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Women Overcomes Phobia For Greens Through Hypnotherapy

Amanda J




The fear of fruits and vegetables. Hmmm… You might be thinking, “There are worse things to be scared of like clowns, thunder, fire, and whatnot.” Well, that’s what you think. For 32-year-old Jenny Edgar, greens were a pestilence- her sworn enemies, and it took hypnotherapy for her to get over her fear. 

“I had a real fear of not liking fruit and veg, so didn’t even bother putting them in my mouth in case I had to spit them out,” Jenny said. 

A steady, bland, and quite unhealthy diet of cheese, cookies, French fries, and pasta were perfect for Jenny- she didn’t need vegetables or fruits to come spoil the party because she was absolutely irritated and scared of them. Shocking! It was so bad that her Christmas dinner was always macaroni cheese and with a glass of water- no greens!

“When I was a child, I would eat raisins and grapes, but hated vegetables. As I got older, I didn’t touch greens at all, and would just eat cheese and pasta because I knew I liked them,” she said, describing her history with greens.

She said she hated the texture of some fruits- the juiciness of the tomatoes and the fuzz on peaches.

She made avoiding greens of utmost priority until she took the bold step to face her phobia for the edibles in a bid to lose weight ahead of her wedding next March. 

It took only six sessions of hypnotherapy to get rid of her fear, and now she can relish the delicious taste of fruits and veggies she once feared. 

“One Sunday, I went for dinner at my fiancé’s house and I had to take my own meal of macaroni cheese. It was very embarrassing and it was getting me down. I just thought to myself that if I don’t sort it out now, then I never will.”

According to her, it wasn’t much of an issue during her teenage years as she was still slim, but after college and having her first son Kian, the increase in weight became so drastic and obvious. 

A major influence on her decision to fight her fear of greens was her 8-year-old son Kian. She didn’t want his eating habits to be affected by hers, so she had to go through hypnotherapy sessions to help her health, as well as her son’s. 

“Kian is of an age where he needs to try different foods and I didn’t want him to be affected by me,” she said. “Because I don’t like fruit and veg, I’ve only been buying him strawberries, but I want him to try lots of different things.”

Her hypnotherapist, Russell Hemmings, coached her by applying cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy in a bid to help her beat her phobia- and it seems like it worked.

“The first session I had was amazing. He just talked to me in a really relaxed way and got me to try five different fruits. I put a piece of pineapple in my mouth and just couldn’t believe the flavor. It was delicious and I said I couldn’t believe I’d waited so long to eat it.”

After a few more sessions of hypnotherapy, Jenny’s confidence in fruits started to grow, so Russell cooked up fresh fish and vegetables for her to have a taste – she loved it. 

Basking in her newly found love of fruits, Jenny plans to expand her cooking skills and grow her own vegetables at home. 

Russell Hemmings, the hero of the story and specialist in treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and weight said “eating anxiety” has strong links with childhood experiences, and certain food substances can act as negative stimuli in triggering emotions. 

“When working with food aversion, the phobic response when food is introduced may also induce a feeling of revulsion,” he said. He said he applied a “three-pronged approach” of hypnotherapy, coaching, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to reconfigure Jenny’s responses to greens. 

According to him, she has made “incredible progress” and is motivated to live and enjoy a healthier and balanced diet with her family. 



Macaulay Culkin And Brenda Song Welcome Baby Boy Named After Culkin’s Sister

Sarrah M



Regardless of the ups and downs faced by former child star Macaulay Culkin over the years, his name still manages to trigger beautiful memories for people both old and young.

Many people fail to see him beyond his role in the Home Alone movies(afterall he was absolutely adorable) but now hearing that he is not only in a relationship but also welcoming a child has set the internet in a flurry.

Additionally it is with another former child star, Brenda Song, known for her role as a spoiled rich kid in the TV show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

As per a statement to TODAY, the couple welcomed the boy on April 5, who weighed six pounds and 14 ounces, in a Los Angeles hospital. It’s their firstborn and the couple is clearly elated.

Dakota Song Culkin is the name they’ve chosen for their bundle of joy. If you’re wondering who Dakota is, well, she was Culkin’s sister who passed away thirteen years ago in 2008. According to the announcement, the new three-person family is happy and healthy.

The couple said, “We’re overjoyed.”

The “Home Alone” star, hit a new milestone in 2020 when he reached age forty and made everybody feel elderly, has previously expressed his intention to create a child, his girlfriend who is a former Disney celebrity.

He informed Esquire last year, “We prepare a lot.” “We’re working it out and figuring out how to make the timing work. Hardly anything sparks you on with your lady coming into the bedroom and saying, ‘Honey, I’m ovulating.’

Despite his meteoric rise to fame as a teen, Culkin is now at ease in his relationship with Song.

“People think I’m crazy, a kook, or mentally ill. Strange. He told the paper, “Cracked.” “But I’ve never really put myself forward until the most recent year or two. But that’s something I can appreciate. It’s also like, “Well, everybody, stop being so surprised that I’m reasonably well-adjusted.”

“Look at me,” he continued, “I’ve got money, I’ve got fame, I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful home, and beautiful animals.” “It may have taken me a long while to get here, and I had to have that talk with myself and ask myself, “Honestly, Mack?” It isn’t all evil. I have nothing I want and much less that I want. “I’m fine, man.”

Meanwhile, Song, who is 33, has been waxing poetic about her relationship with Culkin.

In 2020, she informed Esquire that, “Individuals are unaware how incredibly kind, loyal, nice, and smart he is.” “Truly, what distinguishes Mack is that he is unapologetically himself.

“Mack is aware of who he is and is perfectly content with it. And that, to me, is a very enticing feature. He’s put in a lot of effort to become the guy he is.”

Now what everyone is wondering is whether wedding bells will be ringing soon and if they intend to make the family any bigger.

In the meantime, everyone is basking in happiness for the cute couple and wishing them and Dakota all the best.

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‘Gorilla Glue’ Viral Phenom Gives Back to Charity After Fundraising Success!

Liz L




We hesitate to think about what it might be like to be judged by the internet for our worst moments in life. We shudder when thinking back to our time in childhood, long before social media and viral Tweets were a thing. Tessica Brown unfortunately is not going to have the same benefit. Brown went viral recently after uploading a video of herself to the social media app TikTok.

In the video, the Gorilla Glue Girl (@im_d_ollady) used a bottle of Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spray after running out of her own hair freezing spray, a product named Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. For people not into hair care, freezing sprays are used to mold and hold hair into a specific place, oftentimes used as an alternative to pivot from the slicked-back ponytail. The video begins with Tessica Brown, a teacher from Louisiana, rubbing her hand over her hair while saying, “It don’t move. I’ve washed my hair 15 times, and it don’t move.”

Tessica was, of course, talking about her failed experiment using Gorilla Glue as a last-minute adhesive spray. Tessica would go on to explain that she had continually washed and re-washed her hair in an attempt to fix the issue. The glue stuck and her hair remained stuck with it. The story would quickly go viral, garnering reactions from people in every nook and cranny of the world. Along with the attention came serious fundraising efforts for the poor woman, ending up with thousands in her GoFundMe Account. The attention would also bring with it potential solutions for her hair problem. It wouldn’t take long for Tessica to connect with an LA-based surgeon by the name of Dr. Michael Obeng.

Dr. Obeng would offer to fix Tessica’s hair for free and a week later the procedure would become a success. Before the culmination of the story, Tessica had gained substantial donations through her GoFundMe account. Originally the account had been established to just raise $1,500 to pay for operating expenses on the gorilla glue. After more than $20k had been donated to the account, Tessica knew that she had to do something special with the money.

After the procedure was successfully performed, Tessica would end up with most of her hair still in place, a stark departure from her prior fears. In order to thank Dr. Obeng for his work, after the physician had offered to perform for free, Tessica would decide to donate the vast majority of her fundraiser money toward a foundation close to Dr. Obeng’s heart, the Restore Foundation. The vast majority of the funds will be donated to the foundation while Tessica keeps just enough to pay for her travel and emergency room visits.

The Restore Foundation is a non-profit backed by Dr. Obeng himself. The goal of Restore Worldwide, as it is also called, is to give back to disadvantaged folks around the world who are in need of aesthetic and plastic surgery. The goal is to provide life-saving and life-changing surgeries for people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to receive them. The Restore Foundation has already changed and saved hundreds of lives throughout Ghana and other disadvantaged countries in Africa.

At the time of this writing, Tessica’s video on TikTok hard garnered north of 16 million views alone. Since her TikTok fame came to fruition, the story has been picked up and passed around by every other major social media platform, creating millions of additional views in the process. We wonder now, was the gorilla glue pain worth the viral fame?

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The Cast Of Willy Wonka – See What They Are Up To Now

Danielle S



Originally filmed and released in 1971, the classic kid lesson movie of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory became a bit of a sleeper hit that crept across America and became a classic. The movie was replayed again and again on TV for years afterwards, and the golden ticket prize inside the chocolate bar that the movie’s hero wins has been replicated in jokes and references repeatedly. In 2005 the movie was released again in a new version, with actor Johnny Depp taking the role of Willy Wonka much further than Gene Wilder ever did, and it to become a success of its own as well. The second version resonated with audiences of another generation and had the same effect. So where are all those actors today? Many are grown up now and have had some interesting tales of their own as well.

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The 20 Most Pause Worthy Moments in Movie History!

Amanda J



If you grew up with a VHS Player in your living room, you probably learned to get pretty handy with the pause and rewind buttons. With DVDs and streaming services ruling the day, those same skills are being put to the test! Hollywood is well known for putting together scandalous, exciting, and scintillating entertainment that can leave us dropping our jaw. Today, we are going to look at 20 moments in Hollywood history that we had to pause again and again and again!

Welcome to the 20 most paused moments in cinematic history!

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Kim Ng Has Become the First Female MLB’s General Manager

Amanda J



The Miami Marlins has hired Kim Ng as its first new general manager. The hiring has made her the first female GM of Major League Baseball. NG is a 51 years old Asian American who has served as senior vice president of MLB for nine years. 

She has also worked as assistant general manager for Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. These teams have made to the playoff eight times and won the World Series titles three times. 

According to Bruce Sherman, the Principle owner of Miami Marlin, the entire leadership is looking forward to working with Kim Ng. The ownership group hopes that Ng will work to improve the skills of Miami Marlins’ players. 

Ng is an experienced individual and a champion-level skilled coach who will play a key role in Miami Marlins’ success – said Derek Jeter, the CEO of Marlins. Besides, her extensive work in streamlining youth baseball will grow the game among Miami youth as she will continue making substantial efforts to encourage the South Florida Community. 

The Highest-Ranking Woman in Baseball

Kim Ng broke into the baseball game as an intern and spent her time to carry out operations in the Chicago White Sox. She is considered the highest-ranking woman when it comes to baseball operations among the 30 league teams. She is the first female general manager in all major North American sports leagues for men. 

She entered the major league as an intern, and after many years of hard work and determination, she has become the honorable general manager of Miami Marlins. Ng said she is happy to lead Miami Marlins as the next general manager. 

Ng is determined to build a team that would achieve successes in the major league. She will make substantial efforts to build for a long term in Florida and develop collaborative, forward-thinking baseball operation with dedicated and talented staff. 

An Inspiration for Millions of Women 

According to Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner, everyone at the major league baseball is happy and thrilled for Ng as well as the opportunity she has earned with Miami Marlins. Ng’s appointment will make history in baseball and other professional sports. 

Her role as a general manager is a great example for millions of girls and women who love to play softball and baseball. The leadership skills, the hard work, the record of achievements, and dedication throughout her career led to this incredible outcome. Rob Manfred said that he wishes Ng all the best as she starts her career as a general manager with Miami Marlins. 

It is indeed an incredible achievement to become the first female general manager in major league baseball. Ng said that young boys and girls would take notice of this and realize that they can achieve anything they dream of. 

Final Words 

Kim NG directed baseball operations with MLB and worked with the front offices of many league clubs around the world. She is looking forward to developing a sophisticated policy for the Miami Marlins, enable them to experience new heights of success. 

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