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An Oyster Obsession In A Swedish Town

Danielle S




Along the Bohuslän coast, a town known for having some of the biggest and succulent oysters in western Sweden thrives because of its obsession with this desirable shellfish. Grabbestad, Sweden has become home to several oyster-loving foragers who spend their time in weeded areas searching for their delicacy. Linnéa Sjögren is half of a seaweed searching business, called Catxalot. She moved to Grabbestad specifically to locate shellfish and edible seaweed in an area that sports clean water that allows for these live creatures to thrive.

Grebbestad has a history of being the home to many fishermen because of the frigid North Atlantic waterway nearby. You will notice a line of fishermen on any given day trying their hand at their sport along the waterfront. This includes the hunt for oysters. In May, the Nordic Oyster Opening Championship is held. Grebbestad and nearby towns become alive with fishermen from all near and far in anticipation of winning this prestigious event. Those new to the idea can take a safari to educate them about the growth and harvest processes used with these shellfish. In addition to fishing, looking for seaweed and oysters, summer visitors enjoy other activities involving the ocean. This includes kayaking, swimming, and visiting nearby islands to take in the sights and sounds of a quaint lifestyle.

Activities To Enjoy

Catxalot, formed and run by Linnéa Sjögren and Jonas Pettersson are available to show inhabitants and visitors how to find and capture sea lettuce, oysters, sugar kelp, and other treasures of the sea. After a session kayaking and collecting, they teach their students the proper way to prepare and cook the take using a portable stove and seasonings.  Ingela and Marcus Holgersson of Skärgårdsidyllen are also available to teach enthusiasts to collect seaweed and shellfish using stand-up paddleboards. Another business available to assist with harvesting tips is a session with Karlsson of Everts Sjöbod. Learn to shuck oysters collected directly from the dock area of his boathouse business.

Places To Dine

Grebbestad is a town agreeable for those who like to walk, making it a great location for those who wish to dine and explore the area after a hearty meal. Restaurang Telegrafen, which is positioned within an old telegraph station, is known for a selection of over 30 wines to choose from. Grebys has a seafaring atmosphere complete with traps located on the ceilings above those enjoying their shellfish dishes. Enjoy dinner in a secluded marina at Latitud 58°. Sältan Mat & Bar, located in Grebbestad’s port delights diners with fresh crawfish to peel and eat during its open season.

Places To Shop

There are several shops located in Grebbestad, making it easy to find a unique souvenir to remember visiting the area. Visit Sanna Wijk, named after the owner, and peruse her collection of kitchenware, flower pots, vases, and other ceramics in monochromatic and pastel colors. Take a trip to Grebbestad Bryggeri, Sweden’s oldest microbrewery for some of the area’s finest oyster porters, fermented soft drinks, and lagers. Antiques galore awaits at Riccius Antik, known for including nautical themed pieces within their shop.

Where To Stay

Consider staying in one of the Grebys Hotell’s nine rooms for the feeling you are staying in a Nantucket abode. For a waterfront view, ask for the “prince room”. If a larger area is more of your forte, sail to TanumStrand, a Nordic spa resort. Grebbestads Vandrarhem is another choice, boasting hostel-style rooms, shared cooking and dining areas, and angular ceilings for those looking to share the living experience with others at a cheaper price.



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