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Lovable Pit Bull Pregnancy

Every once in awhile there comes a story that is at once wholesome and beautiful. Today, we are going to introduce you to a pair of dog owners named Mariesa and Chris. These big-hearted individuals would see their life changed after agreeing to foster an at-risk Pit Bull that was heavily pregnant. What the vet found during the dog’s ultrasound was both shocking and incredible. Let’s take a look at the lovable Pit Bull that overcame all odds and the story of how it came to be!

Adopting a Dog Together

Making the decision to adopt a dog can be a tough one. After all, a dog is more than a pet, it is a member of your actual family. Having said that, adopting dogs from shelters can be one of the most altruistic ways to bring a pet into your home. Not only are you adopting a loyal and loving pet, but you are also giving them a second chance at life.

A Look at the Family

Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire are what you would describe as a ‘dog couple’. With a house filled with pets, they wouldn’t blame you for thinking that they were a little crazy! Chris and Mariesa had 8 dogs living in their home by 2013, but they weren’t done adding to the family.

Get to Know Chris and Mariesa

Chris and Mariesa had spent years growing their family of furry friends and the results are hard to deny! Despite their large home filled with adorable dogs, Chris and Mariesa felt like they could continue to give back to more animals that needed love and attention. This would lead Mariesa and Chris to the topic of our story!

Life in the Doghouse

Before we get into the story of Storie, we should take a moment to highlight the work that Chris and Mariesa do on YouTube. For years, Chris and Mariesa had been growing their own following by way of a YouTube reality show titled, “Life in the Doghouse”. The series followed the Ohio-based couple and the exploits of their unique and fun-loving pets.

Heading to the Cuyahoga County Kennel

Even though their eight canine friends promised to keep Chris and Mariesa busy, the animal-loving couple wanted to add another furry friend to their home. While they weren’t sure if they wanted to adopt or merely foster a pet, they knew that the Cuyahoga County Kennel was the first place to visit.

Meet the Star of Our Story

At the Cuyahoga County Kennel, Chris and Mariesa would get to meet a heavily pregnant pitbull named Storie. It was clear from the first meeting that Storie had an affinity for Chris and Mariesa. The employees at the shelter informed Chris and Mariesa that Storie was pregnant and likely expecting a litter soon.

Something Seems a Bit Different

While they could clearly tell that Storie was pregnant, something still seemed a little different. After all, Storie looked REALLY pregnant, as if she were about to pop! There was no way that Storie was expecting a conventional litter, though Chris and Mariesa didn’t understand the extent of that thought quite yet.

An Abandoned Breeding Dog

Our dog-loving protagonists would find out that Storie was a former breeding dog that had been abandoned. Breeding dogs are dogs that are kept on hand purposely to breed puppies. These dogs are prized for their genetics and can cost quite a bit. Unfortunately, the older Storie had been abandoned by her prior owner with a litter of puppies still in her belly.

Now Heavily Pregnant, What Could Be Done?

Chris and Mariesa knew that they couldn’t leave Storie behind at the kennel. Even though places like the Cuyahoga County Kennel do their best to provide support for their animals, resources are always limited. We’ll dig a little deeper into the sad stats surrounding dog pounds and kennels later on during our discussion.

Chris & Mariesa Decide to Help

After a moment’s hesitation, Chris and Mariesa decided that they had to bring Storie home with them. Waiting at the Doghouse were 8 other dogs that had no idea what was to come. Even though Storie looked like she was ready to give birth, Chris and Mariesa knew that they could handle whatever happened. After all, you don’t raise eight beautiful dogs on accident!

Giving Storie a Welcoming Home

With eight dogs of different sizes and breeds, having a comfortable home environment is always important. As you can see from this bed, Chris and Mariesa know how to make their dogs comfortable. Stairs for Storie would allow the pregnant pit bull to get on the bed to cuddle with her new family.

Saving Storie from the Kennel

After taking Storie home from the kennel, the full weight of what they had decided bore down upon them. With a litter of six potential puppies on the way, their little family could be ready to grow into a BIG family. Were Chris and Mariesa really ready to handle that large of a litter?

A Family of Dog Lovers

By this point in their lives together, Chris and Mariesa were what you’d describe as ‘experienced pet owners’. With eight dogs already at home and an animal-based reality series on YouTube flourishing, the family was ready to handle whatever came their way. Still, they had some questions about the newest member of their family.

Storie Needed to See a Vet

As Storie continued to grow bigger and bigger, Chris and Mariesa realized that something was wrong. Pit Bulls typically take anywhere from 56 to 63 days to give birth to a litter, but Storie was rapidly falling behind that deadline. Was something wrong with the newest member of their family?

Mariesa and Chris Have Some Concerns

While delayed pregnancies aren’t uncommon in the animal kingdom, they definitely are worrisome. Chris and Mariesa realized that they were out of their depth when it came to protecting their heavily pregnant dog from potential danger. They knew that they would need the assistance of a medical professional. Soon, Chris and Mariesa would take Storie to the vet for the ultrasound that would rock their world.

How Misunderstood Are Pit Bulls?

Before we dig into the ultrasound news that you’ve been waiting for, let’s talk about Pit Bulls in general. Pit Bulls are a widely misunderstood breed and this negative reputation is directly damaging to the animal. Pit Bulls that are properly raised in a loving home can be as sweet as any other breed in the world.

What IS A Pit Bull?

When we say ‘Pit Bull’ we are actually referring to an umbrella that covers a number of other breeds. T he most common formal pit bull breeds include the American Bully, the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Depending on the specific breed, you might have trouble owning one due to local legislation.

Off to the Vet for Some Shocking News

Knowing that they needed professional assistance, Chris and Mariesa would call up the vet that they trusted to handle their dogs. While the rest of the family watched on, newcomer Storie would be hauled off for her ultrasound. The results that Chris and Mariesa would receive could honestly have made a person faint!

A True Surprise Was Waiting For Them

Once at the vet, Storie was scared but compliant as long as Chris and Mariesa were nearby. The vet got to work with their machine and soon even the professionals couldn’t believe what they were seeing. In fact, the vet had to double-check to make sure that they were reading the ultrasound correctly!

Even the Vet Was Astounded

As it turned out, the animal shelter had misdiagnosed Storie. The animal shelter had believed Storie to be pregnant with up to six total puppies. However, the ultrasound would go on to reveal that Storie was pregnant with MANY more. In fact, Storie was actually in danger were she not to give birth soon.

The Ultrasound Results Tell All

As the ultrasound results appeared on the screen, the vet began to count all the little puppies in Storie’s belly. Instead of the six pups that the animal shelter had predicted, Storie was pregnant with TWELVE puppies! That’s right, Storie had a full dozen puppies in her belly ready to give birth. What was stopping her?

Doing What’s Best For Storie

After talking to the vet about their options, a few paths were quickly crossed off. The vet made it clear that Storie needed to give birth soon to survive. However, the veterinarian could not safely perform a c-section due to Storie’s specific circumstances. With no real solution in sight, Chris and Mariesa knew that they had to figure something out.

Changing the Perspective on Pit Bulls

A big reason as to why we are highlighting this story is to change the narrative on pit bulls. We’ve talked about the ugly reputation that Pit Bulls have, but that isn’t the whole truth. Pit Bulls are not born to fight nor are they born aggressive and ready to be violent. A well-trained Pit Bull can be as loving and sweet as any other dog you’ve ever seen.

Many Shelters Are FILLED With Pit Bulls

Chris and Mariesa knew about the stigma surrounding pit bulls. In fact, the couple made it a priority to adopt pit bulls from shelters in order to give them a second chance at life. Through their work at home and on YouTube, Chris and Mariesa have tried to change how people look at the loving little dogs.

Alarming Shelter Statistics

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has curated some alarming statistics when it comes to animal shelters in the United States. At the time of their study, the ASPCA revealed that more than 6.5 million companion animals had found their way into shelters throughout the country. That number was split pretty evenly between both cats and dogs.

Why Was Storie Still Pregnant?

When Chris and Mariesa first met Storie, the shelter had told them that the pup was due ‘any day’. Yet days later, Storie was still heavily pregnant. With the vet pointing out the dangers surrounding her pregnancy, Chris and Mariesa knew that they didn’t have the luxury of waiting much longer.

Could Chris and Mariesa Help Storie?

The big hurdle that Chris and Mariesa had to clear was Storie’s own reluctance to give birth. As you’ll soon find out, animals have a way of impacting their own pregnancies through external sources. What did Chris and Mariesa do to make this startling discovery? Would it be enough to save their dog’s life?

Weighing Their Concerns

By this point in time, Chris and Mariesa knew that they couldn’t welcome twelve dogs to their home. The idea of having a total of 20 dogs in the house was even too much for them! Instead, Chris and Mariesa decided that they would perform as foster parents for Storie and her upcoming litter.

The Benefits of Becoming Foster Parents

Foster parents are an enormous benefit to overburdened shelters everywhere. A foster parent will briefly adopt a pet to give them a chance to socialize in a new environment. By socializing in this new environment, the foster parents help their charges to prepare for being adopted at the shelter. Chris and Mariesa knew that this was the best choice for them.

Looking Forward to the Pregnancy

Now that they had made a firm decision surrounding Storie and her 12 pups, they had the birth to figure out. Storie’s reluctance to give birth was surely due to some trigger. The vets couldn’t find a health reason as to why the pregnancy would not culminate. So what was really going on?

Researching the Pregnancy Delay Online

After weighing their concerns internally, Mariesa and Chris decided to head to the internet. After doing their own research and reaching out to other pet owners, one startling reason for Storie’s pregnancy problems rose to the top of the list. The reason for the delay was almost too depressing to confront, but Chris and Mariesa knew that it was likely correct.

A Real Reason Emerges: Trauma

Stress and trauma, it turns out, can directly and negatively impact the pregnancy of an animal. Storie was simply worried, stress, and scared! After being abandoned by her prior owner and then locked in a kennel, it made sense that Storie was still enduring some trauma. Suddenly everything made sense!

Making Storie Comfortable For Giving Birth

While it was hard to fathom who could render such pain on an innocent dog, Chris and Mariesa knew that they had the answer to their dog’s problem. You don’t need to be an intuitive person to realize that a kennel can be the worst place for a pregnant dog to spend time.

Crafting a Comforting Space to Give Birth

With a firm direction to work in, Chris and Mariesa began working around the house to make it perfect for Storie. They decided to create a private and safe space for Storie to relax away from the rest of the family. This comforting space would be the trigger to the happy ending that our story deserved!a

Waiting for the Puppies to Arrive

After creating a safe space for Storie, Chris and Mariesa knew that there was little else for them to do but wait. While Chris and Mariesa were rightly worried about Storie, they knew that they had done the right thing.  Would Storie give birth to a beautiful litter of healthy puppies?

A Morning to Remember

Wouldn’t you know it, by the next morning Storie had given birth! What had once been a seemingly endless pregnancy had suddenly ended without a hurdle. Overnight, Storie had given birth to twelve beautiful and healthy puppies. Chris and Mariesa were overwhelmed by joy and appreciation for how the story had ended.

The Motherly Instincts That Saved Her Pups

Chris and Mariesa believe that Storie refused to give birth while at the kennel. Their reasoning being that Storie realized how dangerous it would have been to introduce her puppies to that environment. If Storie had given birth inside the kennel, who knows what would have happened to her pups!

A Proud and Healthy Momma

With her Odyssey finally over, Storie would get the chance to lay back and relax for the first time in a long time. Storie had carried her pups for far too long, but the journey was finally over. Storie would make it through the pregnancy in perfect health despite the delay.

Storie Finds Her Forever Home

It didn’t take long for Storie’s memorable pregnancy to go viral on the internet. The internet would also help Storie to find her forever home. A loving dog owner would see a picture of Storie before deciding that he had to meet her. After meeting the dog, the two were clearly a perfect match.

Adopt a Dog, Save a Life

Thanks to Chris and Mariesa, Storie got to have her pups in a safe and healthy environment before moving on to her forever home. If you have ever wanted to show your animal-loving skills to the world, consider working with your local animal shelter as a foster parent. Trust us, the animals and shelters will appreciate you!



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Others work tirelessly, but to no avail. However, for an Indonesian man, all he needed was a miracle from the sky, and he certainly received, albeit in a scary way.

A meteorite came crashing through his roof recently and in the blink of an eye, has transformed him into a millionaire.

The North Sumatraman who makes coffins for a living, has since sold the precious rock from the sky for Dh6,611,760.

When a meteorite that was recently sold for $1.8 million (Dh6,611,760) crashed through his roof, a humble coffin maker in Indonesia became an instant millionaire.

A meteorite worth about £1.4 million crashed through the roof of an Indonesian coffin maker’s house, making him a millionaire.

When the 2.1kg rock smashed through the tin veranda outside Josua Hutagalung’s living room, he was building on a coffin outside his house in the town of Kolang.

After getting over the shock of the noise, the 33-year-old dug into his garden soil and discovered the piece of space debris.

“The noise was so loud that it shook parts of the house. And after looking, I discovered that the house’s tin roof had collapsed,” he told Indonesia’s Kompas newspaper. “The stone was already warm when I raised it.”

Carbonaceous chondrite is an exceptionally rare form of meteorite that is believed to be 4.5 billion years old and worth about £645 per gram.

Mr Hutagalung told The Sun that he sold the meteor to US meteorite specialist Jared Collins, who then sold it to a US buyer, who is currently storing it at Arizona State University’s Centre for Meteorite Studies.

Even though the coffin maker has not specifically stated the exact purchase price, it is believed to be in the region of £1 million. Mr Hutagalung stated that he had saved enough money to retire and that he intends to establish a place of worship in his neighborhood.

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“I’ve really yearned to have a daughter, and I’m hoping this is a sign that I’ll be fortunate enough to have one now,” he said.

“My phone lit up with insane offers for me to jump on a flight and purchase the meteorite,” Mr Collins said. It was smack in the midst of the Covid crisis, and I couldn’t decide whether to buy the rock for myself or collaborate with scientists and dealers in the United States.

“I took as much cash as I could and went searching for Josua, who turns out to be a professional negotiator.”

The man who leads Indonesia’s National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Thomas Djamaluddin, explained to the press that such a big piece falling in a residential neighborhood was unusual. “The bulk of meteorites hit places far from human settlements, such as seas, forests, or deserts.”

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