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Wedding Guests Put To Work By Bride

Sarrah M




Anyone who has gone through the planning process involved in throwing a wedding ceremony and reception knows the involvement required to get the job done in time, according to budget, and to meet the specifications of the happy couple. Most brides and grooms will take upon the responsibility of planning and conducting necessary tasks to pull off a perfect wedding on their own. Sometimes friends and family members will get involved in helping, however, one bride took this route a bit too far when asking others to provide services for her special day.

A recently noticed Reddit thread first noticed by Yahoo has the entire story laid out for readers to ponder. A woman told a story about a wedding that she had attended where she was recruited to do work in getting the preparations in place days before the wedding was to be held. She was not the only one, however. All the guests who were going to attend the wedding were involved. This at first was in good faith, after all, if a bride and groom need help, why not lend a hand? After the first day, guests had a different idea about the help they were providing.

This was mainly because the bride was not helping herself. In fact, she was seen sitting on a couch, lounging throughout the day while her guests were taking care of the important functions necessary to have a lavish wedding. She would be seen browsing Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram posts, trying to find more ideas that she wanted incorporated into her event. The guests would then be expected to work on these ideas so that they became realities.

This continued on for four straight days from 6am until midnight. Each guest was put to work doing specific tasks. Some people would be working on the landscaping, making sure that flowers were in the right locations, that the lawn was meticulously groomed, and that there were no obstructions in the pathway to be used by the wedding party. Bushes were trimmed and floral arrangements were primped so that they looked as beautiful as ever. A gazebo was even constructed from scratch. 

Other guests were in charge of linens, making sure they were all laundered and ironed so that they were presentable. Table toppers were made, wedding favors were prepared, and flowers were arranged. This was all done by the guests. Food preparations were taking place well in advance of the wedding so that a spread made to impress would be available….however, those that would be eating the meal were already present with the preparation work, so there was no surprise factor involved.

When the date of the wedding finally arrived, guests set up the back yard with chairs for the event to come. After all the preparations were complete, the wedding was absolutely stunning. The food was amazing, the view of the back yard was unflawed, and the celebration went by without incident. The guests had done all the work and the bride witnessed the entire thing from a chair. Most guests would not take the time to be bossed around for hours upon hours and days upon days. The bride must have had a lot of helpful people in her guest list, and she should be extremely thankful that they had done all the work for her to have a perfect day. 

When it becomes time for one of the guests to have a party of their own, will the bride be as willing to step up and reciprocate the favor? Time will tell.



Owners Reveal Adorable House Rules Put In Place By Their Animals.

Danielle S



As a pet owner, you’ll quickly come to realize that your pets are unique creatures with their own sense of self. As a result, you’ll find that your pets have certain demands, superstitions, or desires that you have to accommodate. A recent thread was posted to Reddit which explored how prevalent these ‘house rules’ were among animal owners throughout the world. As you’ll soon find out, nearly every pet owner had special rules that they had to live by in order to keep their pets happy. Buckle up, these rules are as adorable as they are hilarious!

When Reddit user DLordJr took to Reddit, he had this question to ask, “What rule has your pet instituted in your house that you now follow?’ The question skyrocketed to the top of the subforum AskRedditwhereupon thousands of pet owners shared their own story. From parrots and lizards to dogs and cats, it seems like every pet owner had a special rule that they were following. One user revealed that their parrot had extreme demands when it came to conversing with people. According to that user, if the parrot asked ‘What are you doing’, you had to respond. If you didn’t respond to their parrot, the bird would throw a tantrum while waiting for a response.

As the Reddit thread continued to attract more responses, it became clear that almost every pet owner has unique rules that they have to live by. According to user Chimerical_Shard, you simply are not allowed to close the doors around their pet as they will begin to scream at any surface that blocks their path. Another common ‘pet rule’ was that visitors weren’t allowed to leave their seat in the presence of their dog. Why? Well, the dog would immediately jump in and steal the seat. The user called this seat-stealing pupper’s action, ‘paying the toll’. Another dog, a Berner/Pyr mix, would get angry if it heard someone whispering. Apparently, secrets aren’t allowed in their household!

While house rules were different among the species of animal, it seems like there was a lot of overlap when comparing pets within the same species. For example, many of posters in the thread pointed out that their dogs demand to go on car rides every time that their owners go out. Other users pointed out that their dogs loved being chased by people who were clapping. It is pretty easy to see that certain personality types were more frequent among certain animals!

When it came to dealing with luxury, cats reigned supreme. Apparently, cats are almost completely beholden to being treated like Kings and Queens. One user pointed out that their cat, Potato, would refuse to eat her food until she was placed gently in front of her bowl. To make matters worse, Potato had managed to brainwash her owner’s boyfriend to accommodate the new rule. Another cat demanded the bathroom sink be left running so that she could get fresh water in the morning. When ignored, the cat would meow and scream at the bathroom door until the faucet was turned on.

So, what do you think? Do your pets have any special house rules that you have to live by?

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Guinea Pig and Dog Share Beautiful Friendship, Similar Fur Patterns, In a Story DESTINED to Make You Cry!

Danielle S



If you grew up in the 80s and 90s then you probably remember the animated film, The Fox and the Hound. In the movie, two species of animal that have no business getting along end up becoming the best of friends. The film was adorable and touching, but was it realistic? As it turns out, interspecies friendship is relatively common in nature, and even more common among pet owners. This is where the story of Mr. Jenkins, an adorable puppy, and his best buddy, the guinea pig named Maple, begins.

Tahnee Reid was born and raised in Australia. Based out of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Reid had grown up as an animal lover. Reid was living with her pet guinea pig when she made the decision to adopt an adorable three-year-old puppy named Mr. Jenkins. At first, Reid was incredibly nervous about how Mr. Jenkins and Maple would get along. After all, Maple was smaller than Mr. Jenkins’ head. If the new dog wanted to put an end to Maples, he could make that happen. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending!

Upon bringing home Mr. Jenkins, an excitable Boston Terrier, Tahnee was shocked to see how her two animals got along together. Not only did they bear a striking color resemblance to one another, but they quickly became the best of friends. Tahnee said, “I really can’t believe how close they are to each other. They’re total best friends.”

According to Tahnee, Mr. Jenkins was the excitable pet that she had concerns about. If Mr. Jenkins couldn’t calm down around the little guinea pig, Tahnee would never be able to relax. However, Tahnee soon came to realize that the two pets shared a mutual passion, eating carrots! Tahnee says, “I think their friendship first blossomed over their mutual love of carrots.” Tahnee went on to explain that she would give Maples a carrot only for Mr. Jenkins to run over and beg for his own. Soon, they were sharing carrots with one another and before long they were napping together!

Nowadays, Maples is the proverbial shadow to Mr. Jenkins’ excitable daily routine. While Mr. Jenkins is the younger of the two pets, Maples tends to treat him like her own personal hero. According to Tahnee, Mr. Jenkins even acts like a parent as he’ll check on Maples throughout the day in order to make sure that she is okay! Tahnee says, “They really do have this amazing and strange little friendship. It captures the hearts of everyone that meets them or sees their photos.” Tahnee went on to explain that Mr. Jenkins had quickly grown attached to his little shadow and that he was proud to have a little sidekick who followed him around the home.

In the divisive world that we live in, it sure is nice to see how two creatures can overcome their differences. What do you think of the adorable Mr. Jenkins and his best buddy, Maples?  Do you want to bring home your own monochromatic buddies?

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Dismembering Dear Old Dad: Helping Ralph the Pug Deal with Age-Related Separation Anxiety

Danielle S



Welcoming Ralph the Pug

Ralph the Pug came to join us a bit over ten years ago. He was five, a rescue dog who had been turned in by his old owner and was looking for a forever home. We hit it off right away as he bounced into our arms, then our hearts, and we took him home the same day we met him. We bonded, Ralph and the rest of us, playing together in the back yard, getting muddy and barreling across the grass after sticks. We even took him on vacation.

Clearly Dad’s Doggie

Ralph was especially fond of dad, resting on the couch beside his lounge chair so dad could reach over and pet him while relaxing. Ralph sat under the dinner table by dad’s feet when we ate, and mom and dad indulged him with space on their bed at night, always close to dad. The years together were good for us all.

As Time Goes By

Aging was tough for Ralph. His body got to be more of a challenge for him, and he seemed a bit forgetful at times. We’d had him for over ten years, and we knew that aging pets need special care. We took care of his medical issues as they arose, but we weren’t sure how to help his state of mind. He was always a loopy lil’ guy, of course, so why worry?

The Veterinary Perspective on Ralph’s Mental Changes

Our vet recommended a veterinary behaviorist, suggesting that Ralph might be experiencing some canine dementia. Nothing serious, he said, but Ralph might seem lost at times, get clingy or upset by change. The behaviorist recommended ways to support Ralph, keeping his environment simple and stable. But Ralph threw us a curveball.

Once we set to work adapting his environment to his age, Ralph got much happier and more active. When dad went to work, though, Ralph was sometimes inconsolable. He would pace, moan, lose appetite and sleep all day. It was only when dad came home that he’d jump, run about, devour his dog food and be his old self. We puzzled over Ralph’s attachment issues until mom had an idea.

Mom’s Idea: The Dad-Doll Arrives

Mom found a place online which sold life-sized mannequins, ones which looked close enough to dad to maybe make her plan work. She ordered one, and we all waited to implement this crazy idea. Would Ralph be fooled?

When the huge box arrived, we unpacked it in secret and set the mannequin on the bed. When dad went off to work, while Ralph was dancing anxiously around, then curling up and whimpering, we put it in dad’s easy chair. We got Ralph’s attention and led him around the corner to the living room. He stopped and stared at the figure in the chair: dad! He spun around in a circle and jumped up and down, four legs in the air at once. He made a sort of airy ruff-ruff sound and he charged dad-puppet’s leg. He nipped at his fingers, and – wait a moment – he tugged on them and bit them and pulled off dad-puppet’s hand! Whoops!

Ruff Love and Peace at Home

After loving on the doll in his way, Ralph laid down on the rug, content. Each day as dad left he’d turn to the doll and jump on it, then play with it. He stayed playful but proper with the real dad, and we were just glad that mom’s idea had helped dear Ralph.

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Neglected Puppy Loses Vision, Saved By New Owner in Wholesome Story!





There is just about nothing worse than seeing an animal suffer, especially when that animal is an adorable puppy. When Puddin was first adopted, she was neglected and abused by her owners at their home in Texas. The poor little dog soon had an infection develop behind her eyes. Unfortunately, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in of Texas would not get to the puppy in time to save her vision. As a result, Puddin ended up losing her vision after veterinarians were forced to remove her eyes. Had the vets not acted in time, the infection could have cost Puddin her life! This story doesn’t end here, however, as there is a happier ending on the horizon!

After animal doctors saved Puddin’s life by removing her eyes and sewing her sockets safely shut, the future for the animal was in question. After all, it can be hard for new owners to be found when a dog is so clearly handicapped, even if that handicap came as a result of the heinous behavior of their prior owners.  The team at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals remained hopeful that they would find the perfect new home for Puddin to go to and that is where Cory Gonzales comes into the story.

Cory Gonzales was a young student when he first saw Puddin on the internet. Gonzales said, “When I saw Puddin online, I immediately fell in love with her ears, of all things.” Gonzales, just 22-years-old, would quickly schedule an adoption meeting with Puddin so that he could get the chance to meet the dog to see if they were a match. Gonzales said, “The day after I met her, I came back in and adopted her.” After meeting Puddin, Gonzales was quick to fall in love with the adorable puppy and the adoption paperwork would soon be filled out.

Despite losing her vision to the vile behavior of her former owners, Puddin soon found herself in a home where she was loved and revered. Gonzales was recently contacted concerning an update on Puddin. Gonzales said of his new puppy, “She is five months old now, and the way she has adapted to her new life is incredible.” Gonzales went on to explain that Puddin had managed to learn how to live in relative comfort without her sight. Gonzales explained that Puddin has begun to embrace her other senses to find toys, run around, play, and even stop herself from walking into things. Gonzales said, “It’s really amazing to watch.”

While Puddin was fortunate enough to find a happy ending, not all animals are so lucky. If you or someone you know suspects that an animal is being abused, do not hesitate to reach out to your local animal advocacy group. All animals deserve to be treated properly with love and respect!

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I Attempted Pinterest-inspired School Lunches And They Were Adorable!

Danielle S



As a parent, I work very hard to make my kids’ school lunches as fun as possible. 

One of them hates eating in front of others, and the other loves to trade and share. I try to make their lunches as interesting and inviting as possible. I’m a busy, full-time working mother, and I usually send my kids to school with a pre-loaded lunch card. But this week, I wanted to create something fun and silly that would brighten up their days. 

If you’re on Pinterest all the time or have been just a few times, then you might be aware of the thousands of pins that provide inspiration. There are hundreds for just fun ways to cut sandwiches alone – if you can imagine a fun and creative snack, you’ll find it shared on Pinterest! 

There are great options for dinosaurs and aliens, woodland creatures and Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired snacks. Some parents are super clever and have come up with entire lunches created around special themes, like Toy Story or The Lego Movie. 

I was determined to find something that I could accomplish with my limited artistic abilities, but that would light up my kids’ lunches. 

Lunch Number 1: A Monster Sandwich

This one seemed like one of the easier ones to tackle first. 

This pin is from Land O’Frost, where they make a sandwich that looks like a cute monster! With only a few simple ingredients, it seemed like the perfect first lunch. 


  • 2 slices of sandwich bread 
  • 1 slice marble cheese 
  • 2 slices lunch meat 
  • 2 pimento-stuffed olives 
  • Mayo 
  • Mustard
  • A few toothpicks
  • A cookie-cutter

The Assembly

First, I cut the bread slices. The original recipe called for a round cookie cutter, but I didn’t have one, so I just used a bowl and a pizza cutter and we got to the same place. 

Then, I spread the mayo and mustard on the bread, and cut the cheese into tiny triangles to make teeth. 

I rolled the turkey loosely to make it look more like the tongue, laid on the cheese, and then the rest of the circle bread. 

I used two toothpicks to put into the olives to make the eyes. Neither of my kids will eat these, but at least they’ll be fun. 

Lunch Number 2: PB&J Waffle Mouse

I decided to step up the difficulty on day 2 with some PB&J Waffle Mouses. (Also, the youngest has been begging for waffles, so this felt like a two-for-one!)

This pin is from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons, and it’s absolutely adorable.


  • 2 regular waffles 
  • 2 mini waffles 
  • Peanut butter & jelly 
  • Some raisins 
  • A mini marshmallow
  • 6 pretzels 
  • Toothpicks

The Assembly

I started by lightly toasting the waffles, since I wanted them to hold up until lunch hour. I put the peanut butter on one big waffle and jelly on the other. I put peanut butter on the ears, tooth-picked them into place, and then folded the two big pieces together.

I took two marshmallows and put half a raisin into the center of each. I used a dab of peanut butter for some glue and put the eyes on. I used a few more raisins to make a nose, then three pretzels on each side to make some whiskers. I used two more raisins to make the smiling mouth! 

Lunch Number 3: Monkey Bagel 

This one is by far the hardest, and the biggest hit. My kids have been begging for this one since I made it for them – it’s now a house favorite! 

This pin is from Eats Amazing, where they make the most amazing bagel that gives of serious jungle vibes. 


  • 1 bagel (my kids prefer these on cinnamon raisin) 
  • Mayo 
  • Mustard 
  • Lunch meat & other sandwich fillings 
  • 4 pieces of mozzarella cheese 
  • 2 blueberries 
  • 1 small sliver of red pepper or a couple of carrots

The Assembly

I lightly toasted my two bagel halves, since I wanted them to hold up longer. 

Next, I put my sandwich fillings on the inside (mayo, mustard, lunch meat.) 

For the ears, I took a piece of the mozzarella and cut them into ovals, and tucked them under the lunch meat so that they’d hang out. 

The original recipe calls for red pepper, but my kids won’t eat that, so I took some carrots from the other day and sliced them thin. 

I cut one of the cheese slices into a circle for the face, and other into a long oval for the mouth. I placed the blueberries for the eyes with a tiny bit of peanut butter as glue. 

My Final Thoughts

This was a super fun activity, and I absolutely loved getting a little creative!

I would recommend that you swap out ingredients for ones that your kids will prefer, as I was told one of my kids threw the olives at their sibling. 

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