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40 Hysterical Yearbook Photos That You Have To See To Believe.

Sarrah M




High school can be a formative experience as you learn the skills that you need to excel as an adult. With that being said, many of us wish that we could leave behind more than a few of our old school memories. Well, if you wished to forget your yearbook photo, you’ve come to the wrong place. Today, we are going to flip the pages of the Internet’s Yearbook in order to laugh at 40 of the most hysterical yearbook photos ever printed. Let’s dig in!

Smile For The Camera

Every class had that kid who didn’t take anything seriously. Well, here we get a chance to laugh at one of those kids. When the poor photographer told him to smile for the picture, he surely didn’t expect to see this. Still, we have to admire the kid’s dedication to being goofy. You do you, kid.

Do You Think This Is A Game

Every single comic book has a villain origin story, right? Well, this picture is definitely giving us some strong super villain vibes. We are, of course, talking about the cat. What did this frustrated kitty grow up to become? Did he ever get that purple bowtie off? Did the young man holding him get the scratching of a lifetime?

Share Your Passions

…. But not like this. There’s nothing wrong with being a devoted sci-fi fan. In fact, being into science fiction is actually popular nowadays. Unfortunately, this young space fan was probably into science fiction before it was cool. Sick costume, though.

Homer Simpson’s Soul Mate

So, we have two comments to make about this incredible yearbook picture. First, we’re not sure that Eden Dranger is a real name. How could a name that cool be real? Second, is Eden related to Homer Simpson? Did she help write ‘The Simpsons’? Does Matt Groening need to meet her?

I Only See Darkness

If you were a kid in the early ’00s, you likely went through your own goth or punk face. Teenage rebellion is cool, right? Unfortunately, this guy took the fashion trend a little too far. C’mon man, how can you embrace your teenage rebellion when you can’t even see?!

Oh, Nice To Meet You

Listen, we’re not going to judge anyone for their tattoos. Okay, we take that back. We’re going to judge this lady just a little bit. We’re all for a little bit of youthful anarchy, but pasting the symbol in the middle of your face seems to be going a little far.

Original Gamer Girl

One of the most iconic lines in gaming history is literally just, “Hyaaaah!” If Suzanne isn’t streaming herself playing video games on Twitch, the world isn’t a fair place.

13 or 30

Every generation believes that they have better style than their predecessors. With this young fella, we’re pretty sure he’s wrong.  We’re getting strong ’70s vibes here, but we’re not sure if this is a Yearbook photo or a headshot for the new Magnum P.I. reboot.

He Likes To Party

We are not above making fun of bad hairstyles. Of course, we have our own history of terrible hairstyles, too. With that being said, there is a special level of ‘What’ going on with this young gentleman’s fashion sense. Tie-dye shirt? Okay, I dig it. Giant glasses? That’s cool, too.  Bowl cut to mullet-rat-tail, well, that’s something else entirely.

Tell Us How You Really Feel

This incredible picture manages to sum up our youth in its entirety. We are here. We are kind of dressed appropriately. We’re not happy about it. Just take the picture. Wait, that doesn’t just sum up our youth. That sums up adulthood, too.

Wait, That’s Illegal

Would YOU take a bullet for your best friend? Well, we hope this guy isn’t your best buddy. He’s pretty clear about his priorities. While his priorities are kind of whack, we respect the honesty. Still, this dude has had his bro-card permanently revoked.

Unfortunate Cropping

For once, a yearbook photo isn’t hilarious because of what the subject did. Instead, we are going to have to lob some hate toward the editor that put the book together. We have to assume that this young man is wearing an Eagles shirt. Otherwise, he probably got kicked out of school with a quickness. We hope.


Do Sean and Stephanie have a thing? Are they siblings? Is Sean on the Yearbook committee? Is this all playful banter? The world needs to know! For what it is worth, we’re pretty firmly on Team Stephanie. Who doesn’t love quoting ‘Sex and the City’?

Who Mad Her Mad

This little girl can’t be more than six or seven years old. What on earth could she possibly be so upset about? Did someone spoil the ending of her favorite cartoon? Did the cafeteria run out of ice cream?  Does she hate the bow tie? We need answers, people, and we need them now! She looks like she is ready to blow up the planet!

Andrew Son of Arathorn

In other news, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ book club is getting a little bit out of hand. He’s wearing a full face helmet and what looks to be a sword over his shoulder. In what world would a student be allowed to bring a blade to school? Though, we did notice his massive beard. Wait, is this a teacher? Nevermind, we need to enroll in his class. Be right back.

Oh, Our Bad

Poor Pareekshit probably had to endure years of bullying because of his name. Which is ridiculous and absurd. It can be hard for people with non-Westernized names to fit in at school. Do your part to improve the environment and be respectful. Still, Pareekshit, you might have mentioned that the ‘s’ was silent sooner.

Slow Motion Alien Abduction

At first glance, you might assume that this is a rebellious punk rocker posing for her school portrait. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that she is slowly being abducted by aliens. You know, because of the hair. We’d call this joke ‘low hanging fruit’, but her hair is eight feet in the air.

Genius or Not, You Decide

With thoughts like these, Bradley might have been ahead of his time. We like to imagine that young Brad is now an old and wizened Bradley, sharing philosophical thoughts on Twitter with his handful of followers. Or maybe he isn’t a deep thinker and was actually into the devil’s lettuce. Who can say?

Maximum Effort

Connor is the human personification of the phrase, “I don’t know, you decide.” It’s your high school yearbook man, take a moment to come up with something witty. Or funny. Or, well, just come up with something. Wait, what if this was his quote? What if this was all intentional? Is Connor secretly a genius? What are we doing with our lives?

The Name Is Snake

Before Snake Plissken Escaped From New York, he went undercover at a small high-school. Unfortunately, this film never aired and this is the only surviving image of its existence. Yes, we are lying. Yes, we think this should be a movie idea, too. No, we won’t write it.

Random Drug Search

Marijuana acceptance in the United States is currently reaching an all-time high. Yes, we are aware that that was a pun. No, we aren’t going to apologize for it. Still, this is clearly an old photo. So, we’re sure that Dwayne was hit with more than his fair share of totally random drug searches at his locker. He should be okay, it looks like he smoked it all before he went to school, anyway.

This Is Not A Phase

High school is the perfect time to experiment with your identity. You can try out different clothing, different friends, and even different extracurricular activity. Eventually, most students tend to gravitate back toward the middle of mainstream society. Jeffrey Steininger? We’ve got no idea. Hopefully, he’s still out there rocking this A.F.I.-inspired hair, though.

Born For Corporate Leadership

We are a firm believer in Ghengis Khan’s approach to leadership and, apparently, so is Kevin Chang. Chang seems like the kind of guy that would burn down the warehouse of his competition in order to secure a huge deal for corporate. He’s pretty hardcore.


Have you ever seen a haircut that made you audibly groan? Now, we aren’t saying that we are the sole judge of style, but come on. We’re not quite sure what is going on here or how it was ever accomplished. This is a bowl cut that has managed to turn into some kind of mom-inspired pompadour.

A Truly Refined Gentleman

There’s not much that can be said about Scott Myers. He teaches. He likes pipes. He likes tobacco. So, naturally, he got the biggest pipe filled with tobacco that he could. Then, Scott brought that pipe to school. Listen, we don’t get it either. It was a different world back then. Just nod and keep walking.

Change Your Curtains

In all of our years personally evaluating the worst haircuts to ever grace the internet, this might be a winner. Now, we know what you’re thinking, this is actually a stylish haircut, right? After all, he even dyed his hair to match the shirt that he chose to wear for this picture that would last forever. Wait, that doesn’t make it stylish? That just makes this photo even more confusingly bad?

His Power Level Is Over 9,000!

We have to assume that students were allowed to dress up for their yearbook. What we don’t understand is why this kid chose Frieza. You have an entire world of amazing characters, yet you pick the coolest villain in Dragonball history. Wait, nevermind. We totally get why you chose Frieza. Represent.

Andrew Drops Some Wisdom

Career Day is supposed to give students the chance to get a taste for what life has in store in the working world. Unfortunately, Andrew Kinney didn’t really like what he saw. In a weird way, maybe Andrew took the most valuable lesson of all from the experience. Work sucks, so get rich and retire while you are young. We don’t know how to do it either, but the advice sounds legit.

Dealing In The Yearbook

We would never claim to know how to deal drugs. We’re probably the last person you want to ask for dealing advice. With that being said, selling weed in front of your Yearbook photographer has got to be one of the worst ideas in the world. They had to know this picture was being taken, right? Right?

Teachers Acting Extra

We love teachers that go above and beyond in order to have fun with their students. Jack, Joshua, and Kimberly — keep doing you. There’s a special kind of corniness that teachers are allowed to exhibit and these biology teachers found just the right way to show it off. I mean, we hope these are teachers.

Irony Either Way

This yearbook quote has to be deliberate, right? There’s no way that this student misspelled their quote in a quote about stupid people, right? Well, even if they did, the picture is hilariously ironic. Still, no matter his intention, there is some wisdom to glean from this particular quote. Thanks, John Wayne!

Hand of the Queen

If you really thought that we were about to roast Peter Dinklage, you’ve got another thing coming. As the Hand of the Queen and the most just man in the Seven Kingdoms, Peter Dinklage gets a permanent pass for high school yearbook transgressions. Also, can we do something about getting this man an Emmy?

Oh, Wow

Owen Wilson may be the funny guy with a heart of gold, but he is also kind of a heartthrob. This rare picture of Owen Wilson shows the future actor dressed up in his honor guard uniform. His trademark smile is in place but is nose is significantly less crooked. How different would his career have been had he avoided those major surgeries? Wait, he turned into a superstar anyway. Moving on.

Parents Getting Roasted

What government agency works opposite of CPS? Because, after reading these Yearbook quotes, we definitely need to call them. Zach, Mikyla, and Jamie all absolutely roasted their parents. We have to assume that these quotes were in good fun, though you never can tell…

Too Cool For School

This young gentleman might be too cool for school, but he still had to show up for his Yearbook photo. With the tinted Dahmer-esque glasses, a nice bowtie, and a crooked smile, we aren’t sure what we have to say about this fella. He appears to be wearing some kind of chef uniform, right? Or is his button just totally lost on his shirt?

Funny Face Or

Are we looking at a class clown or are we looking at the class burnout? Who can say? High school is filled with all sorts of students. Sometimes you just have to, well, roll with what you get in the yearbook. Having said that, we’re worried that our focus on his face is pulling away from what is clearly one of the coolest shirts to ever be embroidered.

The Quantum Leap

On next week’s episode of ‘Quantum Leap’, Dr. Sam Beckett will be… Wait, that’s not Scott Bakula? Well, if we need a backup Scott Bakula, we know who to call. In all seriousness, we think this yearbook photo was for the band section. Otherwise, maybe this is an unaired episode of ‘Quantum Leap’.

Marry Me, Diane

Any girl that is willing to quote Chewbacca in their senior yearbook is worth getting to know. Diane, if you are out there reading this, we are reading to be the Han Solo to your Chewy. Or whatever. That sounded smoother in our head. You know what? Nevermind. We’re sorry, please don’t yell at us.

Future Beatle or Bad Haircut

When Drew Forsyth stepped onto the school bus that fateful morning, he had no idea that his yearbook photo would be memorialized on the internet. Of course, when Forsyth was in high school, the internet wasn’t a thing. Wow, this is kind of blowing our minds right now. We are looking at a picture of a kid who grew up without the internet.

Hidden Message Test

This young student really enjoyed his time at Weston High School. Or did he? If you are an aspiring decoder, you might want to give this image another look. Can you see what we see? Do you think it was intentional? Was Weston High School actually a terrible place? These are questions that we’ll never have answers to.


7 Of The Most Restricted Places On Earth

Danielle S



Life is so open these days that you can barely contemplate the notion of privacy. There was, however, once a time when you could enjoy a day, or even a week, without the neighbors knowing what you had to eat or drink. While most establishments and communities are becoming more transparent by the day, these seven areas are steadily holding to the notion that less information and exposure is more in this world.

1. Club 33
This secret spot was originally a restaurant in Disneyland. Now, it serves as the ultimate hotspot reserved only for the significant people in the world. One hundred people allegedly applied for membership to the exclusive club but not before showing proof that they had $25,000 in the bank to pay for an association.

2. Vatican Secret Archives
Italy has many beautiful spots and the Vatican Secret Archives is undoubtedly one incredible place to visit. The problem is that few, if any, will ever get to see the extensive collection of publications since the Pope has to give his stamp of approval for every person who wants to stop by for a tour. You can only view books and articles older than 75 years old, but it would still make for a great trip.

3. Mezhgorye
This town in Bashkortostan only has 17,000 residents and doesn’t invite visitors to tour its region often. Secretive Russian companies have serious business in Mezhgorye, which is why the federal government strictly monitors who comes in and leaves.

4. Snake Island
Brazil is such a beautiful place, but not every part of the quarters is accessible to the general public. Snake Island is off limits to human beings due to the island being inhabited by the world’s deadliest snakes. Defy these orders, and you could die.

5. Area 51
Area 51 is quite possibly one of the most controversial places in the United States. The space is officially regarded as a military installation post, but several theorists have thought the spot to be the breeding ground for UFOs and other out-of-this-world phenomena.

6. HavenCo
Sealand is not officially recognized as its own nation, but it kind of is a territory to itself. HavenCo is just off the coast of Suffolk, England, and allegedly holds some of the world’s most pertinent data. You kind of need to be invited to the getaway to see all of its wonders. It wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath waiting for an invite, though.

7. Bahnhof
Bahnhof is also recognized as Wikileaks, Sweden. You know, Wikileaks, which led to a serious uproar from which the world has yet to recover. The good news is that this spot is located in the white mountain of the country, which is beautiful to no end. The scary news is that Wikileaks is surrounded by armor that makes its capable of withstanding a nuclear attack. Would you want to work in an institution as such?

It would be great to visit any one of these places but don’t count on a ticket to view any of these spectacular spots.

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Wedding Guests Put To Work By Bride

Sarrah M



Anyone who has gone through the planning process involved in throwing a wedding ceremony and reception knows the involvement required to get the job done in time, according to budget, and to meet the specifications of the happy couple. Most brides and grooms will take upon the responsibility of planning and conducting necessary tasks to pull off a perfect wedding on their own. Sometimes friends and family members will get involved in helping, however, one bride took this route a bit too far when asking others to provide services for her special day.

A recently noticed Reddit thread first noticed by Yahoo has the entire story laid out for readers to ponder. A woman told a story about a wedding that she had attended where she was recruited to do work in getting the preparations in place days before the wedding was to be held. She was not the only one, however. All the guests who were going to attend the wedding were involved. This at first was in good faith, after all, if a bride and groom need help, why not lend a hand? After the first day, guests had a different idea about the help they were providing.

This was mainly because the bride was not helping herself. In fact, she was seen sitting on a couch, lounging throughout the day while her guests were taking care of the important functions necessary to have a lavish wedding. She would be seen browsing Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram posts, trying to find more ideas that she wanted incorporated into her event. The guests would then be expected to work on these ideas so that they became realities.

This continued on for four straight days from 6am until midnight. Each guest was put to work doing specific tasks. Some people would be working on the landscaping, making sure that flowers were in the right locations, that the lawn was meticulously groomed, and that there were no obstructions in the pathway to be used by the wedding party. Bushes were trimmed and floral arrangements were primped so that they looked as beautiful as ever. A gazebo was even constructed from scratch. 

Other guests were in charge of linens, making sure they were all laundered and ironed so that they were presentable. Table toppers were made, wedding favors were prepared, and flowers were arranged. This was all done by the guests. Food preparations were taking place well in advance of the wedding so that a spread made to impress would be available….however, those that would be eating the meal were already present with the preparation work, so there was no surprise factor involved.

When the date of the wedding finally arrived, guests set up the back yard with chairs for the event to come. After all the preparations were complete, the wedding was absolutely stunning. The food was amazing, the view of the back yard was unflawed, and the celebration went by without incident. The guests had done all the work and the bride witnessed the entire thing from a chair. Most guests would not take the time to be bossed around for hours upon hours and days upon days. The bride must have had a lot of helpful people in her guest list, and she should be extremely thankful that they had done all the work for her to have a perfect day. 

When it becomes time for one of the guests to have a party of their own, will the bride be as willing to step up and reciprocate the favor? Time will tell.

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The Case of the Ever-Growing Nose – Medical Kindness in Action

Sarrah M



Young people are constantly afraid how they look will reflect on their social status and getting through teenagehood. So imagine how fearful and frustrating it could be if, beginning with the most socially impressionable phase of a young life, your nose started growing uncontrollably. This is exactly what happened to one young lady from Louisiana, Pamela Ichard.

Pamela grew up with a very normal childhood. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and looking at all her school photos, nobody would notice anything out of the ordinary. However, at 15 and going through her worst phase of acne, Pamela realized her facial changes were not temporary and something more serious was occurring. The acne was more severe, and the actual surface of her skin was transforming around her nose. Everyone thought it was just a bad case of acne that she would grow out of, like every teenager before. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

What was actually happening to Pamela was a skin condition known as Rosacea. It would progress into most of her adult life, but as a teenager she had no idea. Pamela simply thought she was unlucky kid with bad acne. In her 20s though the difference in her nose became apparent. No longer did she have the thin cute nose of her childhood. Instead, her nose was already larger, rounder and more pronounced. This became very evidence as Pamela entered motherhood and had two children. What she thought at first was just a skin reaction turned out to be permanent disfigurement of Pamela’s nose. In addition, the rest of the skin around her nasal area and cheeks changed texture and become rougher and uneven. As her children grew older, Pamela resigned herself to a more and more pronounced facial feature without any solution or cure.

By the time Pamela was 46, she had lived with her form of Rosacea for more than 30 years. Specifically, her severe condition is known as Rhinophyma. The exact reason why it affected Pamela is unknown but the physical deformation is obvious, and in her case literally on the front of her face, a practically unavoidable situation in terms of being seen. This affected Pamela psychologically, changing her temperament from a happy young person to a chronically unhappy adult. And it was not as if Pamela didn’t seek help; she tried multiple doctors and ten times as many prescriptions. However, none of the drugs or medicines prescribed had any effect. Instead, her condition just seemed to get worse.

Finally, being a 2016 case on a TV show called the Doctors, Pamela let the entertainment world see her condition on the off chance someone medically might have a solution. It worked; Dr. Ann Zedlitz agreed to take on the case surgically and help Pamela. The results were amazing. Pamela finally had a normal-looking nose and face again after three decades of suffering. And best of all, the surgery was provided for free. Since the surgery Pamela has begun enjoying her life again and, best of all, she’s smiling again.

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The Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Have Ever Seen

Sarrah M



Haven’t you always wanted to be “that person in the photo”? Well, with the shots you’re about see just below, you can get a taste of what that feels like — all from these interested faces! But all joking aside, check these out, one by one, and you might get some ideas for your next great “photo escapes”. Who knows? Maybe next time, one of these could happen to you:

Take me out to the ball game!

Can you say, “Catch”? It looks like everyone here can. It’s a good time to raise those hands and get funky!

Man, woman, child, it doesn’t matter who you are: Anyone can raise that hand and pick up a flyball, or raise one just “for the heck of it”. Everyone’s a Superman here. Are there any heroes in the house?

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Nanny Jumps in Front of Vehicle To Save A 2-year-old





According to a recent study, there are about 1.4 to 4 million nannies in the United States. Some nannies are paid as much as $1000 to $3000 a week. Nanny is a career attracting many people thanks to the pay package. Parents should be cautious when getting a nanny.

Getting an exemplary nanny is an uphill task. You have to conduct thorough and maybe lengthy interviews and even do background checks. No parent wants to take risks when it comes to their little one.

When you finally find a good nanny, you can only hope that they will treat your child like it was their own. However, some parents just get lucky and somehow land on that fantastic nanny who adores kids. It could also be chemistry, where the nanny somehow fits so well with the family.

Courtney Davis and Bill Wolkoff, the mommy and daddy of 2-year-old Fox, are such lucky and grateful parents. This is after Fox’s long-term nanny Caroline Maurer literary jumped in front of a car to save little Fox’s life.

Caroline Maurer had been their nanny since Fox had been four months old. On that Tuesday afternoon, she has taken Fox for a walk around the block. When crossing an empty intersection, a car spent through completely ignoring the stop sign. Caroline immediately sensed danger. Screaming, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ She tried pushing Fox out of the car’s way. Fox had been walking a little ahead of her. She realized that she had to act fast, the driver was not slowing down. She jumped in front of the car just in time!

The traumatized Caroline recounts how her hands were crushed as she and the front bumper were thrown several feet ahead. Fox got just a few scrapes, nothing short of a miracle! Unfortunately, Caroline sustained several injuries. She suffered broken bones in her hands, arms, and wrists. Her extraordinary courage and sacrifice saved little Fox’s life.

Davis and Wolkoff only have good things to say about Caroline. She is part of their family now! They set up a fund to pay for Caroline’s physical therapy. Caroline, who had been a student could not continue with her everyday life. She could not even work due to the damage to her hands. Thanks to physical therapy, her hands are almost recovered now.

It is not easy to find such a nanny. Would you jump in front of a car to save someone’s life? One can’t help but wonder. Caroline took courage to a whole different level. “She deserves a reward,” people shared their views on social media.

Most parents would pay through the nose to have such a nanny. There are many nanny agencies in the U.S. If looking for a nanny, ask for the nanny’s employment history. Check for red flags, like reasons they left the former families they worked for. Of course, choose a nanny agency that has a good reputation. There some very unscrupulous business people out there.

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