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Bar Employees Get 2021 Ways To Welcome The New Year via Tip

Danielle S




Nowadays, many servers have to hope they get a decent tip after extending their services to customers.

Even though tipping is required, particularly at places where it is the main means of earning for the staff members, there are a few customers who will walk out without leaving any tip at all.

Others will tip below the recommended 15-20 percent of the bill. Meanwhile, ever so often, you hear about an amazing customer who decides to drop a wad of cash on their server or the entire staff members.

Sometimes it’s because of a challenge or maybe because they are simply pleased with the service they received and feel the need to give back.

This was the case recently at a bar in the vibrant Miami area known as Miami Squeeze. The establishment, like many others, had been going through a downtime due to the pandemic.

However, the staff at the Miami juice bar were taken aback when a kind and appreciative customer decided to leave a tip of $2,021 to wish them all a new year.

What is funny about the whole situation is that the customer spent less than a hundred dollars while she hung out at the bar and was waited upon by staff members.

Therefore, the tip she left amounted to more than 2800 percent of what she spent, so naturally, everyone was discombobulated.

Could this be real, or did she make a mistake? These were some of the gazillion questions the bar workers kept asking each other.

They had almost convinced themselves that the customer had meant to write $20.21 on the receipt, but thankfully, they chose to contact her instead.

The owner of the Miami Squeeze bar, Kelly Amar, explains that her workers decided to approach the customer to gain clarity about what was written on the receipt.

It was a tear-jerking moment when she responded by expressing how grateful she has been for the team at the bar and the amazing service they extend to her.

She went on to explain that she just wanted to give back in some way, and she could not think of a better way than to start the new year right for them.

The very thankful staff members verbally expressed their gratitude, which they all agreed would be split between twenty-five employees at the juice bar.

The fact that they were so considerate of each other explains why a customer would want to do such a kind deed. She clearly had been feeling the genuine atmosphere inside her favorite bar.

The bar owner is particularly appreciative, especially since she had to let go many employees during the pandemic.

The bar is usually very popular in the Northern section of the city, but business tapered off quite badly, forcing her to release some workers.

It was a painful decision but a financially sound one.

In the meantime, the business has since begun to experience a bit of a boom as customers begin to trickle in as they used to prior to the pandemic.

This is great news for the owner, workers, and others seeking to get back a job.

News about the tip at this bar and others recently should be motivation for many service employees, knowing that it could happen to them at any time.

They just need to put their best out there always.



High School Football Coaches Give Sam, Student With Down Syndrome, Opportunity to Shine

Danielle S



There are a few moments in life that stand tall, proud, and sparkling above the others. For one Sam Jordan, a senior at Lake Norman High School, that proud moment came when he got the call to come into the game for the football team by Wildcats Head Coach Jonathan Oliphant. Ostensibly a simple story of sports and opportunity, a closer look would reveal a student that wouldn’t give up and a coach who believed in his players.

Meet Sam Jordan: Wildcat Team Manager

Sam Jordan became the team manager for the Lake Norman High School Wildcats when he was just a freshman at the school. A huge fan of the sport and devoutly fascinated by the local team, Jordan would get the opportunity to grow alongside the group. Jordan, who has Down Syndrome, had flourished in the role, becoming an integral face in the locker room as well as on the sidelines.

On Thursday Night, Coach Oliphant decided to approach the varsity coach at Vance High School before their Senior Night Football game. Glenwood Ferebee, the coach at Vance, agreed with Oliphant that they’d do something nice for Jordan to finish his career with the team. As a high school senior, this would be one of the last times that Jordan would get the chance to join the team on the sideline for a game and now both teams wanted to see the kid succeed.

Ferebee and Oliphant would agree to let Jordan take the ball from the backfield before the game started during rehearsals. Ferebee and his squad agreed to let Jordan get a good run in so that he could try to score. Before kickoff of the I-MECK 4A conference game, both teams would line up with Jordan on the field and the moment was upon them.

A Touchdown to Remember

Jordan took the handoff in the backfield and quickly burst through the line, emulating the same cuts and runs he had seen countless times before. Various players on Ferebee’s defense dove for Jordan, often falling at the senior’s feet. Ferebee said, “It was great — my background in special education (…) I understand how special they are.” For his part, Ferebee would lead his team to the #1 seed in the Charlotte Observer’s latest Sweet 16 poll, coming off of a rallying win in their prior outing. So not only does it appear that Ferebee is a kind coach, he seems to be an exceptional one, as well!

The fans in the stand would go crazy as Jordan made his way into the end zone for a score, immediately getting mobbed by members of both teams. On the other side of the field Jordan’s coach, Oliphant, said, “The world’s a crazy place right now, and I think we made his night.” Oliphant went on to discuss how important it was to try and teach the players under his guidance how to be “good people” and “good husbands and dads”, highlighting that he tries to impart the ‘golden rule’ lesson upon his team as often as possible.

What’s next for Sam Jordan? While nobody knows that answer quite yet, one thing is for certain – Sam will never forget his touchdown scamper. Jordan said in an interview with Today, “It was heartwarming to me…” before finishing, “It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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Goodwill Employee Returns More than $40K Found Amidst Donated Clothing

Danielle S



Do good and good will follow you is an idiom that has been used around the world for years across various cultures. A Goodwill employee recently proved the value of that expression.

Visualize a Goodwill employee’s delight when she discovered more than 40 thousand dollars in cash stashed away in some sweaters that had been donated to them.

The woman was not shocked by the fact that it was the biggest money discovery throughout Oklahoma Goodwill records.

Her sincerity afterward was praised.

As you would expect, a great deal of money has been discovered hidden away in Goodwill products, but they’ve never found anything quite like this.

Andrea Lessing said, “Just from working here for a month and a half, I’ve found that there’s a lot of items that have been donated.” “You want to be sure the product is in good condition; there should be no stains, holes, tears, or rips.”

She found a couple sweaters bundled together, which she mistook for books one day.

She discovered that wasn’t the case after a closer look.

“There were just stacks of envelopes with 100 dollar bills in them,” Lessing said. “My first reaction was that it was a hoax.”

A pile of 100 dollar bills reaching forty-two thousand dollars was present.

It was also accompanied by records containing details that assisted them in locating the owner – a highly uncommon occurrence.

“Normally, we have no way of knowing who owns the money,” Frank Holland, Vice President of Donated Goods at Goodwill, explained. “Even if we decided to try to return it to someone, we couldn’t figure out who the other person was.”

Of course, we’re all just human, and the idea of holding or hiding such a find might occur to us.

Andrea, on the other hand, overcame her natural instinct.

“I have a daughter, and I adore her,” she explained. “You can’t place a price tag on my daughter.” “I understand the dangers of stealing the money, and I believe in karma. I really think if you’re doing something right, good will return to you.”

She had no idea that karma was about to retaliate against her in a matter of minutes.

The money’s owner wished to remain anonymous, however they still wanted to acknowledge her for her honesty that day.

“They enquired if we could take a thousand dollars from that money to give it to you,” Holland explained. “I appreciate what you’re doing and your honesty. You’re genuinely embodying our beliefs, and that’s all thanks to you.”

Andrea’s first thought, just as when she found the money, was of her six-year-old daughter.

Lessing said, “Her birthday is in July, so I can really give her an awesome birthday party.”

“We all agree with your remarks about karma – it all comes back to haunt you,” Holland said.

It’s not only Oklahoma’s biggest cash find; it’s also one of Goodwill’s highest finds worldwide.

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12-Year-Old Child Prodigy Off to College, Aspires to Become NASA Engineer

Liz L




How old were you when you first began dreaming about a career at NASA? Depending on when you were born, most people either followed the original Space Race to the Moon or the rise of Elon Musk and Space-X. As more and more focus gets put on action outside our atmosphere, children like Alena Wicker are priming themselves to become the world-changers of tomorrow. Wicker is a 12-year-old child from Arizona who had recently completed high-school through a homeschooling program. Known as a child-prodigy around her community, Alena had planned for years to major in both Chemistry and Astronomical and Planetary Sciences, though she was more than happy to start with a box of LEGO.

Alena Wicker: Space Enthusiast

At just 12-year-old, Alena had shown herself to be markedly different from the other kids her age. To be fair, her journey towards becoming a childhood prodigy began when she was just four-years-old. According to Alena and her parents, she declared that she was going to work or NASA. Alena’s mother Daphne McQuarter says that she would point up and at the stars as an infant claiming, “She just had a gift for numbers and Lego and science — so I started nurturing that gift.”

Dreaming of Outer Space

Always one to exceed the expectations of those around her, Alena is looking to double-major during her time at Arizona State University. At the time of this writing, Alena’s goal is to be graduated from college by the age of 16 before heading off to work at NASA. Alena and her mother have spoken extensively about her dreams and goals for working with the federal agency, carefully underscoring Alena’s affinity for space mobiles and the Mars Rover. Alena said of her future career path, “I’ll be driving one of those future space mobiles by the time I graduate.”

According to Alena, she had been dreaming of becoming an engineer from a young age. Wicker had fallen in love with her Lego collection at a young age, and it didn’t take long for Alena’s family to realize her affinity for building. Alena said, “I liked dreaming of being an engineer because (throughout my life) I liked building.”

From Arizona to NASA

While Alena journeys through her education path toward a career at NASA, the young student is sharing her story online to inspire and educate those following along. Alena shares frequent updates regarding her journey through her website as well as a potential podcast in the figure. She describes herself as “just a girl who loves STEM” and “is obsessed with” LEGO and STEM. While Alena is steadfast and focused on her career, she’s still a child at heart — and that’s why Alena can’t go long without talking about her love of pizza, big bows, hoodies, and Lego construction.

Even though Alena has a long way to go before she graduates and moves onto the next step in her journey, she wants everyone to know that the future is there for the taking. Alena said, “Go for it, dream, and then accomplish it!”

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Many Underserved Americans Get Access To Free Medications Through $40M GoodRx Initiative

Danielle S



While the United States is a first-world country, there are unfortunately millions of people who have little or no access to proper healthcare or any healthcare for that matter.

Just like many people in third-world countries who die because they couldn’t access the requisite treatments or medicines to cure their ailment, the same occurs in many states across this country-some more than others.

Fortunately, you will every so often come across an entity, such as GoodRx, that establishes programs that will allow the less fortunate to have access to well-needed drugs, whether free or at a minimal cost.

GoodRx is a website and a smartphone app that measures prescription rates to help Americans find the best deals. Still, they have initiated a philanthropic campaign this month to deliver treatment for free to low-income customers who require more than a discount.

National Institute of Health

In the first phase of the program, GoodRx Help collaborated with the Free and Charitable Clinics’ National association(NAFC) to completely subsidize nearly one thousand drugs at twenty-three clinics across sixteen states, including California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

Further to the company’s initial offering, GoodRx has donated over one million shares, estimated at over $40 million, to fund the initiative (as of December 18).

In a press release, the charity described its pledge as a multi-year commitment that will provide over $5 million in drugs in 2021, the first year.

Doug Hirsch, a co-founder of GoodRx, says they understand that often discounts aren’t enough. He adds that GoodRx Helps looks forward to benefiting a lot of patients who believe they are completely out of alternatives, particularly in underprivileged areas where finding affordable care is overwhelmingly difficult.

According to GoodRx, a company that was established in 2011, rising unemployment culminated in more than fifty-six million less prescriptions filled throughout the pandemic’s initial half year phase.

How Does It Work?

Patients are simply enrolled in the program, and GoodRx delivers the drug to the pharmacy for free for the patient’s use. The clinics chosen for the initiative mainly serve patients from low-income neighborhoods.

“Medication affordability is one of the top challenges patients face at Free and Charitable Clinics and Pharmacies around the country,” said NAFC President and CEO Nicole Lamoureux. “We are ecstatic that GoodRx acknowledges people’s needs and has chosen to collaborate with the NAFC on this vital initiative to assist patients in obtaining free medications.”

Because of the NAFC’s vast experience and expertise in partnering with nonprofit hospitals and marginalized patients, GoodRx collaborated with them.

A facility in Katy, Texas that is a part of the initiative is already endorsing it.

The extra financial support provided by GoodRx Helps has made a significant difference in the lives of many of our patients, explained Janeth Arteaga Castilleja, Christ Clinic’s Medication Coordinator. “With this initiative, our patients will have one less thing to think about in terms of their healthcare. In the midst of uncertainty, GoodRx Assistance has been a blessing.”

The charity says it plans to open more sites in the immediate future. See the latest list of clinics involved.

Be willing to post the latest opportunity to support others on social media…

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Meteorite Potentially Harboring Secrets of Our Solar System Plunks Into Family’s Driveway

Amanda J



Gloucestershire is a county located in South West England, covering not just the Cotswold Hills but the entirety of the Forest of Dean. Centering the county is the actual city of Gloucester, and it is there that our story starts with a thud in the night, a confused family, and the secrets of the solar system unveiling before us.

Space Rocks Come to Britain

Hannah Wilcock had been sharing a home with her parents when a loud thumping noise seemed to emanate from the driveway. Hannah would run to the window expecting to see someone playing a prank on their home, throwing something or other at their front door. The darkness did not yield any pranksters, nor did it unveil what was hidden on the ground — a special visitor from some untold light-years away.

Not knowing what was going on, Hannah decided to grab her mother Cathryn to see if she might know what was going on. After all, it had been grilling season and this meant that people could be getting reckless with disposing of their charcoal. It happened, sometimes people would throw lumps of coal at driveways — people were irrational, so who knew? A few moments later Hannah would be met with a shrug from Cathryn as her mother hadn’t any clue either!

As it turns out, the Gloucestershire home had been pelted with something known as a carbonaceous chondrite, a rare and stony material featuring the unaltered chemistry of our Solar System’s birth dating back more than 4.6 billion years.

You could say that finding a space rock in your driveway was kind of a big deal.

Contacting the Open University

Just because a space rock had happened to collide with their specific driveway, it didn’t mean that Hannah and her family had any idea what to do with it! It quickly became clear that this wasn’t just another piece of space junk, it was something special. SO the Wilcocks decided to get in touch with Richard Greenwood, a planetary scientist from Open University.

Greenwood would appear on the BBC in order to discuss the carbonaceous chondrite as well as its distinct features. Greenwood said of seeing the rock for the first time, “Your legs start going wobbly.” Greenwood went on to describe how the rock was “splat” across the driveway and had “rays coming off of it.” Greenwood was sure of the rock’s origins after a brief inspection and with that verification, suddenly the Wilcock family was sitting on a possible goldmine.

Planetary debris often gets sold to savvy collectors for quite high prices. In fact, some Martian meteorites can go for north of $1,000 per gram, nearly 40x the current price of gold at the time of this writing. Despite dreams of overflowing bank accounts, the Wilcock family decided that the pursuit of science was far more admirable than the pursuit of financial gain.

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