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Twenty Amazing and Rarely Seen Historic Photos

Sarrah M




Taking photographs is a way to preserve history. It is an art of memory keeping. Historic photos provide us with a chance to travel down memory lane. They give us a chance to look at life from the eyes of historic figures and to understand their lives. The following are some amazing historic photos.

The Man Who Refused to Salute the Nazi

This photo was taken on June 13, 1936 in Germany. It shows August Landmesser, a 26 year old that refused to salute the Nazi. He crosses his hands in defiance as other people give the Nazi a salute. Landmesser was engaged to a Jewish lady which was a serious crime for members of the Nazi party.

Grotto In an Iceberg

This photo was taken during the British Antarctic Expedition. The photo shows the ‘Terra Nova’ from inside the Grotto formed by an iceberg as it turned. The photo was taken by Ponting and presented to King George V in 1914.

106 year old Armenian Woman Guarding Her Home

This photo shows an Armenian woman holding an AK 47. She is sitting outside her home guarding it. It was taken in 1990 in a conflict called the Nagorno-Karabakh War. At least 20, 000 people died during the war.

The First Woodstock in 1969

The photo shows a big crowd gathered for the first gathering of Woodstock in 1969. The Woodstock festival was a three-day-and night event that brought the community together. Even though there had been similar festivals before, none of them ever attracted such a big crowd.

Elvis Presley In The Army

Most of Elvis Presley’s fans do not know that he was in the army. This photo shows him in his army uniform. Presley received his basic army training in Texas. When he completed his service, he got back into music and attracted an older fanbase.

Baby In a Cage

This photo taken in the 1940s in London shows a baby placed in a cage at the top of a building. At that time it was common practice for people to keep their kids in a cage to receive some air and sunlight without crawling away.

Three Men In The First Modern Olympic Games

This photo shows three men running in the first Olympics marathon of the modern era. It was taken in 1896 in Athens. The competition was the first successful attempt to to bring back the game after Roman Emperor Theodosius 1 banned it.

Mother hides her face Ashamed For Putting Her Children Up For Sale

The photo shows a woman and her four children. It was taken in Chicago in 1948. She has a sign in her yard saying ‘4 children for sale. Inquire within.’ The mother looks away band tries to shield her face from the camera.

Marilyn Monroe as a Teenager

The photo shows a young Marilyn Monroe. The actress has just entered her teenage years and her beauty is already evident. Monroe grew to be one of the most beautiful women of all time.

Elvis Presley’s First Recording Session

Elvis Presley was one of the most influential musicians of his time. This photo taken in January 1956 shows Presley with his guitar as he makes his first album. He was producing the album ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ which became number one.

German Children Playing With Stacks of Money During The Hyperinflation Period of The Weimer Republic

Germany was hit by a terrible case of inflation after the First World War. The German currency became almost useless. In this photo, children appear to be playing with stacks of money using it as Lego bricks.

Einstein on The Beach

The photo taken in 1939 gives us a chance to see Einstein away from the seriousness of physics and mathematics that he is known for. Albert Einstein is sitting on a rock dressed in slippers and a pair of shorts. It was taken by David Rotham.

The Last Image of The Titanic

This is the last known photo of the Titanic afloat. It was taken in 1912. It was taken during the Titanic’s maiden voyage at Crosshaven, Ireland. The Titanic sank three days after this photo was taken. 1514 people died in the tragedy.

General Ambrose Burnside who had unusual facial hairstyle that gave sideburns their name

General Ambrose Burnside was an American soldier, inventor, politician, and railroad executive. Aside from his achievements, Burnside was known for his unusual facial hair. The general had unique style for his facial hair and this photo captures it perfectly.

Bob Marley on the Beach With Miss World 1976, Cindy Breakspeare

Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, miss world 1976, appear to be posing for a photo. Cindy Breakspeare was Damien Marley’s mother. They appear to be having a good time at the beach dressed in casual clothing.

Fritz, a celebrity bulldog, getting a shave from a California Barber

This photo was taken in April 1961. Fritz was a popular television celebrity dog. In the photo, the dog appears to have a confused look as a California barber gives him a shave.

Attorney at Law, Mohandas Gandhi, 1893

Mohandas Gandhi was a young Indian activist who protested the British- imposed salt tax. There are not too many photos of him. In this photo taken in 1893, Gandhi appears relaxed. He appears to be posing for the photo.

Benjamin, the last Tasmanain Tiger at Beaumaris Zoo 1993

Benjamin was the last living Tasmanian tiger. This photo was taken in Beaumaris Zoo . The animal was native to Tasmania, New Guinea, and Continental Australia. The breed became extinct in the 20th century.

The Eiffel Tower Under Construction

The photo offers a view of the Eiffel Tower while it was being constructed. It was taken in Paris in the 1880s. The Eiffel Tower is now one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. It was completed and opened to the public in 1889.

Charlie Chaplin Without Makeup

Most of Charlie Chaplin’s photo shows him with makeup. This rare photo of him without makeup shows him in his younger days. Charlie is still remembered by people all over the world years after his death. He is one of the best comedians of all time.

In August of 1997, the world mourned the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. As the “Queen of People’s Hearts,” Diana spent her Royal life befriending the sick, helping the poor and educating her two young sons, William and Harry, about real life outside palace walls. 

Upon her death, floral shops in the UK were emptied of products as people paid their respects by laying hundreds of thousands of flowers, cards, and photographs at the gates of Kensington Palace.

Known as “Tank Man,” this 1989 photograph depicts an unidentified male standing up to the Chinese military who had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests just the day before. By standing in front of a moving tank and opposing the Chinese military’s mission, the man said so much with no words at all.

While Italy is popularly known as a place of wining, dining, and romance, the canals still need to be drained and cleaned. A photographer captured this image of workmen doing just that in Venice during the summer of 1956.

When most people think of Mickey Mouse, they usually envision a cartoon — not a gas mask. As regular-looking gas masks sometimes frightened children, Disney made Mickey Mouse gas masks for children starting in 1942, just before the onset of World War II.

Fearing gas attacks, mothers contemplated how to safely get about with their children. In 1938, this photo captures a woman pushing a baby stroller made to protect children from gas. She, too, is also wearing a gas mask.

At the Reich Chancellery, fifty feet below the streets of Berlin hid Adolf Hitler’s bunker and the command center conference room in which he took his own life by gunshot on April 30, 1945. With him was his wife of one day, Eva Braun, who killed herself by taking a cyanide capsule.

Tragedy struck America on November 22, 1963, when the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated while sitting in the backseat of an open-top car and greeting the public in Dallas, TX during a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza. In the crowd was an unidentified woman who appears to have photographed the president at the moment the first shots were fired. To this day, no one knows her identity and what evidence, if any, she obtained of the President’s assassination. She has become known as the Babushka Lady for the scarf she wore, which was similar to the attire worn by elderly Russian women.

At the funeral of John F. Kennedy, his three-year-old son, John F. Kennedy Jr. touched and surprised the world when, as his father’s coffin went by, saluted the man who was his father.

A sailor, happy to finally be home from war after fighting Japan, appeared in LIFE Magazine after he scooped an unknown white-uniformed nurse into his arms for a passionate, back-bending kiss while thousands of people swarmed Times Square on August 14, 1945.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is an American landmark located in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, and proudly displays the faces of four previous United States Presidents — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Sculptor and designer Gutzon Borglum began construction on the 60-foot-high carvings on October 4th, 1927, and finished his masterpiece four and a half years later.

If you have a fear of heights, maybe casually having lunch 850 feet above the ground while working on the Rockefeller Center isn’t your cup of tea. But that’s exactly what these men did while working on the site in the 1930s, showing that not only New York but America as well, was still persevering, still striving, and still working.

No group was bigger in the 21st century than The Beatles. However, John Lennon, one of the band’s four members, became even more well-known after his tragic murder on December 6, 1980. At 5:00 p.m., just hours before his murder, Lennon kindly signed an autograph for his killer — Mark David Chapman. At 10:49 p.m. after returning home to the Dakota located in New York City, Chapman fired five shots at the singer as he walked by. The musician tragically died of multiple gunshot wounds, external and internal hemorrhaging and shock.

In 1967, Vladimir Kamarov, a Russian cosmonaut, plummeted to earth in a botched spaceship low on fuel, with no working parachutes, and poor construction. He hit the earth’s surface at the speed of a meteorite, turning his body into molten remains upon impact.

Left. No right. Which one is it? On September 3, 1967, Swedish traffic switched sides and motorists began driving on the right-hand side of the road instead of the left as they were used to. Unfamiliarity hit with a mighty blow as this image captures chaos and confusion on a Swedish road.

Nikola Tesla, a man of wonder and genius who lit up the World’s Fair with electricity in Chicago during 1893, is seen working in his lab.


Eight Year Old Makes Shocking Discovery During Snow Day

Sarrah M



During the first snowfall of the season, kids are especially excited to go outside and play in the snow. During the first snowfall in October, an eight year old made a shocking discovery when he went outside of her home to play.

Snow in mid October in Trondheim, Norway, is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, it snows quite a bit there and since the first snow had fallen, children started going outside to begin the tradition of building snowmen and partaking in snowball fights.

After a day of playing in the snow with his friends, an eight year old was headed home. It was cold and he was trying to warm up his hands that were wet from playing in the snow all day long. When he walked by the local football field, he saw something sticking out of the snow. It turned out to be a local girl named Silje Redergard, who was five years old. She was half covered by the snow and mostly naked.

The boy recognizing the girl and ran to tell her parents what he had discovered. They didn’t believe him, but followed him back to the scene. The police had now cordoned off the area and no one could get through in order to see what was happening. Due to the state of the young girl, her parents were then driven to the police station for questioning. Police had to rule them out as suspects since suspicion in a case like this usually will fall on close family members.

The parents were ruled out as suspects, but who committed the crime? The parents could not get the image out of their head. The mother, Breathe, had heard that a neighbor had tried to resuscitate the little girl before the police had arrived. She went over to thank her for trying to save her daughter. In a shocking twist of fate, it turns out Breathe was actually about to meet her daughter’s killer.

The woman who tried to save Silje had done so because she said it was her young son that had killed her. The young boy said that he had thought Silje was sleeping and had jumped on her. He had also removed her clothes because he thought she was sleeping.

The police later revealed that Silje had gone out to play with two local boys that she had played with before. Even though the children had all played together before, something happened with the boys and they kicked, punched and threw stones at Silje where she was then left to freeze in the snow. The boys were too young to prosecute and no one has been able to figure out what lead the boys to start beating Silje in the first place. They believe the attack escalated by them beating her until she stopped crying. Some believe the boys were imitating the show Power Rangers when they began attacking. Despite her grief for losing her daughter Breathe does feel bad for the boys, since they were just young kids.

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7 Of The Most Restricted Places On Earth

Danielle S



Life is so open these days that you can barely contemplate the notion of privacy. There was, however, once a time when you could enjoy a day, or even a week, without the neighbors knowing what you had to eat or drink. While most establishments and communities are becoming more transparent by the day, these seven areas are steadily holding to the notion that less information and exposure is more in this world.

1. Club 33
This secret spot was originally a restaurant in Disneyland. Now, it serves as the ultimate hotspot reserved only for the significant people in the world. One hundred people allegedly applied for membership to the exclusive club but not before showing proof that they had $25,000 in the bank to pay for an association.

2. Vatican Secret Archives
Italy has many beautiful spots and the Vatican Secret Archives is undoubtedly one incredible place to visit. The problem is that few, if any, will ever get to see the extensive collection of publications since the Pope has to give his stamp of approval for every person who wants to stop by for a tour. You can only view books and articles older than 75 years old, but it would still make for a great trip.

3. Mezhgorye
This town in Bashkortostan only has 17,000 residents and doesn’t invite visitors to tour its region often. Secretive Russian companies have serious business in Mezhgorye, which is why the federal government strictly monitors who comes in and leaves.

4. Snake Island
Brazil is such a beautiful place, but not every part of the quarters is accessible to the general public. Snake Island is off limits to human beings due to the island being inhabited by the world’s deadliest snakes. Defy these orders, and you could die.

5. Area 51
Area 51 is quite possibly one of the most controversial places in the United States. The space is officially regarded as a military installation post, but several theorists have thought the spot to be the breeding ground for UFOs and other out-of-this-world phenomena.

6. HavenCo
Sealand is not officially recognized as its own nation, but it kind of is a territory to itself. HavenCo is just off the coast of Suffolk, England, and allegedly holds some of the world’s most pertinent data. You kind of need to be invited to the getaway to see all of its wonders. It wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath waiting for an invite, though.

7. Bahnhof
Bahnhof is also recognized as Wikileaks, Sweden. You know, Wikileaks, which led to a serious uproar from which the world has yet to recover. The good news is that this spot is located in the white mountain of the country, which is beautiful to no end. The scary news is that Wikileaks is surrounded by armor that makes its capable of withstanding a nuclear attack. Would you want to work in an institution as such?

It would be great to visit any one of these places but don’t count on a ticket to view any of these spectacular spots.

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The Food Gordon Ramsey Won’t Eat Ever

Amanda J



Gordon Ramsey is a famous chef that many people have seen on TV. He is known for critiquing food and restaurants, but he really does know what he is talking about when it comes to food even though he is mostly always shouting. Off camera he is actually easy going and has a much better temperament with great taste in food. He has plenty of food and cooking tutorials that can help turn bland food into something decent, and can make even the worst chefs serve something that can be edible. With all his food experience when he says he doesn’t like something, it might be worth paying attention. So what does Gordon Ramsey refuse to eat?

Even though it seems like he is not afraid to eat anything, since he is always trying new foods on TV, it’s actually airplane food that he refuses to eat. The reason? Well, it may surprise you. He says that since he worked for airlines for 10 years he knows what happens with the food, where it has been and how long its been cooked before it’s been on board the plane. Since he knows so much about the food, he refuses to eat on the planes. While it’s not a specific type of food, no matter what it is, if it is served on a plane, he isn’t interested in it and who can blame him? Airplane food is known to be gross to many travelers worldwide.

This doesn’t mean that he goes hungry with all the travel that he is bound to do. He actually has his own restaurant named Plane Food that he will eat at when he is at Heathrow Airport in London. Anytime he is not at Heathrow, he will grab something light and his go-to food sounds absolutely delicious.

His go-to is usually some kind of Italian meats that he will pair with a fruit, usually apples or pears, and some Parmesan cheese. He enjoys that with a small glass of red wine. It sounds like Gordon Ramsey knows exactly what everyone should be eating at airports.

Besides his go-to airport food, what else does Ramsey like to enjoy with his refined palette? Ramsey has said in the past that he likes a good burger and breakfast is really important. He also has a sweet tooth.

Ramsey wasn’t always interested in cooking. He was a football player in Europe but, after an injury when he was 19, he decided to focus on a culinary education.

In addition to his restaurant in Heathrow Airport, Ramsey has a number of restaurants that are open throughout London. Other restaurants in Europe are in Italy and France. Resturants in North America include Boxwood Café in West Hollywood, Maze in New York City and a number of restaurants in Las Vegas. Ramsey is known for TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior and Kitchen Nightmares, and he stars in shows in both Great Britain and America.

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Scientists Are Reviewing Household Amazon Products, And We Can’t Stop Giggling

Sarrah M



Amazon is a great place for getting just about anything. But if you don’t read the reviews, you might not get what you pay for. If you’re one of those people who does this on every item that you’re thinking about purchasing, then you might want to hold on to your seat because you’re about to laugh so hard that you might not be able to compose yourself.

Scientists started reviewing products on Amazon, and you might be surprised what common household items can be used for. Who would have known that people who work in the sciences could have such great sense of humor?

We all know what paintbrushes are used for, but they might be good for people who work in neuroscience. This scientist says that these artist paintbrushes can be good for manipulating 20-micron sections of bird or fish brains in a cryostat of -20 degrees Celsius. No one would have guessed.

Vaseline is often used as a moisturizer for dry skin, but no one would have guessed that it can be mixed with skunk essence to lure black bears into a snare. According to this scientist, she only wished it would come in larger sizes because she wanted to order large amounts of it. Who would have known that such a common item had such a specialized use?

According to this scientist, colored nail polish is an essential item for any tropical first aid kit. You can use it to clear out baby maggots. Just apply it to the larvae and leave it there until it dies. After that, you can just pull it out of the area. According to

this scientist, it can be a great way to keep track of infestations throughout the season. That’s good to know in case I need to go trekking through the Amazon.

While colored nail polish can be great for people who need to do field work in a tropical hellhole, clear nail polish can be great for sealing coverslips on microscope slides. But this scientist warned people not to use the sparkly kind. Makes sense.

We all know that it’s called “superglue” for a reason. It can be used for anything from fixing a broken coffee mug to reattaching something from a sculpture or figurine, but no one would have thought that it can be used for attaching RFID tags and radio transmitters to bees. The only problem is that an angry bee can instantly attach to human skin. While it would no doubt be an unpleasant experience, you can’t stop laughing at this one.

According to this scientist, a gas-powered leaf blower/mulcher from Ryobi can make a great way to get insect samples from vegetation. He just sews some small mesh bags that he attaches with a rubber band to keep them from being chopped up. Who would have thought that a common garden appliance can be helpful for people who are involved in the study of insects?

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Family Dog Grabs Baby By Its Diaper, Then Mom Sees the Surprising Reason Why

Liz L




A young mother saw how her 17-month old little baby was grabbed and hurled by her dog and she was totally shocked. But after a closer examination, she made an incredible discovery of why the loyal dog did such act.

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