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Her Father Refused to Let Here Marry, 50 Years Later Something Unthinkable Is Discovered

This story revolves around two lovebirds whose love life was full of hurdles. Janice Rude and Wilson Prentiss first met in 1962 when they were students at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Theirs was love at first sight as they loved each other from the very first time they met and even thought of getting married a few months later. When they met, Janice was working in the school’s cafeteria on a part time basis as she was still pursuing her studies. Many termed them as a match made in heaven and just a few months after they met at the college cafeteria, they announced of their engagement. Wilson says that the first time he laid his eyes on Janice, he knew that they were meant to be. Janice was a year ahead of Wilson which made him think that she could never give him a chance. He was convinced that Janice was the lady he wanted and being a hardworking student, he could wake up early every day to say hi in the cafeteria. The morning mee-tups were all beautiful and unique to the two young people and thus their love for each other grew day in day out. However, their marriage took so long to happen and their love story took turns that are not so common. They say that love will always find its way but for Janice and Wilson, this saying did not make sense until one day that they started to get its meaning. Janice’s father did not like the idea of them getting married and thus they had to separate ways but 50 years later, their love lives changed again.

Young love

When Wilson managed to win over the beautiful brown-eyed Janice, the two decided to get married after a few months of dating. Janice went ahead to tell her father, Rude, that she would like to get married to Wilson. Unfortunately, her father disagreed with the idea and urged Janice to end their relationship with immediate effect. Janice’s father disapproved their marriage simply because their family had a Christian foundation while Wilson was a Jew. According to Mr. Rude, a college education was much better to Janice than engagement and marriage and he urged her to choose education over engagement. He even went ahead to threaten her to either end their engagement or he would not support her financially.

Father’s explanation

Janice and Wilson had to end their relationship and went separate ways. The two had to deal with a bad heartbreak on their own since Mr. Rude made things difficult for them. Janice told the AARP magazine a number of years later that she believed that her father hindered them from getting marriage since Wilson was a street A-student who did not value intellect knowledge. This contradicted the earlier reason which was a mismatch in their religious backgrounds.

Returning the ring

Janice preferred to finish her college education rather than get married to a man that his father did not approve. Funny enough, her father cared more about intellectual knowledge than college education but he used it against her. Janice, therefore, had no other option other than to return the engagement ring.

Wilson Disapproval

Janice could not comprehend why her father did not approve her relationship with Wilson. He was such a catch, a straight-A student, a high achiever and a man of honor. Wilson held a leadership position in the Kappa Sigma fraternity and she could not understand why her father could disapprove such a man.

Love at first sight

Wilson was the kind of a man who knew injustice when he came across it. Janice had fallen for this fact but the two terms their affection as love at first sight. Wilson says that it was not easy when he first saw her and he knew that they were meant to be.

Building a relationship

Wilson being a hard worker and a smart guy, he used to wake up very early and would pass by Janice at the cafeteria to say hi. He was always convinced that Janice was beyond his league as she was very pretty and a year ahead of him. However, Janice surprised him and proved him wrong at the end of the Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving weekend

Janice looked for Wilson’s address and drove for 150 miles to his doorstep to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. She decided to show up though not invited and Wilson introduced her to his family as the love of his life. It was after this weekend that they announced of their engagement.


When the two lovebirds announced their engagement, the local newspaper published their story to celebrate them and the news went viral. Janice father did not welcome the news and this is when he threatened to cut off his financial support if she did not cancel the engagement.

A choice

Janice wanted to complete her education as much as she wanted to get married to Wilson and her father was just making life more complicated for her. This was a tough choice for her to make though.

Mother’s help

The hard decision was stressing Janice up and her mother was quick to notice. She did everything she could to support her both mentally and financially.

Failed efforts

Her mother made an effort to help her daughter but not enough to sustain the relationship and thus Janice had to call it off.

Trying to figure it out

Janice and Wilson tried to figure it out but could not understand why and since they all needed financial support they decided to go separate ways.

Different Paths

Janice graduated and was entrusted with her family business while Wilson attended Harvard university later becoming one of the best attorneys in San Francisco.

Crisis mode

Though they got married and divorced later, they both took a long time for them ever to meet. Both of heir others died and it was during this time that they could meet again.

A recap of 1962

When their mothers passed away, Janice and Wilson had to go back to their mother’s belongings so that they could find closure. Surprisingly, the two mothers had kept the 1962 magazine that had published their engagement. Seeing the newspaper is what brought the two together again.

First attempt

The two were excited to meet again and even though they had met before, this time they were very excited.

Nervous feelings

Janice was nervous to know whether the sparks were still there and if not, they could part forever.


The two did not know whether it was fate or the newspaper that brought them together though they knew that they were meant to be together.

First date

Their first date was in San Francisco’s Cliff House and the couple engaged for six months since then.

Romantic Wilson

Wilson turned out to be very romantic and even lamented for all the days that they were not together.

Happily married

The two finally got married on 8th September 2012 and to make it more interesting; they sent out invitations using the same newspaper that had published their engagement. The couple had put together a collection of six songs that could tell their love story.

After that

The couple now living in Napa Valley is blissfully in love and feels like they are 18 all over again.



Strangers Create Rescue Team To Recover Boys Special Toy, Showing People Do Care





When we least expect it, people really band together to help each other in ways unimaginable.

This was proven recently when a skating team rallied together on a rescue mission to recover a toddler’s toy, even though his mom believed it was a lost cause.

Here’s what transpired in this Ottawa community.

While Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer(Santa’s preferred deer) knows how to fly his way across the globe, it was not the same for this little boy’s fawn of the same name.

The stuffed toy belonged to Nico Lavallée, four-years-old, and it was his favorite plush toy fawn.

Unfortunately, his smaller brother, who was in a pitching mood, chose to test his throwing ability on Nico’s stuffed toy by tossing it across the railing into the ice-covered water of Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

Nico had gone on a stroll with his mum, Brenda Duke, and his younger sibling, two-year-old Santiago(pitcher in the making), and older brother, six-year-old Sebastien.

Nico and his family were unable to get back their toy buddy and went back home but returned multiple times to see Rudolph. Fortunately, the plush Bambi ended up in the vicinity of a road marker sign, so he was not hard to find, but there were no likelihood for a reunion.

The fallen fawn started to slowly vanish, after a few days of snowflakes falling, under a white covering, leaving only a small bump as evidence of his location.

However, the eldest brother Sebastian came up with a brilliant plan to get back the lost toy. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, residents across the neighborhood relied on social media to keep in touch and follow what was happening with each other.

Sebastian encouraged his mother to utilize that avenue to reach out to the neighbors to see if someone could assist with getting Rudolph from the canal.

In the beginning, Duke was doubtful, as she wouldn’t want to bother anyone. She thought nobody would notice the message or even care.

However, Sebastian persuaded her to try it out, and she went on Twitter to seek help.

“If anyone would see a reindeer (I think it’s really a fawn) when my kids open the canal,” the tweet read, attached to a photo of the stuffed toy and a circle marking the area it was last spotted before the snow cover.

Even after sending the tweet, Duke was doubtful, thinking it’s impossible that the toy would be found, especially with plowing underway. She emphasized to everyone on Twitter that her six-year-old convinced her to send the tweet.

A team was quickly put together by people who read the tweet and wanted to assist. This included the National Capital Commission (NCC), which pledged that its skateway team would be on the watch.

As strange as it may seem, mission impossible was established to the mixture of shock and sheer joy from the family, especially Nico.

Then one day, a rescue team member spotted the toy as they rummaged through the snow, and lo and behold, it was recovered, wet and frozen but intact.

The NCC team took the toy back to their headquarters, dried it, and restored it to normality before handing it over to a very grateful Nico and his family.

In this time, with all the negative things that have transpired, It is easy to stop being positive. Sometimes it takes a little attention or acts of compassion to put things into viewpoint.

Duke emphasized that one simply has to ask for what they need, and she has learned that lesson. She is also happy that her children were able to see the good side of the human race and have something to grow up thinking about.

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Amazing Photos Of Forever Love – Then & Now

Danielle S



In 2020 it can be amazingly hard to find long-term couples who have lasted through the years and decades. The nation has long been filled with cynicism towards long-term relationships, much less marriages that last. In fact, in the 1980s some states have a 50 percent divorce rate within five years of marriage. However, these couple photos prove that it is very possible for couples to not just last but to beacons of hope for others that things can last a lifetime. And the photos show them anywhere from 15 to 40 years apart, even 60 years in some cases, being together.

These before and after photos of the same couples have take decades to create, but you’ll probably agree the photos are simply a recognition of an amazing feat by these people to make what many would argue impossible these days happen. And they’ve done with a personal love for each other that keeps them together through, as the old saying goes, thick and thin. Take a look:

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A Serviceman Bonds With Dog Aboard and Fights To Bring Her Home

Danielle S



When a soldier gets stationed overseas, he or she ends up seeing and experiencing a lot of different stuff. In the case of Patrick Brady, his “stuff” came in a four-legged package with a tail and about the size and behavior of a genuine puppy. The day it happened was like any other on base, Brady was going through his regular duties and checking an inventory list when someone piped up there was a puppy outside his building. As Brady looked out the window to see what was going on, sure enough there was a small little ball of fur wandering around.

Somehow, the puppy had managed to get into the base and wander around, probably looking for food or anything familiar. However, the base was anything but familiar, based in Eastern Georgia on the Russian front. Brady automatically bonded with the dog and took her in.

Giving the puppy a bath, getting her cleaned up and checked as well as making sure the dog had her shots, he dubbed the little canine Marshmallow. It seemed good for a few days, but then a week into the new visit, the young dog disappeared. Brady guesses the dog might have decided to wander again, but eventually she came back after being out in the wild, realizing the base was probably as good it was going to get for her with a shelter and a regular meal. Brady was thanking his stars she came back. Caked in mud and filthy from head to paw, she had definitely been out in the woods and wild for a while on her own again. Of course, this was a prediction too; Marshmallow it would turn out was a dedicated mud-bather every chance she got even when older. The dog also isn’t much of fan of baths and getting cleaned up, which might have been a habit she learned early on wandering around on her own.

However, aside from the fact that she required lots of baths and as soon as Brady knew the dog was going to stick, he started working on how to get the dog back halfway around the world to New York. Marshmallow was absolutely essential to the soldiers on the base keeping their wits once Coronavirus arrived, especially with the required isolation that was needed. However, the same virus also made it far more difficult to get the dog back to the U.S. as well.

By breed, Marshmallow was a mix, but it was clear the animal had some Georgian mountain dog in her genes. Looking for help, Brady reached out to the SPCA International on how he could get assistance in bring the dog home. The SPCA had been instrumental in helping other soldiers in Iraq bring back pups and dogs picked up in Baghdad and similar, and they were adept at dealing with all the formalities of moving an animal between countries. The timing worked out. Marshmallow was given the green light to be transported when Brady’s tour ended.

One last minute glitch almost caused Marshmallow to be left behind when an airport official found a flaw in the dog crate being used. Fortunately, although Marshmallow was left behind, the SPCA staff worked tirelessly to get things straightened out and the issues was ultimately resolved with a bit of ingenuity and cooperation from the airport as well. Brady started breathing easy when the SPCA called him and confirmed the dog was indeed boarded and on the plane in her crate.

Brady had picked the right organization to work with too; the SPCA International has been responsible for keeping dogs and their service member owners together in at least 1,000 cases since 2008. The red tape was finished though. To make sure the dog wasn’t carrying any pests, Marshmallow was quarantined at the arrival U.S. base for two weeks before being released to Brady. Fortunately, it all worked out, and Brady and the dog were reconnected stateside in full excitement and party.

Now, fully grown and settled into home in the U.S., Marshmallow makes it a point that her favorite spot in Brady’s house is the couch. Not to mention, she has no issue sharing the domicile with Brady’s other dog, Bear, a chow chow.

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Long-Time Shelter Cat Gets Major Donation





Dozens of cats end up in cat shelters around the country all the time. These entities help keep discarded cats alive, taken care of, and fed, as well as hopefully adopted, when not otherwise adopted. One particular cat, Grace, became a well-known member of the Colonial Capital Humane Society when she was a kitten. Located in New Bern, NC, the CCHS became Grace’s home for a long-standing eight years, odd for a kitten which typically end up getting adopted quickly. Part of the issue may have had to do with Grace’s pickiness.

Unlike many cats, Grace didn’t cozy up to humans very well. She favored cats and welcomed any newcomers like a mother cat, helping them adapt to the shelter. However, when it came to humans, Grace wasn’t keen on being petted much. Note, she has no problem doing the petting, being very famous for her forceful head-butts and heavy purring when she does like someone.

As a result, the CCHS Shelter resigned itself that Grace was going to end up being one of those cats that they took care of for her lifetime instead of adopting out. And, with her notoriety, someone thought eventually it would be a good idea to have Grace be the entrant for a recent Arm & Hammer Cat Litter’s “Purrfectly Impurrfect” contest, designed to help get the older cat noticed and adopted. Surprisingly, it worked. In mid-December, Grace made it to one of the three finalists, and the cat was declared a winner, generating a $10,000 donation to the CCHS for its work. Ideally, the organization hopes that in addition to the money, Grace might actually get noticed finally for a home too.

The overall goal, of course, it to help people understand there are more than just kittens that need to be adopted. Ideally, adult cats need safe, loving homes as well, and they are frequently passed up because people worry that they might take too much work or have behavioral issues. For Grace in particular, the win confirmed how unique and special her story was, as confirmed by the contest judges.

CCHS is not the only shelter by any means. Hundreds of shelters operate year-round, trying to maintain a safe environment for unwanted cats that are completely domesticated to live in safely. Arm & Hammer made a point to help with another $50,000 for cat shelters, emphasizing the importance of the mission decentralized through hundreds of charities and outfits.

As for Grace, she continues to be the mama cat at the CCHS Shelter, taking in the new entries as they arrive and teaching the scared felines the ropes in the Shelter. And when she’s not keeping watch on the rookies, Grace is busy sneaking up on an unsuspecting volunteer and giving him or her an affection head-butt again. The $10,000 Grace brought home for the CCHS shelter will go a long ways in additional care and support for her and the other cats, even if she is never adopted. In short, Grace has more than earned her keep and will be taken care of for the rest of her days.

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Adorable Corgi From Texas Plays Mom After Adopting Four Labrador Puppies!

Amanda J



The average adult corgi will stand roughly 12 inches tall while weighing just 25 pounds or so. The average Labrador retriever will stand at twice the height and more than twice the weight, so you can see our surprise when we heard about a Corgi that adopted four Lab puppies!

Angela is a Corgi from Texas that made headlines around the community when she adopted four Labrador Retriever puppies. Angela is a 2-year-old rescue who found her way to the Dog Ranch Rescue in Texas last October after spending the first year of her life in a puppy mill.

Renee Eden of Dog Ranch Rescue told the news team at KSAT that Angela had given birth at the rescue to four corgi puppies. The puppies were healthy and taken care of, and Angela happily stayed with the Rescue. Not too long after her own litter was birthed, a pregnant Labrador ended up at the Dog Ranch Rescue. Tragically, the mother dog named Autumn would give birth to a healthy litter before passing away from complications herself. 

While the team at Dog Ranch Rescue was understandably upset at the loss of Autumn Dove, they knew they had to take care of her four Labrador pups. Renee stated that she thought the Dog Ranch Rescue team would be forced to perform around-the-clock bottle feedings for the pups. Instead, Angela decided to leap into action to become a hero in their time of need. 

Eden had introduced Angela to the Lab puppies under the assumption that the Corgi would turn away from the pups. Eden told reporters, “Most of the time dogs turn their back, but that she didn’t was pretty magical.” Eden would go on to describe how Angela and her puppies were introduced to the Lab puppies. The eight pups from wildly different backgrounds became fast friends. Eden said, “It was absolutely fabulous.”

The Labrador puppies were birthed on December 1st of 2020 and they have been under the guidance of Angela ever since. While the story has quickly gone viral, dog lovers looking to take home their own adopted Labrador from Angela’s second litter will have to wait in line. According to Eden, the team has families lined up to take each and every puppy from the litter. This isn’t exactly uncommon for Eden and the team at Dog Ranch Rescue. In fact, Dog Ranch Rescue has helped to house more than 1,600 dogs since they first opened their doors in 2014.

According to the most recent update from Dog Ranch Rescue, Autumn Dove’s puppies as well as Angela are fit, happy, and healthy. They continue to thrive with one another as Angela continues to provide for the litter as a surrogate mother. The social media team for Lone Star Dog Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue would say in an Instagram post, “Angela has not hesitated for even a moment to take these little orphans in as her own!”

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