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Her Father Refused to Let Here Marry, 50 Years Later Something Unthinkable Is Discovered

This story revolves around two lovebirds whose love life was full of hurdles. Janice Rude and Wilson Prentiss first met in 1962 when they were students at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Theirs was love at first sight as they loved each other from the very first time they met and even thought of getting married a few months later. When they met, Janice was working in the school’s cafeteria on a part time basis as she was still pursuing her studies. Many termed them as a match made in heaven and just a few months after they met at the college cafeteria, they announced of their engagement. Wilson says that the first time he laid his eyes on Janice, he knew that they were meant to be. Janice was a year ahead of Wilson which made him think that she could never give him a chance. He was convinced that Janice was the lady he wanted and being a hardworking student, he could wake up early every day to say hi in the cafeteria. The morning mee-tups were all beautiful and unique to the two young people and thus their love for each other grew day in day out. However, their marriage took so long to happen and their love story took turns that are not so common. They say that love will always find its way but for Janice and Wilson, this saying did not make sense until one day that they started to get its meaning. Janice’s father did not like the idea of them getting married and thus they had to separate ways but 50 years later, their love lives changed again.

Young love

When Wilson managed to win over the beautiful brown-eyed Janice, the two decided to get married after a few months of dating. Janice went ahead to tell her father, Rude, that she would like to get married to Wilson. Unfortunately, her father disagreed with the idea and urged Janice to end their relationship with immediate effect. Janice’s father disapproved their marriage simply because their family had a Christian foundation while Wilson was a Jew. According to Mr. Rude, a college education was much better to Janice than engagement and marriage and he urged her to choose education over engagement. He even went ahead to threaten her to either end their engagement or he would not support her financially.

Father’s explanation

Janice and Wilson had to end their relationship and went separate ways. The two had to deal with a bad heartbreak on their own since Mr. Rude made things difficult for them. Janice told the AARP magazine a number of years later that she believed that her father hindered them from getting marriage since Wilson was a street A-student who did not value intellect knowledge. This contradicted the earlier reason which was a mismatch in their religious backgrounds.

Returning the ring

Janice preferred to finish her college education rather than get married to a man that his father did not approve. Funny enough, her father cared more about intellectual knowledge than college education but he used it against her. Janice, therefore, had no other option other than to return the engagement ring.

Wilson Disapproval

Janice could not comprehend why her father did not approve her relationship with Wilson. He was such a catch, a straight-A student, a high achiever and a man of honor. Wilson held a leadership position in the Kappa Sigma fraternity and she could not understand why her father could disapprove such a man.

Love at first sight

Wilson was the kind of a man who knew injustice when he came across it. Janice had fallen for this fact but the two terms their affection as love at first sight. Wilson says that it was not easy when he first saw her and he knew that they were meant to be.

Building a relationship

Wilson being a hard worker and a smart guy, he used to wake up very early and would pass by Janice at the cafeteria to say hi. He was always convinced that Janice was beyond his league as she was very pretty and a year ahead of him. However, Janice surprised him and proved him wrong at the end of the Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving weekend

Janice looked for Wilson’s address and drove for 150 miles to his doorstep to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. She decided to show up though not invited and Wilson introduced her to his family as the love of his life. It was after this weekend that they announced of their engagement.


When the two lovebirds announced their engagement, the local newspaper published their story to celebrate them and the news went viral. Janice father did not welcome the news and this is when he threatened to cut off his financial support if she did not cancel the engagement.

A choice

Janice wanted to complete her education as much as she wanted to get married to Wilson and her father was just making life more complicated for her. This was a tough choice for her to make though.

Mother’s help

The hard decision was stressing Janice up and her mother was quick to notice. She did everything she could to support her both mentally and financially.

Failed efforts

Her mother made an effort to help her daughter but not enough to sustain the relationship and thus Janice had to call it off.

Trying to figure it out

Janice and Wilson tried to figure it out but could not understand why and since they all needed financial support they decided to go separate ways.

Different Paths

Janice graduated and was entrusted with her family business while Wilson attended Harvard university later becoming one of the best attorneys in San Francisco.

Crisis mode

Though they got married and divorced later, they both took a long time for them ever to meet. Both of heir others died and it was during this time that they could meet again.

A recap of 1962

When their mothers passed away, Janice and Wilson had to go back to their mother’s belongings so that they could find closure. Surprisingly, the two mothers had kept the 1962 magazine that had published their engagement. Seeing the newspaper is what brought the two together again.

First attempt

The two were excited to meet again and even though they had met before, this time they were very excited.

Nervous feelings

Janice was nervous to know whether the sparks were still there and if not, they could part forever.


The two did not know whether it was fate or the newspaper that brought them together though they knew that they were meant to be together.

First date

Their first date was in San Francisco’s Cliff House and the couple engaged for six months since then.

Romantic Wilson

Wilson turned out to be very romantic and even lamented for all the days that they were not together.

Happily married

The two finally got married on 8th September 2012 and to make it more interesting; they sent out invitations using the same newspaper that had published their engagement. The couple had put together a collection of six songs that could tell their love story.

After that

The couple now living in Napa Valley is blissfully in love and feels like they are 18 all over again.



Peanut: The World’s Oldest Chicken with a Happy Life in Michigan

Amanda J



Meet Peanut, the extraordinary chicken from Chelsea, Michigan, who, at 21 years old, holds the title of the world’s oldest living chicken according to the Guinness World Records. Peanut’s remarkable journey from a tiny abandoned egg to a celebrated poultry celebrity is not only shows her resilience but also a heartwarming tale of love and companionship.

Peanut’s story began in May 2002 when owner Marsi Parker Darwin discovered a small cheep coming from an abandoned chicken egg. Initially considering discarding the eggs due to the mother’s neglect, Darwin’s attention was caught by a faint sound within one of the shells. Peeling back the shell, she uncovered a tiny chick, later named Peanut. Over the years, Peanut grew into a healthy bantam hen and became the star of a children’s book titled “My Girl Peanut and Me — On Love and Life From the World’s Oldest Chicken,” self-published by Darwin.

In her early days, Peanut faced challenges, notably missing her egg tooth, a crucial part of a chick’s beak used to break out of its shell. Despite this, Peanut thrived under Darwin’s care. Initially hand-raised in the living room, Peanut later joined the flock on the 37-acre farm known as “Darwin’s Eden,” where various animals, including corgis, parrots, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, and peafowl, call home.

Living in a coop for 13 years, Peanut produced chicks, many with her favorite rooster, Lance. Although Peanut is now too old to breed, a one-eyed rooster named Benny has been her loyal companion in recent years. Darwin recalls how Peanut decided she had enough of coop life about six years ago and made herself at home in the porch, eventually moving inside the house.

Now, Peanut resides in a wire coop in the living room, along with her 15-year-old daughter, Millie. The duo enjoys a comfortable life with food, water, and straw, and Peanut has a special perch near the window to gaze outside. Peanut’s days are spent cuddled up on Darwin’s lap while watching TV, tucked inside Darwin’s jacket during farm chores, and scratching around in the dirt outside on warm summer days.

Peanut’s unique diet includes blueberry yogurt mixed with crushed vitamin D tablets, along with occasional treats like bananas, grapes, and fresh vegetables. Despite chickens typically having a lifespan of five to ten years, Peanut’s remarkable age of 21 sets her apart as an exceptional and well-loved feathered friend.

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Jack Russell Becomes Surrogate Mom to Abandoned Kittens in Suffolk

Sarrah M



In a heartwarming story from Suffolk, a Jack Russell named Teasel has taken on an unexpected role as a surrogate mom to six abandoned black kittens. The kittens were left without a mother when a feral cat decided to abandon them. Sue Stubley, a kind-hearted resident of Newmarket, came to their rescue.

Sue, who owns and operates the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital from her home, took the kittens in when they were in need. Little did she know that her Jack Russell, Teasel, would step up to the plate in the most extraordinary way.

Teasel, a two-year-old Jack Russell, is already known for her caring nature at the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, where she coexists peacefully with the resident hedgehogs. When Sue brought the abandoned kittens home, something remarkable happened—Teasel began lactating.

“She’s very good with the hedgehogs. I’m constantly feeding tiny, baby hedgehogs, so I’ve taught her she doesn’t go for those,” shared Ms. Stubley. When a call came in from a volunteer seeking help for the abandoned kittens, Sue had initially planned to house them temporarily before taking them to a local cat rescue the next morning.

However, Teasel had different plans. “In the meantime, my dog decided that she was going to look after them. She was cleaning them, and within a few hours, was making milk,” Ms. Stubley explained. Although Teasel’s milk supply isn’t sufficient, Sue has taken on the role of feeding the kittens while Teasel does everything else.

The bond between Teasel and the kittens goes beyond just providing nourishment. Teasel has embraced her role as a surrogate mom wholeheartedly. Sue shared, “She stays cuddled up to them all night. If anybody comes in who she doesn’t know and the kittens have gone astray, she’ll pick them up and put them back into bed.”

This heartwarming tale demonstrates the incredible capacity for care and compassion that animals, like Teasel the Jack Russell, exhibit. In the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, a unique family dynamic has formed, proving that love knows no boundaries, even across different species.

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Italian Adventurer Bikes Across Europe to Reunite with Grandparents in England

Amanda J



In a fun and incredible journey spanning 1,500 kilometers and traversing eight countries, Italian cyclist Claudio Barchiesi embarked on an epic adventure that led him from Italy to England to visit his beloved grandparents. With determination in his heart and the open road ahead, Claudio’s journey took him through breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and heartwarming reunions.

Claudio’s incredible bike ride commenced in Italy and led him on an unforgettable path that wound through some of Europe’s most captivating regions. He tackled the formidable Swiss Alps, where he marveled at the majestic mountain vistas that stretched as far as the eye could see. The sense of accomplishment he felt at the mountain’s summit was undoubtedly a high point of his journey.

Continuing northward, Claudio pedaled along the picturesque banks of the Rhine River in France, meandering through charming towns and villages along the way. His route took him into parts of Germany and Luxembourg, where he encountered new landscapes and experienced the warm hospitality of locals.

As he cycled onward, Claudio’s journey led him through the enchanting country of Belgium, known for its rich history, culture, and delectable chocolates. Each passing mile brought him closer to his ultimate destination—England.

Finally, Claudio reached the shores of the Netherlands, where he boarded a ferry that would carry him across the English Channel. The anticipation of reuniting with his grandparents in England filled him with excitement and spurred him on through the final leg of his incredible adventure.

Upon his arrival in England, Claudio was greeted with open arms, hugs, and a feast of warm, home-cooked meals. His grandparents had prepared a heartfelt welcome, complete with balloons and banners to celebrate his triumphant journey.

“It was really nice to pull up round the bend and see everyone, quite emotional as well,” Claudio shared, his voice reflecting the joy and emotion of the moment. His tireless efforts and determination had led him to this heartwarming reunion with loved ones.

Throughout his journey, Claudio consumed a substantial number of calories to fuel his strenuous daily rides. He indulged in pain au chocolat and baguettes, savoring the culinary delights of each country he passed through. Yet, it wasn’t just the food that left a lasting impression on him.

Claudio’s voyage allowed him to relish the beauty of Europe, both in its natural wonders and the diverse tapestry of cultures he encountered along the way. “I tried to do 90 kilometers (55 miles) a day, so I got half a day to visit the place as well,” he recounted. “It’s incredible how after 90 kilometers, not only do the places change so much, but also the people and the languages spoken.”

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A Dog’s Journey From Abandonment To Love

Danielle S



In a heartwarming tale that highlights the kindness of strangers and the power of second chances, a brave Florida man stepped in to save a dog named Prince from an uncertain fate. Prince had spent a considerable amount of time at the Abilene Animal Shelter in Texas, facing the grim possibility of euthanasia. However, at the eleventh hour, Prince’s luck took a turn for the better as he found a new lease on life through fostering.

Prince’s story is a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with abandonment, compassion, and hope. His journey began when he was first discovered by Lindsey Houts, a dedicated animal control supervisor. Houts stumbled upon Prince abandoned in a hotel room off of South 1st Street. The poor pup had been left behind by his original owner, left to fend for himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Although Prince’s original owner initially came forward to claim him, their commitment to his well-being was short-lived. Prince’s second abandonment came shortly after, when he was found abandoned once again, this time in an apartment building. With nowhere else to go, Prince found solace within the walls of the Abilene Animal Shelter.

Prince’s time at the shelter was marked by uncertainty and longing for a loving home. He spent a whopping 212 days under the shelter’s care during his most recent stay, enduring the ups and downs of shelter life. It was during this time that a compassionate individual named Brennan Bosworth stepped forward to make a significant difference in Prince’s life.

Brennan Bosworth’s connection with Prince was almost serendipitous. Bosworth, a kind-hearted individual, expressed his willingness to help dogs in need. Upon visiting the shelter, he inquired about dogs at risk or in need of extra attention. The shelter staff pointed him in the direction of Prince, who they believed would be a perfect fit for Bosworth.

Bosworth decided to foster Prince for a period of five weeks. During this time, a beautiful bond formed between the two. Prince’s affectionate nature and unwavering loyalty touched Bosworth’s heart, making it difficult for him to part ways. However, Bosworth’s commitment to the Air Force and the travel demands of his job made adopting Prince a challenging decision.

In a selfless act driven by love and concern for Prince’s future, Bosworth made the difficult choice to entrust Prince’s care to his step-mother’s Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale. This decision was made with the primary goal of ensuring that Prince would never again face the threat of being euthanized due to lack of a permanent home.

Prince’s journey to Fort Lauderdale was nothing short of remarkable, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers. Five individuals came together to drive different legs of the journey, ensuring that Prince’s transition to his new environment was as smooth as possible.

Arriving at the rescue on December 18, Prince finally found himself in a safe haven where his life was no longer hanging in the balance. His days of uncertainty were over, and Prince could finally begin the search for his forever home.

Staci Shults, the Foster Coordinator at the Abilene Animal Shelter, summed up Prince’s journey perfectly, stating, “He was definitely a group effort. We fell in love with him, and his story was so unique.”

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Community Unites to Support Sydney Boy Whose Bike was Stolen

Sarrah M



In a heartwarming display of compassion and community spirit, residents of Sydney, Australia, have rallied together to support an 11-year-old boy named Zac whose prized $3,000 e-bike was stolen. Zac had worked diligently, setting up his own clothing business to earn the money for his dream bike. However, the unfortunate theft left him devastated. In response, the community has shown an outpouring of generosity, with one member even creating a GoFundMe campaign to help Zac recover from the loss.

Zac’s desire for an e-bike was strong, but he understood the financial challenges involved. With the support of his mother, Renee Nowytarger, they brainstormed a plan to raise the funds. Recognizing that they couldn’t afford to spend over $3,000, they settled on establishing a clothing business called “Manly 2095.” Zac took charge of designing the website and printing shirts and hats with the business logo. He dedicated himself to promoting his brand at various local events, such as rugby games and ocean swims, using a brightly decorated garden trolley to attract attention.

Hard Work and Generosity: Zac’s dedication to his clothing business was commendable. Every weekend, rain or shine, he set up his stall at the Manly Markets, often working from early morning until late in the evening. Despite the long hours and demanding schedule for an 11-year-old, Zac remained enthusiastic and focused on his goal. In a wonderful display of generosity, he pledged to donate 10% of his profits to the children’s charity, Royal Far West, as a way to give back to his community. He even managed to involve Daly Cherry-Evans, the captain of the Manly Sea Eagles, in supporting the cause.

After months of hard work, Zac finally saved enough money to purchase his e-bike in January. However, during a family trip in June, their apartment was burglarized, and Zac’s beloved bike, along with other possessions, was stolen. His mother, Renee, expressed her shock and disappointment, as the thieves had taken everything they could find.

Upon learning about Zac’s unfortunate loss, a member of the community took it upon themselves to create a GoFundMe campaign to help him recover from the theft. The campaign quickly gained attention, and as of now, it has raised $2,800. Renee has been deeply moved by the tremendous support and generosity displayed by the community.

Renee hopes to gather all the donors together in Manly for a surprise event, where Zac will be presented with the funds raised to replace his stolen e-bike. The overwhelming show of support from the community has touched Renee’s heart, and she believes it reflects the genuine kindness and love that people feel for Zac, who is known for his friendly nature and warm greetings.

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