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Her Father Refused to Let Here Marry, 50 Years Later Something Unthinkable Is Discovered

Amanda J




This story revolves around two lovebirds whose love life was full of hurdles. Janice Rude and Wilson Prentiss first met in 1962 when they were students at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Theirs was love at first sight as they loved each other from the very first time they met and even thought of getting married a few months later. When they met, Janice was working in the school’s cafeteria on a part time basis as she was still pursuing her studies. Many termed them as a match made in heaven and just a few months after they met at the college cafeteria, they announced of their engagement. Wilson says that the first time he laid his eyes on Janice, he knew that they were meant to be. Janice was a year ahead of Wilson which made him think that she could never give him a chance. He was convinced that Janice was the lady he wanted and being a hardworking student, he could wake up early every day to say hi in the cafeteria. The morning mee-tups were all beautiful and unique to the two young people and thus their love for each other grew day in day out. However, their marriage took so long to happen and their love story took turns that are not so common. They say that love will always find its way but for Janice and Wilson, this saying did not make sense until one day that they started to get its meaning. Janice’s father did not like the idea of them getting married and thus they had to separate ways but 50 years later, their love lives changed again.

Young love

When Wilson managed to win over the beautiful brown-eyed Janice, the two decided to get married after a few months of dating. Janice went ahead to tell her father, Rude, that she would like to get married to Wilson. Unfortunately, her father disagreed with the idea and urged Janice to end their relationship with immediate effect. Janice’s father disapproved their marriage simply because their family had a Christian foundation while Wilson was a Jew. According to Mr. Rude, a college education was much better to Janice than engagement and marriage and he urged her to choose education over engagement. He even went ahead to threaten her to either end their engagement or he would not support her financially.

Father’s explanation

Janice and Wilson had to end their relationship and went separate ways. The two had to deal with a bad heartbreak on their own since Mr. Rude made things difficult for them. Janice told the AARP magazine a number of years later that she believed that her father hindered them from getting marriage since Wilson was a street A-student who did not value intellect knowledge. This contradicted the earlier reason which was a mismatch in their religious backgrounds.

Returning the ring

Janice preferred to finish her college education rather than get married to a man that his father did not approve. Funny enough, her father cared more about intellectual knowledge than college education but he used it against her. Janice, therefore, had no other option other than to return the engagement ring.

Wilson Disapproval

Janice could not comprehend why her father did not approve her relationship with Wilson. He was such a catch, a straight-A student, a high achiever and a man of honor. Wilson held a leadership position in the Kappa Sigma fraternity and she could not understand why her father could disapprove such a man.

Love at first sight

Wilson was the kind of a man who knew injustice when he came across it. Janice had fallen for this fact but the two terms their affection as love at first sight. Wilson says that it was not easy when he first saw her and he knew that they were meant to be.

Building a relationship

Wilson being a hard worker and a smart guy, he used to wake up very early and would pass by Janice at the cafeteria to say hi. He was always convinced that Janice was beyond his league as she was very pretty and a year ahead of him. However, Janice surprised him and proved him wrong at the end of the Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving weekend

Janice looked for Wilson’s address and drove for 150 miles to his doorstep to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. She decided to show up though not invited and Wilson introduced her to his family as the love of his life. It was after this weekend that they announced of their engagement.


When the two lovebirds announced their engagement, the local newspaper published their story to celebrate them and the news went viral. Janice father did not welcome the news and this is when he threatened to cut off his financial support if she did not cancel the engagement.

A choice

Janice wanted to complete her education as much as she wanted to get married to Wilson and her father was just making life more complicated for her. This was a tough choice for her to make though.

Mother’s help

The hard decision was stressing Janice up and her mother was quick to notice. She did everything she could to support her both mentally and financially.

Failed efforts

Her mother made an effort to help her daughter but not enough to sustain the relationship and thus Janice had to call it off.

Trying to figure it out

Janice and Wilson tried to figure it out but could not understand why and since they all needed financial support they decided to go separate ways.

Different Paths

Janice graduated and was entrusted with her family business while Wilson attended Harvard university later becoming one of the best attorneys in San Francisco.

Crisis mode

Though they got married and divorced later, they both took a long time for them ever to meet. Both of heir others died and it was during this time that they could meet again.

A recap of 1962

When their mothers passed away, Janice and Wilson had to go back to their mother’s belongings so that they could find closure. Surprisingly, the two mothers had kept the 1962 magazine that had published their engagement. Seeing the newspaper is what brought the two together again.

First attempt

The two were excited to meet again and even though they had met before, this time they were very excited.

Nervous feelings

Janice was nervous to know whether the sparks were still there and if not, they could part forever.


The two did not know whether it was fate or the newspaper that brought them together though they knew that they were meant to be together.

First date

Their first date was in San Francisco’s Cliff House and the couple engaged for six months since then.

Romantic Wilson

Wilson turned out to be very romantic and even lamented for all the days that they were not together.

Happily married

The two finally got married on 8th September 2012 and to make it more interesting; they sent out invitations using the same newspaper that had published their engagement. The couple had put together a collection of six songs that could tell their love story.

After that

The couple now living in Napa Valley is blissfully in love and feels like they are 18 all over again.



Food Is Delivered By A Stray Dog

Danielle S



Yusuf  Kılıçsarı discovered something enchanting and positive the day he came into contact with a stray dog. Most people will see a stray dog and think to themselves that it must live nearby, that it may have run off from a home looking for a better life, or that it was born in the wild. They will then move on and not think about the dog again. Yusuf however, wanted to get to know the dog and its troubles. Since Yusuf is an animal rescuer, it is his nature to care for dogs and cats. He took his caring to a new level when he decided to follow a dog to see where it went.

Kılıçsarı lives in Turkey and recently posted a video on YouTube showing the encounter he had with a dog last month. He had noticed a stray dog walking down the street as he was driving slowly past in his car. When he took a closer look at the animal, he saw that it had a plastic bowl of food in its mouth. This is a strange sighting and the dog looked extremely determined as it sauntered down the street. Yusuf decided to take a closer look and followed the dog in his vehicle to see where it was going to bring the bowl. He drove slowly down roads, never losing sight of the dog, who looked back at him every so often to make sure he was still following.

Kılıçsarı videotapes the excursion, showing how the dog leads him down various streets in town, past a construction zone area, and through a junkyard. This was the destination the dog had in mind. The video is enthralling as it has an air of mystery throughout the clip. Why is the dog walking with a bowl of food? Where is it going to end up? Is it going to take the food in a hidden area and eat it without being under the watchful eyes of others? In the video, the reason for the bowl of food is seen at the end of the clip.

Living in the junkyard, were four adorable puppies. The love of the mother dog had sent her out on the streets to look for a source of food to feed them. Even though this seems like a dire situation, it shows that the compassion of a mother is always in play. The dog had searched the town for food to bring back to her offspring so that they would thrive. 

There is no ending to the story, unfortunately. The man who had filmed this exciting clip was not able to be reached afterward to see if he had continued to care for the puppies and dog. He most likely had brought them to a safer area and had them adopted. He was an animal rescuer, after all.

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A Young Man’s Journey to Feed the Needy

Liz L




If you’ve ever felt a need for inspiration, a young man’s story is sure to warm your heart and soul. Liam Hannon saw homeless people on his way to school every morning, and felt horrible for them. When school let out he asked his dad, Scott Hannon, if he could take them lunches for their afternoon meal. Scott thought it was a wonderful idea filled with love and caring, and wasted no time getting the required materials together to begin the project.


Liam lives in a small Massachusetts town, where at ten years old he had just finished fifth grade last year when the project started. Lunches for Love, as the small business is aptly titled, began with Liam and Scott making 20 lunches every week to hand out to the impoverished homeless people in town. Unlike most pre-teen young men, Liam decided to forego television and video games in the hopes of accomplishing something far more rewarding and of value to the community.

What He Does

Once started, the project seemed to take on a life of its own. Liam started a Go Fund Me account to help sponsor the growing needs of Lunches for Love. He works in tandem with a local community adult resource, the Hildrebrand Family Help Center, in an attempt to not just feed the homeless but to help provide them with the skills and resources they need to lift their lives to something more fulfilling. To this end, by the end of the summer he was making up to 60 lunches each week to hand out. Although he did have to go back to school when autumn arrived, but continues to hand out as many lunches as possible on weekends. Of course, that is between completing his homework on time, studying for tests, and generally being a great student at the top of his class for grades.

Why He Feeds the Poor

Liam has his own reasons for feeding the poor, which is the sheer honesty of children. He saw they looked hungry, that hurt his feelings, so he decided to do something about it. As a ten year old child is wont to do, he asked his dad for help and advice to get started, needless to say, he has a great dad who was absolutely supportive of the idea and used the opportunity to make it a father/ son project. When the local community realized what was going on, they asked questions to find out that even though he had some help, the project was the brainstorm of a young man. Everybody was amazed and impressed by the boy’s ambition and willingness to give so selflessly of his time a generous gift to those in need. If you ever find yourself lacking in inspiration, remember what this young man has accomplished and allow the story to lift your spirits at the what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it.

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Children Who Were Lost For Years And Finally Found

Amanda J



It is a big world, and it is sometimes a cruel one. However, there are still moments of truly stunning mercy and grace. There are few things that can befall a family more painful than to have a small child disappear without a trace. In the vast majority of cases these poor families will never see their missing loved one again. They will simply have to go through their days with their burden of sadness and loss, perhaps never to even know what befell their child or where their little body may rest. Nevertheless, there are a small percentage of families who are blessed by a true miracle. Sometimes, after a period of years, the lost child will be found. Here are a few stories about children who were gone for years, even decades, before they were found again.

Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard is possibly one of the most famous cases of a missing child reunited with her parents. She was kidnapped at age 11 and forcibly kept in a shed in a California backyard for over eighteen years. In that time she was raped multiple times and bore two daughters to her captor. After she and her children were rescued, she was joyfully reunited with her family. Although her captors have themselves been imprisoned, Jaycee has made the difficult decision to allow her children to have contact with their biological father.

Tanya Kach

Tanya was a 13-year-old girl who was having trouble at home. A 37-year-old security guard tricked her into running away from home, then kidnapped her and locked her in his bedroom. It was there that he kept her as a prisoner for over a decade. After a while the guard began to allow her out to run errands, and she was able to signal to someone that she was in trouble. She was rescued and returned to her parents.

Carlina White

Carlina White was just a newborn baby when someone came into the hospital where she was born and took her away from her mother. Nothing more was heard of this tiny infant for more than 23 years. Meanwhile, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a young woman named Nejdra Nance grew to maturity. She had a child of her own, and in 2010 happened to see a picture online that looked exactly like her child. It was a picture of her. Nejdra, or “Netty,” as she was known, re-established contact with her birth parents, but refused to give up all contact with the woman who had raised her as a daughter.

Steve Carter

Steve Carter was raised an orphan. After hearing about the story of Carlina White, he became curious and began to research the missing persons database for himself. Sure enough, he was in there under his birth name of Marx Panama Barnes. He contacted his mother and father, who had been searching for their missing son for thirty years, and they were reunited.

Cynthia Ann Parker

Cynthia Ann Parker was perhaps the most famous lost and found child in American history. Though she lived long ago and few know her name now, her life had implications that literally transformed the American continent. She was kidnapped after a Native American raid on Fort Parker in 1836, whereupon she was enslaved and sold to a band of Comanche Indians. This was enormous news of nationwide significance at the time. After her traumatic introduction Parker thrived among the Comanche, marrying into the tribe and bearing children to her husband. She was recaptured after a massacre in the year 1860 and was returned to her biological family, but she could not re-adapt to the American way of life, sickened, and died. However, her half Comanche/half Texan son, Quanah Parker, went on to be the last of the great Comanche war chiefs, the first of the Comanche to make peace with the United States, and later, the first to introduce the use of peyote to the American people. Cynthia Ann Parker’s kidnapping turned out to be one of the great stories of American history, defining the geopolitics of the post-Civil War period.

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After This Little Girl’s Mom Let Her Down, Her Sister Brought Twitter To The Rescue

Liz L




Anyone who has a presence on social media or any other web-based outlet knows that it can be full of negativity and nasty people, and Twitter is hardly the exception. Yet despite all the trolls and haters that thrive on the anonymity that comes with being online, there are decent people out there. And this story is a clear example. When this little girl’s mom disappointed her when she tried to do something creative for her big sister, their reaction was anything but delight.

She thought it would be fun to paint some shoes for her older sibling. After all, she was the one who asked her little sister to do it for her. She wanted to encourage what she believed was a natural talent that needed to be nurtured and developed, but her mother didn’t think it was such a fond idea. In fact, she was eager to tell her little girl that she didn’t like them. But what happened when her big sister found out is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

She made a post on Twitter with a picture of the shoes, and she made it clear what happens when her parents aren’t supportive of their children’s aspirations. The comments started pouring in, and many of them told their own stories about how their parents tried to crush a childhood dream. While that alone showed the good side of Twitter, it went even further. Not only did this little girl get an overwhelming amount of sympathy, but they also gave her a tremendous amount encouragement. Some even wanted to pay her to paint their own shoes, because they thought that what she did for her big sister was amazing. And one person decided to paint her own shoes the same way.

As it turned out, she started a trend that got the attention of a YouTube star, and she had to thank everyone for supporting her little sister. In fact, she was saddened by the fact that so many people feel let down by their own parents. After all, their opinions mean a lot to them. And it is sad that so many parents don’t encourage their children to follow their dreams.

Some people offered to send this little girl some art supplies so she could continue her work, which was enough to get things rolling for this future Picasso. This girl wanted to be an artist, and she had the entire world behind her. No matter how much her mother was blind to this girl’s natural talent, nothing was going to stop her now. The encouragement of so many people would be enough to keep that dream alive, and her creative juices would flow so strongly that she would eventually blossom into a great artist.

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The World’s Tallest Man Met the World’s Shortest Woman in Egypt for One Epic Photo Shoot

Liz L




Revolutions, some more unrest, a coup or two (depending on how one counts), and Egypt’s political crisis over the past few years have sent a message to the rest of the world. Well, lots of messages really. But among those messages is this one: We still got the pyramids, but a picture may be safer more than traveling a thousand miles.

Tourism has taken a hit in Egypt, with fall-out somewhere between 20% to 33% compared to recent years. So what’s a troubled country to do to bring back the tourists? How about a 1930s style world record stunts. In the 1930s, all manner of unique individual and daredevil climbed buildings, sat on flag poles, crammed into cars, or did whatever else one could think of to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, and thus make a name for the town or city in which the world record was broken.

Recently, two world record holders, the tallest man in the world and the shortest woman in the world, got together at the Giza Pyramid for a photo shoot. The shoot was meant to emphasize the uniqueness of the pyramids and to announce that Egypt was once again a welcoming place for tourists.

Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is a whopping 8’3″ tall, and his counterpart, the shortest woman in the world, Jyoti Amge, is a very tine 2’1″ tall. Kosen is one of only 10 people in history to be confirmed at over 8ft tall, and it’s been more than two decades since any other person has claimed the 8ft plus mantle.

Jyote Amge is just over 6cm shorter than the last record holder. Most two-year-olds can lay claim to being taller than Jyote. However, that hasn’t stopped her from getting around. Amge works as a television actor and personality all over the world, and recently had a recurring role in the US television series American Horror Story.

The Pyramids won’t be the pairs only stop. They are scheduled to visit other famous sites around Egypt in order to help make a difference and bring back the tourists to one of the worlds most beautiful and historic countries. Egypt would like to get back to see about 15 million tourists a year come to the country.

Jyote and Sultan hope their trip will highlight the vast contrasts of Egypt, from the towering pyramids to the wide and winding Nile river. Egypt holds a lock on every child’s imagination from the first moment one sees a picture of the pyramids. While many have a trip to the pyramids on their bucket lists, current events have put off many would-be trips. Hopefully, the pair’s efforts will demonstrate that there’s no time like the present to make the journey to Egypt.

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