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Famous Women from The Past- Where Are They Now

Women have made major contributions in the entertainment scene. They have paved the way for the entertainment sector as it is now. Do you ever wonder how your favorite famous women are doing? The following are some of them.

Kate Jackson


Kate Jackson is an American actress, producer, and director. She became famous for her roles in the series Charlie’s Angels and Scarecrow and Mrs. King. She was nominated for the Emmy Award three times and the Golden Globe Award four times. She featured in the TV film A Daughter’s Conviction in 2006 and Criminal Minds in 2007.

Jodie Foster


Jodie Foster received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, three BAFTA Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She began her career with an appearance in a TV advertisement in 1965 when she was only three. She later appeared in films especially for Disney. She became a teenage star and later on an adult actress. She now focuses on directing and acts a few roles. She directed the film Money Monster which was released in 2016.

Bo Derek

Bo Derek is a film and television actress. She became famous for her role in the film 10. She was one of the most famous sex symbols of the 1980s. Her husband, John Derek, introduced her to the industry and directed most of her roles in films including the Ape Man ad Tarzan. She is still an actress and recently features in the TV movie The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time.

Pam Grier


Pam Grier was a popular movie star in the 70s. She played bold characters in the films such as The Big Bird Cage Sheba, and Coffy. She received a Golden Globe Award as Best Actress for her role in the film Jackie Brown. She featured in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare video game. She recently featured in the TV show This Is US.

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry is an American model, actress, singer, and songwriter. She was popular as the lead singer for the band Blondie. Her recordings with the band often topped the charts in the United States and the UK. She has acted in more than 60 films and TV programs. In 2017, she recorded an Amazon live event and in 2018, she was featured in Soul Train by Just Loud.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson was an American supermodel in the 1980s and 90s. She is also a businesswoman, actress, and singer. She was the first African American model to feature on the cover of Vogue in 1974. In 2008, the New York times named her one of the most influential people in fashion in the 20th century. In 2010, she featured in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and in 2012, she featured in Beverly’s Full House. In 2015, her memoir ‘The Face That Changed It All’ was released.

Dianne West

Dianne West is an America actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the films Bullets over Broadway and Hannah and Her Sisters. Diane West’s acting career is still active. In 2010, she featured in the film Rabbit Hole and in 2015, she featured in the Sisters. She currently features in the CBS comedy Life In Pieces.

Maureen McCormick

McCormick featured in the 1970s show ‘The Brady Bunch.’ She was also a model and she started to win pageant shows at a young age. She appeared on commercials for various products. She played guest roles in TV shows before her big break. In the last decade, McCormick has dedicated her time to sharing her struggles as an actress. She has featured in the shows Dancing With the Stars and Celebrity Fit Club.


Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, is an American singer and actress. She was popularly called the Goddess of pop. She dropped out of school at age 16, took acting classes and began her career in Hollywood. She featured in the films Good Times, Chastity, and more. Her tours include Che r in Concert, Do You Believe, and Dressed to Kill Tour. Her most recent tour is the Here we Go Again Tour.

Olivia Newton John


Olivia is popularly known as Sandy. She featured in a Few Best Men and Sordid Lives: The Series. She is an English-Australian actress, entrepreneur, activist, singer, and songwriter. She won the Grammy Awards four times. Olivia is still goes on tours. In 2015, she was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She had breast cancer and in 2017, it metastasized to her lower back.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger is an actress, singer, and former fashion model. She had a successful modeling career in the 70s and she used the opportunity to get into acting. She starred in many TV films and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film L.A Confidential. Her most recent role was in the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey in 2017.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was an actress, writer, and comedian. She started her career in 1975 when she featured in the movie ‘The Shampoo.’ She played Princess Leila in Star Wars. Her movie roles made her an international star. She died in December 2016.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch was a sex idol in the 1960s. She had a brief role in the film One Million Years but it earned her immense popularity. She featured in many films but she is more popular as a sex symbol than an actress. According to Playboy Magazine, she was the most desired woman in the 70s. In 2007, she became the face of MAC cosmetics. In 2008, she was the spokeswoman for Foster Grant’s reading glasses campaign.

Faye Dunaway

The actress started her career in the 1960s. She became popular after featuring in the film Bonnie and Clyde in 1967. She received an Oscar nomination for her role. She featured in more films including The Towering Inferno and Network. She is now starring in the Amazon series Hand of God and is expected to feature in Bye Bye Man!

Rene Russo


Rene Russo was a popular fashion model. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She started acting in the 80s and featured in Major League, Outbreak, and other films. In 2005, she played a role in Yours, Mine, and Ours. In 2011, she features in Nightcrawler. She is still an actress and recently featured in The Intern.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour was born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She got her name in reference to King Henry VIII’s third wife. Seymour became a sex symbol in the 70s after her role in Live and Let Die in 1973. She also featured in East of Eden, La Revolution Francaise, and more. In 2016, she starred in The Vortex and in 2018, she posed for Playboy.

Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll is an actress. She was one of the first African American women to feature in films in the 60s. She featured in the series Julia and later on started the Diahann Carroll show. She is still an actress and she featured in Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar.

Talia Shire

Talia Shire is most popular for her role in the films The Godfather and Rocky Series. She received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress among other nominations. In 2002, she appeared in the film Kiss the Bride and in 2004, she appeared in Homo Erectus and I Heart Huckabees. She featured in Dreamland in 2016.

Vanessa Williams

In 1983, Vanessa Williams made history as the first African American woman to win the Miss America crown. She was later asked to resign from the position after nude photographs she shot years prior were published without her consent. Not one to be held down, Williams persisted in pursuing a film and music career and released several top-performing singles through the late 1980s and 1990s. From 2006-10, she appeared as Wilhelmina Slater in the television show “Ugly Betty” and played a recurring character in “Desperate Housewives.” Williams still performs regularly, particularly for holiday concerts, and maintains an active presence on social media.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers’ career took off in the 1970s as one of three roommates in the ABC sitcom “Three’s Company,” but many will remember her as the spokesperson for the Thighmaster exercise aid in a series of infomercials in the early 1990s. In 2015, Somers participated on “Dancing with the Stars.” Somers routinely posts about health and fitness on her Instagram account and has been at the center of several controversies related to discussions of her use of bioidentical hormone therapy and alternative cancer treatments.

Denise Austin

Denise Austin’s career in aerobics started with an early interest in gymnastics that led to a scholarship offer from the University of Arizona. Austin is the face of aerobics for many due to her long-running “Getting Fit with Denise Austin” program on ESPN and subsequent daily aerobics shows on Lifetime Television. Austin continues to promote daily exercise through social media and her Denise Austin website.

Anjelica Huston

The daughter of director John Huston and granddaughter of actor Walter Huston, Anjelica Huston started acting in small roles in her father’s films in the 1960s. She spent several years as a successful model in the 1970s before taking a studious approach to acting in the 1980s. She appeared in numerous successful films including the television miniseries “Lonesome Dove.” In the early 1990s, she struck a chord as the matriarch in “The Addams Family” and “Addams Family Values” and as the evil stepmother in “Ever After.” Huston’s memoirs were published in 2013 and 2014, and the actress remains active with roles in three 2019 films.

Diane Lane

Diane Lane’s film career started as a teen actress in the 1979 film “A Little Romance.” She received a great deal of acclaim and industry recognition for her work in “Unfaithful” in 2002 which was followed by the successful “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Lane still works in films with a 2019 appearance as a love interest for Matthew McConaughey in the film “Serenity.” She is slated to appear in an upcoming FX series and performs on Broadway.

Margot Kidder

Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve’s “Superman” in the 1978 film and subsequent releases, Margot Kidder’s career was often halted by mental health problems and later, physical health problems. Kidder died in May 2018 at her home in Montana. Her death was ruled a suicide by alcohol and drug overdose.

Sigourney Weaver

For a generation of fans, Sigourney Weaver will always be Ripley from the “Alien” films, but a new generation also recognizes her for her role as Dr. Grace Augustine in the “Avatar” movies. Weaver will appear as the character in four new “Avatar” films and routinely appears in other projects.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields roles in “Pretty Baby” and “The Blue Lagoon” led to controversy in the 1970s and her appearances in Calvin Klein jean ads made her a sex symbol of the 1980s. In the 1990s, Shields led a successful sitcom, “Suddenly Susan,” and gained new notoriety due to her honest exploration of postpartum depression. She still appears regularly in television productions and most recently appeared in several episodes of “Jane the Virgin.”

Andie MacDowell

Perhaps best known for her turns in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Groundhog Day,” MacDowell has held leading roles in multiple TV shows in recent years, including “Jane by Design” and the Hallmark production “Cedar Cove.” Her next big project is a “Four Weddings and a Funeral” television production.

Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek catapulted to stardom in the lead role of “Carrie” in a 1976 film adaptation of the Stephen King book focused on a teen with telekinetic powers. A few years later, she appeared in the award-winning Loretta Lynn biopic “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and has stayed active through the past four decades. She most recently appeared in television shows “Homecoming” and “Castle Rock” in 2018.

Debra Winger

Debra Winger’s rode to stardom on a mechanical bull in the 1980 film “Urban Cowboy” and received an Academy Award nomination for her turn in the 1982 film “An Officer and a Gentleman” and a second nomination for “Terms of Endearment” in 1984. Winger appeared on “The Ranch” from 2016-2018.

Molly Ringwald

The popularity leader of the brat pack despite her depictions in the films of the era, Molly Ringwald remains a fixture in pop culture. In recent years, she has achieved notoriety as a writer of op-eds regarding her earlier career and other cultural issues. Ringwald currently appears on “Riverdale” on the CW.

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith is a noted fitness enthusiast and aerobics instructor with dozens of videos to her credit ranging from pregnancy fitness to kickboxing to Pilates. In recent years, Smith partnered with BeachBody to produce a series of exercise videos and still promotes and health and fitness content and concepts on her website and social media.

Shelley Long


Half of one of history’s most dynamic sparring match TV relationships, Shelley Long hit it big with her role as Diane Chambers on “Cheers.” Her stints on the show and combative relationship with Cheers owner Sam Malone persisted for several seasons before Long left to pursue other career opportunities. However, she returned for one of the more memorable season finales of modern television. Long continues to appear in various television shows.

Kathleen Turner


Known for her role in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Kathleen Turner has also appeared in several comedic roles, including an Ingrid Bergman knockoff in the Neil Simon production “The Cheap Detective.” Turner most recently appeared in a speaking role in a Metropolitan Opera production.

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine’s career launched with dramatic roles in classic films like “The Apartment” in the 1960s, but she was reintroduced to a new generation of fans in instant hits like “Steel Magnolias” in 1989. She later became known for her interest in New Age practices and techniques. MacLaine remains active in film with a 2018 appearance as grandmother in the live action “The Little Mermaid.” As of April 2019, she has three films in post-production.

Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd became a second generation angel on the 1970s television hit “Charlie’s Angels” following the departure of Farah Fawcett. Ladd’s most recent appearances have been in made-for-television movies, such as the 2018 film “The Christmas Contract.”

Sondra Locke

Sondra Locke was noted for her many roles in Clint Eastwood films in the 1980s. She was in a relationship with the actor/director at the time, and her career stalled with the demise of their partnership. Locke said she was effectively blackballed as she pursued acting and director roles independently. She died in November 2018.



Dog Rescued After Getting Stuck in an Arkansas Culvert Pipe

Sarrah M



Dogs get themselves into the darnedest messes sometimes. Practically driven by their noses, dogs will follow things or smells into places they have no clue how to get out of. The normal reaction is to back up, but what happens if they go so far in, they can’t back up? That was the case for one canine who literally plugged up a drainage pipe.

Imagine being woken up by the racket of a backhoe grumbling its way into the Earth on the street next to you. That was the case for one neighborhood that found themselves looking out the window at a noisy racket first thing in the morning as the sun was coming up. Flashing fire engine lights also added to the mix, lighting the place up like a Christmas tree.

Bella Vista residents found themselves sitting in a front row seat watching a spectacle caused by a dog that went and wedged itself into a culvert pipe on one mild-mannered Bracknell Lane. More than likely, the dog was after something and was in such a hurry, it went head-first into the pipe without thinking about whether it could get through much less fit. So, once inside, the dumb dog got stuck and started whimpering and panicking up a storm. The dog’s owner was out early before the sun was up looking for his pet, heard the dog stuck, and called 911 for help. Firefighters arrived by 5am, and that’s when the circus started.

There was a bit of confusion at first when the fire engine arrived, as no one actually had a visual on the dog. As it turned out, the big puppy was deep inside the middle of the drainage pipe and wasn’t getting out anytime soon on his own power. That then meant the fire department had to enlist the aid of the town’s street department with earth-moving equipment.

Most times, dogs in a panicked state freak out badly and bite anyone near them trying to help or make contact. Instead, with a snack offered close by, the stuck dog was extremely cooperative and didn’t make a fuss as the firefighters worked to free it. On inspection, the pipe looked big enough for the young dog to make it through. However, deep in the middle, the weight of the ground had bent the channel tighter, and that’s where the canine got stuck.

Once rescued, the dog was back to normal, healthy and acting like nothing happened. Of course, the dog owner might have had a lecture or two about controlling his pet in the future as well as the cost of the rescue.

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Coffin Builder Transformed Into Millionaire After Meteorite Crashes Into His Indonesia Home

Danielle S



Many people join long lines on a daily basis purchasing lottery tickets with the hope of being the lucky winner of some serious cash.

Others work tirelessly, but to no avail. However, for an Indonesian man, all he needed was a miracle from the sky, and he certainly received, albeit in a scary way.

A meteorite came crashing through his roof recently and in the blink of an eye, has transformed him into a millionaire.

The North Sumatraman who makes coffins for a living, has since sold the precious rock from the sky for Dh6,611,760.

When a meteorite that was recently sold for $1.8 million (Dh6,611,760) crashed through his roof, a humble coffin maker in Indonesia became an instant millionaire.

A meteorite worth about £1.4 million crashed through the roof of an Indonesian coffin maker’s house, making him a millionaire.

When the 2.1kg rock smashed through the tin veranda outside Josua Hutagalung’s living room, he was building on a coffin outside his house in the town of Kolang.

After getting over the shock of the noise, the 33-year-old dug into his garden soil and discovered the piece of space debris.

“The noise was so loud that it shook parts of the house. And after looking, I discovered that the house’s tin roof had collapsed,” he told Indonesia’s Kompas newspaper. “The stone was already warm when I raised it.”

Carbonaceous chondrite is an exceptionally rare form of meteorite that is believed to be 4.5 billion years old and worth about £645 per gram.

Mr Hutagalung told The Sun that he sold the meteor to US meteorite specialist Jared Collins, who then sold it to a US buyer, who is currently storing it at Arizona State University’s Centre for Meteorite Studies.

Even though the coffin maker has not specifically stated the exact purchase price, it is believed to be in the region of £1 million. Mr Hutagalung stated that he had saved enough money to retire and that he intends to establish a place of worship in his neighborhood.

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“I’ve really yearned to have a daughter, and I’m hoping this is a sign that I’ll be fortunate enough to have one now,” he said.

“My phone lit up with insane offers for me to jump on a flight and purchase the meteorite,” Mr Collins said. It was smack in the midst of the Covid crisis, and I couldn’t decide whether to buy the rock for myself or collaborate with scientists and dealers in the United States.

“I took as much cash as I could and went searching for Josua, who turns out to be a professional negotiator.”

The man who leads Indonesia’s National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Thomas Djamaluddin, explained to the press that such a big piece falling in a residential neighborhood was unusual. “The bulk of meteorites hit places far from human settlements, such as seas, forests, or deserts.”

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The Shocking Realization She Gets After Spying On Hubby From Under The Bed





Trust is an essential factor in a marriage. Apart from a few partnerships, all unions should have a benchmark of integrity. If that doesn’t work, you can try, but it is still improbable.

An incident can spark a disdain between the two people, and the distrust can be strong enough to affect their relationship. When this wife began to lose faith in her hubby, she decided to test her hubby’s loyalty. She found out something she never wondered.

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Man Claims To Be From The Future…. And Has Proof

Sarrah M



A story has been moving around the Internet more and more about a fellow who claims to be from the year 2030 and knows about the future that is yet to be. Only calling himself “Noah,” the fellow actually looks like a teen but he keeps telling people he is in his early 50s. Of course, most folks think he’s a teen trying to play prank, or else someone that has a severe mental health issue that needs to be address. Unfortunately, he’s also passed a lie detector test.

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A Boy Runs Screaming From His New Room & Frantically Points At His Doll

Amanda J



In the 1970s there were a number of scary movies involving dolls that came alive at night and scared the heck out of people if not trying to kill them in their sleep. No surprise, an entire generation became naturally anxious around any kind of doll that sat up and rolled its eyes at you. Lots of folks thought that phase was over until the Chuckie movie franchise came back and resurrected it again. But, like all things, it ran the course as well. So, when a couple and their boy were suddenly facing the real thing in their own home, it was probably normal for them to feel like they were stuck in their own private horror movie.

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