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The Most Loving and Loyal Dog Breeds

Everybody thinks that their favorite dog breed is the most loyal on Earth. However, some breeds are inherently more loyal than others. If you’re a dog lover or looking to purchase a pup in the future, this list can help you make that choice. Each breed on this list has been rated as among the most loyal and dependable dogs by experts on canines and various breeds on the market today.  These breeds are truly the most loyal that you can find! 

The Helpful Great Pyrenees

Bred as a natural herding dog, the Great Pyrenees is one of the most loyal and friendly dogs that you can find. While they are somewhat reserved at first, they will show loyalty to you and your family that is hard to top. You might not see them cuddling with you that often, but they will do whatever it takes to keep you friendly and happy in your home.

The Rat-Hunting West Highland White Terrier

If you have rats in your home, the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) is a good breed. They will hunt rats and other rodents to destroy them in your dwelling completely. Westies are also among the friendliest and most comfortable to enjoy terriers that you can find. With a highly social personality and a joyful personality, just about anybody can enjoy these unforgettable canine pals.

The Always Loyal Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds have a somewhat intimidating name but are among the most eager to please and to trust dogs that you can find. They are considered “unconditionally loyal” and will go out of their way to do whatever you want them to do. However, they aren’t quite excellent as a watchdog because they are so dang friendly with everybody that they meet! If you have a lot of friends – or children – this trait is a positive, though.

The Cute Welsh Corgi

Although many small dogs aren’t noted for their intelligent, the hard-to-resist Welsh Corgi is an exception. As a herder, they are brilliant, active, and innately loyal. They also make excellent watchdogs and will protect you with their tiny body, no matter what the cost. And their urge to cuddle is just as strong as their need to protect you.

The Loving Labrador Retriever

The ever-loving Lab remains one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their good-natured personality is matched with playfulness and intelligent. They have a unique focus that makes them very easy to train and friendly with many family members. They often blend well with extended families.

The Guarding Pit Bull

Though the Pit Bull has a bad reputation, they make a loyal and friendly pet if trained and socialized at a very young age. The stories of aggressive Pit Bulls come down to mistreatment and lousy socialization. When properly trained, they can be loyal and great, even with kids. Just make sure that you are careful. 

The Spicy Jack Russell Terrier

If you get a Jack Russell Terrier, anticipate an energetic dog who wants to explore the world and take you with them. They are very sharp and notice small changes in their environment almost immediately. And they blend well with other people and dogs, making them an excellent choice for the home. Give them exercise and they can leave for years.

The Unbeatable Beagle

People who love Beagles often find themselves coming back to this breed throughout their entire life. That’s because the Beagle is a loyal, funny, patient, and intelligent breed. They love children, enjoy cuddling, and will play with you for a full day if you indulge them.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Old English Sheepdog

Though bred for herding and other tough jobs, this breed is naturally sweet, loyal, and intelligent. Their breeding makes them quite gentle with children, as well, and have a funny natural herding instinct. If they bump you, they are showing their affection and herding you.

The Kind Golden Retriever

Why is the Golden Retriever still such a popular breed? They are among the kindest and gentlest that you can find. They are great with children and very loyal to their owners. Don’t expect them to scare away intruders, however, as they have amiable personalities.

The Goofy Bulldog

Bulldogs not only look kind of funny but naturally have a very goofy personality. That makes them a favorite for those who simply want to have fun with their dog. However, the Bulldog is also pretty loyal to their owner. While not as fiercely loyal as some on this list, the Bulldog does tend to prefer the company of those people with whom it spends most of its time.

The Funny Mini Pinscher

Though the Mini Pinscher doesn’t quite have a reputation for loyalty as its more significant members, they still love their family and remain very devoted to them. With a very goofy personality and an energetic lifestyle, they are an excellent choice for many dog owners. Fun fact: the Mini Pinscher came before the Doberman and is not a tiny version of that breed!

The Hard-to-Miss Great Dane

Great Danes are among the tallest and most beautiful dogs available. They are taller than just about any other dog and, if standing on their hind legs, may even be taller than you! However, their enormous size is matched with an innate sweetness and loyalty. They are particularly great with kids and love spending time playing with anybody willing to throw them a bone.

The Hard-Working German Shepherd

Working dogs, like the German Shepherd, are naturally loyal. And this pup is no different. They can do many types of work and love staying as active as possible. Shepherds are also typically quite intelligent and protective and will do what they can to keep you safe. Thankfully, they are also quite obedient and can learn to behave quite easily with just a few lessons.

The Stoic Basset Hound

These fun and funny pups have a naturally calm personality that makes them gentle, devoted, and well-behaved in their homes. They love food, so make sure you watch their weight. However, they are very loving and loyal and will cuddle up with you and anyone else who gives them attention.

The Smart Border Collie

Like all Collies, the Border Collie is incredibly smart. And with that intelligence comes a natural friendliness and loyalty that makes them a great dog option. Make sure that you’re ready to spend time with this pup to get the best results.

The Uncommon Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is not one of the best-known dogs in America but has become a little more popular over the years. This popularity is tied to their friendly and kind nature. They are also known for being very dedicated to their owners and capable of incredible acts of protection. Their loyalty has been described as almost fanatical by some.

The Happy Akita

If you’ve ever met an Akita, you know that they are among the happiest and friendliest of all breeds on the market. Their eternal grin should bring warmth and humor to just about anybody’s life. They have been called one of the most loyal and dedicated breeds on the market, as well, and respect the natural structure of your family. 

The Misunderstood Rottweiler

Some people think that this dog is aggressive or mean, but this reputation is entirely unearned. A vast majority of Rottweilers are calm, confident, and loyal to their family. However, their loyalty does make them somewhat aloof with strangers, which may be why many have had a hard time with them. Those who spend time with these dogs will quickly find that, once they warm up to a person, they are as loyal as any dog. 

The Loving Boxer

Don’t let their somewhat striking physical appearance fool you: Boxers are absolute sweethearts. They love spending time with both children and adults and will play for hours if you let them. Bred for guarding, they are very defensive of intruders who they don’t know and will take action if they think you are threatened. That said, they aren’t naturally aggressive but patient and energetic with those who they love.

The Sweet Alaskan Malamute

The term “sweet” is often abused when it comes to describing dog breeds. However, the Alaskan Malamute may be the sweetest dog on the market today. They usually have a big happy grin on their face at all times and a luxurious fur coat that is beautiful and fun to comb. Their level of dedication makes them a great companion for both adults and children alike. 

The Legendary Collie

At one point in time, the Collie was the most popular breed in the world. And while they aren’t as popular as they were during the “Lassie” craze, they remain among the 10 most popular kinds. This popularity comes down to a few facets of their unique character. First, Collies are by far the smartest dogs and the easiest to train. 

The Tough Skye Terrier

Though the Skye Terrier may be small, they are known for their toughness and roughness. They aren’t afraid to get down and dirty when on the hunting trail and will make a great companion for just about any serious hunter. However, they are also known as among the most loyal and devoted dogs but without the kind of snippy behavior that some guard dogs show. 

The Striking Komondor

Though not a breed you see that often, once noticed, you’ll never forget them. Their incredible fur looks like nothing more or less than a mop! And their unique look is matched by loyalty that makes owners turn to this breed time and time again. As a herding and guarding dog, they want to be near you at all times to ensure that you are safe. 

The Foxy Finnish Spitz

Those who want a pet fox often turn to the Finnish Spitz due to their unique resemblance. And they are rewarded with a dog that has fox-like intelligence and a skilled hunting streak. However, they are also among the sweetest and most loyal of all breeds. Get ready to hear a little light music with this breed, too, as they often yodel and yell when they are happy.

The Sharply Intelligent Doberman Pinscher

Movies and television have given the Doberman Pinscher a lousy reputation. Yes, they were raised to be guard dogs and are often quite fierce in film. However, Dobermans have a sweet disposition and loyalty to their families that makes them a great addition to any home. Their breeding has made them one of the smartest of all dog breeds: some have reported individual Dobermans learning how to open doors! 

The Ever-Popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The long and flowing fur of this breed has transformed them into one of the most popular dog options on the market today. They are as loyal as they are cute and follow you wherever you go. And they love cuddling on the laps of just about anybody that they love. Often, they choose one person to become their most trusted human and will do anything to protect them. That said, they can become great family dogs.

The Massive Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is infamously one of the largest of all dogs and were famous for their rescuing abilities in the Swiss Alps. They could find people in the mountains, help to pull them where they needed to go, and alert rescuers of their presence. In a home off the mountains, though, they retain a sense of loyalty that makes them beloved. Naturally sweet and loving, they are patient with even the most persistent and potentially annoying child in a house. 

The Grinning Samoyed

This breed has been getting famous online lately for its strikingly beautiful white fur and its incredible grin. Few breeds look as naturally friendly as the Samoyed, and their appearance matches their personality. Smart and loving, the Samoyed is as loyal to its owner as any other dog on this list. Some even whine or shed tears when their favorite humans leave the house. 

The Always Scouting German Wirehaired Pointer

As a hunting dog, the German Wire haired Pointer will find your game and point it out to you without fail. Their breeding not only makes them great at hunting but has proven them to be as dedicated as any other pup you can find for your hunting needs. Naturally sweet, they form a quick bond with anybody in your family. As a result, you can come home from a hunting trip with your Wirehair Pointer and watch them cuddle.

The Hilarious Dachshund

The world-famous “wiener dog” often has a unique effect on its owners. Many people say that once you go dachshund, you never go back to another breed. That’s because dachshunds are fiercely loyal and defensive and make perfect lap dogs. They love sitting as close to you as possible, want to snuggle with you at night, and have been known to lick away tears when owners cry. 

The Hunting-Ready Rhodesian Ridgeback

This lean and energetic dog is an excellent choice for a hunter who wants a hound that will never leave their side. The Rhodesian has been bred to be reliable, sweet, focused on the hunt, and ready to do whatever their owner asks. They are also quite intelligent, which means that they learn your commands almost immediately and perform them on the first command. 

The Energetic Brittany

Those who want an active sports dog often turn to the lovable and unforgettable Brittany. What few don’t realize is the sheer intelligence of these dogs and their loyalty. Their dedication to learning tricks is just an extension of their innate commitment to their owners. They want to show off to make you proud and will do pretty much anything you ask of them whenever you ask. 

The Jumbo Giant Schnauzer

Most people think of schnauzers as tiny dogs, but this breed is a large herding dog that has an inherent loyalty and dedication to their owners. Bred to form quick bonds with human herding partners, they are intelligent and love spending time with their human family. Their herding instincts may find them trying to get everybody in the house together in one room. 

The Dependable Newfoundland

Those who want a big, fluffy, loyal, and funny companion should get themselves a Newfoundland as soon as possible. Their natural temperament is quite friendly, and they love kids. They are known to protect their families from any dangers that may come their way and can be quite funny in their desperate attempts to get between you and the pizza delivery person.

The Friendly Shetland Sheepdog

If you love bigger dogs with a lot of fur and with a love of adventure in their bones, you may want to a Shetland Sheepdog. They have an easygoing personality and are among the friendliest breeds you can find. They rarely, if ever, turn their nose up at anybody and love spending time with their pack humans. But if push comes to shove, they are loyal to their owners and will do anything for them. 

The Adorable Chihuahua

These tiny and adorable pups often get a bad rap from many. Some think that they are mean or aggressive, but they are merely shy and incredibly loyal. They don’t warm up to people very quickly, but when they do, they are friends for life. That’s why so many people find themselves practically obsessed with their Chi. Yes, they may bark at everyone else in your home, but that’s only because they’re trying to protect you.



A Homemade Bench Shows up the Local Government





Sometimes a person just has to take matters into his own hands.

Today, a simple but powerful bench is located on a particular street in the town of A Estrada, Spain. The bench is nothing in terms of anything fancy, but the story behind it makes the outdoor furniture very unique.

A Couple Just Wanted to Keep Up Daily Walks

The carpenter who crafted the wooden bench was a former lathe craftsman. However, years after his career, he realized in his 80s both he and his wife needed a simple place to sit as they walked back and forth when going for a daily walk. Walking has been strongly advised for seniors worldwide in terms of keeping their mobility and mental acuity, but for Manuel Souto and his wife, Maria, things were getting a bit harder due to her osteoarthritis. Simply put, walking was becoming more difficult.

A simple bench along the normal walkway would have made a big difference, so Manuel pitched to the local city council a request for benches to be installed. Unfortunately, the council wasn’t interested in the idea and refused. So, Manuel decided to solve the problem himself.

Solving a Problem the Old-Fashioned Way

In about 30 minutes or so, according to Manuel, he was able to craft the bench. With some wood, a home saw and a bit of creativity, Manuel shaped, cut, formed and finished a working bench that could sit at least two people in a sturdy fashion without any concern. Of course, in hindsight, the bench could have used a bit more work and some protective veneer, but the assembly did the job. So, with the approval of the local shop owner, Manuel had the bench installed outside right on the Suotos daily walking path.

Maria loved the bench. As soon as she saw the outdoor furniture and realized it’s purpose, she turned and gave Manuel a big hug and kiss. Of course, being a public bench, the Soutos aren’t the only ones using the town bench. Many locals love it as well as visitors. However, Manuel has made it clear the bench should be made available to seniors as first priority. Of course, his methods are simplistic as they are direct; he left the message on the bench with a permanent marker pen.

No Ramifications

The council might have been a put off a bit by the upstaging Manuel pulled off, but they haven’t reacted with much more. Manuel jokes he could be arrested, but then somebody would have to provide him with his smoking tobacco. Overall though, people have been quite positive about the whole affair. And, no surprise, Manuel has gotten repeated requests for more benches. Unfortunately, he’s not interested in starting a whole new career at 82. Manuel is quite happy with the one that he shares with his wife on their walks.

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Hero Risks Life to Save Drowning Woman — and They Fall in Love!

Danielle S



When Nupur Gupta waded into the Arabian Sea off the balmy beaches that speckle Goa’s coastline, she did not know what was about to happen. Gupta had been visiting Goa, India, for a two-week vacation retreat for yoga enthusiasts. It was early 2019 and the weather was warm, bright, and balmy. At the time, Goa’s beaches were brimming with a warm glow while the sea beckoned Gupta in. What could go wrong?

By the time that Gupta realized she had been pulled out to sea, it had become too late. Gupta says to CNN Travel, “I tried not to panic.” Or at least that was what she thought. Instead, a figure appeared in the water and her life was saved.

Miracle and the Sea

Goa is located on the southwestern coast of India, geographically located within the region we know as Konkan. Goa has a huge international tourism sector that continues to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to the beautiful white-sand beaches and rich natural wonders surrounding the region. For Nupur Gupta, a visit to Goa meant an escape from her grind and a chance to refresh at a yoga retreat. It also meant that she would come close to drowning at sea.

When Gupta realized that she had been pulled too far from shore to easily swim back, she had to stop herself from panicking. Taking deep breaths, Gupta shifted her focus toward incremental progress. “If I constantly and with consistency keep swimming… I might make it.”

By the time that Gupta realized the error in her thought process, it was too late. Her arms were failing and her strength was going with it. As she began to crawl back to shore through the waves, the current kept dragging her back, pushing her further away from the surface.

It was at this moment when it would have been so easy to give up, that a miracle manifested. Gupta said of that moment, “Then I saw this man coming towards me.”

Meet Attila Bosnyak

Attila Bosnyak had been visiting India from his home in the Netherlands. A financial adviser comfortably in his forties, Bosnyak was also a student at the yoga retreat that Gupta had been attending. A strong swimmer and apparently an alert one as well, Bosnyak saw Gupta’s struggle and dove into the waves after her.

As Bosnyak neared Gupta, he felt the waves get stronger with the current. Despite his lack of fear, he was still struggling. It was at the last moment that Bosnyak struck out his arm. Gupta says of that moment, “He came very close to me but just about that time, I was pulled in by the ocean.”

Bosnyak knew he wasn’t strong enough to haul Gupta back to shore. Trying to remain as calm as possible, Bosnyak would help Gupta swim to a cluster of rocks nearby. They figured that they could climb onto the rocks and hold on for dear life while waiting for a lifeguard to notice. The process was rocky and Gupta thought several times that her savior might lose his way, but they eventually made it.

After making it to the rock, Bosnyak climbed atop before pulling Gupta after him. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before a lifeguard saw them atop the rocks. It was around this time that Bosnyak realized he had been covered in bloody scratches from holding onto Gupta and the rocks.

Once they returned to shore, Gupta and Bosnyak would spend time together. Gupta would run to a nearby store where she’d get disinfectant and, randomly, chocolate ice cream to share. Bosnyak says, “I think that was the magic moment.”

Bosnyak and Gupta would end up traveling the world, visiting Bosnyak’s family in the Netherlands, before officially getting married on March 21, 2020.

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Couple Adopts Deaf Norfolk Sheepdog And Trains Her With Sign Language

Amanda J



Oftentimes you hear that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but this sheepdog you’re about to learn about proved that adage wrong.

Nothing is impossible when an individual or an animal in this case is determined to accomplish it and this dog has achieved a major feat.

When a sheepdog could no longer hear and lost her ability to assist with farm work, she was surrendered to the RSPCA. The dog was taught a kind of sign language, allowing her to “resume the job she loved very much.”

In 2018, a charity team member went ahead and adopted Peggy who is a collie. The woman’s husband works as a shepherd in Norfolk.

The couple started the lengthy process of teaching Peggy to herd via the use of hand signals instead of the typical voice commands.

Along with the couple’s two other pets, Peggy is now living part-time with them.

Peggy was a “bright and successful sheepdog,” however she ended up losing the ability to hear and therefore her potential to communicate with her handler, according to the RSPCA.

The Mid and North Norfolk branches of the charity received the dog from a farmer. The eight-year-old dog ended up where animal welfare manager Chloe Shorten served.

It was just before Christmas that Peggy headed home to dwell with the Shortens as well as their two additional sheep dogs who worked on the farm because there was no space in the kennels.

Mrs Shorten said, they were aware that Peggy wanted to work, so they began the extended procedure of instructing the dog being able to herd and toil alongside a shepherd with no need to depend on vocal commands.

They began by instructing her to recognize hand gestures by looking at us.

Instead of combining a verbal order with an activity, they’d utilize a physical hand gesture, the author said.

Peggy learned to read hand signs and body language with the aid of a sheepdog teacher.

Mrs Shorten said the process took time, and Peggy had to understand that they love her – and comprehend when they were praising her.

She explained that giving a thumbs up meant “nice girl.”

Although the collie is basically retired, she still works with Mrs Shorten’s husband on occasion. Peggy is required to don a GPS bracelet during play time because she races around so fast and is unable to hear when her owners beckon her to return.

Mrs Shorten said, it’s wonderful to look at Peggy having this new focus on life and loving her life with her family.

She added that Peggy is evidence that an old dog can learn new tricks and is a perfect example of a dog’s capability – even if they happen to lose any of their senses.

Meanwhile, Peggy continues to work happily on the farm as though she never lost her hearing. Additionally, it appears that retirement is just a word because she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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As Penguin Population Drops, Island Residents Send in Dogs to Save the Day





Middle island is a rocky outcropping just off the southwestern shores of Victoria, Australia. Located a short drive away from the city of Warrnambool, Middle Island would quickly gain a reputation for its teeming wildlife population. More specifically, Middle Island became a national point of pride thanks to the many breeding colonies of Eudyptula Minor and Ardenna Tenuirostris located on the property.

Due to its close proximity to the shore, Middle Island has become particularly beholden to predators during its low tide. Foxes and stray dogs have increasingly found the island to utilize it as a source of food, killing hundreds of penguins along the way. As a result of this dramatic and steep decline in the population of penguins on Middle Island, the Maremma Sheepdog project would come to fruition.

Meet the Little Penguins of Middle Island

The smallest known species of penguin, the Little Penguin — or Korora — reaches an average height of 13 inches and an average length of 17 inches. Found throughout Southern Australia as well as New Zealand, the Little Penguin has been calling Middle Island its home for more than 30 years when thousands of little animals covered the area.

As natural predators made their way to Middle Island, it was clear that the penguin population could not sustain itself against their onslaughts. Low tide would become synonymous with chaos and residents in the area knew that the penguins wouldn’t last forever if the issue were not addressed. Rather than simply watching as the penguins were eradicated by predators, locals decided to get involved with the Maremma Sheepdog Project.

Protecting Penguins: Mission for the Maremma Sheepdog

Major problems often require creative solutions and that is exactly how the Maremma Sheepdog project came to life. A local chicken farmer by the name of Allan Marsh would go on to suggest that the Maremma breed be used to protect local penguin colonies. This breed of dog had long been used for the protection and transportation of livestock, so the plan made sense from the beginning. Marsh would go on to say, “There was a penguin colony constantly being marauded by foxes.”

Maremmas have been bred for centuries as livestock guardians indigenous throughout Italy, particularly Southern Italy’s Tuscany region. Marsh would take his suggestion to the Warrnambool City Council, and it was that governing body that would approve a month-long trial. Marsh would complete the trial by pointing out, “The presence of the dogs kept foxes from going on the island.”

Ever since the project was first established, the penguin population has continued to surge in response. From potential threat of extinction to fully protected colonies, there are now close to 200 Little Penguins on the island and county with breeding occurring every season. Trish Corbett would head the Middle Island Penguin Project and opine, “We know the dogs work — it’s fantastic.”

While the Maremmano Sheep Dog has become a savior for penguins in Middle Island, they continue to perform as admirable livestock guardians throughout Central and Southwestern Italy.

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95-year-old Veteran Gets Surprise Parade For His Birthday

Liz L




These days, living to retirement has been eluding many, whether because of a pandemic, chronic illness, car accident, and all the different factors that have been shortening the life expectancy of many.

Therefore, it is a big deal when some can live to see their 95th birthday and be in their right frame of mind to enjoy it and express their appreciation.

That was the case for a senior citizen recently who got the surprise of his life when the entire town celebrated his special day with him uniquely and beautifully, leaving him in awe.

Just over a year ago, Vermont was planning for an extraordinary shutdown due to a pandemic that shook the world to its core. It was on March 7, 2020, the date of Jim Hasson’s 94th birthday.

Now, one year later, things were looking up on Sunday, the Cavendish man’s ninety-fifth birthday. He’d just had his second dose of COVID-19 vaccine and sat in a chair lounging in the vicinity of Main Street under a chilly light blue sky.

Those inside waved, honked, and shouted birthday greetings as a surprise convoy consisting of over fifty fire units, police cars, and passenger vehicles drove by where he was seated.

Some people attired in masks, pulled up to salute Hasson and deliver treats and cards to the elderly veteran. Hasson’s smile could be seen right through his mask.

Despite his age, Mr. Hasson has an amazing sense of humor and is able to find humor in most situations.

Mr. Hasson joked that if he had known reaching age ninety-five would have been such a pleasure, he would have definitely hit that milestone eons ago and that he isn’t used to being in the spotlight, but it was a memorable day for him.

Last spring, Seven Days met the retired plumber, a World War II, and Vietnam War veteran, at the dwelling he and one of his sons shared at the cul-de-sac of an extended dirt road.

Hasson was feeling pretty down without the phone, TV, or the meals he shared with friends at a Senior Center in Woodstock.

He was positively giddy throughout a phone interview on Monday. He thought about the birthday parade and the scores of greeting cards that had been presented to him.

Three of his four daughters, as well as his toddler great-granddaughter, who resides in Martha’s Vineyard, attended the gathering.

Mr. Hasson continued his wit by saying, “If one desires to be a hero, the trick is to outlive everyone else,” laughing at his own joke. He’s definitely anticipating being released from the COVID-19 shut down one of these days, and he’s relieved to have made it this far.

Every day was an adventure, Hasson said as he reflected on his time in the military and as a country plumber in the Cavendish region.

It is clear that he plans to hit the ground running soon because he not only got both his vaccines but also began hanging out in the vicinity of the roadway.

Those are clear indicators that the 95-year-old man plans to live to be a century-old and have fun while doing so.

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