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Identical Triplets Take DNA Test Just To Discover The Truth

Danielle S




The Dahm Triplets have shared an intriguing life story full of twists and turns. From their humble small town to the showbiz screens of Hollywood, they have seen and done it all! Here is an interesting look at how things turned bizarrely unexpected in March 2017, reshaping their destinies.

The Dahm Triplets

The Triplets were born on December 12th 1977 in Jordan, Minnesota. They were born and named Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn in that order. They definitely look alike with their blue eyes and blonde hair.


They were too identical even for their parents to tell them apart that they had to tattoo their little backs; Nicole one ink dot, Erica had two, while Jaclyn had none. Even close friends and family members couldn’t easily tell them apart.

Growing Up

They grew up in a small town called Jordan where they were born. Considering that Jordan is not densely populated, almost everyone in the town new them as they attended public schools there. Obviously, they were popular and people called them the most beautiful triplets. Even modeling agencies wanted to have a piece of their stunning beauty.

The Downside

Growing up as triplets meant that they shared almost everything including their personal privacy. And, people they expected to know them always asked, “Which one are you?” Others could refer to them as ‘you three’ or ‘the triplets’. They shared friends, clothes, and even toys.

The Three Models

They got into modeling at a young age. The triplets won the Great Model Search and were lucky to grace the cover of ‘Teen Magazine’ at just 16 years-old. Their irresistible long blonde hair and blue eyes gave them another chance at Playboy.

The Road to Playboy

After high school the three enrolled in a nursing school at the University of Minnesota. One day they came across a Playboy advertisement flier dubbed ‘Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition’ that grabbed their attention. Immediately, they decided to give it shot.

Ready to Bare It All

There was a slight unexpected turn of events when they revealed to the casting agent at Playboy that they were triplets. Everything started moving fast as they accepted to take a test shoot. The three sisters had to make big decisions like deciding to de-robe and bare it all for all and sundry. They were the first triplets to grace the Playboy centerfold. In addition, they never expected that venturing into modeling nude would lead them to a revealing DNA test.

The Centerfold

The three sisters Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn became overnight celebrities when the Playboy came out. At that point, the attention was overwhelming and several opportunities from the entertainment industry came knocking. They were easily swayed off their feet and dropped out of nursing school to pursue their newfound stardom in Los Angeles.

Triplets Meet World

When they moved to Los Angeles, they found more opportunities than they actually anticipated. Every producer wanted to be associated with the new girls in town that everybody was talking about. They immediately got a chance to feature in an episode of Boy Meets World. They played the roles of three beautiful young women living in a dorm room that is adjacent from Jack and Erick, in an episode called ‘The Honeymoon is Over’. They also got another chance on the Family Feud where they won $10,000.

Famous Bodies

As they continued taking advantage of the opportunities that came their way, Erica fall in love with Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw, along the way. At that time the sisters were working on the Fox reality show, Renovate My Family, where Jay McGraw was the host.

Health Issues

After Jay McGraw and Erica Dahm got married in 2006, McGraw had an idea of featuring the triplets on his show, The Doctors. The sisters made regular appearances on the show to talk about a range of life issues such as fertility and motherhood. Then, producers of The Doctors decided to try something out.

Adding Three More

When the three sisters got pregnant at the exact time, the show’s ratings skyrocketed. Around 2009 and 2010, they became very popular than ever before. The fact that the sisters were doing everything together including getting pregnant was so intriguing to the funs of the show that the producers were compelled to try leverage that moment.

An Investigation

At some point, Jaclyn, the youngest of the sisters told Playboy that they all felt lucky to get pregnant at the same time, and that it must have been because of the triplet bond. When the three sisters gave birth to three lovely daughters in 2010, the producers from The Doctor show contacted them in March 2017 with a very crazy idea!

A Bizarre Request

In March 2017, Jay McGraw and a team of producers approached the three sisters and requested them to participate in a new episode of The Doctors show. However, this time the show will have a different theme; team up will a journalist from Inside Edition, Lisa Guerrero who will investigate the reliability of an at home ancestry DNA test. The DNA results shocked the sisters and viewers alike.

Shocking DNA

Although DNA tests have been around for a couple of years, the introduction of at-home DNA ancestry tests has blown up the market. Millions of people from across the world are interested in knowing their DNA and where they come from. That is why certain websites such as 23andme and have become so popular.

Easy Access

In fact, such websites can help people track down long lost relatives. All that is required is ordering a saliva kit. The triplets had to give out their saliva samples to one of the companies. Once the special saliva kit has been received by the company, it is then compared against other genetic makers.

The Revealing

Almost everybody expected that the DNA results of the Triplets should be almost identical. Even as the sisters offered a perfect way to validate the saliva test, the journalist had her doubts.

The Unexpected

Back when the three sisters grew up in their small town, shooting centerfold spreads for Playboy or when they were in nursing school, they never thought of such a moment. They also never thought that one day they will feature on The Doctors show and be expected to discover their DNA.

Startling Results

The sisters were fascinated about being part of the experiment. However, they didn’t expect to be surprised by their own DNA results. The results of the saliva test they submitted to 23andme were to be revealed to them live on The Doctors show in March 2017.

A Strange Breakdown

The Doctors requested for a second test to determine the decent of each of the sisters apart from the fact that they were very identical. Now, shockingly, while the test showed that they were all 99 percent of European decent, an in-depth break down claimed that Nicole was 18 percent Irish and British, while Erica was 16 percent Irish and British.

A Strange Discrepancy

Looking further into the DNA results, particularly on their French and Germany ancestry they discovered an even bigger discrepancy: Nicole had 11 percent German and French heritage, Jaclyn had 18 percent German and French heritage and Erica had 22.3 percent German and French heritage. In addition, when they looked at the Scandinavian ancestry, Erica and Jaclyn had a 7.4 percent while Nicole’s was 11.4 percent. The show’s host Dr. Travis Stork chimed in about the DNA results by saying that they’re supposed to be for entertainment rather than real evidence of DNA heritage.

Where Are They Now?

The triplets are still as beautiful and full of life as they were back when they were teenagers. Interestingly, a few years later they again gave birth to three bouncing sons too. Now the triplets are all married and each one of them has a son and a daughter. The sisters proved to the world that they are much more alike than what the DNA results on The Doctors show suggested.



7 Of The Most Restricted Places On Earth

Danielle S



Life is so open these days that you can barely contemplate the notion of privacy. There was, however, once a time when you could enjoy a day, or even a week, without the neighbors knowing what you had to eat or drink. While most establishments and communities are becoming more transparent by the day, these seven areas are steadily holding to the notion that less information and exposure is more in this world.

1. Club 33
This secret spot was originally a restaurant in Disneyland. Now, it serves as the ultimate hotspot reserved only for the significant people in the world. One hundred people allegedly applied for membership to the exclusive club but not before showing proof that they had $25,000 in the bank to pay for an association.

2. Vatican Secret Archives
Italy has many beautiful spots and the Vatican Secret Archives is undoubtedly one incredible place to visit. The problem is that few, if any, will ever get to see the extensive collection of publications since the Pope has to give his stamp of approval for every person who wants to stop by for a tour. You can only view books and articles older than 75 years old, but it would still make for a great trip.

3. Mezhgorye
This town in Bashkortostan only has 17,000 residents and doesn’t invite visitors to tour its region often. Secretive Russian companies have serious business in Mezhgorye, which is why the federal government strictly monitors who comes in and leaves.

4. Snake Island
Brazil is such a beautiful place, but not every part of the quarters is accessible to the general public. Snake Island is off limits to human beings due to the island being inhabited by the world’s deadliest snakes. Defy these orders, and you could die.

5. Area 51
Area 51 is quite possibly one of the most controversial places in the United States. The space is officially regarded as a military installation post, but several theorists have thought the spot to be the breeding ground for UFOs and other out-of-this-world phenomena.

6. HavenCo
Sealand is not officially recognized as its own nation, but it kind of is a territory to itself. HavenCo is just off the coast of Suffolk, England, and allegedly holds some of the world’s most pertinent data. You kind of need to be invited to the getaway to see all of its wonders. It wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath waiting for an invite, though.

7. Bahnhof
Bahnhof is also recognized as Wikileaks, Sweden. You know, Wikileaks, which led to a serious uproar from which the world has yet to recover. The good news is that this spot is located in the white mountain of the country, which is beautiful to no end. The scary news is that Wikileaks is surrounded by armor that makes its capable of withstanding a nuclear attack. Would you want to work in an institution as such?

It would be great to visit any one of these places but don’t count on a ticket to view any of these spectacular spots.

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Man’s Not so Friendly Best Friend- Forty of The Feistiest Dog Breeds Around

Sarrah M



Are you looking for a four-legged friend? Dogs can be one of the best options when considering a pet. They are smart, loyal, and affectionate, especially when you adopt them as pups. One of the best things that you can do before choosing your canine companion is research because not all dogs are created the same. Like people, all dogs have their own individaul and unique personality, but lets take a look at some of our canine companion that are known for being fiesty.

Wolf Hybrid

Wolf Hybrids are the offspring of a domestic dog and a grey wolf. Because of their instinctual nature, Wolf Hybrids are extremely territorial and like to roam. Experts suggest that one should only consider a hybrid if they can invest the time, energy, and money it takes for training and upkeep, as they can be high maintenance.
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Thousands of Years Old Penguin Colony Has Disappeared

Liz L




Recently, there was a tragic sea-ice collapse in the Antarctic. As a result, thousands of emperor penguins are presumed to be dead. These birds were said to be raising their chicks on a massive chunk of ice. Two years ago, a major storm hit the Wendell Sea. This caused the ice to weaken, and thousands of baby penguins drowned. According to officials with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), as the Antarctic continues to warm up, experts are worried that there will be more incidents like this in the future.

The Emperor Penguin

The emperor penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all penguins. The ice where they raise their young needs to be incredibly sturdy. Between April and December, the ice has to be strong enough to hold the weight of thousands of birds. Since we don’t have people out in this area, the BAS relies on satellite images to check up on the penguin. They have confirmed that the entire colony is gone. Because this species is near extinction, this was a significant loss.

The Satellite Image

It was Dr. Peter Fretwell, a member of BAS, who first looked at the satellite image and discovered that the colony was no longer there. He says that part of his job is to look at the images from the satellites to check on the condition of the ice and the creatures that live there. Initially, he thought that he was looking at the wrong image when he saw that the penguins were gone. When he double checked and saw that he was looking at the correct image, he was devastated. There were thousands of penguins on the ice the day before. Penguins can breathe underwater, but they can hold their breath underwater for a long time. After falling into the water with no ice to stand on, it was just a matter of time before the thousands of penguins died.

The Danger

Dr. Fretwell believes that the weakening of the ice and the warmer waters will put the existence of the emperor penguin in great danger. Because our oceans are warming up at such a rapid rate, the ice is melting just as quickly. He says that the emperor penguin isn’t the only animal at risk due to the warming of the oceans. Polar bears are also in danger. When a female polar bear gives birth, she hunts on the sea ice. She needs it to travel to different regions looking for food. If there is less sea ice, the females will need to go longer without food. This can hinder their reproductive success and their fat storage. If the summer ice completely disappears, the polar bears will need to live on land, which can put their survival at considerable risk.

The walrus and several species of seals also at risk while the sea ice melts. Seabirds, such as the ivory gull is also at risk. Over the last two decades, the number of ivory gulls in Canada has dropped by 90 percent. This number is only expected to rise.

Dr. Fretwell has tried to get people to listen when it comes to the dangers of Global Warning. Unfortunately, there are still people, some in power, who don’t believe in Global Warming or who refuse to admit that it is a serious issue. Sadly, by the time people finally decide to act, several animal species will no longer roam the Earth. The disappearance of the emperor penguin colony is just the beginning. Dr. Fretwell says that it is just a matter of time before more species are wiped off the planet.

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A Young Man’s Journey to Feed the Needy

Liz L




If you’ve ever felt a need for inspiration, a young man’s story is sure to warm your heart and soul. Liam Hannon saw homeless people on his way to school every morning, and felt horrible for them. When school let out he asked his dad, Scott Hannon, if he could take them lunches for their afternoon meal. Scott thought it was a wonderful idea filled with love and caring, and wasted no time getting the required materials together to begin the project.


Liam lives in a small Massachusetts town, where at ten years old he had just finished fifth grade last year when the project started. Lunches for Love, as the small business is aptly titled, began with Liam and Scott making 20 lunches every week to hand out to the impoverished homeless people in town. Unlike most pre-teen young men, Liam decided to forego television and video games in the hopes of accomplishing something far more rewarding and of value to the community.

What He Does

Once started, the project seemed to take on a life of its own. Liam started a Go Fund Me account to help sponsor the growing needs of Lunches for Love. He works in tandem with a local community adult resource, the Hildrebrand Family Help Center, in an attempt to not just feed the homeless but to help provide them with the skills and resources they need to lift their lives to something more fulfilling. To this end, by the end of the summer he was making up to 60 lunches each week to hand out. Although he did have to go back to school when autumn arrived, but continues to hand out as many lunches as possible on weekends. Of course, that is between completing his homework on time, studying for tests, and generally being a great student at the top of his class for grades.

Why He Feeds the Poor

Liam has his own reasons for feeding the poor, which is the sheer honesty of children. He saw they looked hungry, that hurt his feelings, so he decided to do something about it. As a ten year old child is wont to do, he asked his dad for help and advice to get started, needless to say, he has a great dad who was absolutely supportive of the idea and used the opportunity to make it a father/ son project. When the local community realized what was going on, they asked questions to find out that even though he had some help, the project was the brainstorm of a young man. Everybody was amazed and impressed by the boy’s ambition and willingness to give so selflessly of his time a generous gift to those in need. If you ever find yourself lacking in inspiration, remember what this young man has accomplished and allow the story to lift your spirits at the what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it.

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Loyal Dog Protected Injured Sister Stranded On Railroad Tracks For Days

Danielle S



It Seemed To Be Very Bad

Denis Malafeyev felt his heart paralyzed when he saw the train approaching. On the railroad was an injured dog that couldn’t move. He prepared for the worst but then something unbelievable happened. A dog appeared like an angel and stole the hearts of many on the Internet.


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