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Identical Triplets Take DNA Test Just To Discover The Truth

Danielle S




The Dahm Triplets have shared an intriguing life story full of twists and turns. From their humble small town to the showbiz screens of Hollywood, they have seen and done it all! Here is an interesting look at how things turned bizarrely unexpected in March 2017, reshaping their destinies.

The Dahm Triplets

The Triplets were born on December 12th 1977 in Jordan, Minnesota. They were born and named Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn in that order. They definitely look alike with their blue eyes and blonde hair.


They were too identical even for their parents to tell them apart that they had to tattoo their little backs; Nicole one ink dot, Erica had two, while Jaclyn had none. Even close friends and family members couldn’t easily tell them apart.

Growing Up

They grew up in a small town called Jordan where they were born. Considering that Jordan is not densely populated, almost everyone in the town new them as they attended public schools there. Obviously, they were popular and people called them the most beautiful triplets. Even modeling agencies wanted to have a piece of their stunning beauty.

The Downside

Growing up as triplets meant that they shared almost everything including their personal privacy. And, people they expected to know them always asked, “Which one are you?” Others could refer to them as ‘you three’ or ‘the triplets’. They shared friends, clothes, and even toys.

The Three Models

They got into modeling at a young age. The triplets won the Great Model Search and were lucky to grace the cover of ‘Teen Magazine’ at just 16 years-old. Their irresistible long blonde hair and blue eyes gave them another chance at Playboy.

The Road to Playboy

After high school the three enrolled in a nursing school at the University of Minnesota. One day they came across a Playboy advertisement flier dubbed ‘Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition’ that grabbed their attention. Immediately, they decided to give it shot.

Ready to Bare It All

There was a slight unexpected turn of events when they revealed to the casting agent at Playboy that they were triplets. Everything started moving fast as they accepted to take a test shoot. The three sisters had to make big decisions like deciding to de-robe and bare it all for all and sundry. They were the first triplets to grace the Playboy centerfold. In addition, they never expected that venturing into modeling nude would lead them to a revealing DNA test.

The Centerfold

The three sisters Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn became overnight celebrities when the Playboy came out. At that point, the attention was overwhelming and several opportunities from the entertainment industry came knocking. They were easily swayed off their feet and dropped out of nursing school to pursue their newfound stardom in Los Angeles.

Triplets Meet World

When they moved to Los Angeles, they found more opportunities than they actually anticipated. Every producer wanted to be associated with the new girls in town that everybody was talking about. They immediately got a chance to feature in an episode of Boy Meets World. They played the roles of three beautiful young women living in a dorm room that is adjacent from Jack and Erick, in an episode called ‘The Honeymoon is Over’. They also got another chance on the Family Feud where they won $10,000.

Famous Bodies

As they continued taking advantage of the opportunities that came their way, Erica fall in love with Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw, along the way. At that time the sisters were working on the Fox reality show, Renovate My Family, where Jay McGraw was the host.

Health Issues

After Jay McGraw and Erica Dahm got married in 2006, McGraw had an idea of featuring the triplets on his show, The Doctors. The sisters made regular appearances on the show to talk about a range of life issues such as fertility and motherhood. Then, producers of The Doctors decided to try something out.

Adding Three More

When the three sisters got pregnant at the exact time, the show’s ratings skyrocketed. Around 2009 and 2010, they became very popular than ever before. The fact that the sisters were doing everything together including getting pregnant was so intriguing to the funs of the show that the producers were compelled to try leverage that moment.

An Investigation

At some point, Jaclyn, the youngest of the sisters told Playboy that they all felt lucky to get pregnant at the same time, and that it must have been because of the triplet bond. When the three sisters gave birth to three lovely daughters in 2010, the producers from The Doctor show contacted them in March 2017 with a very crazy idea!

A Bizarre Request

In March 2017, Jay McGraw and a team of producers approached the three sisters and requested them to participate in a new episode of The Doctors show. However, this time the show will have a different theme; team up will a journalist from Inside Edition, Lisa Guerrero who will investigate the reliability of an at home ancestry DNA test. The DNA results shocked the sisters and viewers alike.

Shocking DNA

Although DNA tests have been around for a couple of years, the introduction of at-home DNA ancestry tests has blown up the market. Millions of people from across the world are interested in knowing their DNA and where they come from. That is why certain websites such as 23andme and have become so popular.

Easy Access

In fact, such websites can help people track down long lost relatives. All that is required is ordering a saliva kit. The triplets had to give out their saliva samples to one of the companies. Once the special saliva kit has been received by the company, it is then compared against other genetic makers.

The Revealing

Almost everybody expected that the DNA results of the Triplets should be almost identical. Even as the sisters offered a perfect way to validate the saliva test, the journalist had her doubts.

The Unexpected

Back when the three sisters grew up in their small town, shooting centerfold spreads for Playboy or when they were in nursing school, they never thought of such a moment. They also never thought that one day they will feature on The Doctors show and be expected to discover their DNA.

Startling Results

The sisters were fascinated about being part of the experiment. However, they didn’t expect to be surprised by their own DNA results. The results of the saliva test they submitted to 23andme were to be revealed to them live on The Doctors show in March 2017.

A Strange Breakdown

The Doctors requested for a second test to determine the decent of each of the sisters apart from the fact that they were very identical. Now, shockingly, while the test showed that they were all 99 percent of European decent, an in-depth break down claimed that Nicole was 18 percent Irish and British, while Erica was 16 percent Irish and British.

A Strange Discrepancy

Looking further into the DNA results, particularly on their French and Germany ancestry they discovered an even bigger discrepancy: Nicole had 11 percent German and French heritage, Jaclyn had 18 percent German and French heritage and Erica had 22.3 percent German and French heritage. In addition, when they looked at the Scandinavian ancestry, Erica and Jaclyn had a 7.4 percent while Nicole’s was 11.4 percent. The show’s host Dr. Travis Stork chimed in about the DNA results by saying that they’re supposed to be for entertainment rather than real evidence of DNA heritage.

Where Are They Now?

The triplets are still as beautiful and full of life as they were back when they were teenagers. Interestingly, a few years later they again gave birth to three bouncing sons too. Now the triplets are all married and each one of them has a son and a daughter. The sisters proved to the world that they are much more alike than what the DNA results on The Doctors show suggested.



Local Jogger Saves Trapped Fawn from Fence, Twice

Liz L




You’ve heard of super human strength. Like when a mother sees her child trapped under a car, and she is miraculously able to lift it to save her child. But does it happen when you are trying to save someone else or an animal? Jogger Chloe Dorsey proves it is possible.

Dorsey was going for a normal morning jog through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia. She was running one of the six trails in the park when she came across an animal in distress.

A fawn had somehow gotten stuck between the metal bars of a fence. Dorsey had never seen anything like it and quickly took it upon herself to help. The fawn was obviously scared, so she gathered up her strength and began to pull apart the bars of the fence. Could she pry apart heavy metal bars all by herself? She didn’t know, but she had to try.

According to an article in Psychology Today, how people are able to lift things that weigh more than they can endure has something to do with the response our body has to fear. Some people think it’s adrenaline, and that may have something to do with it, but it also has to do with the fear of a life or death situation. On a normal day, someone would not be able to lift a car or pry metal bars open, unless they have been training for it. But even then, scientists say that under ordinary circumstances, we use 65% of our muscles’ maximum strength, while trained weight lifters can use 80%. How can we max it out? That’s where the fear response kicks in and the brain, under extreme stress, releases two chemicals that can mask the pain, for a time. That’s why a mother can lift a car off of her child and Dorsey was able to pry apart the metal bars. They weren’t able to feel the pain.

As Dorsey attempted to pry apart the bars, the fawn jumped around trying to escape because it was terrified. That did not deter her from helping, it only made her try to help more to save the baby deer. After a little while, she was able to pry the bars open enough for the fawn to escape. Her job was not over, though.

A little ways down the trail, she found the fawn again, trapped in another fence near the base of the mountain. What are the odds of that happening? She even told the deer, “What is gonna happen when I’m not here?”

This fence would be more of a challenge for Dorsey, though. The bars were stronger and narrower. She pulled with all of her strength, even trying to push the fawn through, but it didn’t work. Only when she decided to jump the fence to try from a different angle, was the fawn able to get itself free. Dorsey believes that her jumping the fence scared the fawn enough to give it some willpower to escape. It also helped that she was able to loosen the bars.

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This Football Player Is Standing Up On Behalf Of Dogs Everywhere

Amanda J



Tyrann Mathieu is a well known football star who goes by the nickname Honey Badger. The Badger just so happens to be an outspoken animal rights activist as well. While some will try to make excuses for certain behaviors, Tyrann is not one of them. This man was willing to go above and beyond to make a very powerful statement on behalf of dogs everywhere. These animals deserve to be treated with a certain level of respect.

People’s lack of respect for dogs is always evident during the summertime. There is always some joker who is ready to leave their animal in the hot cat while they “just run inside for a minute”. These practices cause the animals to be left in harm’s way. Worst of all, the animals cannot speak up for themselves. That’s why makes this story such an important one.

Mathieu decided that he would be the one to sit in the hot car, so that people could see the effects of these selfish decisions. After all, most people who engage in this practice are not typically willing to do so themselves. All it takes is a few minutes in a locked car to put a dog’s life in danger. When Tyrann emulated these actions, the car’s temperature rose over 100 degrees in the blink of an eye.

Tyrann is also luckier than the average dog because he has the ability to sweat to cool himself down. Our four legged friends are simply not that fortunate. No one ever stops to consider their needs, do they? Instead of putting themselves in the dog’s shoes, they are too concerned with their own wants and needs. Once his head started to spin, he knew that he had to get out of the car immediately. 

This begs the question….since a star athlete cannot handle these temperatures for a short period of time, what makes people think that their dogs can? All it takes is one quick trip to the grocery store to place an animal’s life in danger. Even a brief stop at the convenience store around the corner could leave your animal in harm’s way.

This is the point that Mathieu is trying to get across and we commend him for it. He was ready to place himself in harm’s way just to shatter some common misconceptions. Sadly, a sizable number of dogs have already passed away because their owners did not care about giving them the help that they needed. PETA estimates that over 100 dogs have perished within the past year because their owners did not want to think of their needs.

Everyone who is currently reading this story right now probably has their own horror story to tell. We have all seen dogs stranded inside vehicles and wishes that we could do something about it. That’s why the police are typically called in these instances. They have the authority to shatter a window and even issue a ticket, so don’t make the mistake of trying to confront these owners on your own.

Dogs need to be treated like a true part of the family. Tryann’s message is important. He says that people are not always willing to truly act as if their pets are a member of the family and we could not agree more. Too many people talk the talk when it comes to their pets when they are not willing to walk the walk. 

The message that Tyrann is trying to send is an important one and we urge you to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. If you know any dog owners who are careless when the summer months roll around, be sure to have a talk with them. You just might end up saving an animal’s life! 

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Local Woman Takes in Stray Dogs in Nassau to Protect from Hurricane Dorian

Danielle S



Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 storm, and the strongest to hit landfall on record, deeply impacted the Bahamas when it hit over Labor Day weekend. Winds reached a sustained speed of 185 mph, causing flooding, a lot of damage, and lost lives. Death toll was at over 50, but may be more as more bodies are recovered. There are also many who are displaced from their homes that were damaged in the storm. Among the displaced, are the many stray dogs who call the Bahamas their home.

The Bahamas has always had a stray dog population, but when a hurricane, or even a tropical storm is occurring, people look after themselves first, and often overlook the dogs that roam the streets. Not Chella Phillips of Nassau. Phillips took it upon herself to take in as many dogs as she could into her tiny home. In total, she took in 97 stray dogs before Hurricane Dorian hit.

The dogs had food, water, blankets, and a home to call their own while they waited out the storm together, with Phillips by their side.

Phillips has always loved animals and has been rescuing dogs in Nassau since she moved there over 10 years ago. She started a shelter in her home called “The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas,” keeping a Facebook page that documents her efforts, pictures of the dogs, and more information about . While in her care, dogs are taken to the vet, vaccinated, and cared for until they are adopted or a rescue in the states is able to take them in to adopt them out.

Hurricane Dorian affected the Abaco Islands more than Nassau, but it still caused damage. Phillips house flooded and she lost power. But she remained calm and remained focused on her mission — finding all stray dogs happy and loving homes.

She has said in a post that out of the 97 dogs she took in, she still has 79 that need homes. There aren’t many rescues that are willing to help her, mostly because they are inundated with animals. But she still has hope that the promise she made to these dogs will come true — that they will find happy and loving homes and will no longer live on the streets.

Because of her efforts in saving the homeless dogs of Nassau, people have been trying to help in whatever way they can. A fundraiser was set up with a $20,000 goal, but they have far exceeded that goal. They have raised over $84,000 in donations, so far. The money will go towards food, blankets, supplies, and vet costs that will help in caring for the dogs in the shelter.

You can find more information about the dogs and Phillips shelter on her Facebook page, “The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas.”

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Allyson Felix Shatters Usain Bolt’s Record Just Ten Months After Giving Birth!

Amanda J



Talk to any mother and you’ll hear the same old story. Giving birth can be a rewarding experience, but it is no doubt physically intensive. Many moms complain that they struggled to get their bodies back for years after having their child. Now, imagine dealing with the aftereffects of childbirth while focusing on competing in a World Championship event just ten months later! Allyson Felix made headlines around the world when she took home her 12th World Championship medal (Gold) in the 4x400m mixed-gender relay. How did she make it happen? How could she possibly have broken a record held by the legendary Usain Bolt just months after childbirth?

Felix, an Olympic athlete, had gone through pretty much everything you could imagine during her pregnancy. In fact, Felix had to deal with a severe case of toxemia, which is also known as preeclampsia. This condition is noted due to extremely high blood pressure in the mother. Preeclampsia can be dangerous to both the mother and the child. Eventually, Felix was forced to undergo an emergency c-section operation. Luckily for Felix and her family, the c-section was a success and little Camryn was born on November 28, 2018.  While that could be the end of the story, it is really just the beginning.

With ten months until her next big race, Felix had to get in shape and ready to compete. No stranger to facing physical and mental hurdles, Felix immediately got to work. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Felix bounced back from her pregnancy with aplomb. According to a study performed by Harvard University, experiencing pregnancy can demand a similar level of energy as running an ultra marathon. No, we aren’t even joking. Pregnancy is hard

Fortunately for Felix, she was able to return to form before winning gold in her mixed-gender 4×400 relay. While Felix’s amazing recovery is almost unheard-of, it shouldn’t be the only thing that we are applauding. Instead, we should be celebrating every mom after they give birth, whether they are winning gold medals or just doing their best to raise their kids in a healthy and loving household.

Outside of her work on the track, Felix has become something of a beacon for hope for women in the workplace. Despite her dominant athletic abilities, Felix has frequently watched as her contemporaries made significantly less after enduring the rigors of childbirth, even if their performance didn’t change much on the track. Felix revealed in an op-ed published through the NY Times, “Despite all my victories, Nike wanted to pay me 70 percent less than before.” Felix went on to reveal that she accepted the pay reduction without an argument because that’s not what her focus is on. Instead, Felix has been negotiating with Nike to offer contractual protections for performance changes during the immediate aftermath of birth.

With any luck, Felix will be able to win over Nike, thus marking a huge moment for maternity equality everywhere.

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Simple Things Every Work-From-Home Mom Wishes Their Family Would Understand.

Danielle S



Have you ever walked into a shift at work only to be hit with the overwhelming urge to turn around and leave? Most of us don’t leave, of course, because we need our job to live. However, some of us turn to work from home in order to escape the drudge of day-to-day commutes and restrictive schedules. Having said that, working from home isn’t always easy. In fact, most people don’t even realize what goes into the concept. Today, we are going to unveil a few of the most commonly misunderstood things that every work-from-home mom wishes their family would understand.

First and foremost, just because someone is working from home, it doesn’t mean that their job isn’t real. While it can be odd to see someone stay home all day, they’re actually just at their office. Sometimes, those days at the home office can be longer than a regular job while demands are increased. Still, work-from-home professionals want onlookers to know that their jobs are real, their work is difficult, and their focus is important.

Second, work-from-home moms can’t simply put down their work to run errands or take care of the children. Many moms who decide to work from home believe that they will save money on daycare or other childcare expenses. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Working from home means actually working, with your undivided attention. Due to the odd nature of working from home, it can be hard to grasp just how much focus is required on a day-to-day basis. Could you work from your regular office while babysitting and taking care of chores? Probably not, right? If you are a mom looking to work from home in order to save money on daycare, make sure you understand what you are getting into!

Third, working from home doesn’t mean that you are free all of the time. Even if you are your own boss, you are still beholden to the schedule of your clients. According to the hit freelancing website Upwork, remote teams will become an increasingly important part of the employment landscape. Why is this important? Well, the work-from-home moms that we are talking about are only going to be getting even busier! So, no, just because we work from home, it doesn’t mean that we can drop whatever we are doing for a day out.

Finally, even the hardest working mom will need to get out of the house. Working from home can be a fantastic way to take control of your career. However, like any other job, sometimes you just need to step away from the office. For that reason, some self-employed or work-from-home professionals have made it part of their schedule to change up their work environment during the week. Popular places for home-working professionals to work on their craft include coffee shops and libraries.

If you work from home, what would you like people to know about your job?

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