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This Couple Gave Birth to Beautiful Twins

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When Jaqi and Kevin Clements welcomed their twins to the world in late 2010, they had no idea what future was waiting for them. While every parent believes that their child is the most precious thing in the world (and they are always right!), Jaqi and Kevin were amazed by how effusive compliments were from strangers! As it turns out, not even these loving parents could predict what was to come! Let’s get to know the twin daughters that are taking over the internet!

Two Welcome Surprises At Once

Whether you are welcoming your first child to the world or your fourth, there is something truly magical about becoming a new parent. When Jaqi and Kevin Clements started down the path toward having their second child, they had no idea what was in store for them. We don’t blame them!

A Celebration Of Love

As it turns out, the odds of having identical twins are exceedingly long. In fact, the odds of having identical twins are just 3 in 1,000. When Jaqi and Kevin learned that they were pregnant with twins, they were quick to get the word out. After all, it isn’t every day that you learn you are having twins!

Meet Leah Rose and Ava Marie

Meet Ava Marie and Leah Rose, the newest members of the Clements family. Right from the beginning, Jaqi and Kevin knew that they had been blessed with the most adorable children that anyone could have asked for. Even though every parent swears that they have the cutest children, we certainly don’t blame Jaqi and Kevin for thinking they are right!

Too Cool For School

Jaqi was thrilled at the idea of putting together cute matching outfits for her baby girls. At the time, Jaqi had no idea that her adorable daughters would turn into the biggest young models in the entertainment industry. As you’ll soon find out, Jaqi was more than a bit prophetic in a number of ways!

Born on July 7

The twins were born on July 7, 2010. When Jaqi went into labor, there was concern that she was giving birth to the twins too soon. The twins would end up being welcome to the world almost an entire month premature! Despite their early entrance, the twins were completely healthy and without complication.

No Concerns For Early Birth

Premature births can happen for a variety of different reasons. While we tend to lump all pregnancies into the traditional 9-month bracket, that isn’t the timeline that every mother will follow. Ava and Leah ended up being a month early and without any complication. Jaqi said that her children were just ‘fearless’ and ready to get started!

A Family of Happy Siblings

Anytime that you add a new member to the family, jealousy can begin to creep in. Fortunately for Jaqi and Kevin, their first child, Chase, was ready to welcome his sisters to their home. Rather than competing for mom and dad’s attention, the children got along like the best of friends.

Stars of the Show

It didn’t take long for the Clements to realize that Leah Rose and Ava Marie were both future superstars. The twins sported identical features that were perfectly symmetrical. You didn’t have to be a talent agent to realize that Ava and Leah both possessed something special. Were the twins just cute or were they future superstar potential?

A Mother’s Hesitation

While Jaqi knew without a doubt that she had adorable children, she was afraid to embrace the potential career paths that came with the territory. Jaqi knew that her twins could be amazing models for child-appropriate endeavors, but did she want to send them down that path? Would her daughters resent not having a traditional childhood?

Beginning their Careers

In the end, Jaqi’s concerns were all for naught. Rather than thrusting her children into the spotlight, Jaqi chose to carefully grow her children’s careers with the help of Kevin and Chase. It was important to Kevin and Jaqi that their children be comfortable, happy, and able to pursue the careers that they dreamed about, but only in a safe way.

Mom Helps With Photographs

To make it easy for Ava and Leah to chase their modeling careers, Jaqi decided to act as a manager and photographer. Jaqi had already begun to turn down modeling agencies that had an interest in her children. Jaqi wasn’t in love with the idea of strangers taking control of her children’s career, so Jaqi led the way.

A Normal Childhood

While Ava and Leah had plenty of early promise, Jaqi and Kevin still wanted their children to have a regular childhood. After all, Ava and Leah were just as happy going to school and hanging out with their brother as they were modeling for Instagram. Did this mean that Jaqi had made a mistake by pursuing a modeling career for her daughters?

Turning Agencies Away 

As most models know, making it in the industry requires a lot of luck, a tremendous amount of talent, and the help of a professional agency. With Ava and Leah, all of the components for success were there. Was Jaqi making a huge mistake by spurning the advances of the agencies in their area?

Were Jaqi and Kevin Choosing Right

While Jaqi and Kevin wrestled with their decision, their twins continued to grow into wonderful young children. The Clements quickly realized that they had made the right choice. There was nothing wrong with waiting for their daughters to grow up a bit before pursuing a career under the public spotlight.

Making Decisions as a Family

After giving it some thought, Jaqi would tell the interested agencies that they were not interested — yet. Jaqi wanted to give her children some input on these decisions. In fact, Jaqi and Kevin wanted to make decisions as a family. The Clements realized that they were in a unique position, and they wanted to do everything together.

The Importance of Intuition

In her heart of hearts, Jaqi realized that Ava and Leah had future superstar potential. However, Jaqi didn’t want to become the kind of ‘momager’ that so many horror stories have been written about. If Ava and Leah wanted to model, she would support them. If Ava and Leah didn’t want to model, that was fine, too.

Starting Small With Their Career

In order to get the best of both worlds, Jaqi and the twins would begin modeling small-scale photoshoots from the comfort of their own home. This was a way for the twins to experience modeling without the pressures of a third-party present. The twins would showcase some serious skill right from the beginning!

Working for the Neighbors

After taking a few photos, Jaqi and Kevin struck up a conversation with their neighbor. Their neighbors owned a boutique clothing line and had been interested in hiring the twins. As the Clements knew their neighbors, this felt like the right way to approach growing their careers. Before Jaqi and Kevin knew it, their daughters had scored a gig!

First Professional Gig for a Clothing Line

Working for the boutique clothing line ended up being a rewarding experience for the Clements. Ava and Leah showed off their photogenic smiles while Jaqi got to watch her children have fun. While the first photoshoot was far from perfect, it was definitely a step in the right direction for the family.

Landing Professional Reputation was the Next Step

Ironically enough, Jaqi and Kevin realized that they were going to need professional reputation to get their family where they wanted to go. After enduring several years of agencies knocking down their door, the Clements were finally ready to start answering. Even though the Clements had turned agents down before, it didn’t take long for them to come knocking again!

Some Early Struggles Impart Important Wisdom

The first photoshoot for the neighbors didn’t go exactly as they had planned it. The twins loved the camera, though they lacked experience. The twins would bump into one another and even lose track of what they were doing. At the end of the day, kids will be kids and Jaqi saw that they were learning.

The Twins Land Their Agent!

Knowing that they needed an agency to progress, Jaqi put in a word with a number of major companies in the region. In the end, Zuri Model & Talent, as well as DreamRay Model & Talent, would both end up calling the Clements! Jaqi and Kevin had to juggle both agents as they sought out work.

Developing an Online Fanbase

The key to success in entertainment is to always be working on your craft. While Jaqi and Kevin waited for auditions for their children, they developed their brand via Instagram. Jaqi would share photos and videos of her family and their careers while using hashtags to foster growth within the community.

Becoming Instagram Superstars

The first image on the ‘clementstwins’ Instagram would show up in July 2017. It didn’t take long for Jaqi to realize that her twins were tapping in on a booming market. Before long, the ClementsTwins Instagram account had more than 3,000 followers! At this point in time, other agencies were coming out of the woodwork to contact the twins.

Getting In On the Family Fun

As industry professionals continued to contact the family, the Clements realized that they had unique opportunities available to them! Chase had never been jealous of the success that his sisters were having, but he had shown an interest in modeling. Pretty soon, Chase was beginning to book his own photoshoots!

Learning the ‘Art’ of Instagram

Jaqi was no social media marketing professional, so she had concerns that the twins weren’t getting the most out of their Instagram profile. Still, Jaqi used hashtags, comments, and her own posting schedule to ensure continued growth on the social media platform. Today, the ClementsTwins Instagram account has more than 1.6 million followers!

The Twins Enjoyed Support From Their Brother

While it would have been understandable for Chase to hold a grudge against his soon-to-be-famous sisters, he reacted with positivity instead. Perhaps spurred on by how positive his parents were, Chase quickly acclimated to the family’s success. Instead of getting upset at not getting all the attention, Chase got in on the fun by supporting the family whenever he could.

Jaqi Shares the Family’s Story

As the family gained momentum in the modeling world, Jaqi took to the internet to share her story. Jaqi would blog about the adventures that her twins were going on. Jaqi also used her platform to discuss her family and all of the concerns that came with growing in the harsh light of public adoration.

What Does the Future Have In Store

After signing a deal with two separate agents, the twins were off to the races. Auditions seemed to come quicker than anyone had imagined. In fact, Jaqi would get the same audition details from multiple agents, thus meaning she had to pick and choose. Who knew that fostering a career in modeling was so chaotic?

Chase Begins His Modeling Career

While Chase was the last member of the family to leap into the modeling world, he didn’t take very long to catch up. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, Chase was signed to L.A. Models. Now, Chase has his own Instagram platform with nearly 81k followers! You can visit the Instagram account ‘Cut2ThisChase’ to see what the young model has been up to!

Success Runs in the Family

With her children well on their way to stardom, Jaqi and Kevin would take some time to grow their own brands. After all, parents in L.A. have to be just as on-the-ball as their star children. Kevin and Jaqi would start sharing their own branded content online with a unique focus on health and fitness as a married couple.

Mom & Dad Start Promoting Health and Fitness

While Jaqi and Kevin loved the success that their model children were having, they knew that there was more to the world than just fame. Using their new platforms of fame, Kevin and Jaqi would begin to promote health and wellness. Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis would have Kevin stepping away from the gym. However, good news seems to be on the horizon as Kevin was recently discharged with an optimistic diagnosis!

Meet the McClure Twins

In the modeling world, photogenic twins are kind of like unicorns. So, when you can get two amazing sets of modeling twins together, you know you are in for some magic. Here we see the Clements twins and the McClure twins posing for a publication together. Ava and Alexis have 2 million followers on Instagram, and they’ve been named on the Forbes Top 10 Influencer list.

Chase and Dad Share Common Bonds

It was important to Jaqi and Kevin that their children had a life outside of their fame. Kevin and Chase love to share their passion for sports together whenever the opportunity avails itself. When Kevin and Chase have time, they like to take in football games together. Chase and Kevin also like to get out and spend quality time in the great outdoors.

Mom and the Twins Happily Work Together

While Chase and Kevin are watching football games, Leah, Ava, and Jaqi are doing things on their own. Ava and Leah are just as close to their mom as you would expect. Jaqi uses the closeness of her family to make sure that her children are always taken care of and protected from the more predatory aspects of life in the modeling industry.

Keeping Their Family Grounded

In fact, Kevin and Jaqi made it a priority to keep their entire family grounded despite the fame that had been coming their way. Jaqi has taken firm control of the social media outlets that her children appear on, thus putting herself between her children and the cutthroat online world. Jaqi has already made it clear that she will not be relinquishing control until her children are old and mature enough to handle the responsibility.

The Makeup Controversy

As with anything, Jaqi and Kevin had their detractors. A vocal minority of followers would frequently attack Jaqi and Kevin for allowing their children to wear makeup. Jaqi would defend her position by pointing out how little makeup her children are allowed to use as well as how important makeup is to the industry. What do you think? Would you allow your children to wear light and natural makeup for a photoshoot?

Photographs Alone Are Rare

Even though Ava and Leah could work alone as models, this rarely ever happens. When you do see one of the girls in a photoshoot alone, that is a rare exception. Instead, Jaqi knows that her daughters like to work together. It was how Ava and Leah learned to model and it clearly is working out for them!

What Does the Future Have In Store?

Still only 11-years-old, the Clements twins have their entire lives waiting for them! Will Ava and Leah continue to model as they grow older? Or will the twins turn away from a life of fame? We don’t know what the future has in store for the Clements, but they have plenty of exciting options to choose from!



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