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Good News! Nintendo World Reveals Date For The Opening Of Its First Theme Park





Nintendo has finally revealed information concerning the launch of their first theme park area. 

It’s good news. Super Nintendo World will be opened  in the spring season of 2021.

The theme park has been scheduled for opening earlier this year before the inception of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Situated at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant they had to shelve launching plans. Since the Olympic Games had been rescheduled till next summer, one will get to savor the experience of the sporting events and also have fun in the much awaited theme park.

Osaka Is The Home Of Super Nintendo World

Nintendo made it known that the Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will be a “living video game with state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops restaurants and all will be featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games”

Guests and tourists who visit will be given smart wristbands that will be paired with an app and with that, they’ll have the access to take part in the virtual collecting sport and battle bosses.

Nintendo together with Universal Studios have disclosed some of the rides fans will get to enjoy in Osaka:

  • Incredibly realistic Mario Kart (well, we certainly expected that, didn’t we)
  • Traveling through Mario’s world riding on the dinosaur Yoshi’s back
  • Many adventures around the park using the smart wristbands
  • Punchable question-mark blocks

Mario Cafe & Store

If you can’t wait to see a glimpse of the Super Nintendo World, you’ll have a chance to see it on October 16. The Mario Cafe and Store will be opened in Universal Studios Japan’s Hollywood area. Here’s how it will look.

Though the exterior and interior don’t show much, these photos give a sight of what to expect. Nintendo themselves have revealed what will be on the menu: Super Mushroom drink, Luigi-themed sandwiches, fruit cream sodas with mustaches

There are further plans by Nintendo and Universal Studios to set up more theme park areas at the Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore parks in the future.

Well, who wouldn’t like to go on a trip to Japan?



Man In Viral ‘Dreams’ Video Surprised With New Truck From Ocean Spray





While we may continue to complain about the disadvantages of the internet and its addictive nature, we can’t deny its benefits.

This past Tuesday, an eastern Idaho man received a new car just because his video went viral.

Nathan Apodaca with the username @420doggface208 got a surprise from an official of Ocean Spray—Nathan was gifted a new ride and a huge load of Ocean Spray.

This is how it happened. Nathan had put up a video of himself on a longboard sipping Ocean Spray and vibing to Fleetwood Mac’s classic, Dream.

Almost immediately, the video started to get engagements and it currently has over 25 million views on TikTok. Ultimately, it caught the attention of the company, Ocean Spray and also, Fleetwood Mac.

Apodaca was full of thanks when he posted a photo of his new gifts on TikTok, captioning it “Thanks for the new wheels Ocean Spray”.

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Women Overcomes Phobia For Greens Through Hypnotherapy

Amanda J



The fear of fruits and vegetables. Hmmm… You might be thinking, “There are worse things to be scared of like clowns, thunder, fire, and whatnot.” Well, that’s what you think. For 32-year-old Jenny Edgar, greens were a pestilence- her sworn enemies, and it took hypnotherapy for her to get over her fear. 

“I had a real fear of not liking fruit and veg, so didn’t even bother putting them in my mouth in case I had to spit them out,” Jenny said. 

A steady, bland, and quite unhealthy diet of cheese, cookies, French fries, and pasta were perfect for Jenny- she didn’t need vegetables or fruits to come spoil the party because she was absolutely irritated and scared of them. Shocking! It was so bad that her Christmas dinner was always macaroni cheese and with a glass of water- no greens!

“When I was a child, I would eat raisins and grapes, but hated vegetables. As I got older, I didn’t touch greens at all, and would just eat cheese and pasta because I knew I liked them,” she said, describing her history with greens.

She said she hated the texture of some fruits- the juiciness of the tomatoes and the fuzz on peaches.

She made avoiding greens of utmost priority until she took the bold step to face her phobia for the edibles in a bid to lose weight ahead of her wedding next March. 

It took only six sessions of hypnotherapy to get rid of her fear, and now she can relish the delicious taste of fruits and veggies she once feared. 

“One Sunday, I went for dinner at my fiancé’s house and I had to take my own meal of macaroni cheese. It was very embarrassing and it was getting me down. I just thought to myself that if I don’t sort it out now, then I never will.”

According to her, it wasn’t much of an issue during her teenage years as she was still slim, but after college and having her first son Kian, the increase in weight became so drastic and obvious. 

A major influence on her decision to fight her fear of greens was her 8-year-old son Kian. She didn’t want his eating habits to be affected by hers, so she had to go through hypnotherapy sessions to help her health, as well as her son’s. 

“Kian is of an age where he needs to try different foods and I didn’t want him to be affected by me,” she said. “Because I don’t like fruit and veg, I’ve only been buying him strawberries, but I want him to try lots of different things.”

Her hypnotherapist, Russell Hemmings, coached her by applying cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy in a bid to help her beat her phobia- and it seems like it worked.

“The first session I had was amazing. He just talked to me in a really relaxed way and got me to try five different fruits. I put a piece of pineapple in my mouth and just couldn’t believe the flavor. It was delicious and I said I couldn’t believe I’d waited so long to eat it.”

After a few more sessions of hypnotherapy, Jenny’s confidence in fruits started to grow, so Russell cooked up fresh fish and vegetables for her to have a taste – she loved it. 

Basking in her newly found love of fruits, Jenny plans to expand her cooking skills and grow her own vegetables at home. 

Russell Hemmings, the hero of the story and specialist in treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and weight said “eating anxiety” has strong links with childhood experiences, and certain food substances can act as negative stimuli in triggering emotions. 

“When working with food aversion, the phobic response when food is introduced may also induce a feeling of revulsion,” he said. He said he applied a “three-pronged approach” of hypnotherapy, coaching, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to reconfigure Jenny’s responses to greens. 

According to him, she has made “incredible progress” and is motivated to live and enjoy a healthier and balanced diet with her family. 

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A Dog and Dolphin Friendship

Sarrah M



Aquariums, museums, and zoos are still mostly closed these days. No one really knows exactly when that situation will change. Both people and animals have been affected by the pandemic. People do talk about how the pandemic is affecting pets. However, it’s also affecting the animals who live at aquariums, wildlife centers, and zoos. 

Many of these animals are used to seeing a lot of new people on a regular basis. They might not directly interact with the guests at zoos and similar facilities, but the animals can still see them. Some of these establishments are more interactive, and visitors can spend some supervised time interacting with some of the safer and more sociable animals. 

While lots of pets are used to spending time indoors, many of them are still used to seeing visitors. Dogs get taken for walks outside, and they’ll usually see new individuals every time they’re outside. These days, lots of dog owners are trying to find new ways to make sure that their dogs get enough exercise. 

Even when people do take their dogs outside for walks right now, people usually won’t stop to talk. Most people today are trying to follow social distancing guidelines. They might be nervous about greeting people, even if they’re wearing masks at the time. It’s a situation that’s difficult for a lot of people, but it’s also tough for the animals. 

Humans understand what’s going on, and why social distancing guidelines have to be followed. This just isn’t the case for dogs and the animals at aquariums. As far as they know, things just changed completely randomly. Owners and handlers will never be able to explain to the animals why all of these changes happened. They’ll certainly never be able to reassure them about the future. It’s a very stressful time for everyone, and animals don’t understand why. 

However, people are coming up with clever ways to cope with this current situation, and they’re helping their animals cope as well. Dogs are now being invited to aquariums. 

This way, both the pets and the other animals will be able to change their routines. Some Instagram users might be familiar with a Golden Retriever named Kevin. He’s already well-known for the fact that he likes hates, which is very unusual for dogs.

Lots of people try to dress up their dogs, and their dogs don’t like it. Kevin, on the other hand, seems to have fun with his adorable duck-shaped hat. He seems to like actual ducks just as much. 

Now, Kevin has a new animal friend: a dolphin at the famous Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The dolphin is called Winter, and Winter also seems to be fond of ducks. The aquarium staff members probably knew Kevin from Instagram, and they got in touch with the person who looks after Kevin. 

Winter and Kevin were actually on FaceTime for a little while, interacting before officially meeting. The aquarium is mostly empty, so it’s safe for Kevin and his owner to physically go to the aquarium. His owner certainly wore a face mask at the aquarium. 

Kevin got to see the stingrays, pelicans, and other aquatic animals before seeing his new friend Winter. The dog was even able to swim alongside the professional dolphin trainers and a yellow duck toy that belongs to Winter. She’s a very friendly dolphin who doesn’t mind sharing her toys with her friends. 

It’s possible that the two of them will be friends for a while. Kevin is a very young dog. He’s only been around for a year, and has still had an exciting life so far. 

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New German Law Could Make Walkies Mandatory For All Dog Owners

Sarrah M



If it’s one thing that dog owners are good at it’s walking their little furry companions whenever they need go out. Dog owners are concerned about the health of their dogs, so the walk is meant for exercise just as much as it is meant for them to “go.” This exercise helps both the dog and its owner, and it’s a great time for bonding.

However, there often isn’t time for a nice long walk with Fluffy. Sometimes dog owners just take a quick walk around the block and return. However, the German government has a problem with dog owners doing the bare minimum when it comes to walks. There is a new law in Germany that has been introduced that would make it illegal to rely on those quick walks. 

This law is called the Dogs Act. It was first introduced to the country by Julia Klockner, the German minister of agriculture. She addressed the government with a talk about how pets aren’t just toys and that dog owners have to take all of their needs into account. The law includes many other provisions such as prohibiting breeding in puppy mills and isolating animals.

There has been some controversy about what is actually in the Dogs Act. One news outlet said that dogs have to be walked twice a day with the two walks adding up to one hour. Another news outlet said that each of the two daily walks has to be a full hour long. Klockner may be excited about this bill, but most of the German government is not. Even people in Klockner’s political party are not into this idea and feel the law would be too much for dog owners.

The problem is a big one right now as a heatwave is being felt in Germany. The public is aware that it isn’t a healthy idea to go out for that long in the current heat. Some members of the public questioned how this law could actually be enforced when so many Germans own dogs. About 19 percent of them have a dog in the home. Would exceptions be made, they wondered?

One dog owner complained that he has an elderly dog who is fighting cancer and does not have the strength for long walks. Others have puppies who may not be up to walking for so long. The bill also doesn’t take smaller dogs into account. For each human step they may take four or five steps, getting them tired faster than large dogs.

In general, Germans hope this won’t be made into law anytime soon, although it does contain a few good laws. One rule would make it illegal to chain a dog up for a long time. Another prohibits leaving dogs alone for a full day. Still another puts limits on breeders. It says that they can have just three litters at any given time. 

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Meet Ethel: The Tortoise With Glam and an Instagram to Match!

Liz L




If you didn’t think we were living in a world where social media reigns supreme, think again! Nowadays, social media is so popular that pet owners have even begun sharing social media profiles of their animals! While we are used to seeing pictures of cats and dogs on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, there is a smaller but similarly passionate group of tortoise lovers. Today,  we are going to introduce you to Ethel the Glamour Tortoise, her social media, and the pet owners that made this tortoise a global sensation!

We need to pull back our scope to really understand this story, so let’s start by meeting Daniel Rodriguez and Kasey Kuchinski. Kasey and Daniel were pet owners like anyone else when they decided to start a social media account for their animal. Instead of a social media account for a cute cat or playful dog, they instead opted to share their tortoise named Ethel. Ethel had been adopted by Kasey and Daniel back in 2016 and after four years together, the couple knew thaat the tortoise would be a social media sensation.

What set Ethel apart from all of your average social media tortoise stars was Kasey. Kasey had long been passionate about making homemade outfits for her tortoise, so she decided to take that effort and put it on the internet. In order to give Ethel the Glamour that she deserved, Kasey would stitch together a variety of equally adorable and fashionable outfits. According to Kasey, she never spends more than five dollars buying supplies to make an outfit for Ethel — and that’s money that we believe to be well spent!

Kasey and Daniel live in California where they have raised their sulcata tortoise together for almost five years. While just a tiny little thing when they first adopted her, Ethel has grown to weigh more than 20lbs at the time of this writing. According to Kasey and Daniel, Ethel is an absolute ham for playing dress-up and she loves the attention that their games bring. Kasey got the idea of dressing up Ethel after spending one too many nights browsing through Instagram. Thanks to her background in the fashion design world, Kasey and Ethel didn’t take long to come up with a few winning looks!

While adopting a tortoise isn’t your average pet-owning decision, Kasey and Daniel didn’t stumble upon the idea by accident! Kasey had fallen in love with reptiles after reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, noting that the famous ‘Reptile Room’ had captured her attention and amazement. According to Kasey, Ethel never has to wear the outfits for long. According to Kasey and Daniel, they perform one photo shoot every couple of weeks. All told, the tortoise is in her collection of stunning outfits for less than ten minutes total. Kasey added, “If you look through our feed you’ll see that she is naked 99% of the time.” 

The Sulcata Tortoise can live for up to 70 years which makes them one of the longest-living pets in the world. 

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