years. 

She has also worked as assistant general manager for Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. These teams have made to the playoff eight times and won the World Series titles three times. 

According to Bruce Sherman, the Principle owner of Miami Marlin, the entire leadership is looking forward to working with Kim Ng. The ownership group hopes that Ng will work to improve the skills of Miami Marlins’ players. 

Ng is an experienced individual and a champion-level skilled coach who will play a key role in Miami Marlins’ success – said Derek Jeter, the CEO of Marlins. Besides, her extensive work in streamlining youth baseball will grow the game among Miami youth as she will continue making substantial efforts to encourage the South Florida Community. 

The Highest-Ranking Woman in Baseball

Kim Ng broke into the baseball game as an intern and spent her time to carry out operations in the Chicago White Sox. She is considered the highest-ranking woman when it comes to baseball operations among the 30 league teams. She is the first female general manager in all major North American sports leagues for men. 

She entered the major league as an intern, and after many years of hard work and determination, she has become the honorable general manager of Miami Marlins. Ng said she is happy to lead Miami Marlins as the next general manager. 

Ng is determined to build a team that would achieve successes in the major league. She will make substantial efforts to build for a long term in Florida and develop collaborative, forward-thinking baseball operation with dedicated and talented staff. 

An Inspiration for Millions of Women 

According to Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner, everyone at the major league baseball is happy and thrilled for Ng as well as the opportunity she has earned with Miami Marlins. Ng’s appointment will make history in baseball and other professional sports. 

Her role as a general manager is a great example for millions of girls and women who love to play softball and baseball. The leadership skills, the hard work, the record of achievements, and dedication throughout her career led to this incredible outcome. Rob Manfred said that he wishes Ng all the best as she starts her career as a general manager with Miami Marlins. 

It is indeed an incredible achievement to become the first female general manager in major league baseball. Ng said that young boys and girls would take notice of this and realize that they can achieve anything they dream of. 

Final Words 

Kim NG directed baseball operations with MLB and worked with the front offices of many league clubs around the world. She is looking forward to developing a sophisticated policy for the Miami Marlins, enable them to experience new heights of success. 

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Mersey Marine Goalkeeper Celebrates a Game Win & Birthday With Fans

Amanda J



For Mersey Marine player Bayleigh Passant, he wanted to do something different for his twentieth birthday. So, the famous soccer player and goalkeeper decided to do something for the fans. The day was already special with Passants work contributing to his team winning and becoming a seat in the FA Cup third round of competitions. As soon as the game was over, off Passant went to the local market for a surprise.

Suddenly, much to the amazement of the fans and club aficionados, Passant walks up to the crowd with a bag full of merriment and drinks to celebrate both the game win as well as his own birthday. The fans were flabbergasted. This was all after quite a bit of impressive work on the field, where the goalkeeper made sure none of the opponents even had a chance to make a mark by refusing to give anyone a point at all. The game ended 1-0 in favor of Mersey, and Passant was a player of day in that performance.

How did the rest of the world find out about this little after-game soiree? Electronically, of course. Much of that recognition was due to one fan, Stuart Wilks-Heeg, being smart enough to post photos of the celebration and after-game medley on Twitter. He summed up the unexpected extra game bonus as one of his top moments of 2020, seeing his favorite team win in the FA Cup as well has having a drink with the goalkeeper to boot.

Even better, Passant made no effort to hide himself from fans, passerbys and photogs. He was out on the street right after the game, walked right into the local market still wearing his game kit, and handed out beers at the field gate while still in full game uniform. As Stuart noted, many felt like they just went back in time, celebrating with their hero players in person and hanging out with legends in the real flesh.

All in all, more than three cases of lager were handed out to the available fans, and Passant was right in the middle of it. For Marine, Passant’s team, the entire night was an unbelievable turn of events. Few expected a non-league team to make a showing much less hammer through a full position into the FA Cup. Everybody from the players to management to admin were going nuts with the turn of events in their favor. What will really put things over the top is if Passant’s ends up being faced with another team from Mersey as their competition in the next round. An all-Mersey game will literally bring out the stoppers and make the entire town go bonkers rooting for one side or the other.

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Good News! Nintendo World Reveals Date For The Opening Of Its First Theme Park





Nintendo has finally revealed information concerning the launch of their first theme park area. 

It’s good news. Super Nintendo World will be opened  in the spring season of 2021.

The theme park has been scheduled for opening earlier this year before the inception of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Situated at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant they had to shelve launching plans. Since the Olympic Games had been rescheduled till next summer, one will get to savor the experience of the sporting events and also have fun in the much awaited theme park.

Osaka Is The Home Of Super Nintendo World

Nintendo made it known that the Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will be a “living video game with state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops restaurants and all will be featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games”

Guests and tourists who visit will be given smart wristbands that will be paired with an app and with that, they’ll have the access to take part in the virtual collecting sport and battle bosses.

Nintendo together with Universal Studios have disclosed some of the rides fans will get to enjoy in Osaka:

  • Incredibly realistic Mario Kart (well, we certainly expected that, didn’t we)
  • Traveling through Mario’s world riding on the dinosaur Yoshi’s back
  • Many adventures around the park using the smart wristbands
  • Punchable question-mark blocks

Mario Cafe & Store

If you can’t wait to see a glimpse of the Super Nintendo World, you’ll have a chance to see it on October 16. The Mario Cafe and Store will be opened in Universal Studios Japan’s Hollywood area. Here’s how it will look.

Though the exterior and interior don’t show much, these photos give a sight of what to expect. Nintendo themselves have revealed what will be on the menu: Super Mushroom drink, Luigi-themed sandwiches, fruit cream sodas with mustaches

There are further plans by Nintendo and Universal Studios to set up more theme park areas at the Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore parks in the future.

Well, who wouldn’t like to go on a trip to Japan?

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