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Amazing Photos Of Forever Love – Then & Now

In 2020 it can be amazingly hard to find long-term couples who have lasted through the years and decades. The nation has long been filled with cynicism towards long-term relationships, much less marriages that last. In fact, in the 1980s some states have a 50 percent divorce rate within five years of marriage. However, these couple photos prove that it is very possible for couples to not just last but to beacons of hope for others that things can last a lifetime. And the photos show them anywhere from 15 to 40 years apart, even 60 years in some cases, being together.

These before and after photos of the same couples have take decades to create, but you’ll probably agree the photos are simply a recognition of an amazing feat by these people to make what many would argue impossible these days happen. And they’ve done with a personal love for each other that keeps them together through, as the old saying goes, thick and thin. Take a look:

Couple in a Limo

This photo could have been taken in any medium town on a special date with a couple in a limo going to the big event. However, this particular couple did it all over again decades later. As one definition put it, love is a complex combination of mental states, all of which are felt to the deepest level and strongest intensity even over the smallest things.

A Couple at the Beach

The definition of love has been attempted over the years by writers, playwrights, leaders and preachers. At the end of the day, however, everyone agrees it involves a very strong sense of affection for another, so strong that people will give up everything else for, even staying together for 50 years. And then people open their eyes and realize they shared a lifetime.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Known on the silver screen for his amazing portrayal of the comic book hero, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has been the poster boy for many a female fan. However, despite all his fandom and followers as he has moved from movie to movie, Jackman himself has been faithful to his long-standing wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. She was there for him before his fame, and she continues to be today.

Love is Royalty

As the Queen of England and her husband have proven, love can also be royal and set the example for a nation in terms of how to maintain a marriage.

20 Years Yesterday

Many times the ancient Greeks spent a lot of time discussing love in it’s various forms. This could spent two decades proving that love in all four forms keeps a couple together, including: romantic love, friendly love, divine love and familial love.

At the Golden Gate Bridge

This couple made a point of showing time passing from an original visit at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and then again later in life. The could easily guess a few synonyms with the word “love,” including closeness, warmth, endearment, fondness of, loyalty to and attachment.

A Ride in the Park Carousel

Park carousels are always good for a couple’s photo, so these folks decided to do it all over again but with different rides this time. Love has been expressed in countless ways, but many associate the emotion with the best of humanity in compassion, empathy, affection and kindness.

The Classic High School Western Romance

Some couples are able to dig special photos of when they were first dating and then repeat them again, as in the case of this western theme replay. They end up being the muse for writers who talk about love in books and stories in all its forms.

Love Birds for 29 Years

This couple has almost made three decades when their photos were matched. And what they find, like many others who last as long, is that love doesn’t always have to be mad and passionate. It can also be impersonal, just doing good things for each other or working together to help someone else.

A Quarter Century

25 years doesn’t seem like a lot, but when it is described in terms of a quarter of a century, then the ramifications of staying together like this couple become more apparent. They become the living example of love between human beings.

Kurt Russel & Goldie Hawn

Both accomplished actors in their own right, Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn proved the typical Hollywood stereotype wrong, staying together for years and years and still going strong today. In fact, the two like each other so much, they made a movie spoofing it with “Overboard.”

Once Cheerleaders, Always Cheerleaders

This young couple started out as toddlers without really knowing it. Sometimes, like love is defined in the dictionary, the connection between people may very well be instinctual and there since birth. However, humans technically are not supposed to have that trait. Some disagree.

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston for 38 Years

Not to be outdone by another actor, Jeff Bridges and his partner Susan Geston met decades ago on a movie set in Montana of all locations. He though the moment they met was just a memory until a production photographer found the photographs taken without them knowing and showed the two talking to each other for the first time.

Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen

It’s not a surprise that actors get together when working a set. They spend countless hours together rehearsing and speaking script phrases that end up triggering emotions. That was the case for Ted Danson and his partner, Mary Steenburgen while working on “Pontiac Moon.” Since that film, the two have been together well over 20 something years since.

Fur Coat Going to Prom

The prom night or special high school dance was for many couples the first time to really get dressed up. This couple did it again years later. As many experts point out, attraction brings us together, but attachment keeps couples strong.

The U2 Frontman

In an industry buried with stories of cheating, multiple wives and partners and broken hearts, U2 frontman, Bono, has remained committed to his wife whom he met when his band was first breaking out and going international. He has stayed committed ever since.

Three Decades Together

How do you spend 30 years together and then keep going? It happens with a lot of connection and devotion. Maintaining sexual desire doesn’t hurt either.

Pictures at a Fading Seashore

Sometimes staying together over the years is as simple as walking on a beach and remembering everything a couple has accomplished in love, raising and family and building a home.

31 Different Years, Same Church

Of course, with love it helps to stay rooted to for stability. This couple did so, going back to the same church they originally took their exit photo at when first being married.

24 Years for John Travolta

His wife has now passed from cancer, but John Travolta and Kelly Preston also bucked the Hollywood trend staying married and connected through everything. Scientists often attribute this kind of bond to chemical changes in the brain that happen over time, reinforcing long-term couples.

Lionel Messi & His Childhood Crush

Even famous soccer stars stay with those they love. Lionel Messi married his childhood sweetheart, probably because she was the only one who really knew him as a kid growing up.

32 Years From a Tank Top

This fellow could have dressed a bit better at the time, but she still loved him. And 32 years later the couple prove that how you dress on a first date isn’t always a deal-breaker.

And 60 years in Love

However, the cake goes to those couples who practically live longer than a half century together and still keeping things going strong in love. This couple is an example for everyone.



Adoptable Dogs Get Space From Winnipeg Paramedics for Bonding as They Await Adoption

Sarrah M



Life can prove stressful for firefighters and paramedics. Therefore, having a stress-free environment to come back to is crucial for their wellbeing.

Several paramedic stations across Winnipeg are welcoming pets in an effort to improve morale and discover new homes for canines.

It’s a unique opportunity for the Winnipeg first response workers who want to host a dog that can get adopted while on duty to do so.

Having Murphy within their environs recently, according to WFPS Station 9 Captain Tim Arbuckle, has assisted us with easing stress in the environment after firefighters return from a difficult incident.

Arbuckle gushed, “It’s wonderful.” “I’ve just returned from a call in which I viewed first-hand that guys are searching for Murphy, and the dog is searching for them as well.”

Manitobans who are thinking about adopting a dog can take one out for an entire day, or for a whole weekend, or even a week, says City Animal Services GM Leland Gordon.

At Station 9, it has been running for a month, according to Gordon. However, it was only publicly announced on Wednesday. Gordon said that two additional stations have already contacted Animal Services to inquire about bringing canines into their facilities.

Keeping dogs in kennels and animal shelters is “nobody’s idea of fun,” according to Gordon.

In the past few weeks, Murphy has been treated like a VIP around this station. Murphy has gone home with emergency crews and medics, and even this weekend, he stayed in a luxurious lodge on an island.

Because of the difficulties that fire paramedics come across in their work, this program was established.

According to him, “It’s a stressful task that they do have here and you realize that they go through a lot of unpleasant encounters.” Isn’t the idea of coming back from a phone call and having a puppy to cuddle with just wonderful?

Chief WFPS Officer Christian Schmidt agreed with Gordon. In the two weeks since Murphy showed up, he’s spent two nights at Station 9, which has had an important influence on the staff and the dogs.

A number of employees have already written to him to convey their gratitude, he said. In terms of feedback for a leader, that’s excellent.

Schmidt also lauded Station Doggie Dates’ ability to raise understanding and appreciation of the city’s adoption program.

It’s been about three weeks since Murphy moved into Station 9 on Marion Street. For the time being, he’s happy there, but his ultimate objective is adoption.

Arbuckle said, “I’m not sure we want to see Murphy depart.” There would be no one like him.

Even though Murphy is still available for adoption, he’ll be spending more time at WFPS Station 9 for the time being.

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St. Louis Zoo Achieves Rare Cub Births

Danielle S



Most times biologists and zoo specialists struggle with the news that an endangered species is shrinking in number and getting closer to extinction. However, for the Amur leopard population, there’s been a bit of good news instead. That’s because the Saint Louis Zoo has now become the latest in being able to help bring a pair of leopard cubs into the world.

The Amur leopard traditionally inhabited regions between Russia and China. It was never a well established animal, rare to begin with a preferring remote locations than those near people and development. However, by modern times there were estimated to be only 120 individual leopards left, and practically any new cubs have entirely happened in captivity, at least among those counted.

For the birth in the St. Louis Zoo, the arrival of a pair of two new cubs is a huge achievement for the leopard program. Named Anya as well as Irina, they are both female, and have been born healthy with flying colors. Now the challenge since their birth in the third week of April will be to maintain their growth and make sure there are no hitches. Their tenure in the maternity den will last a couple of months, through the summer, before they are introduced to the regular leopard containment.

The mother of the cubs, Dot, is expected to handle her job just fine. Following instinct, the big cat dotes on her cubs, never letting them out of her sight, even in the Zoo environment. For the zoo experts on hand, just seeing the cubs as they fumble around and develop their sense of the world is a gem. Most have only studied Amur leopards based on adults in the Zoo or through video files and similar. Seeing a cub from birth has been a first for a good number involved with their care. Not to mention, there are plenty of visitors as well wanting to see the same, even if just a glimpse.

The genesis of the cubs started with the arrival of their father, Samson, in 2021. He remains at the Zoo in a different enclosure, separated from the mother and cubs for their safety. Based on the pairing with Sampson and Dot, the results of a tremendous amount of genetic work proved successful with the pregnancy of Dot and the ultimate arrival of the cubs.

With their first vet check take care of, the cubs are rated in solid health, already weighing in at 2.5 pounds each. By the time they reach adulthood, each female leopard will carry a solid 125 pounds in muscle and fur. This kind of conservation effort and program may very well prove to be the primary means that saves the Amur leopard from complete extinction. It would be fitting given the fact that the animal’s decline was at the hands of human hunting and development in the first place.

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Kindergarten Help Line, Dial For An Adorable Pep Talk

Danielle S



Positive news is hard to come by. Give it a try and most folks will probably find it a bit of a challenge to find a positive headline in the news. Negative is the norm, and it’s not surprising that people end up chronically depressed or stressed reading the news on a regular basis. And that’s in addition to life’s normal challenges. Add in the 24/7 spin of cable news and a constant barrage of bad news via the Internet and mobile devices, and people could be downright clinical after a while without a break.

Kindergarten to the Rescue

Fortunately, a creative project in Healdsburg, CA came up with a way to inspire thousands of adults on a daily basis with the help of kindergarteners. Yes, you read that right, five and six-year-olds are actively working to help adults make sense of modern life. The project was the brainchild of teachers at West Side Elementary, who thought it would be a good pick-me-up for the local folks to have a “hotline” where they could hear positive messages from the town’s kids. So, a phone number and hotline was set up with recorded messages one can hear by making a selection in the related phone tree once the call connects. The number provides options for folks who are frustrated, nervous, stressed or just need a pep talk to brighten up the day. What callers get on the other end of the line is a Healdsburg kindergartner’s voice giving the caller a mental boost.

Callers get a message reminding them to be thankful, positive reinforcement, humor and similar. The kids themselves are not talking live, but grade students from West Side Elementary in Healdsburg provide all the messages in recordings, which are then provided based on the caller’s menu selection.

A Darn Good Idea – Of Course it Came From Teachers

The Peptoc hotline was managed and put together by two teachers at the same school, Jessica Martin as well as Asherah Weiss. Given all the craziness that happened in 2020 thanks to the COVID pandemic and, given their rural location, the wildfire risk in the general area of Healdsburg, the two teachers felt something needed to be done to help boost the community’s mood. What they didn’t expect was that Peptoc was going to become so popular it would spread. Now folks are calling from all over, even outside of California, to get a bit of cheer and positive messaging from Healdsburg’s mighty kindergartners.

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Anthony Harris, Eagles Safety Switches Position to Take Texas Teen to Father-daughter School Dance

Danielle S



Getting a celebrity to grant you a random favor is no easy feat, especially during a busy time of year. Of course, it was a special time during the football season. However, for one Philadelphia Eagles player, helping out a young girl who had lost a parent was a no-brainer.

That Philadelphia Eagles star made that teenager’s fantasy come true by going deep into the heart of Texas.

It would be the worst year Audrey Soape had ever had. She lost both her dad and grandfather in a matter of days.

Therefore, when Audrey’s school’s “Daddy-Daughter Dance” rolled around, her mother, Holly, sprung into action and reached out to her beloved Eagles safety, Anthony Harris, via social media.

Holly scoffed, saying, “It’s a tremendous task.” “I simply inquired whether he’d be open to coming if he was so inclined. ‘Not only will I be there, but I also would like to help ensure she feels something like a princess,’ he remarked.”

“Around one week before the event, I was informed of its existence. And to begin with, I was somewhat anxious, “Audrey stated.” “I was a little nervous all week that I’d goofed up.”

The expense of Audrey’s gown, footwear, makeup, and hair were all funded by Harris, who flew in especially for the event.

‘He sent a car and driver to get her from home,’ Holly recalled. To ensure that she had the finest possible experience, he made every effort.

He even took a moment to greet Jackson, Audrey’s sibling.

“He didn’t just appear around to see Audrey for the ‘Daddy-Daughter Celebration,’ he drove over to see me as well,” Jackson recalled of the visit.

A professional photographer was on hand to document the memorable evening.

Since “not a lot of things happen to individuals like this, and specifically me,” Audrey remarked, “I feel incredibly unique.”

However, even though the Eagles didn’t play last weekend, the Soape family considers Harris’ appearance in the dance as a personal victory.

As for Audrey’s mom Holly, despite not knowing what the outcome would be, daring to ask was not a problem as she was driven by the love for her daughter.

According to Holly, “we will all do whatever possible for our children when we know that they are suffering”. This tragic event has been transformed into a victorious time for me because I understand that there are others out there who would also help support my children and myself.

While the dance did not replace their father’s absence, the moment has etched an unforgettable memory in their brain. It will at least help to soothe pain each year that she reflects on her loss, that there is still hope out there.

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UPS Driver Showered With Gifts After Leaving Inspiring Message for a New Mom He Delivered Package To

Liz L




One thing we have come to know in recent years is that no matter how much cyberbullying occurs on social media, an act of kindness will quickly pull everyone together.

The moment someone reports a good deed that a regular Joe did, they’ll be happy to shower them with love, including money and gifts. In the most recent case that will blow your mind, it was baby showering!

As a result of a small act of compassion, we have formed a lasting connection.

While on his rounds in Roswell late last month, a UPS driver made a brief stop to bid the new parents of a baby boy congratulations.

Almost at the same time, he revealed, he too had given birth to a boy.

“My best wishes go out to you and your family, should this be the ‘it’s a boy house’ who recently welcomed a baby boy. I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you and your family; I had my first child at almost the same time as you did.” In a Nest doorbell video, a UPS driver, later named Dallen Harrell of Marietta, remarked, “God bless, have a good Christmas.”

Jessica Kitchel and her spouse are the proud owners of the doorbell camera they’ve installed in their home. As she said to us on Thursday, “I simply watched the replay then saw his comment and was just simply blown away by it.” “I suppose I needed this the most at that time. It’s only a little bit of motivation.”

Kitchel shared our story on social media, sharing it approximately 60,000 times and being seen by a large audience.

Several days later, Kitchel and Harrell eventually met face-to-face.

“I was delighted to meet him and applaud him because of what his words meant to me,” stated Kitchel.

But that was just the start. Kitchel wishes to congratulate Harrell because he recently welcomed a baby son of his own.

There had been no baby shower for her and her fiancé, so she inquired as to whether she might see his baby register.

Almost all of the wedding gifts Harrell and his fiancee needed were sent to them by individuals they didn’t even know after she put his registry information online.

The two of them are strangers. They’re so indistinguishable from a can of spray paint. When we spoke with Harrell on Thursday, he told us, “We’re just vessels for God.”

He claims that he was also given a raise at work. “It seemed as though my entire world had flipped upside down.”

They both agree that the most excellent present they’ve received is the friendship they’ve made, which began with a simple act of compassion. In other words, I don’t want this to be a one-off. As Harrell put it: “It’s not a season, but a lifetime.”

Kitchel believes there is a more important lesson to be learned here. In these trying times, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the negative, so seeing someone take a moment out of their day to do something nice meant a lot.”

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