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Family Dog Grabs Baby By Its Diaper, Then Mom Sees the Surprising Reason Why

Liz L




A young mother saw how her 17-month old little baby was grabbed and hurled by her dog and she was totally shocked. But after a closer examination, she made an incredible discovery of why the loyal dog did such act.

A New Dog Arrived

Catherine Svilicic had never expected that her new adopted Doberman will act in such abusive manner towards her little child. She was totally trusted that her baby and the dog could live together in harmony.


Doberman’s Unexpected Behavior Towards A Defenseless Baby

After adopting the dog, Catherine could never suspect that the dog would display an aggressive behavior. She had a slight concern about the new Doberman because he was a rescued dog.

It’s well known that rescued dogs have very traumatic pasts that can cause troublesome behaviors. Still, she decided to adopt a new Doberman hoping that he would adapt and join the family without any inconvenience.


Doberman Breed Is Considered Dangerous

Some breeds of dogs are considered to be “dangerous.” Naturally, most domesticated dogs can playfully bite their owner’s hand or jump towards them to lick their faces as a sign of pure affection. However, there are certain breeds such as Pitbulls and Dobermans who would represent a potential threat to a person’s safety. Let’s say that the possibilities of these types of dogs to act properly when owners are around are lesser than the rest.

Nevertheless, The Family Decided To Adopt a Dog To Grow Up With The Baby

The Svilicic family decided unanimously to adopt a new dog after Catherine had given birth to her baby Charlotte. She wanted her new child would grow up with a partner at her side to have good experiences with.

The Adopted Doberman

Catherine contacted the local dog shelter to see if they would have any dog that could call her attention. She was interested in one of the Doberman Pinschers and chose the biggest of the group. Then she named the dog Khan and the staff informed her that Khan had a very troublesome past.

Khan’s New Family Gave Him A New Friend

Even knowing the possible risks, Catherine had no inconvenience to bring Khan to her home and meet his new partner, Charlotte (who was 17 months old). Nobody could guarantee that the adult Doberman will have a perfect behavior, especially after has suffered from abuse from his previous owners.

Curiously, the adult dog was scheduled to be euthanized in the following week before Catherine adopted him. He was just saved from a sad fate.

Honest To Paws

It Was Normal Day And The Dog Was Playing With The Little Baby

After 4 days of being adopted, the Doberman was playing with Charlotte in the house’s garden. There was nothing for the family to worry about.


While Playing With The Baby Something Suddenly Happened

While the Doberman and the toddler were running and playing around, a shocking incident happened. Khan took the child by its diaper, flipped and then tossed her across the grass. In consequence, Charlotte flew a yard away and slammed on the ground. It was a traumatic moment for everyone.


Catherine Was Washing The Dishes When She Saw The Incident

Catherine saw the entire incident from the kitchen. She felt absolute terror when she saw Charlotte flying and slamming into the ground. She thought for some bizarre reason Khan saw the toddler as a threat.

The shocked mother would need to intervene but unfortunately, this was just the beginning of something worse.


Khan Grabbed The Baby’s Diaper A Tossed Her Like a Doll

Kahn softly pushed the toddler like he wanted to start a fight but Charlotte continued to innocently walk around. Then, what it seemed in a fit of rage, he grabbed the baby’s diaper with his teeth and started to violently toss her around the garden. Catherine recalled, “Khan was treated her like she was a rag doll.”


Charlotte Was Not Scared At All

Incredibly, Charlotte was not crying but seemed very surprised by Khan’s reaction. Catherine rushed over to rescue her poor baby who was confused by what just happened but suddenly, Khan barked and fell to the ground.

The family was more confused about what was going on.

The Baby Was Safe But The Dog Was Injured

Catherine ran to check her baby to find any injury or signs of pain. But something was terribly wrong with Khan that fell to the ground completely lifeless.

Catherine had no idea was going on but her instinct told her that the Doberman was actually protecting Charlotte from a danger. It seems that Khan’s heroic act left him injured and needed immediate medical care. His time was running out.


Khan Didn’t Move And Needed To See A Doctor

Khan needed medical attention as soon as possible because of a wound he had. Khan was on the verge of death because he decided to protect his beloved friend, Charlotte.

The Doberman was strong but succumbed to the effects of the poison that could kill any animal of any size. After Khan collapsed on the ground he was unable to move again and began to have difficult to breathe.

Catherine realized what really happened and knew that she had to move fast to save the adopted dog.


Catherine Didn’t Panic And Took Khan to The Hospital

Catherine picked up Charlotte and handed the little girl to one of her family members. Once her baby was totally safe, she checked Khan to see the damage and what she saw was not good: Khan had his tongue hanging out his mouth, motionless and with no life signs.

Then Catherine decided to take Khan and carried him to her car. She started the car and drove as fast as she could to the local vet.


Arriving At The Hospital

Catherine drove very fast on the streets to get Khan to the vet as soon as possible. She cried on the road because of his bravery. After he had put his own body to protect Charlotte, she was now doing the same for him.

“I never imagined I was able to drive well at that speed. I suppose adrenaline helped me a lot to do so,” she said. After driving at an incredibly fast but dangerous speed, they arrived at their destination, she took Khan in her arms and ran to the hospital asking for help. The nurses and doctor came immediately to check Khan.


What Was Khan’s Status?

Thirty minutes later of their arrival, Khan was sent to the E.R and the vet who attended the Doberman returned to speak with Catherine in his office. When Catherine saw the doctor, she ran to him and asked many questions in a desperate manner. Is Khan going to be Ok?

Unfortunately, the doctor said, “We don’t know yet. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison.”

“The anti-venom certainly will help him but we don’t know to what extent. The best thing is that you come back tomorrow morning,” the doctor added. That wasn’t exactly the answer that Catherine wanted to hear.

Honest To Paws

The Next Morning

Finally, the next morning had arrived and Catherine rose from bed at 7:30 AM after a restless night. She attended her family first and took care of some tasks before driving again the same route she took yesterday but at a slower speed.

Catherine just wanted to arrive at the clinic as soon it was open. In fact, she was the first person in the waiting room. She had prepared herself mentally waiting for the worst scenario. So she entered the office of the vet to know the results. The moment of truth has come.

What Was The Real Threat On That Day?

Before knowing if Khan would survive, Catherine discovered that there was a dangerous snake living in her house’s backyard. She could never imagine that something so dangerous was living under her nose. Thanks to Khan, her baby and even herself were saved from being poisoned by the snake.

So the truth became clearer about what happened that day: Khan was not trying to attack Charlotte. On the contrary, he was doing anything possible to save her life. It turns out that the innocent baby was close to a Mulga, a very dangerous and poisonous snake, and then Khan saw the real danger that his beloved friend was facing and wanted to rescue her.

A Lethal Snake On The Loose

The Mulga’s poison is so lethal that after some minutes an adult human can be killed by a single bite of this dangerous and aggressive snake.

That means that Charlotte wouldn’t have any chance of survival against the Mulga’s venom. Such poison would have flowed through the bloodstream quicker due to her small size.

Khan the Protector

In an act of bravery, Khan shielded Charlotte from the Mulga’s attack. He saved her from a certain death. Khan always stayed at Charlotte’s side, received a lethal bite, and scared the snake away.

Despite having a past life full of mistreatment and abuse, Khan never hesitated to protect his new family.


The Moment of Truth

Catherine just wanted to know if Khan would be able to return home. The vet continued explaining how Khan was recovering step by step. He was still weak but there was no risk of a total paralysis produced by the Mulga’s venom.

In plain words, the anti-venom did its job. And even better, Khan would have a complete recovery. The vet detailed that Khan survived the Mulga’s bite because the snake couldn’t inject the full amount of venom into Khan’s body. On the contrary, the brave dog couldn’t survive.

Honest To Paws

Back Together!

Catherine was very happy to know that the whole family could be reunited again. In fact, everyone was ecstatic when heard the news from the hospital. Now, Catherine aims to keep her family and Khan safer than ever.

The brave dog can’t wait to rejoin his new family and continue protecting Charlotte as always.



Dismembering Dear Old Dad: Helping Ralph the Pug Deal with Age-Related Separation Anxiety

Danielle S



Welcoming Ralph the Pug

Ralph the Pug came to join us a bit over ten years ago. He was five, a rescue dog who had been turned in by his old owner and was looking for a forever home. We hit it off right away as he bounced into our arms, then our hearts, and we took him home the same day we met him. We bonded, Ralph and the rest of us, playing together in the back yard, getting muddy and barreling across the grass after sticks. We even took him on vacation.

Clearly Dad’s Doggie

Ralph was especially fond of dad, resting on the couch beside his lounge chair so dad could reach over and pet him while relaxing. Ralph sat under the dinner table by dad’s feet when we ate, and mom and dad indulged him with space on their bed at night, always close to dad. The years together were good for us all.

As Time Goes By

Aging was tough for Ralph. His body got to be more of a challenge for him, and he seemed a bit forgetful at times. We’d had him for over ten years, and we knew that aging pets need special care. We took care of his medical issues as they arose, but we weren’t sure how to help his state of mind. He was always a loopy lil’ guy, of course, so why worry?

The Veterinary Perspective on Ralph’s Mental Changes

Our vet recommended a veterinary behaviorist, suggesting that Ralph might be experiencing some canine dementia. Nothing serious, he said, but Ralph might seem lost at times, get clingy or upset by change. The behaviorist recommended ways to support Ralph, keeping his environment simple and stable. But Ralph threw us a curveball.

Once we set to work adapting his environment to his age, Ralph got much happier and more active. When dad went to work, though, Ralph was sometimes inconsolable. He would pace, moan, lose appetite and sleep all day. It was only when dad came home that he’d jump, run about, devour his dog food and be his old self. We puzzled over Ralph’s attachment issues until mom had an idea.

Mom’s Idea: The Dad-Doll Arrives

Mom found a place online which sold life-sized mannequins, ones which looked close enough to dad to maybe make her plan work. She ordered one, and we all waited to implement this crazy idea. Would Ralph be fooled?

When the huge box arrived, we unpacked it in secret and set the mannequin on the bed. When dad went off to work, while Ralph was dancing anxiously around, then curling up and whimpering, we put it in dad’s easy chair. We got Ralph’s attention and led him around the corner to the living room. He stopped and stared at the figure in the chair: dad! He spun around in a circle and jumped up and down, four legs in the air at once. He made a sort of airy ruff-ruff sound and he charged dad-puppet’s leg. He nipped at his fingers, and – wait a moment – he tugged on them and bit them and pulled off dad-puppet’s hand! Whoops!

Ruff Love and Peace at Home

After loving on the doll in his way, Ralph laid down on the rug, content. Each day as dad left he’d turn to the doll and jump on it, then play with it. He stayed playful but proper with the real dad, and we were just glad that mom’s idea had helped dear Ralph.

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Neglected Puppy Loses Vision, Saved By New Owner in Wholesome Story!





There is just about nothing worse than seeing an animal suffer, especially when that animal is an adorable puppy. When Puddin was first adopted, she was neglected and abused by her owners at their home in Texas. The poor little dog soon had an infection develop behind her eyes. Unfortunately, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in of Texas would not get to the puppy in time to save her vision. As a result, Puddin ended up losing her vision after veterinarians were forced to remove her eyes. Had the vets not acted in time, the infection could have cost Puddin her life! This story doesn’t end here, however, as there is a happier ending on the horizon!

After animal doctors saved Puddin’s life by removing her eyes and sewing her sockets safely shut, the future for the animal was in question. After all, it can be hard for new owners to be found when a dog is so clearly handicapped, even if that handicap came as a result of the heinous behavior of their prior owners.  The team at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals remained hopeful that they would find the perfect new home for Puddin to go to and that is where Cory Gonzales comes into the story.

Cory Gonzales was a young student when he first saw Puddin on the internet. Gonzales said, “When I saw Puddin online, I immediately fell in love with her ears, of all things.” Gonzales, just 22-years-old, would quickly schedule an adoption meeting with Puddin so that he could get the chance to meet the dog to see if they were a match. Gonzales said, “The day after I met her, I came back in and adopted her.” After meeting Puddin, Gonzales was quick to fall in love with the adorable puppy and the adoption paperwork would soon be filled out.

Despite losing her vision to the vile behavior of her former owners, Puddin soon found herself in a home where she was loved and revered. Gonzales was recently contacted concerning an update on Puddin. Gonzales said of his new puppy, “She is five months old now, and the way she has adapted to her new life is incredible.” Gonzales went on to explain that Puddin had managed to learn how to live in relative comfort without her sight. Gonzales explained that Puddin has begun to embrace her other senses to find toys, run around, play, and even stop herself from walking into things. Gonzales said, “It’s really amazing to watch.”

While Puddin was fortunate enough to find a happy ending, not all animals are so lucky. If you or someone you know suspects that an animal is being abused, do not hesitate to reach out to your local animal advocacy group. All animals deserve to be treated properly with love and respect!

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Mom’s Expression Captures Essence of Back-to-School Experience





Back-to-School is billed as a fun-and-exciting time. There’s the anticipatory glow in kids’ eyes in ads from Target and Wal-Mart. It sounds great. After all, who wouldn’t love all the deals, the smell of antiseptic wipes, and squeak of brand-new sneakers and glittery sandals? Don’t believe it. It’s all a sham. Honestly, the real deal is perfectly captured by that picture… and here’s why.  

First, The Lists 

It’s great that schools post those great school lists online, and they’re even in the stores for easy reference. They always outline the 10 million supplies and materials that the kids need. It all sounds great until you really start looking at the list, and see that there’s no way that your kid will ever use all the supplies. The mega list supplies are destined to become part of the teacher’s barter system, a clever solution to the chronic school-wide shortage of supplies. But, all of that really doesn’t matter at this moment, because when you venture to the school supply bins at any store, they’re bare. You tried online outlets, and they’re out too. So, now, you’re just grabbing a basket-full of stuff, hoping that some of it will apply to the needed items on the list. It’s like Black Friday, only for school supplies.  

But, That’s Not All… No, That’s Not All… 

We venture to the clothing aisles next, but those are just scary. It quickly becomes clear that the kids have all grown two inches, but the size they’ve managed to achieve appears to be absent from the clothing racks. It’s clear that every other child in the multiverse has grown to the precise size(s) you need, so you’re left trying to find something that’s too big or too small. (Too big is usually preferable, since it means you may not have to buy clothes for a while, at least you’d like to think that, if it wasn’t so obvious that the boys will wear holes in their knees before the week is out, and the girls will refuse to wear it after the first time.)  

You’ve got clothes for the kids. It’s an accomplishment, and you breathe a deep sigh of relief, until you remember that the lunchboxes are all in tatters after last year and you still need to figure out lunch eatables that your kids will actually eat. It’s no small feat, since each of the kids have dietary restrictions. You vaguely remember those bygone days when your own school lunch consisted of a PB&J sandwich, with an apple thrown in. Oh, how far we’ve come from those days.  

So, The First Day of School?  

When you get to the first day of school, you’ve already spent days, hours, and frantic minutes scrambling to get everything your kid needs and wants for their return to school. Where does that leave you, the mom (or dad), who has frantically scrambled to pull all the disparate parts together into a mangled mess. Florida Photographer Shawna Genua depicts the calm after the storm. It focuses on moms in their bathrobes, with glasses of wine aloft. They all look tired, exhausted even, and they appear to be celebrating the kids’ return to school. The implication is that the moms have time to sit around and relax, since the kids are all out of the house for a few hours. There’s even the celebratory cupcake in one mom’s hand. It’s relief that the moms are relaying in their faces… if only just for a few moments. Since three-quarters of all American mothers with children at home also work, three of those moms in the pictures will probably be headed off to work in a bit. It’s the fun, frenetic, wonderful life of a mom. Gotta love it!  

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My Doggo Got Some New Digs & a New Friend, Thanks to Wild Ones

Danielle S



My little doggo, Maggy recently turned 80 (in dog years), that’s 11 and a half roughly in human years. And I wanted to pamper my little four legged octogenarian with some winsome goodies.

Now, Maggy is a bit of a princess, but she’s not high maintenance. So I thought she deserved something special, not just the usual rubber bones and polyester dog beds you get at most pet shops.


So I was shopping around on the Inter-webs when I found just the place. It’s called Wild One, and it’s amazing! They have these adorable Walk Kits, super cute bowl sets, really nice harnesses, and exciting little toy kits that dogs really go for. At least Maggy did, anyway. She’s got lots of energy for an old lady!

The walk kit is made of really durable material and gives you everything you need for a stroll with puppers. The bowl set is really snazzy and has a heavy rubber base that’s non-skid- IE; perfect for avoiding messes. The toy kit is really high end stuff, with rope and rubber jambos that Maggy loves to tear into- and they’re so tough she can’t even get close to wrecking them. 

Finally, there’s the harness. I think it’s my favorite because it’s super tough, really cute, and the design is just great. I love it because it holds Maggy really securely and doesn’t choke her or pinch her anywhere. If there was an emergency, I feel like I could snatch her up by the harness without hurting her- though I still wouldn’t if I didn’t really have to. 

That’s really only the beginning. There’s so much more on Wild One that I can’t wait to get for Maggy. Really, she has no idea how big her Christmas is going to be.

But now, it’s time to come clean- because there is one problem with decking out Maggy in all these goodies from Wild One. When I took her to the dog park with her new walking kit and harness, EVERYONE wanted to know where I got them! The first time I took Mags to the dog park with her new gear I really didn’t feel like answering questions. But now I realize the only way out of this situation is to finally answer everyone who wants the same groovy doggy digs for their dogs.

It’s been a few months now, and now all the regulars at the dog park have their puppers totally decked out in Wild One swag. Not only that, but we started a dog and tea club and we meet at the gazebo outside the city library every week on our way to the dog park.

Yeah, it’s a pretty silly story, but I’m not the only one who’s made new friends. Maggy met a distinguished looking Great Dane and they are very fond of each other. Every time we go to the park she looks for Clide, (it’s short Clydesdale because he’s so huge!). And when they find each other they just play and play just like she did when she was a puppy!

So, that’s our Wild One story. It’s silly, I know. But apparently, even dogs can benefit from being a little fashion forward.

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Chip Gaines Is Melting Hearts With His Latest Surprise For His Family

Danielle S



Chip and Joanna Gaines have a beautiful large family, but there was something missing. Chip decided that it was high time the family got a new surprise, in the form of an adorable English Mastiff puppy. The family is known for leading a simple life with lots of pets, farm animals, and 5 children, in addition to running a thriving business empire, known as Magnolia. 

Joanna shared the news with fans on Instagram, saying “Chip told me he hadn’t surprised us in a while with a new animal and that it was long overdue… we now have more dogs than children .” 


Incredible Growth and Gaines

Their success began with Fixer Upper on HGTV, where there love and work ethic charmed viewers just as much as their ability to salvage houses and turn them into beautiful homes. The couple has made several additions to their family over the past few years. 

The new pup, who is yet to be given a name, seems to have taken a particular liking to the family’s youngest child, one-year-old Crew. The golden Mastiff can be seen on Instagram following the toddling Crew around the farm.

Surprises Are No Surprise to Joanna

Joanna has likely learned to expect the unexpected given Chip’s affinity for surprise additions to the family. Chip’s love for surprising his family with animals goes back to at least 2017, when Joanna went out of town near Christmas time. When she returned home, she found a fluffy kitten under the tree, prompting her to post a photo of the kitty with the caption “I go out of town for one night…”. 


Last April Chip brought home the family’s first Mastiff puppy in a similar fashion, along with a kitten. These two joined the family shortly before Crew was born. They also got an adorable wakeup call last April as well.  Chip presented a baby goat that had been born the night before. A litter of piglets was also born that month, prompting Chip to proclaim “Errbody having babies round here” on his Instagram. 

Living the Simple Life

Despite their success as reality tv stars, Chip and Joanna have no TVs in the farmhouse. Farming is a family affair. They have five children. Drake is 14, Ella is 12, Duke is 11, Emmie Kay is 9, and Crew is 1. Helping out on the farm helps keep the children entertained as well as teaching them valuable life lessons. The children help with most of the farm chores, including feeding the animals and milking the cows. 

Their Newest Baby: Their Own Network

The network is set to launch Summer of 2020. In addition to Fixer Upper, the channel will feature design, wellness, food, and home and garden programming. The network gives the couple an opportunity to tell their story and share their strongly held beliefs on many aspects of life. They are also excellent role models in a landscape where people to look up to are few and far between. 

How Do They Achieve Balance?

How do they balance the farm, raising five children, and launching their own cable network? According to Joanna, balance isn’t something she’s interested in. She says “I’ve found that something miraculous happens when I make space for both: Each is made better by the other.” She explains that her work and family overlap, and each is influenced and inspired by the other. 

Chip and Joanna’s latest addition may be the newest, but it’s clear that they have boundless love for all their family members, both the two and four-legged varieties. They are living the American dream, and doing it on their own terms. 

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