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A Boy Runs Screaming From His New Room & Frantically Points At His Doll

In the 1970s there were a number of scary movies involving dolls that came alive at night and scared the heck out of people if not trying to kill them in their sleep. No surprise, an entire generation became naturally anxious around any kind of doll that sat up and rolled its eyes at you. Lots of folks thought that phase was over until the Chuckie movie franchise came back and resurrected it again. But, like all things, it ran the course as well. So, when a couple and their boy were suddenly facing the real thing in their own home, it was probably normal for them to feel like they were stuck in their own private horror movie.

A Normal Family

The Beckets pretty much went to bed like any normal family, tucking in their toddler son with a story for bedtime, and heading back downstairs to close the evening and maybe watch the evening news before calling it a night.


The family was in the process of moving to a new home. Ann and Tom Becket worried about their son adjusting but, given his age, they expected he would just get used to it in a few days. They treated it as an adventure to keep him in a happy mood.

The Big Day

However, on the moving day their son, Benjamin, started getting upset as he kept staring at the movers taking everything out of their old home. Ann and Tom tried to comfort the boy, but he just stayed agitated.

Getting Moved In

As the movers kept working on the big items, Anna and Tom focused on putting things away and unpacking in the new place. Benjamin purposefully stayed close to his parents and didn’t explore at all. He kept acting odd and stayed that way from room to room.

The First Day’s Ending

With the day over and time to got to bed, the parents went into the usual mode of preparing Benjamin for bed. However, this time he wasn’t cooperating. Normally, Benjamin went to sleep right away. So they tried to find a few things that normally made him more comfortable and put them around the room for familiarity.  

Odd Behavior

Benjamin refused to go to sleep that first night and kept worming his way downstairs to his parents’ bedroom, waking them up. This went on for a few nights, but finally they started forcing him back to his room early.

The Weekend Scare

By the weekend, Benjamin had been acting disturbed every night and they were really done with it. They made sure the boy was in bed and told to stay put. Just as the parents were downstairs trying to have a glass of wine they heard a thud upstairs. And again. And again. As Anna went upstairs quietly to see what was going on, Benjamin frightened her on the landing and ran to her screaming.

It was the Doll

The boy kept screaming about a doll. His eyes were flowing tears and he was outright in a panic. Anna kept trying to calm Benjamin down but he kept bawling. Something has scared him silly.

Something Missing

Benjamin wouldn’t stop crying but he wouldn’t say what was scaring him. He just pet pointing to the stairs back to his room. Anna and Tom couldn’t figure it out. Then they wondered whether something else was going on.

Sharing a Glance

The parents looked at each other and seemed to communicate without words. Something in Benjamin’s past rang a bell, and both Anna and Tom knew about it.

Was it a Nightmare?

Something was off, scaring their kid and they needed to solve this problem if there was going to be peace in the new home. Did they make the wrong decision in the past and now it’s literally haunting them?

Back in Time

The parents had met years before by accident in a woodshop class that they both enrolled in independently. Since they were the only two individuals in the class not already together, they were teamed up for the project.

Going on a First Date

The couple hit it off so well in the class, they ended up finishing the course together. At the end of the class they decided to stay in touch and exchanged phone numbers. But the first date didn’t happen, and it seemed like the moment passed for both of them.

Odd Reunion

By occupation, Anna was a defense lawyer. So, she ended up with a lot of criminal cases that required her to go where the evidence was to defend her clients. In a particular case, she was defending an individual accused of arson, so she had to go to a fire station to see the evidence. And she ran into Tom again as a firefighter.

Try Again

Finishing what she needed for her work, Anna and Tom then went out for a coffee and the catch up. They had so much fun the two agreed on another date.

A second date turned into a third and then they became regular with each other. Both had crazy jobs, but Anna and Tom figured out a way to make things work, and they realized after three months the couple wanted something more.  


Being in the early to mid 30s by this point, Anna and Tom both wanted something permanent, and marriage started making a whole lot of sense to both of them. Six months later, they made the big leap.


For a honeymoon, the couple decided to splurge and went to Italy. The traveled during the summer, enjoying the sights at their best and walking at night when it cooled down. They enjoyed the time, made memories and learned about ancient ones as well.

Settling In

Once settled into married life Anna and Tom eventually starting thing about the next step in their marriage and decided they wanted a child. They never had a chance before in either of their lives or careers, and this was now or never.

However, while the couple spent a year trying to have a baby, nothing seemed to work. Finally, they went to a doctor for medical advice. Anna was in her 30s which was generally known as the closing window for having a child.


At the doctor’s appointment they both went through a battery of tests. The appointment was supposed to only last an hour, but then ended up spending a half day. However, they felt it was worth it if they could find a way to have a child.

Unfortunately, after it was all done the doctor simply told the couple they would have to wait longer for the test results to be complete. So, they went home and waited. And waited. It became irritating and frustrating. No answer came.


However, they finally got the call the answer was ready. The schedule a new appointment, and Tom and Anna showed up promptly on the date. But the news wasn’t going to be good.


Anna had cyst. It was a rare type, but it was interfering with her ovaries. It also had damaged her uterus, making things impossible for Anna to become pregnant. They were dumbstruck and wiped out.

The news was hard, and the couple consoled each other. They also agreed they needed to back off and take a deep breath. There were options still.

Fate Said Otherwise

However, a few days later Anna was taking a bus home versus waiting for Tom to get off work. He was running late. On it, she saw a younger mother with a baby. The site almost broke Anna with tears again. She looked out the bus instead.

Then, after a few minutes, Anna was tapped on the shoulder. It was the mother. She asked Anna to hold the baby for a moment while the woman looked through her own purse to find something. It was only for a second, but that favor triggered a fundamental reaction in Anna as she held the baby. There was an answer.

Decision Made

Once she got home and Tom arrived, Anna told him her thoughts, how it happened, the baby on the bus and why it made sense. He agreed. They were in lockstep. They were going to adopt.

The first steps were paperwork and evaluation. Their home had to be rated, they had to be willing to commit to changes required by the state, but it went well and they passed everything. They finally were approved to adopt.

Finding a Child

The couple were helped by the adoption agency and narrowed the search down to a few children in particular. At first they were hoping for a baby girl, but then they met a boy, and it was instant connection for Anna. Tom wasn’t sure at first, but then the boy grabbed his hand, and it just made sense.

The Official Ceremony

7 months later the paperwork was finalized. Benjamin’s room was ready and they could bring him home. The big day arrived and the couple took custody of the boy. Anna noticed he came with a bag of his things, but as she reached for the bag Benjamin pulled back.

Looking in the Bag

Finally, convincing Benjamin she meant no harm, Anna looked in the bag. Among the items she noticed there was an old doll that almost shocked her. When Anna asked the adoption agency about it later, they confirmed the body was very possessive of the doll, and it was very important to him. So, they couldn’t get rid of it.

Months Later

Flash back to the stairs, the boy was crying frantically and blubbering about the doll, his doll, the one he was always so protective of. What happened in the new room? Then she heard a voice.


Anna flagged Tom as soon as she heard the voice and motioned she thought someone was in the room. Tom was up in a minute with bat in his hand.


Together they moved back towards Benjamin’s new room. Anna had the boy tight in her arms and Tom was ready to bludgeon anything that moved. As they opened the door to the room, the doll was visible on the floor. Benjamin screamed again pointing at the doll and just about scaring Anna off her feet.

It Spoke

But before Anna and Tom could recover, the doll made noise! “Benji, are you there?” What the hell? Benjamin buried is face into Anna. Tom launched forward and smashed the doll with the bat. Repeatedly. Parts were everywhere.

Split Seconds

Second passed but it was over. The voice stopped. The light in the room was now on, and Tom could see with his bat end the doll had numerous electronic parts inside. The doll was rigged to spy on its surroundings. Tom looked outside the window immediately to see if someone was nearby controlling it. Nothing.


For minutes nothing happened. Anna and Tom just looked at each other, and Benjamin was crying. Assuming the microphone was still working, Tom spoke and made it clear the doll and evidence was going to the police immediately that night. They thought it was broken, but then a voice responded.


“Please, give me a second,” it said. The voice on the other end turned out to be Benjamin’s real father. He explained the mother and he couldn’t afford to care for Benjamin and gave the boy up for adoption. The doll was a way to still remain connected to the boy despite the hardship. The story continued, and Anna and Tom realized there was no harm intended.


The couple followed up on the details, made contact, and verified Benjamin’s father was whom he said he was. Anna and Tom decided to meet the man in person over lunch.

His name was Mike, and he apologized repeatedly for scaring them with the doll. The lunch turned out to be a good meeting. Benjamin didn’t know the details, but the couple realized they had to make a decision.

Making Sense of It All

A few weeks later Anna and Tom let Mike know they wanted to continue allowing him to have a connection with his biological son. They agreed and allowed Mike to have schedule visits with Benjamin going forward. And Mike promised to replace the doll Benjamin loved so much. Little did the boy know it would represent an agreement to raise him as three parents in a unique but very special way.



Homeless Man Comes to the Rescue of Lost 1st Grader in Houston

Danielle S



A homeless man in Houston became an unexpected hero when he helped a lost 1st grader, who has special needs, find her way home. Six-year-old Serenity’s day took a scary turn when she disappeared during dismissal time from Lantrip Elementary School, located in Houston.

Serenity’s mother, Mercedes Polk, arrived at the school as usual to pick up her daughter, only to find no trace of her. School staff assured Polk that Serenity was somewhere on the premises, but as minutes turned into an hour, it became apparent that something was wrong. Determined to find her daughter, Polk began her search.

The assistant principal eventually guided Polk to a gas station a mile away from the school, where they found Serenity in a state of distress. The young girl, with tears in her eyes, recounted her attempt to find her family’s home, which is a 30-minute drive away. The situation left both mother and daughter shaken and terrified.

“Someone needs to be held accountable,” Polk expressed, reflecting the concern and fear any parent would feel in such a situation. The Houston Independent School District (HISD) acknowledged the incident and stated, “HISD is actively investigating the incident at Lantrip Elementary. Student safety is our top priority.”

However, amidst the distressing situation, a ray of hope emerged. Serenity pointed out a nearby homeless man, stating that he had come to her aid. Polk, acknowledging the homeless man’s role, said, “He did save her life. Something definitely would have happened to my baby. She could have got hit by a car, kidnapped, anything.”

This story sheds light on the importance of kindness and compassion, even in the most unexpected places. The homeless man’s selfless act underscores the idea that heroes can come from any background. The incident not only highlights the need for improved safety measures but also emphasizes the positive impact individuals can have when they extend a helping hand.

As the community reflects on this incident, it serves as a reminder that a simple act of kindness can make a significant difference in someone’s life. Serenity’s unexpected guardian angel reminds us all that compassion knows no boundaries, and that even in challenging circumstances, humanity and empathy prevail.

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Baby Donkey Reunited with Mother After Kidnapping

Liz L




In a heartwarming turn of events, a baby donkey named Moon has been reunited with her mother after a frightening two-week-long ordeal. Moon, who is only two months old, was taken from Miller’s Ark Animals in Hampshire, UK, causing distress to both the farm and Moon’s anxious mother. However, thanks to the combined efforts of the community and social media, Moon was located and safely returned to her loving home.

In the month of May, a devastating incident occurred at Miller’s Ark Animals when Moon, a precious baby donkey, was stolen from her home. The farm, which prides itself on its dedication to animal welfare and care, was shocked by the incident. Moon’s mother, Astra, was deeply distressed during the time Moon was away, as the two shared a strong bond, especially through nursing.

As soon as the news broke about Moon’s kidnapping, the team at Miller’s Ark Animals launched an extensive search effort to bring her back safely. They turned to social media, spreading the word about Moon’s disappearance and sharing her story. The posts quickly went viral, gaining thousands of shares and generating numerous tips and sightings from concerned individuals.

After two weeks of tireless searching and monitoring CCTV footage, the Miller’s Ark team received a breakthrough. Moon was discovered at an address in Buckinghamshire, a county located not too far from Hampshire. The farm was overjoyed and relieved by this positive outcome. The team quickly made arrangements to bring Moon back home to her loving family.

Upon Moon’s arrival back at Miller’s Ark, the atmosphere was filled with happiness and excitement. Moon, seemingly aware of the love and care surrounding her, displayed her joy by swishing her tail and eagerly seeking cuddles. The entire team was delighted to witness Moon’s contentment and well-being.

While Moon was away, her mother Astra faced challenges of her own. Without Moon’s nursing, Astra’s milk had dried up, causing further distress for the worried mother. However, the dedicated team at Miller’s Ark Animals immediately stepped in to help Moon and Astra reestablish their bond. Through careful guidance and support, they are assisting Moon’s transition from nursing to solid foods, ensuring her healthy growth and development.

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Dog Rescued After Getting Stuck in an Arkansas Culvert Pipe

Sarrah M



Dogs get themselves into the darnedest messes sometimes. Practically driven by their noses, dogs will follow things or smells into places they have no clue how to get out of. The normal reaction is to back up, but what happens if they go so far in, they can’t back up? That was the case for one canine who literally plugged up a drainage pipe.

Imagine being woken up by the racket of a backhoe grumbling its way into the Earth on the street next to you. That was the case for one neighborhood that found themselves looking out the window at a noisy racket first thing in the morning as the sun was coming up. Flashing fire engine lights also added to the mix, lighting the place up like a Christmas tree.

Bella Vista residents found themselves sitting in a front row seat watching a spectacle caused by a dog that went and wedged itself into a culvert pipe on one mild-mannered Bracknell Lane. More than likely, the dog was after something and was in such a hurry, it went head-first into the pipe without thinking about whether it could get through much less fit. So, once inside, the dumb dog got stuck and started whimpering and panicking up a storm. The dog’s owner was out early before the sun was up looking for his pet, heard the dog stuck, and called 911 for help. Firefighters arrived by 5am, and that’s when the circus started.

There was a bit of confusion at first when the fire engine arrived, as no one actually had a visual on the dog. As it turned out, the big puppy was deep inside the middle of the drainage pipe and wasn’t getting out anytime soon on his own power. That then meant the fire department had to enlist the aid of the town’s street department with earth-moving equipment.

Most times, dogs in a panicked state freak out badly and bite anyone near them trying to help or make contact. Instead, with a snack offered close by, the stuck dog was extremely cooperative and didn’t make a fuss as the firefighters worked to free it. On inspection, the pipe looked big enough for the young dog to make it through. However, deep in the middle, the weight of the ground had bent the channel tighter, and that’s where the canine got stuck.

Once rescued, the dog was back to normal, healthy and acting like nothing happened. Of course, the dog owner might have had a lecture or two about controlling his pet in the future as well as the cost of the rescue.

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Coffin Builder Transformed Into Millionaire After Meteorite Crashes Into His Indonesia Home

Danielle S



Many people join long lines on a daily basis purchasing lottery tickets with the hope of being the lucky winner of some serious cash.

Others work tirelessly, but to no avail. However, for an Indonesian man, all he needed was a miracle from the sky, and he certainly received, albeit in a scary way.

A meteorite came crashing through his roof recently and in the blink of an eye, has transformed him into a millionaire.

The North Sumatraman who makes coffins for a living, has since sold the precious rock from the sky for Dh6,611,760.

When a meteorite that was recently sold for $1.8 million (Dh6,611,760) crashed through his roof, a humble coffin maker in Indonesia became an instant millionaire.

A meteorite worth about £1.4 million crashed through the roof of an Indonesian coffin maker’s house, making him a millionaire.

When the 2.1kg rock smashed through the tin veranda outside Josua Hutagalung’s living room, he was building on a coffin outside his house in the town of Kolang.

After getting over the shock of the noise, the 33-year-old dug into his garden soil and discovered the piece of space debris.

“The noise was so loud that it shook parts of the house. And after looking, I discovered that the house’s tin roof had collapsed,” he told Indonesia’s Kompas newspaper. “The stone was already warm when I raised it.”

Carbonaceous chondrite is an exceptionally rare form of meteorite that is believed to be 4.5 billion years old and worth about £645 per gram.

Mr Hutagalung told The Sun that he sold the meteor to US meteorite specialist Jared Collins, who then sold it to a US buyer, who is currently storing it at Arizona State University’s Centre for Meteorite Studies.

Even though the coffin maker has not specifically stated the exact purchase price, it is believed to be in the region of £1 million. Mr Hutagalung stated that he had saved enough money to retire and that he intends to establish a place of worship in his neighborhood.

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“I’ve really yearned to have a daughter, and I’m hoping this is a sign that I’ll be fortunate enough to have one now,” he said.

“My phone lit up with insane offers for me to jump on a flight and purchase the meteorite,” Mr Collins said. It was smack in the midst of the Covid crisis, and I couldn’t decide whether to buy the rock for myself or collaborate with scientists and dealers in the United States.

“I took as much cash as I could and went searching for Josua, who turns out to be a professional negotiator.”

The man who leads Indonesia’s National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Thomas Djamaluddin, explained to the press that such a big piece falling in a residential neighborhood was unusual. “The bulk of meteorites hit places far from human settlements, such as seas, forests, or deserts.”

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The Shocking Realization She Gets After Spying On Hubby From Under The Bed





Trust is an essential factor in a marriage. Apart from a few partnerships, all unions should have a benchmark of integrity. If that doesn’t work, you can try, but it is still improbable.

An incident can spark a disdain between the two people, and the distrust can be strong enough to affect their relationship. When this wife began to lose faith in her hubby, she decided to test her hubby’s loyalty. She found out something she never wondered.

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