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40 Hysterical Yearbook Photos That You Have To See To Believe.

Sarrah M




High school can be a formative experience as you learn the skills that you need to excel as an adult. With that being said, many of us wish that we could leave behind more than a few of our old school memories. Well, if you wished to forget your yearbook photo, you’ve come to the wrong place. Today, we are going to flip the pages of the Internet’s Yearbook in order to laugh at 40 of the most hysterical yearbook photos ever printed. Let’s dig in!

Smile For The Camera

Every class had that kid who didn’t take anything seriously. Well, here we get a chance to laugh at one of those kids. When the poor photographer told him to smile for the picture, he surely didn’t expect to see this. Still, we have to admire the kid’s dedication to being goofy. You do you, kid.

Do You Think This Is A Game

Every single comic book has a villain origin story, right? Well, this picture is definitely giving us some strong super villain vibes. We are, of course, talking about the cat. What did this frustrated kitty grow up to become? Did he ever get that purple bowtie off? Did the young man holding him get the scratching of a lifetime?

Share Your Passions

…. But not like this. There’s nothing wrong with being a devoted sci-fi fan. In fact, being into science fiction is actually popular nowadays. Unfortunately, this young space fan was probably into science fiction before it was cool. Sick costume, though.

Homer Simpson’s Soul Mate

So, we have two comments to make about this incredible yearbook picture. First, we’re not sure that Eden Dranger is a real name. How could a name that cool be real? Second, is Eden related to Homer Simpson? Did she help write ‘The Simpsons’? Does Matt Groening need to meet her?

I Only See Darkness

If you were a kid in the early ’00s, you likely went through your own goth or punk face. Teenage rebellion is cool, right? Unfortunately, this guy took the fashion trend a little too far. C’mon man, how can you embrace your teenage rebellion when you can’t even see?!

Oh, Nice To Meet You

Listen, we’re not going to judge anyone for their tattoos. Okay, we take that back. We’re going to judge this lady just a little bit. We’re all for a little bit of youthful anarchy, but pasting the symbol in the middle of your face seems to be going a little far.

Original Gamer Girl

One of the most iconic lines in gaming history is literally just, “Hyaaaah!” If Suzanne isn’t streaming herself playing video games on Twitch, the world isn’t a fair place.

13 or 30

Every generation believes that they have better style than their predecessors. With this young fella, we’re pretty sure he’s wrong.  We’re getting strong ’70s vibes here, but we’re not sure if this is a Yearbook photo or a headshot for the new Magnum P.I. reboot.

He Likes To Party

We are not above making fun of bad hairstyles. Of course, we have our own history of terrible hairstyles, too. With that being said, there is a special level of ‘What’ going on with this young gentleman’s fashion sense. Tie-dye shirt? Okay, I dig it. Giant glasses? That’s cool, too.  Bowl cut to mullet-rat-tail, well, that’s something else entirely.

Tell Us How You Really Feel

This incredible picture manages to sum up our youth in its entirety. We are here. We are kind of dressed appropriately. We’re not happy about it. Just take the picture. Wait, that doesn’t just sum up our youth. That sums up adulthood, too.

Wait, That’s Illegal

Would YOU take a bullet for your best friend? Well, we hope this guy isn’t your best buddy. He’s pretty clear about his priorities. While his priorities are kind of whack, we respect the honesty. Still, this dude has had his bro-card permanently revoked.

Unfortunate Cropping

For once, a yearbook photo isn’t hilarious because of what the subject did. Instead, we are going to have to lob some hate toward the editor that put the book together. We have to assume that this young man is wearing an Eagles shirt. Otherwise, he probably got kicked out of school with a quickness. We hope.


Do Sean and Stephanie have a thing? Are they siblings? Is Sean on the Yearbook committee? Is this all playful banter? The world needs to know! For what it is worth, we’re pretty firmly on Team Stephanie. Who doesn’t love quoting ‘Sex and the City’?

Who Mad Her Mad

This little girl can’t be more than six or seven years old. What on earth could she possibly be so upset about? Did someone spoil the ending of her favorite cartoon? Did the cafeteria run out of ice cream?  Does she hate the bow tie? We need answers, people, and we need them now! She looks like she is ready to blow up the planet!

Andrew Son of Arathorn

In other news, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ book club is getting a little bit out of hand. He’s wearing a full face helmet and what looks to be a sword over his shoulder. In what world would a student be allowed to bring a blade to school? Though, we did notice his massive beard. Wait, is this a teacher? Nevermind, we need to enroll in his class. Be right back.

Oh, Our Bad

Poor Pareekshit probably had to endure years of bullying because of his name. Which is ridiculous and absurd. It can be hard for people with non-Westernized names to fit in at school. Do your part to improve the environment and be respectful. Still, Pareekshit, you might have mentioned that the ‘s’ was silent sooner.

Slow Motion Alien Abduction

At first glance, you might assume that this is a rebellious punk rocker posing for her school portrait. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that she is slowly being abducted by aliens. You know, because of the hair. We’d call this joke ‘low hanging fruit’, but her hair is eight feet in the air.

Genius or Not, You Decide

With thoughts like these, Bradley might have been ahead of his time. We like to imagine that young Brad is now an old and wizened Bradley, sharing philosophical thoughts on Twitter with his handful of followers. Or maybe he isn’t a deep thinker and was actually into the devil’s lettuce. Who can say?

Maximum Effort

Connor is the human personification of the phrase, “I don’t know, you decide.” It’s your high school yearbook man, take a moment to come up with something witty. Or funny. Or, well, just come up with something. Wait, what if this was his quote? What if this was all intentional? Is Connor secretly a genius? What are we doing with our lives?

The Name Is Snake

Before Snake Plissken Escaped From New York, he went undercover at a small high-school. Unfortunately, this film never aired and this is the only surviving image of its existence. Yes, we are lying. Yes, we think this should be a movie idea, too. No, we won’t write it.

Random Drug Search

Marijuana acceptance in the United States is currently reaching an all-time high. Yes, we are aware that that was a pun. No, we aren’t going to apologize for it. Still, this is clearly an old photo. So, we’re sure that Dwayne was hit with more than his fair share of totally random drug searches at his locker. He should be okay, it looks like he smoked it all before he went to school, anyway.

This Is Not A Phase

High school is the perfect time to experiment with your identity. You can try out different clothing, different friends, and even different extracurricular activity. Eventually, most students tend to gravitate back toward the middle of mainstream society. Jeffrey Steininger? We’ve got no idea. Hopefully, he’s still out there rocking this A.F.I.-inspired hair, though.

Born For Corporate Leadership

We are a firm believer in Ghengis Khan’s approach to leadership and, apparently, so is Kevin Chang. Chang seems like the kind of guy that would burn down the warehouse of his competition in order to secure a huge deal for corporate. He’s pretty hardcore.


Have you ever seen a haircut that made you audibly groan? Now, we aren’t saying that we are the sole judge of style, but come on. We’re not quite sure what is going on here or how it was ever accomplished. This is a bowl cut that has managed to turn into some kind of mom-inspired pompadour.

A Truly Refined Gentleman

There’s not much that can be said about Scott Myers. He teaches. He likes pipes. He likes tobacco. So, naturally, he got the biggest pipe filled with tobacco that he could. Then, Scott brought that pipe to school. Listen, we don’t get it either. It was a different world back then. Just nod and keep walking.

Change Your Curtains

In all of our years personally evaluating the worst haircuts to ever grace the internet, this might be a winner. Now, we know what you’re thinking, this is actually a stylish haircut, right? After all, he even dyed his hair to match the shirt that he chose to wear for this picture that would last forever. Wait, that doesn’t make it stylish? That just makes this photo even more confusingly bad?

His Power Level Is Over 9,000!

We have to assume that students were allowed to dress up for their yearbook. What we don’t understand is why this kid chose Frieza. You have an entire world of amazing characters, yet you pick the coolest villain in Dragonball history. Wait, nevermind. We totally get why you chose Frieza. Represent.

Andrew Drops Some Wisdom

Career Day is supposed to give students the chance to get a taste for what life has in store in the working world. Unfortunately, Andrew Kinney didn’t really like what he saw. In a weird way, maybe Andrew took the most valuable lesson of all from the experience. Work sucks, so get rich and retire while you are young. We don’t know how to do it either, but the advice sounds legit.

Dealing In The Yearbook

We would never claim to know how to deal drugs. We’re probably the last person you want to ask for dealing advice. With that being said, selling weed in front of your Yearbook photographer has got to be one of the worst ideas in the world. They had to know this picture was being taken, right? Right?

Teachers Acting Extra

We love teachers that go above and beyond in order to have fun with their students. Jack, Joshua, and Kimberly — keep doing you. There’s a special kind of corniness that teachers are allowed to exhibit and these biology teachers found just the right way to show it off. I mean, we hope these are teachers.

Irony Either Way

This yearbook quote has to be deliberate, right? There’s no way that this student misspelled their quote in a quote about stupid people, right? Well, even if they did, the picture is hilariously ironic. Still, no matter his intention, there is some wisdom to glean from this particular quote. Thanks, John Wayne!

Hand of the Queen

If you really thought that we were about to roast Peter Dinklage, you’ve got another thing coming. As the Hand of the Queen and the most just man in the Seven Kingdoms, Peter Dinklage gets a permanent pass for high school yearbook transgressions. Also, can we do something about getting this man an Emmy?

Oh, Wow

Owen Wilson may be the funny guy with a heart of gold, but he is also kind of a heartthrob. This rare picture of Owen Wilson shows the future actor dressed up in his honor guard uniform. His trademark smile is in place but is nose is significantly less crooked. How different would his career have been had he avoided those major surgeries? Wait, he turned into a superstar anyway. Moving on.

Parents Getting Roasted

What government agency works opposite of CPS? Because, after reading these Yearbook quotes, we definitely need to call them. Zach, Mikyla, and Jamie all absolutely roasted their parents. We have to assume that these quotes were in good fun, though you never can tell…

Too Cool For School

This young gentleman might be too cool for school, but he still had to show up for his Yearbook photo. With the tinted Dahmer-esque glasses, a nice bowtie, and a crooked smile, we aren’t sure what we have to say about this fella. He appears to be wearing some kind of chef uniform, right? Or is his button just totally lost on his shirt?

Funny Face Or

Are we looking at a class clown or are we looking at the class burnout? Who can say? High school is filled with all sorts of students. Sometimes you just have to, well, roll with what you get in the yearbook. Having said that, we’re worried that our focus on his face is pulling away from what is clearly one of the coolest shirts to ever be embroidered.

The Quantum Leap

On next week’s episode of ‘Quantum Leap’, Dr. Sam Beckett will be… Wait, that’s not Scott Bakula? Well, if we need a backup Scott Bakula, we know who to call. In all seriousness, we think this yearbook photo was for the band section. Otherwise, maybe this is an unaired episode of ‘Quantum Leap’.

Marry Me, Diane

Any girl that is willing to quote Chewbacca in their senior yearbook is worth getting to know. Diane, if you are out there reading this, we are reading to be the Han Solo to your Chewy. Or whatever. That sounded smoother in our head. You know what? Nevermind. We’re sorry, please don’t yell at us.

Future Beatle or Bad Haircut

When Drew Forsyth stepped onto the school bus that fateful morning, he had no idea that his yearbook photo would be memorialized on the internet. Of course, when Forsyth was in high school, the internet wasn’t a thing. Wow, this is kind of blowing our minds right now. We are looking at a picture of a kid who grew up without the internet.

Hidden Message Test

This young student really enjoyed his time at Weston High School. Or did he? If you are an aspiring decoder, you might want to give this image another look. Can you see what we see? Do you think it was intentional? Was Weston High School actually a terrible place? These are questions that we’ll never have answers to.


Is It a Good Idea to Take Your Persian Cat Camping? I Did It to Help Others Pet Owners Decide

Danielle S



My husband and I started out discussing if you can take a cat camping. This was prompted by the fact that our family was moving from Oakland California to Tennessee in July 2018. Even though we have a lot of experience with moving back and forth across the US, this would be the first time going on a longer trip with our female Persian cat, Mishka.

We’ve had experience traveling as a couple, with our child, and also with some dogs. However, we were certain it was going to be more of a difficult time making this move with Mishka, especially since we had decided to do some camping along the way.

We adopted Mishka in 2014, when my husband saw her on the shelter’s website. She was not doing so well health-wise, though most of these issues we’ve dealt with easily and without further complications. She’s our loveable, sweet mess of a kitty who tends to be glued to one or another of us.

In past moves, we’d just barrel through states within a fairly short period of time. However, we knew that we’d have more time and wanted to camp out before we hit the humidity.

Of course, we worried about how Mishka would do with staying outdoors with us in such a place. The first half of the first day, we walked her on a leash in the redwood forest. She warmed up to the leash eventually and was running with us throughout the forest. She liked to hide in some tree stumps and seemed okay overall.

The downside to so much romping in the woods? Mishka is light-colored and seemed to pick up all the gunk and dirt she could find. Strangely, she did enjoy being at the beach at first. I’m convinced she picked up too much gritty sand and it was too much for her cute little paws. My husband brought her to the car, so the rest of us wrapped up the beach trip as quickly as possible.

Mishka did well with making a stop at a random campground, which we had to stay at due to the road warnings that were up for fire season barring us from going on the roads we wanted to travel. She liked being on a super long leash to chase after bugs… but of course, she did not like having to sleep in a tent. For this reason, we decided Mishka should sleep in her cat carrier in the tent. She would have been overwhelmed at having to figure out how to sleep amongst three humans and two dogs in a fairly small tent. Of course, this also meant there was no room for a tent litter box.. a concern from the start, but we made it work alright. 

Food and water bowls had to be kept separate, since our Chihuahua mix tries to eat the cat food. It went fine at first, though after three days it became a bit of a mess.

Fortunately, Mishka is a pretty chill feline. Though she likes a lot of TLC, she is not all that high-maintenance. She did end up being a big highlight of our trip!

When we got to Tennessee, it had been a long two weeks. Since Mishka was dirty and her fur was getting clumps in it, we brought her to a pet groomer right after we arrived. They had quite the job on their hands and she was extremely happy when all of that was done.

Though there were bumps and minor frustrations, we’re all genuinely glad that we had Mishka come along camping. If you don’t mind your cat’s fur getting dirty and they’re emotionally relaxed, give it a try!

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Helpful 10-Year Old Mows 50 Lawns For Free

Danielle S



Aidan Carty might seem like any average fifth grader. He enjoys spending time outside, hanging out with friends, and playing basketball.

However, many people in Odessa, Missouri know that there is more to Aidan than meets the eye. 

The 10-year-old really enjoys mowing, spending time outdoors, and watching the grass grow. His love for mowing has led to the 50 Yard Challenge, an initiative by Raising Men Lawn Care that inspires young boys to lend a hand to those in need. Aidan has already mowed two yards, and is currently planning his remaining 48. 

After writing a sign saying that he accepted this challenge, he asked his parents to sign him up. He is just one of five kids in Missouri who have signed up to participate in the challenge. So far, there are 445 children and four adults from six different countries who have pledged to mow 50 lawns. Aidan would like to see Missouri be the leading state in the country for this challenge. Currently, Texas is in the lead with 35 people promising to complete 50 forms of lawn care. 

When talking to Aidan, it is evident that he wants to help others. Although there are other incentives to completing the challenge, Aidan’s motivation comes from a place of service versus gain.

“He mows for disabled people, veterans, elderly, single moms, people who can’t or don’t have the time,” Aidan’s mom, Sabrina Carty, said. She also mentioned that he is looking for people who need his help.

“I just want to cut their yards, so they don’t have to do it,” Aidan said. He hopes that he can motivate others his age to rise to the challenge. He wants to decrease the amount of time people his age spend on video games, and increase the amount of time that they spend outdoors.

While Aidan enjoys completing lawn care, he has come across challenges including bad weather, equipment malfunction, bees, and even snakes. 

Aidan, and others who rise to the 50 Yard Challenge, will receive a T-shirt, safety glasses and ear protection once Raising Men Lawn Care receives a picture of the participant. Those who complete the challenge receive a new lawnmower, blower, and Aidan’s favorite, weed eater. 

“You can actually see it chopping,” Aidan exclaimed about his favorite machine. 

In the future, Aidan wants to start his own lawn care business. He hopes to reach this goal by the time he is in high school, so that he can create his own summer job.

Although this is the 50 Yard Challenge, this program is year-round and includes all types of lawn care like snow removal, leaf blowing, weed eating, landscaping, and of course, lawn mowing. 

To learn more and join Aidan in this challenge, please visit the Raising Men Lawn Care website and click on the link to the 50 Yard Challenge. If you or your child are participating, please use the #Kansas50YardChallenge on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Owners Reveal Adorable House Rules Put In Place By Their Animals.

Danielle S



As a pet owner, you’ll quickly come to realize that your pets are unique creatures with their own sense of self. As a result, you’ll find that your pets have certain demands, superstitions, or desires that you have to accommodate. A recent thread was posted to Reddit which explored how prevalent these ‘house rules’ were among animal owners throughout the world. As you’ll soon find out, nearly every pet owner had special rules that they had to live by in order to keep their pets happy. Buckle up, these rules are as adorable as they are hilarious!

When Reddit user DLordJr took to Reddit, he had this question to ask, “What rule has your pet instituted in your house that you now follow?’ The question skyrocketed to the top of the subforum AskRedditwhereupon thousands of pet owners shared their own story. From parrots and lizards to dogs and cats, it seems like every pet owner had a special rule that they were following. One user revealed that their parrot had extreme demands when it came to conversing with people. According to that user, if the parrot asked ‘What are you doing’, you had to respond. If you didn’t respond to their parrot, the bird would throw a tantrum while waiting for a response.

As the Reddit thread continued to attract more responses, it became clear that almost every pet owner has unique rules that they have to live by. According to user Chimerical_Shard, you simply are not allowed to close the doors around their pet as they will begin to scream at any surface that blocks their path. Another common ‘pet rule’ was that visitors weren’t allowed to leave their seat in the presence of their dog. Why? Well, the dog would immediately jump in and steal the seat. The user called this seat-stealing pupper’s action, ‘paying the toll’. Another dog, a Berner/Pyr mix, would get angry if it heard someone whispering. Apparently, secrets aren’t allowed in their household!

While house rules were different among the species of animal, it seems like there was a lot of overlap when comparing pets within the same species. For example, many of posters in the thread pointed out that their dogs demand to go on car rides every time that their owners go out. Other users pointed out that their dogs loved being chased by people who were clapping. It is pretty easy to see that certain personality types were more frequent among certain animals!

When it came to dealing with luxury, cats reigned supreme. Apparently, cats are almost completely beholden to being treated like Kings and Queens. One user pointed out that their cat, Potato, would refuse to eat her food until she was placed gently in front of her bowl. To make matters worse, Potato had managed to brainwash her owner’s boyfriend to accommodate the new rule. Another cat demanded the bathroom sink be left running so that she could get fresh water in the morning. When ignored, the cat would meow and scream at the bathroom door until the faucet was turned on.

So, what do you think? Do your pets have any special house rules that you have to live by?

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Guinea Pig and Dog Share Beautiful Friendship, Similar Fur Patterns, In a Story DESTINED to Make You Cry!

Danielle S



If you grew up in the 80s and 90s then you probably remember the animated film, The Fox and the Hound. In the movie, two species of animal that have no business getting along end up becoming the best of friends. The film was adorable and touching, but was it realistic? As it turns out, interspecies friendship is relatively common in nature, and even more common among pet owners. This is where the story of Mr. Jenkins, an adorable puppy, and his best buddy, the guinea pig named Maple, begins.

Tahnee Reid was born and raised in Australia. Based out of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Reid had grown up as an animal lover. Reid was living with her pet guinea pig when she made the decision to adopt an adorable three-year-old puppy named Mr. Jenkins. At first, Reid was incredibly nervous about how Mr. Jenkins and Maple would get along. After all, Maple was smaller than Mr. Jenkins’ head. If the new dog wanted to put an end to Maples, he could make that happen. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending!

Upon bringing home Mr. Jenkins, an excitable Boston Terrier, Tahnee was shocked to see how her two animals got along together. Not only did they bear a striking color resemblance to one another, but they quickly became the best of friends. Tahnee said, “I really can’t believe how close they are to each other. They’re total best friends.”

According to Tahnee, Mr. Jenkins was the excitable pet that she had concerns about. If Mr. Jenkins couldn’t calm down around the little guinea pig, Tahnee would never be able to relax. However, Tahnee soon came to realize that the two pets shared a mutual passion, eating carrots! Tahnee says, “I think their friendship first blossomed over their mutual love of carrots.” Tahnee went on to explain that she would give Maples a carrot only for Mr. Jenkins to run over and beg for his own. Soon, they were sharing carrots with one another and before long they were napping together!

Nowadays, Maples is the proverbial shadow to Mr. Jenkins’ excitable daily routine. While Mr. Jenkins is the younger of the two pets, Maples tends to treat him like her own personal hero. According to Tahnee, Mr. Jenkins even acts like a parent as he’ll check on Maples throughout the day in order to make sure that she is okay! Tahnee says, “They really do have this amazing and strange little friendship. It captures the hearts of everyone that meets them or sees their photos.” Tahnee went on to explain that Mr. Jenkins had quickly grown attached to his little shadow and that he was proud to have a little sidekick who followed him around the home.

In the divisive world that we live in, it sure is nice to see how two creatures can overcome their differences. What do you think of the adorable Mr. Jenkins and his best buddy, Maples?  Do you want to bring home your own monochromatic buddies?

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Dismembering Dear Old Dad: Helping Ralph the Pug Deal with Age-Related Separation Anxiety

Danielle S



Welcoming Ralph the Pug

Ralph the Pug came to join us a bit over ten years ago. He was five, a rescue dog who had been turned in by his old owner and was looking for a forever home. We hit it off right away as he bounced into our arms, then our hearts, and we took him home the same day we met him. We bonded, Ralph and the rest of us, playing together in the back yard, getting muddy and barreling across the grass after sticks. We even took him on vacation.

Clearly Dad’s Doggie

Ralph was especially fond of dad, resting on the couch beside his lounge chair so dad could reach over and pet him while relaxing. Ralph sat under the dinner table by dad’s feet when we ate, and mom and dad indulged him with space on their bed at night, always close to dad. The years together were good for us all.

As Time Goes By

Aging was tough for Ralph. His body got to be more of a challenge for him, and he seemed a bit forgetful at times. We’d had him for over ten years, and we knew that aging pets need special care. We took care of his medical issues as they arose, but we weren’t sure how to help his state of mind. He was always a loopy lil’ guy, of course, so why worry?

The Veterinary Perspective on Ralph’s Mental Changes

Our vet recommended a veterinary behaviorist, suggesting that Ralph might be experiencing some canine dementia. Nothing serious, he said, but Ralph might seem lost at times, get clingy or upset by change. The behaviorist recommended ways to support Ralph, keeping his environment simple and stable. But Ralph threw us a curveball.

Once we set to work adapting his environment to his age, Ralph got much happier and more active. When dad went to work, though, Ralph was sometimes inconsolable. He would pace, moan, lose appetite and sleep all day. It was only when dad came home that he’d jump, run about, devour his dog food and be his old self. We puzzled over Ralph’s attachment issues until mom had an idea.

Mom’s Idea: The Dad-Doll Arrives

Mom found a place online which sold life-sized mannequins, ones which looked close enough to dad to maybe make her plan work. She ordered one, and we all waited to implement this crazy idea. Would Ralph be fooled?

When the huge box arrived, we unpacked it in secret and set the mannequin on the bed. When dad went off to work, while Ralph was dancing anxiously around, then curling up and whimpering, we put it in dad’s easy chair. We got Ralph’s attention and led him around the corner to the living room. He stopped and stared at the figure in the chair: dad! He spun around in a circle and jumped up and down, four legs in the air at once. He made a sort of airy ruff-ruff sound and he charged dad-puppet’s leg. He nipped at his fingers, and – wait a moment – he tugged on them and bit them and pulled off dad-puppet’s hand! Whoops!

Ruff Love and Peace at Home

After loving on the doll in his way, Ralph laid down on the rug, content. Each day as dad left he’d turn to the doll and jump on it, then play with it. He stayed playful but proper with the real dad, and we were just glad that mom’s idea had helped dear Ralph.

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