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Twin 7-Year-Olds’ Lemonade Stand Back in Operation After A Permit Debacle

The news has been chock-full of incidences regarding nosy white citizens utilizing the power of the state to stop black citizens from partaking in their daily lives. One of the most recent events was “Permit Patty,” a woman who reported a young black girl to the police for selling bottled water on a sidewalk in San Francisco.

Also recently was shocking news of a white woman on social media questioning the legality of the lemonade stand of seven-year-old twin businesswomen Kamari and Kamera in Savannah, Georgia. Instead of motivating and celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit, the woman questioned the practicality of their timeliness lemonade stand.

The girls’ father believes the woman’s questioning of the business showcases blatant racism. On the social media post, he did not comment back but noted that the lady’s comments helped the twins’ business.

Instead of shutting down the business, a family friend helped the twins apply for a business license so they could sell lemonade without any law enforcement harassment or comments from nosy white people.

Cleverly called Twin-Monade, the twins’ operation is now a fully-licensed business in the City of Savannah and they have even expanded their lemonade menu to include additional flavors such as strawberry-kiwi, cotton candy, blue raspberry, banana, and coconut.

The twins commented that the reason they are so happy to sell lemonade is they have the best flavors and their lemonade tastes the best!

Due to this extra publicity, the twins have made over $5,000 in only a few days. This operation is one excellent example of creating generational wealth.

On Juneteenth, the line was an hour wait for lemonade and spanned the entire block. One customer told CBS News that she wanted to support black businesses on Juneteenth, and this was a great way to support the community.

The girls’ mother has high expectations for her twin daughters. She hopes this entrepreneurial spirit lasts and this business is the beginning of something greater. She is incredibly proud of her daughters and helping to push forward this type of business.

On a deeper level, it is absurd that this 7-year-old pair must get legal permission from the city and state jus to sell cold lemonade on a hot day to thirsty customers. Lemonade standards a right of children everywhere and should be fostered to motivate them toward larger endeavors in the future, not diminished through legal paperwork.

Lemonade never hurt anyone who and those who stop by for a cold glass understand the risk they are taking. In some circumstances, the lemonade may be too cold and cause the customer uncomfortable momentary brain freeze.

The twins’ perseverance is a direct reflection of their drive to not fight back against the neigh Sayers and instead get a permit and come back even more successful than ever. This driven, entrepreneurial spirit will get them far in life.



Rescuers Use Excavation Machine To Rescue Injured Croc From Trench

Amanda J



Many people are so afraid of crocodiles or reptiles as a whole that at the mere mention of their names or the fact that one could be nearby, they begin to get anxious.

No surprise there, since these reptiles can grow up to 17 feet long and run up to twenty-two miles per hour.

So what happens when these creatures, which are natural predators, require the assistance of human beings?

Well, we have to muster up the energy and gather a team to do whatever it takes to bring the creature to safety, whether they are big or small.

This was the case for several hundred-kilogram crocodiles that ended up in a ditch recently and had to be saved by humans. The crocodile, estimated to weigh nearly half a ton, was removed using a hydraulic excavator system.

This is a device that utilizes energy from hydraulic cylinders to haul a bucket at the edge of a boom back to the machine via earth or rock, then to lift up the bucket, allowing removal of the dug up away from the excavation.

Here is how that story played out:

There was construction underway in the Vadodara community vicinity, and somehow, the crocodile ventured into the deep drainage line of the construction project. Luckily, several residents spotted the reptile and alerted officials immediately with the hope that it could be rescued in time.

A team of rescuers took out the 12-foot-long crocodile from the 25-foot-deep trench in Asoj village near Vadodara that Saturday.

This was after the local residents alerted the forest officials to the mugger stuck in the under-construction drainage line. The crocodile, estimated to weigh 400 kg, was removed using a hydraulic excavator system, an idea that the quick-thinking rescuers came up with.

Hemant Vadhwana, who headed the team which went to free the crocodile, knew that traditional rescue methods would highly likely have done more harm than good.

He said the team knew that if they were to attempt to pull it out with the ropes, they might have harmed the creature or possibly cause strangulation. With that in mind, they huddled and decided that the best option would be to utilize the hydraulic machine that was already available to them.

At that point, the crocodile had already been injured since it had broken its snout, which they believe transpired when it toppled over into the deep trench.

Vadhwana went on to say that since it is the migration season of crocodiles ahead of their mating and nesting periods in the summer, crocodiles are normal.

Residents know that now and are therefore on the lookout for more crocodiles for more reasons than one. They are concerned about the safety of the creatures passing through the community as well as their own.

The reptile is presently recovering in the Department of Social Forestry of Vadodara.

In the meantime, while the crocodile population has been seriously diminished due to human activity, there are many people who still treasure them for multiple reasons.

One main reason is that they are believed to be the only creatures in existence from the time that dinosaurs roamed the world.

Meanwhile, crocodiles are extremely quick swimmers, which enables them to catch their prey. They are capable of swimming up to twenty miles per hour with the impressive capability of holding their breath for nearly 60 minutes beneath the water.

On land, crocodiles are much slower, running just over ten miles an hour for a very short distance.

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Myanmar’s Smiling Turtles Survive Near Extinction

Sarrah M



A species of giant Asian river turtle previously thought to be extinct about 20 years ago has been saved as scientists breed a population of a few surviving members to almost 1,000. The Burmese roofed turtle are endemic to Myanmar, and are quite famous for a comical grin on their faces- a physical feature that has earned them the name “smiling turtles.”

Initially grown in captivity, some of Myanmar’s smiling turtles have been released into the wild over the past 5 years. 

“We came so close to losing them,” said Steven G. Platt, a herpetologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society. “If we didn’t intervene when we did, this turtle would have just been gone.”

The Burmese roofed turtle is one of many turtle species that face a high risk of extinction, and the scientists in Myanmar may have just scored a very vital point in keeping them around. In ancient times, hundreds of these special turtles were always found cooling off at the mouth of the Irrawaddy River south of Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. However, due to an increase in fishing and indiscriminate trapping techniques, Burmese roofed turtles faced extinction since as early as the mid-20th century. To make it worse, reckless harvesting of their eggs hindered the natural cycle of population growth and propagation of the species which further escalated extinction.

For many years, researchers, scientists, and tourists believed the species to be extinct. There were no traces or indications of Burmese turtles, so it was only right to assume the worst. 

But surprisingly, a live specimen surfaced in a market in Hong Kong in the 90’s and subsequently found its way to an American collector, who still has it in his possession.

“When the species showed up in a pet shop in Hong Kong, it raised a lot of eyebrows,” said Rick Hudson, president of the Turtle Survival Alliance. “There were a number of local dealers smuggling star tortoises out of Burma at that time, so we just assumed it had been smuggled out by the same traders.”

Sights of the smiling turtles in the region sparked a glimmer of hope, and it motivated Gerald Kuchling, a biologist now at the University of Western Australia, to obtain permission to coordinate a joint expedition with the Myanmar Forest Department to study and examine the upper Chindwin River- a region where an American expedition in the 1930’s had collected Burmese roofed turtles.

During one of his visits to a turtle pond at a Buddhist temple in Mandalay, he discovered three creatures with a striking resemblance to old photos of Burmese roofed turtles in ancient journals. 

He was able to satisfy his curiosity the following day and confirmed his theory by luring the turtles to the edge of the pond with grass, just before he was cautioned by guards to stay away from the rare animals.  “I was very excited, and definitely flabbergasted,” he said.

Dr. Kuchling and his Burmese colleagues were granted permission by the temple’s board to transfer the rare reptiles- a male and two females, to the Mandalay Zoo. But that was just the beginning. Dr. Kuchling further discovered many more survivors in the Dokhtawady River, a tributary of the Irrawaddy, and arranged their transfer to the Mandalay Zoo. 

On getting to the upper Chindwin River, Dr. Kuchling in his discussion with fishermen from the Shan ethnic group confirmed that a handful of females still nested there every dry season. In this case, Dr. Kuchling worked with the Forest Department and the Wildlife Conservation Society to set up a program to hire nearby villagers to fence off the beach, watch for nesting females and carefully excavate the eggs each year. 

Over the years, the dwindling numbers of the Burmese roofed turtles has risen exponentially to about 1,000, and they all live healthy lives at three facilities in Myanmar.  Some of them were hatched from eggs laid in the wild, while others were bred in captivity. Five wild females also continue to visit the upper Chindwin beach to lay eggs.

As a result of Dr. Kuchling’s heroics, the species is safe from total extinction, and their chances of survival are far better than what they used to be. However, Dr. Platt warned that irregular and inappropriate fishing practices will continue to pose a threat to the survival and propagation of the turtles in the future.

The biology and ecology of Myanmar’s smiling turtles is quite complex, and as such, scientists don’t quite understand it. This lack of knowledge complicates the process of regulating the desired environment for the growth and survival of the species in the wild.

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Dave Grohl Stands Up to the President, Rallies Support for Teachers In Moving Letter.

Danielle S



When you hear about Dave Grohl, you don’t instantly think of teachers and politics. Dave Grohl rose to fame as a rockstar in the early 90s as the drummer for Nirvana. Now a decorated musician in his own right, selling millions of records as the singer of the Foo Fighters, Grohl is coming to the support of teachers everywhere. As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to put people at risk, President Donald Trump has been pushing for schools around the country to reopen. Out of all the folks who could stand up to President Trump, it was Dave Grohl who seemed to make the largest impact.

Dave Grohl was like many other Americans when he read that President Trump was pushing for schools to reopen during a deadly pandemic. Dave was shocked, taken aback, and disbelieving of what he was seeing. Not only had President Trump been pushing for in-school sessions, he had also been attacking schools that decided to follow remote learning practices, as well! Remote learning is a viable educational tool that has become increasingly important during the pandemic. Apparently, this latest attack on education was a bridge too far for Foo Fighter singer, Dave Grohl.. but why?

Even though Dave Grohl famously dropped out of high school to pursue music, he knows how important education is to the children of America. Dave would pen an open letter to the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as well as President Trump. In the letter, Grohl would lay bare his feelings for school. Dave would discuss how his mother worked as a public school teacher and the impact she had on generations of children. Grohl said, “Though I was never her student, she will forever be my favorite teacher.” 

Exploring the letter further, Dave would go on to outline how difficult and thankless a job that teaching can be. Grohl pointed to a list of considerations that have to be dealt with before teaching can be undertaken in a manner that is safe for students, teachers, and faculty workers alike. Dave’s mother would tell her son over the phone, “There’s so much more to be addressed than just opening the doors…” 

As the letter continued, Dave laid bare the inadequacies of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, Grohl took a shot at Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. DeVos has no teaching background nor has any member of her family ever attended public school. Dave wisely pointed out that he would not take drumming lessons from a person who had never drummed. Why then should Betsy DeVos and President Trump ignore the advice of professionals in the educational world?

Whether or not Dave Grohl’s words have any impact remains to be seen. What we do know and understand is that teachers and faculty members are particularly at risk should schools rush to reopen. The vast majority of staff members in the school system are older and increasingly more vulnerable to the virus. Children on the other hand are resilient to COVID-19, though they are excellent carriers of the sickness. 

At the end of the day, no matter what side of the aisle you fall on, Dave’s words are particularly poignant. The drummer of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ would go on to say, “Teachers want to teach and not die. We should support and protect them like the national treasures that they are.”

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Masked Piano Player Gifted Antique Piano After WOWING Shoppers!

Danielle S



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the work operates, to put it mildly. As the coronavirus continues to cause upheaval around the world, citizens of every country are finding new ways to adapt. For residents of Norwood, Massachusetts, acclimating to COVID means getting used to wearing a mask while out and about. While masks can be annoying to wear, they also provide a host of health benefits that can stem the spread of COVID-19. When one masked shopper visited the ReMARKable Cleanouts antique shop, he asked to sit down and play the only piano in the shop. What happened next, well, that’s what you are here to find out!

It was a regular weekend like any other during COVID-19 when John Thomas Archer visited the ReMARKable Cleanouts second-hand shop in Norwood, MA. Wearing a mask and ready to look at instruments, John approached the owner of the shop to inquire after an antique piano. The piano looked gorgeous but a sign read, “Do Not Touch.” Not wanting to ruffle any feathers, John made his polite request and the piano owner quickly acquiesced! With both parties wearing masks, it would be hard for either party to recognize the other and you’ll soon find out why this is important!

It was July 11th when John sat down at the piano with his mask firmly around his face. The young architecture student would look around the room before settling on a song. Within the blink of an eye, Archer was hammering out a gorgeous and uplifting version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey. The antique store quickly filled with singing and jovial laughter as everyone got in on the action. A random onlooker would film the performance and once shared the video would quickly go viral! 

John would leave the shop behind without the piano, not knowing that he would quickly go viral. The only problem was that John had been masked while in the store, thus making sure to follow COVID procedures. The owner of ReMARKable Cleanouts was stunned by the community reaction to John’s playing and decided there and then that he would gift the antique piano to the mysterious masked player. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t know how to reach John or even who he was. The mask had left the man anonymous! Fortunately, the video on Facebook would go viral before catching the attention of John’s significant other. John’s girlfriend would tell him that the owner of ReMARKable Cleanouts was looking for him!

After announcing that they had located John, ReMARKable Cleanouts would invite the man to come to the store to take the piano. John said, “I didn’t know so many people would be affected by watching me play.” John would return to the store after finding out about the offer, only this time he would gift the audience with a rendition of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend.

In these trying times when tensions are high and the future unknown, it is important to find comfort in familiar places. Sometimes all we need to hear is a good song by a good person to feel a little better. Hopefully, John gets to play the piano after COVID-19 for a real concert with ReMARKable Cleanouts!

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Friends at Birth Given Just 2% Chance to Live, Graduate High School Together In Moving Story.

Danielle S



It is hard to look at young children when you know that they are suffering. For that reason, it can be hard to read stories about children who were born with limitations. This profoundly unfair situation happens daily to children all around the world. While there is enough in the world to be ‘down on’, we feel like we should point to a silver lining instead. This stunning true story is about a pair of lifelong friends that overcame all odds to survive not only their physical limitations, but also to overcome all hurdles placed in their way.

When Odin Frost and Jordan Granberry were born, they each had been given just a few years to live. Odin Frost had been born prematurely due to stress during his mother’s pregnancy caused by preeclampsia. As a result of her struggles, Odin would be born with brain bleeding as well as a clubbed foot. Odin spent the first years of his life going in and out of hospitals as doctors did their best to treat him. For Jordan, life had been difficult as well. Jordan would be born with brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation. His parents were told at his birth that he would likely live in a vegetative state that he’d never break free from.  In a best-case scenario, doctors believed that Jordan might live until he was ten years of age.

Odin and Jordan would meet while they were both attending preschool. Odin had made friends with Jordan after biting his ear, an action that resulted in Jordan pinching Odin back. Since that moment, the two kids have reportedly been inseparable. Odin’s father, Tim, told reporters that despite being mostly non-verbal, a connection can clearly be sensed between the two kids whenever they are in the same room. Tim would go on to say that the boys enjoy ‘long car rides’, ‘loud music’, and ‘pinching each other’ as much as possible. Tim went on to add that Jordan and Odin had invented their own sort of secret language where they trade jokes and laugh the entire time.

According to Tim, the Frost family had been close to Jordan’s family for the better part of the last 15 years. Tim had to overcome his own struggles in life to give Odin the childhood he deserved. Tim had to overcome homelessness as a teenager after dropping out of high school. For Tim, walking Odin across the stage at his high school graduation was a touching moment that he will never forget. On the other side of the equation, Jordan’s mother worked as a hairdresser and someone whom Tim lauded for being “The only one quick and brave enough to cut Odin’s hair.”

While the two boys have struggled throughout their life, they have also shown the ability to overcome and succeed against all odds. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Tim was proud to watch both children receive their high-school diploma. Tim would go on to say, “They are joy bringers.” 

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