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Family Dog Grabs Baby By Its Diaper, Then Mom Sees the Surprising Reason Why

A young mother saw how her 17-month old little baby was grabbed and hurled by her dog and she was totally shocked. But after a closer examination, she made an incredible discovery of why the loyal dog did such act.

A New Dog Arrived

Catherine Svilicic had never expected that her new adopted Doberman will act in such abusive manner towards her little child. She was totally trusted that her baby and the dog could live together in harmony.


Doberman’s Unexpected Behavior Towards A Defenseless Baby

After adopting the dog, Catherine could never suspect that the dog would display an aggressive behavior. She had a slight concern about the new Doberman because he was a rescued dog.

It’s well known that rescued dogs have very traumatic pasts that can cause troublesome behaviors. Still, she decided to adopt a new Doberman hoping that he would adapt and join the family without any inconvenience.


Doberman Breed Is Considered Dangerous

Some breeds of dogs are considered to be “dangerous.” Naturally, most domesticated dogs can playfully bite their owner’s hand or jump towards them to lick their faces as a sign of pure affection. However, there are certain breeds such as Pitbulls and Dobermans who would represent a potential threat to a person’s safety. Let’s say that the possibilities of these types of dogs to act properly when owners are around are lesser than the rest.

Nevertheless, The Family Decided To Adopt a Dog To Grow Up With The Baby

The Svilicic family decided unanimously to adopt a new dog after Catherine had given birth to her baby Charlotte. She wanted her new child would grow up with a partner at her side to have good experiences with.

The Adopted Doberman

Catherine contacted the local dog shelter to see if they would have any dog that could call her attention. She was interested in one of the Doberman Pinschers and chose the biggest of the group. Then she named the dog Khan and the staff informed her that Khan had a very troublesome past.

Khan’s New Family Gave Him A New Friend

Even knowing the possible risks, Catherine had no inconvenience to bring Khan to her home and meet his new partner, Charlotte (who was 17 months old). Nobody could guarantee that the adult Doberman will have a perfect behavior, especially after has suffered from abuse from his previous owners.

Curiously, the adult dog was scheduled to be euthanized in the following week before Catherine adopted him. He was just saved from a sad fate.

Honest To Paws

It Was Normal Day And The Dog Was Playing With The Little Baby

After 4 days of being adopted, the Doberman was playing with Charlotte in the house’s garden. There was nothing for the family to worry about.


While Playing With The Baby Something Suddenly Happened

While the Doberman and the toddler were running and playing around, a shocking incident happened. Khan took the child by its diaper, flipped and then tossed her across the grass. In consequence, Charlotte flew a yard away and slammed on the ground. It was a traumatic moment for everyone.


Catherine Was Washing The Dishes When She Saw The Incident

Catherine saw the entire incident from the kitchen. She felt absolute terror when she saw Charlotte flying and slamming into the ground. She thought for some bizarre reason Khan saw the toddler as a threat.

The shocked mother would need to intervene but unfortunately, this was just the beginning of something worse.


Khan Grabbed The Baby’s Diaper A Tossed Her Like a Doll

Kahn softly pushed the toddler like he wanted to start a fight but Charlotte continued to innocently walk around. Then, what it seemed in a fit of rage, he grabbed the baby’s diaper with his teeth and started to violently toss her around the garden. Catherine recalled, “Khan was treated her like she was a rag doll.”


Charlotte Was Not Scared At All

Incredibly, Charlotte was not crying but seemed very surprised by Khan’s reaction. Catherine rushed over to rescue her poor baby who was confused by what just happened but suddenly, Khan barked and fell to the ground.

The family was more confused about what was going on.

The Baby Was Safe But The Dog Was Injured

Catherine ran to check her baby to find any injury or signs of pain. But something was terribly wrong with Khan that fell to the ground completely lifeless.

Catherine had no idea was going on but her instinct told her that the Doberman was actually protecting Charlotte from a danger. It seems that Khan’s heroic act left him injured and needed immediate medical care. His time was running out.


Khan Didn’t Move And Needed To See A Doctor

Khan needed medical attention as soon as possible because of a wound he had. Khan was on the verge of death because he decided to protect his beloved friend, Charlotte.

The Doberman was strong but succumbed to the effects of the poison that could kill any animal of any size. After Khan collapsed on the ground he was unable to move again and began to have difficult to breathe.

Catherine realized what really happened and knew that she had to move fast to save the adopted dog.


Catherine Didn’t Panic And Took Khan to The Hospital

Catherine picked up Charlotte and handed the little girl to one of her family members. Once her baby was totally safe, she checked Khan to see the damage and what she saw was not good: Khan had his tongue hanging out his mouth, motionless and with no life signs.

Then Catherine decided to take Khan and carried him to her car. She started the car and drove as fast as she could to the local vet.


Arriving At The Hospital

Catherine drove very fast on the streets to get Khan to the vet as soon as possible. She cried on the road because of his bravery. After he had put his own body to protect Charlotte, she was now doing the same for him.

“I never imagined I was able to drive well at that speed. I suppose adrenaline helped me a lot to do so,” she said. After driving at an incredibly fast but dangerous speed, they arrived at their destination, she took Khan in her arms and ran to the hospital asking for help. The nurses and doctor came immediately to check Khan.


What Was Khan’s Status?

Thirty minutes later of their arrival, Khan was sent to the E.R and the vet who attended the Doberman returned to speak with Catherine in his office. When Catherine saw the doctor, she ran to him and asked many questions in a desperate manner. Is Khan going to be Ok?

Unfortunately, the doctor said, “We don’t know yet. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison.”

“The anti-venom certainly will help him but we don’t know to what extent. The best thing is that you come back tomorrow morning,” the doctor added. That wasn’t exactly the answer that Catherine wanted to hear.

Honest To Paws

The Next Morning

Finally, the next morning had arrived and Catherine rose from bed at 7:30 AM after a restless night. She attended her family first and took care of some tasks before driving again the same route she took yesterday but at a slower speed.

Catherine just wanted to arrive at the clinic as soon it was open. In fact, she was the first person in the waiting room. She had prepared herself mentally waiting for the worst scenario. So she entered the office of the vet to know the results. The moment of truth has come.

What Was The Real Threat On That Day?

Before knowing if Khan would survive, Catherine discovered that there was a dangerous snake living in her house’s backyard. She could never imagine that something so dangerous was living under her nose. Thanks to Khan, her baby and even herself were saved from being poisoned by the snake.

So the truth became clearer about what happened that day: Khan was not trying to attack Charlotte. On the contrary, he was doing anything possible to save her life. It turns out that the innocent baby was close to a Mulga, a very dangerous and poisonous snake, and then Khan saw the real danger that his beloved friend was facing and wanted to rescue her.

A Lethal Snake On The Loose

The Mulga’s poison is so lethal that after some minutes an adult human can be killed by a single bite of this dangerous and aggressive snake.

That means that Charlotte wouldn’t have any chance of survival against the Mulga’s venom. Such poison would have flowed through the bloodstream quicker due to her small size.

Khan the Protector

In an act of bravery, Khan shielded Charlotte from the Mulga’s attack. He saved her from a certain death. Khan always stayed at Charlotte’s side, received a lethal bite, and scared the snake away.

Despite having a past life full of mistreatment and abuse, Khan never hesitated to protect his new family.


The Moment of Truth

Catherine just wanted to know if Khan would be able to return home. The vet continued explaining how Khan was recovering step by step. He was still weak but there was no risk of a total paralysis produced by the Mulga’s venom.

In plain words, the anti-venom did its job. And even better, Khan would have a complete recovery. The vet detailed that Khan survived the Mulga’s bite because the snake couldn’t inject the full amount of venom into Khan’s body. On the contrary, the brave dog couldn’t survive.

Honest To Paws

Back Together!

Catherine was very happy to know that the whole family could be reunited again. In fact, everyone was ecstatic when heard the news from the hospital. Now, Catherine aims to keep her family and Khan safer than ever.

The brave dog can’t wait to rejoin his new family and continue protecting Charlotte as always.



Famous Casa Bonita Restaurant Featured on South Park, Saved by the Show’s Creators

Liz L




If you’re a fan of South Park, the long-running animated series that tackles topical issues, particularly in politics, then you’re likely familiar with its multiple mentions of the famous restaurant Casa Bonita in the series, including a classic episode.

The restaurant could soon move from just a few mentions and features to be a childhood dream turn reality for the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The ink is nowhere near dry yet, but the duo who’ve loved this restaurant from their childhood hometown forever are bursting with pride.

Casa Bonita was not just any restaurant but a staple in Colorado, the venue for many first dates and a general, hang out for people of all ages since it offered both dining and entertainment.

The restaurant was shutting down, but now the delighted owners of Casa Bonita, the famous Colorado restaurant depicted on South Park, are Trey Matt, and they are bursting with pride at being able to save the iconic structure for themselves and thousands of fans.

It was in July that Parker and Stone announced that they were pursuing ownership of the restaurant. Casa Bonita, a favorite childhood haunt of Parker and Stone, has been mentioned multiple times in South Park and was even the subject of a famous 2003 episode. Casa Bonita got featured as downloadable content in the 2017 video game South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

Gov. Jared Polis interviewed the Colorado natives on Friday, where they revealed the news.

Parker later told the media that the purchase had concluded earlier that day. He added that “buying the restaurant just felt like the right thing to do.” Although the men have provided no financial specifics, Parker described the final amount as “fair.”

Soon after inking a six-year, 935 million dollar contract with ViacomCBS that comprises the streaming of fourteen South Park movies, the two secured a deal to acquire the restaurant.

Summit Family Restaurants, the corporation that operated Casa Bonita, filed for protection via Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Arizona on the sixth of April. According to Parker, the final sale could take several months as the bankruptcy hearing and sale are pending court approval, which could take months.

Meanwhile, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been cashing in on their CBS multimillion-dollar ‘South Park’ deal. Parker added of the duo’s ambitions to improve the famed Mexican restaurant that, if they had control of the situation, contractors should be working on upgrading the facility right now.

The massive and popular Mexican restaurant, which offers a waterfall and cave with cliff jumpers, an arcade, and many other enticements, first opened to the public in 1974 at 6715 W. Colfax Ave. in Lakewood.

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul told THR, “This is a truly wonderful development not just for residents of Lakewood, but for the state as a whole.”

Mayor Paul added that “ A lot of activities have been underway behind the scenes, and these transactions may be difficult. Buying the iconic restaurant would not only help save a famous Lakewood landmark, but it would also act as a catalyst for a growing arts district. I want to express my gratitude to Matt and Trey for their dedication to the community!”

The popular animated series South Park is not suitable for youngsters. It appears that its objective in presenting the exploits of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman is to upset as many people as possible. Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, lawmakers of all stripes, and self-important celebrities have been the show’s highlight. Spoiler alert! Kenny also gets snuffed out in several episodes.

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Math Teacher Great At Turfing – Goes Viral

Amanda J



Turfing might sound like what someone does to aerate a front lawn or prepare a garden for growing. However, for a teacher living in Alameda and who has spent most of his lifetime in Oakland, CA, turfing is far more personal as an expression of dance. Distinct and unique, Predovic has been “turfing” for decades, blending a mix of boogaloo and improv together into a form that is both eye-catching and artistic all at once.

Turfing is not that old, however, as a dance form. It technically started in the mid-2000s, according to Predovic, when territorial dance-offs were a regular thing in Oakland and eventually much of the East Bay region at the high school level. Literally, entire events would occur in school parking lots and on basketball courts as groups tried to out-dance and out-impress the crowd and each other with what was physically possible in dance form.

At age 63, however, Predovic continues to maintain the dance life with the best locally. He boogaloos and shimmies, bends and twists as the teacher continues to defend his “turf” and has done so personally since 2008. His discovery of the dance form was entirely accidental, however. Instead, Predovic was busy skimming through videos online for Johnny Carson videos of all things when he unintentionally caught a turfing video instead. Predovic was immediately hooked. Watching the video piqued such an interest, the teacher immediately figured out where the next event was going to be locally and went in person to see it for himself. Predovic couldn’t have picked a better show.

The competition he first attended turned out to be a front row seat for Predovic of some of the best turfing possible. It was a dance-off between groups from Oakland versus Los Angeles, and there was an intense showing and display of talent as a result. The competition was the closest thing possible to a national championship, if one could call it that.

Predovic’s personal introduction was trial by fire. He immediately stood out by color, being the only Caucasian present in a sea of ethnicity. One character decided to be insulting to Predovic, challenging his simple presence at the show; the teacher responded with his own moves on the spot. That caught attention, and within minutes Predovic was being put front and center in front of the crowd. It was a hit. And the teacher also became a known commodity and accepted among the regular turfers as well.

Decades later, Predovic still teaches at the high school level, dispensing the classic principles of math to students of all stripes. While his daytime career at Mt. Diablo High School might seem sedate, Predovic still makes a regular showing with an official dance crew, Turf Inc. Led by one of Predovic’s former math students, Turf Inc. the group regularly attends competitions, Predovic continues to be a classic draw and known name.

Even in the social media digital age, Predovic’s dancing still commands a draw. His TikTok video has a cool 61,000 unique viewers, and older tools like Instagram still draw an easy 5,000 views as well. In his 60s, the math teacher isn’t as nimble as he was years earlier, but the dancing and turfing continues to keep Predovic fit and limber for every new event. Most importantly, though, he feels a direct connection with the youth at the turfing events, and they want him there too. That’s priceless for Predovic, and is rare for older people his age in general. Hoping to keep dancing into his 80s, Predovic knows time is catching up with him, but he can always try.

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Random Streamer With Zero Viewers RAIDED By Crypto Fans, Raises $85k!





Twitch is one of the largest video streaming platforms on the planet right now. An innovator and one of the leaders in the ‘let’s play’ revolution, Twitch generates more than 71 million hours of content every single day. Buoyed by top-of-the-line streamers like XQCOW and TOMMYINNIT, Twitch has become a proverbial playground for some of the most popular young entertainers of the day and age. However, that isn’t where our story is heading today.

Instead, we are talking about one of the unsung heroes of Twitch, the random streamer who streams despite a lack of attention. Today, we are going to be focusing on a live musician named Cameron Ferguson and the massive crypto movement that would appear in his streaming room.

Crypto, Raiding, and Zero Viewers.

While the top-ranked streamers on Twitch can exceed tens of thousands of viewers at a time, the majority of streamers don’t have that kind of success. Instead, the vast amount of streamers will end up with just a handful of viewers throughout their session. Still, that didn’t matter to a musician named Cameron Ferguson and the live music that he wanted to share with the world.

While playing live music to an empty room one evening, Cameron was startled to see that his session had been flooded with hundreds of people watching him play. It quickly became apparent to the viewers that Cameron was more than just another streamer, he was a talented musician who was appreciative of the sudden influx of attention.

Still new to Twitch, Cameron tried not to let his nerves get to him as he played to a suddenly very crowded room. A few donations would come in as viewers saw how talented Cameron was and in the blink of an eye, the musician had raised thousands! Not bad for a night of music, right? If that was where this story ended, that’d be great — but it isn’t.

As it turns out, Cameron had been raided by a team of crypto enthusiasts who had been listening to the cryptocurrency internet show, Up Only. The program is run by @CyrptoCobain and @Ledgerstatus and these two figures were the reason for Cameron’s suddenly packed house. The radio co-hosts had been browsing Twitch for crypto news when they stumbled upon Cameron’s stream.

After raiding the stream, the crypto team decided to do something even nicer for Cameron, they would decide to help him open a crypto wallet. Cobie and Ledger would walk Cameron through establishing a wallet on Blockfolio before helping the man add his Ethereum address to his Twitch bio. Cobie and the rest of the gang would donate a couple of thousand dollars through the wallet almost immediately.

Cameron could easily have been left behind by the group had he not blown them away with his music. Given an opportunity and a reason to excel, Cameron took advantage of his chance. The musician would keep the stream going for hours, before inviting his wife onto the stream to share the news. While she didn’t believe him at first, that would change when a billionaire by the name of SBF donated $10,000 worth of Dogecoin to the musician.

The funniest thing about this entire story is that Cameron almost quit the stream when the crypto raid arrived. His reasoning? He thought he was getting spammed. By the end of the session, Cameron had streamed for five hours, earning more than $85,000 along the way.

When we say that the internet can change lives, we really mean it. The internet can change lives!

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Macaulay Culkin And Brenda Song Welcome Baby Boy Named After Culkin’s Sister

Sarrah M



Regardless of the ups and downs faced by former child star Macaulay Culkin over the years, his name still manages to trigger beautiful memories for people both old and young.

Many people fail to see him beyond his role in the Home Alone movies(afterall he was absolutely adorable) but now hearing that he is not only in a relationship but also welcoming a child has set the internet in a flurry.

Additionally it is with another former child star, Brenda Song, known for her role as a spoiled rich kid in the TV show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

As per a statement to TODAY, the couple welcomed the boy on April 5, who weighed six pounds and 14 ounces, in a Los Angeles hospital. It’s their firstborn and the couple is clearly elated.

Dakota Song Culkin is the name they’ve chosen for their bundle of joy. If you’re wondering who Dakota is, well, she was Culkin’s sister who passed away thirteen years ago in 2008. According to the announcement, the new three-person family is happy and healthy.

The couple said, “We’re overjoyed.”

The “Home Alone” star, hit a new milestone in 2020 when he reached age forty and made everybody feel elderly, has previously expressed his intention to create a child, his girlfriend who is a former Disney celebrity.

He informed Esquire last year, “We prepare a lot.” “We’re working it out and figuring out how to make the timing work. Hardly anything sparks you on with your lady coming into the bedroom and saying, ‘Honey, I’m ovulating.’

Despite his meteoric rise to fame as a teen, Culkin is now at ease in his relationship with Song.

“People think I’m crazy, a kook, or mentally ill. Strange. He told the paper, “Cracked.” “But I’ve never really put myself forward until the most recent year or two. But that’s something I can appreciate. It’s also like, “Well, everybody, stop being so surprised that I’m reasonably well-adjusted.”

“Look at me,” he continued, “I’ve got money, I’ve got fame, I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful home, and beautiful animals.” “It may have taken me a long while to get here, and I had to have that talk with myself and ask myself, “Honestly, Mack?” It isn’t all evil. I have nothing I want and much less that I want. “I’m fine, man.”

Meanwhile, Song, who is 33, has been waxing poetic about her relationship with Culkin.

In 2020, she informed Esquire that, “Individuals are unaware how incredibly kind, loyal, nice, and smart he is.” “Truly, what distinguishes Mack is that he is unapologetically himself.

“Mack is aware of who he is and is perfectly content with it. And that, to me, is a very enticing feature. He’s put in a lot of effort to become the guy he is.”

Now what everyone is wondering is whether wedding bells will be ringing soon and if they intend to make the family any bigger.

In the meantime, everyone is basking in happiness for the cute couple and wishing them and Dakota all the best.

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‘Gorilla Glue’ Viral Phenom Gives Back to Charity After Fundraising Success!

Liz L




We hesitate to think about what it might be like to be judged by the internet for our worst moments in life. We shudder when thinking back to our time in childhood, long before social media and viral Tweets were a thing. Tessica Brown unfortunately is not going to have the same benefit. Brown went viral recently after uploading a video of herself to the social media app TikTok.

In the video, the Gorilla Glue Girl (@im_d_ollady) used a bottle of Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spray after running out of her own hair freezing spray, a product named Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. For people not into hair care, freezing sprays are used to mold and hold hair into a specific place, oftentimes used as an alternative to pivot from the slicked-back ponytail. The video begins with Tessica Brown, a teacher from Louisiana, rubbing her hand over her hair while saying, “It don’t move. I’ve washed my hair 15 times, and it don’t move.”

Tessica was, of course, talking about her failed experiment using Gorilla Glue as a last-minute adhesive spray. Tessica would go on to explain that she had continually washed and re-washed her hair in an attempt to fix the issue. The glue stuck and her hair remained stuck with it. The story would quickly go viral, garnering reactions from people in every nook and cranny of the world. Along with the attention came serious fundraising efforts for the poor woman, ending up with thousands in her GoFundMe Account. The attention would also bring with it potential solutions for her hair problem. It wouldn’t take long for Tessica to connect with an LA-based surgeon by the name of Dr. Michael Obeng.

Dr. Obeng would offer to fix Tessica’s hair for free and a week later the procedure would become a success. Before the culmination of the story, Tessica had gained substantial donations through her GoFundMe account. Originally the account had been established to just raise $1,500 to pay for operating expenses on the gorilla glue. After more than $20k had been donated to the account, Tessica knew that she had to do something special with the money.

After the procedure was successfully performed, Tessica would end up with most of her hair still in place, a stark departure from her prior fears. In order to thank Dr. Obeng for his work, after the physician had offered to perform for free, Tessica would decide to donate the vast majority of her fundraiser money toward a foundation close to Dr. Obeng’s heart, the Restore Foundation. The vast majority of the funds will be donated to the foundation while Tessica keeps just enough to pay for her travel and emergency room visits.

The Restore Foundation is a non-profit backed by Dr. Obeng himself. The goal of Restore Worldwide, as it is also called, is to give back to disadvantaged folks around the world who are in need of aesthetic and plastic surgery. The goal is to provide life-saving and life-changing surgeries for people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to receive them. The Restore Foundation has already changed and saved hundreds of lives throughout Ghana and other disadvantaged countries in Africa.

At the time of this writing, Tessica’s video on TikTok hard garnered north of 16 million views alone. Since her TikTok fame came to fruition, the story has been picked up and passed around by every other major social media platform, creating millions of additional views in the process. We wonder now, was the gorilla glue pain worth the viral fame?

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