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Your Favorite Country Singers: Who Are They Married To?

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Via Country Living Magazine

With 125 million albums sold in the US alone, Garth Brooks is probably the most successful solo artist in the United States. After his divorce in 2000 from Sandy Mahl he begun a relationship with a fellow country music singer; Trisha Yearwood.
They got married on December 2005.

Gary LeVox and Tara LeVox

Via Zimbio

The lead singer of the  “Rascal Flatts” Gary LeVox has been married to Tara Vernon since 1999. Gary said that the first time that he saw her, he knew he was going to marry her and he remembers having a extrange sensation at the moment.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

Via Hufftington Post

A famous country singer by the age of 13 who has remained famous ever since, LeAnn Rimes married her current husband Eddie Cibrian after having an affair with him and divorcing her previous husband Dean Sheremet in 2010.

Jennifer Nettles and Justin Miller


Via Pinterest

The lead singer of Sugarland (a country duo), married her current husband Justin Miller in November 2011, after divorcing her previous husband in 2007. They dated for 2 years after her divorce before getting engaged. She gave birth to a son in December 2012. They named him Magnus Hamilton Miller.

Martina McBride and John McBride

Via Zimbio


After crossing over into pop-country style and gaining nationwide appeal (specially outside the country world) Martina McBride has been married since 1988 and they have 3 daughters. Her husband John McBride is an audio engineer.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Via CloserWeekly

Amy Grant is a media personality. She’s an author, an actress, a songwriter and of course a singer. She’s not however a country singer but more of a Christian gospel performer. She performed in a country music special on christmas alongside country singer Vince Gill. They became good friends. Both divorced their partners and got married. The ceremony took place on March 2000.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson



The younger sister of Britney Spears (the famous pop star) became known due to her role on Zoey 101 back in 2005. She became notorious after she got pregnant when she was only 16 years old and her career paused as a result. She started singing country music and released a single in 2005. She started dating Jamie Watson, a voice actor in 2012. They dated for 2 years and got married in New Orleans, in March, 2014.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr

Via USAToday

The very successful country singer has reached spot number one with his singles eighteen times on the Hot Country Song Chart. He apparently had an affair with Brittany Kerr (an American Idol contestant) whilst still married to Jessica Ussery whom he met in High School. After getting a divorce he dated Kerr for a year and married her in March 2015.

Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud

Via Zimbio

The best selling female artist in the history of country music, Shania Twain, the Queen of Country Pop divorced her husband, producer Robert John Lange, after he had an affair with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Shania then married the former husband of her former best friend, Frederic Thiebaud in 2010.

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

Via Rolling Stone


The renowned country singer had 30 singles reach the top 10 on the US Country Billboard charts. Twenty two of those reached No.1. Clint Black married Lisa Hartman, an actress, and after living in L.A. they moves to Nashville in 2002.

Darius Rucker and Beth Rucker


Via Country Fan Cast

Darius Rucker used to be the lead singer and guitar for “Hootie and the Blowfish” and went solo first, as an R&B artist. He transitioned into country music afterwards and signed with Capitol Nashville in 2008. He married in 2001 to Beth Rucker after having a daughter with her in 1995 when she was his girlfriend.

James Otto and Amy Alderson


Via Zimbio

A member of the MuzikMafia (a group of country musicians who in their own words “create music without prejudice”) married Amy Alderson in October 2005.

Keifer and Shawna Thompson

Via Zimbio


The country duo who’s had two #1 singles charted both on “Hot Country Songs” and “Country Airplay” have been married for more than 15 years.
They’ve never stopped performing together.

Phillip Sweet and Rebecca Sweet


Via Zimbio

Phillip Sweet is part of the Country band “Little Big Town” and plays the guitar. He’s also one of the vocals (the members of the band all sing in rotation) and he got married to his now wife Rebecca in March 2007.

Craig Morgan and Karen Morgan


Craig Morgan released his first album in 2000 and seventeen of his singles were on the Billboard Country Charts. Six on the Top Ten. He’s married to Karen Morgan. They lost a son on an accident on the Tennessee River. His body was found 10 days later.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins

Via People (Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Thomas Rhett has had six #1 singles on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. He married to Lauren Greggory in October 2012 after knowing her since the first grade of school. They had trouble conceiving and decided to adopt a child. During the process they found out Lauren was pregnant. They plan on keeping both.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler

Via TheKnotNews

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler recently got engaged in January 2017. Hunt has shared that much of his music has been inspired by Folwer. For example, his album Montevallo was actually named after the town that Fowler is from. In an interview with E! News Hunt shared: “I had never visited Montevallo, but right before I left to go to Nashville I met a girl from there. A lot of the experiences I had with her and the relationship I had with her, that inspired a lot of the songwriting on the album.”

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans

Via Billboard

The Country pop star was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist. Kelsea Ballerini got engaged in December 2016 to Moran Evans, an Australian musician whom she met while co-hosting an award show in Australia.

Mo Pitney and Emily Bankester

Via WideOpenCountry

Mo Pitney released his first album in October 2016. It got to #10 on the Top Country Albums Billboard in a week. He met his wife Emily as a teenager and according to him it was love at first sight. They got married in March 2016.

Dean Berner and Rachel Beauregard

Via Pinterest

The former member of “Edens Edge” a country group, is currently engaged to Rachel Beauregard, who’s part of the duo “Native Run” that also plays country music. Dean and Rachel got engaged in April 2016. He shared the news of his engagement on Facebook.

Craig Wayne Boyd and Taylor Borland

Via Zimbio

The former contestant on “The Voice” Craig Wayne Boyd met model Taylor Borland when he was taking part in the aforementioned singing competition. They started dating and got engaged in June 2015. They’re now married and have a daughter.

Nick Hoffman and Natalie Murphy

Via CountryMusicRocks

Nick Hoffman is fiddler and singer for the band “The Farm” whose first album (self titled) featured 2 Top 40 singles on the Country Airplay chart. He got married to Nathalie Murphy, a singer-songwriter. The ceremony took place on May 2016.



A Second Chance for 2,000 African Rhinos: The Rewilding Project that Saved John Hume’s Herd

Liz L




In a happy turn of events, a massive rewilding project has come to the rescue of 2,000 African rhinos, ensuring their safety and well-being. These rhinos, once owned by wealthy property developer turned wildlife rancher John Hume, faced an uncertain future when they were put up for auction in April, with no bids forthcoming. Thankfully, the non-governmental organization (NGO) African Parks stepped in to secure their fate, marking a significant milestone in conservation efforts.

John Hume’s herd of rhinos was the world’s largest privately owned population of white rhinos. It was feared that these magnificent creatures were at serious risk of poaching and fragmentation, prompting concerns among conservationists worldwide. But African Parks, headquartered in Johannesburg, emerged as the guardian angel for these rhinos.

African Parks is a renowned conservation organization known for its credible and responsible approach to wildlife conservation. Dr. Mike Knight, chairman of the IUCN specialist group, expressed optimism about the organization’s ability to successfully rewild these rhinos. He emphasized the importance of finding conservation areas that are not only large enough but also secure from the threat of poaching.

The primary objective of African Parks was crystal clear: to rewild all 2,000 southern white rhinos over the next decade in well-managed and secure areas. This ambitious endeavor is designed to establish or supplement strategic rhino populations, ultimately reducing the risk to the species as a whole.

African Parks has set a new precedent with this initiative, as it represents one of the largest rewilding efforts ever undertaken for any species on the African continent. Hume’s captive-bred rhinos, which make up nearly 15% of the world’s remaining wild rhino population, hold immense value in the preservation of these magnificent creatures.

The dire situation arose when financial stress forced Hume to put his Platinum Rhino operation up for auction in April 2023. The absence of any bids raised concerns about the future of these rhinos, prompting African Parks to step in. With the support of the South African government and emergency funding, African Parks successfully acquired the farm and its 2,000 rhino residents.

While African Parks never intended to own such a vast captive rhino breeding operation, they recognized the moral imperative of finding a solution for these animals. By doing so, these rhinos can once again assume their crucial roles within fully functioning ecosystems, ensuring the preservation of this Near Threatened species.

In the end, this rewilding project serves as a beacon of hope for the future of African rhinos. With African Parks at the helm, these majestic creatures will have a chance to roam freely in secure habitats, contributing to the continued survival of their species. It’s a story of conservation success and a testament to the power of collective efforts to protect our planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

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The Power of the Women’s World Cup – Empowering Girls Worldwide

Sarrah M



Sport for Change project, Kibera Hamlet Girls Soccer Team Team made up of 25 girls aged 12-25, Nairobi.

As the 2023 Women’s World Cup captivates audiences with thrilling matches and incredible talent, it is not just a sporting event; it also serves as a source of empowerment and hope for girls all around the globe. Beyond the excitement on the field, the impact of this monumental tournament is felt off the field, where it inspires and uplifts girls, proving that they too can be strong and resilient athletes.

One organization that has documented this empowering phenomenon is CARE, a non-profit dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice. CARE has captured the inspiring moments of girls from diverse backgrounds playing the beautiful sport of soccer. Witnessing these young athletes immersed in the game brings joy, resilience, and strength to girls everywhere.

The Women’s World Cup offers a powerful platform for showcasing the incredible skills and abilities of female athletes. By witnessing the passion and dedication displayed by the players, young girls are encouraged to dream big and pursue their goals fearlessly. The tournament challenges gender stereotypes and proves that girls can excel in sports, just like their male counterparts.

Through the spectacle of the Women’s World Cup, girls find role models to look up to. They see themselves reflected in the athletes on the screen, realizing that they too can achieve greatness with hard work and determination. This representation is crucial in breaking down barriers and opening doors for girls to pursue their passion for sports.

Furthermore, the Women’s World Cup promotes gender equality and female empowerment on a global scale. It sends a powerful message that women’s sports deserve equal recognition, support, and investment. As more attention is directed towards female athletes and their achievements, it paves the way for increased opportunities and resources for girls interested in sports.

Participating in sports has proven to have numerous benefits for girls, extending beyond physical fitness. It fosters teamwork, leadership skills, and self-confidence. By witnessing the women’s teams competing at the highest level, girls are encouraged to embrace their own athletic abilities and feel empowered to take on challenges both on and off the field.

Moreover, the World Cup serves as a rallying point for communities and countries to unite in support of their national teams. This sense of unity and pride extends to girls as they feel a part of something larger and find encouragement in their collective identity.

In conclusion, the Women’s World Cup is more than just a sporting event; it is a symbol of empowerment and hope for girls worldwide. Seeing female athletes excel at the highest level showcases the limitless potential of girls in all fields of life. The tournament breaks down gender barriers, fosters resilience and strength, and inspires girls to embrace their passions and pursue their dreams with confidence. As the Women’s World Cup continues to shine a spotlight on female athletes, it ignites a powerful movement that empowers and uplifts girls everywhere, proving that they too can achieve greatness on and off the field.

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Rare Rembrandt Portraits Discovered in Private Collection: A Remarkable Find

Danielle S



In an astonishing discovery, two exceptional paintings by the renowned Dutch artist Rembrandt were recently found in a private collection. These remarkable portraits, depicting relatives of Rembrandt himself, were completely unknown until now. The artworks, signed and dated from 1635, are expected to fetch a staggering sum of between 6.25 and 10 million dollars as they go up for auction. Let’s delve into the fascinating story behind these newly unveiled treasures.

The portraits, measuring a mere 8 inches in height, reveal the faces of an elderly husband and wife. The husband, Jan Willemsz van der Pluyn, was a prosperous plumber, while his wife was named Jaapgen Carels. Residing in the Dutch city of Leiden, they were a wealthy and well-known family during their time.

Jan and Jaapgen were related to Rembrandt through marriage, as their son, Dominicus, was married to Rembrandt’s cousin, Cornelia van Suytbroec. This familial tie established a close relationship between the two families. Rembrandt’s association with the couple is what makes these portraits all the more intriguing.

After being sold at an auction in 1824, the paintings found their way into the hands of a British family. For nearly two centuries, these masterpieces remained tucked away in their private collection, unbeknownst to the world. It wasn’t until recently that the significance of these artworks came to light.

Art experts and historians were astounded by the discovery. David Pettifer, an art consultant, expressed his amazement, stating, “What’s extraordinary is that the paintings were completely unknown. They had never appeared in any of the Rembrandt literature of the 19th or 20th century, so they were completely unknown.” This revelation adds a whole new chapter to Rembrandt’s oeuvre.

The portraits’ unique charm lies in their small size and intimate nature. They possess an air of spontaneity, revealing a close connection between the artist and the subjects. Unlike grand and formal commissioned paintings, these portraits offer a glimpse into the personal lives of Jan and Jaapgen.

For art enthusiasts eager to witness these extraordinary pieces, there is good news. The portraits will be exhibited in both New York and Amsterdam during June, offering a rare opportunity to admire them up close. Following the exhibitions, the paintings will be auctioned in July, where they are expected to fetch a substantial sum of money.

The recent discovery of two previously unknown Rembrandt portraits is nothing short of extraordinary. These small yet immensely significant artworks shed light on the artist’s personal relationships and highlight the connection between Rembrandt and the wealthy Van der Pluyn family. With their profound historical value and the intimate touch of the artist, these paintings are set to captivate art lovers and collectors alike.

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Free Books Campaign Has Donated Over 6,000 Books

Danielle S



Sofia Akel, a writer and cultural historian, has taken it upon herself to ensure that reading is not a privilege, but a right for everyone. Her non-profit organization, the Free Books Campaign, has given away over 6,000 books by authors of color to people who cannot afford them.

Akel’s love for books started at a young age when she would go to the library near her home to read. However, as she grew up, she realized that not everyone had the same access to books that she did. Many people couldn’t afford to buy books, and libraries in some areas did not have a wide selection of diverse authors.

This realization led Akel to form the Free Books Campaign in the UK in 2020. The non-profit organization collects books by authors of color and distributes them to people who cannot afford to buy them. The organization is funded by donations, and all the books are given away for free.

The Free Books Campaign has been a great success, having given away over 6,000 books so far. The non-profit’s website also allows people who cannot afford a particular book to email them with the name of the book they want. If the organization has the funding, they will buy the book and send it to the person for free.

Akel’s work with the Free Books Campaign has been recognized and appreciated by many people. She strongly believes that reading is a right and not a privilege and that everyone should have access to diverse authors and books.

The Free Books Campaign has also gained the attention of several organizations, and Akel has been invited to speak about her work at several events. She hopes that her organization will inspire more people to donate books and help spread the joy of reading to those who need it the most.

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Booroolong Frog Population Bounces Back

Danielle S



Australia’s endangered Booroolong frog has been the target of intensive protection efforts in recent years. For this unusual amphibian, there is finally some positive news after decades of population decline.

In Australia, the number of Booroolong frogs has decreased below 5,000 over the previous forty years. Human activity has caused habitat degradation and fragmentation, and imported predators and diseases have put them in danger. Recent conservation initiatives have demonstrated that it is feasible to stop this decline and save the Booroolong frog from extinction.

The destruction of the Booroolong frog’s natural habitat has been one of the major causes of its decline. One of the most important aspects of attempts to restore the frog’s habitat has been the removal of willow trees, which have occupied many waterways in Australia. It has been demonstrated that willow plants can cause erosion and sedimentation, which can harm the frogs’ habitats for breeding and foraging.

Recent flooding occurrences have also contributed to the increase in the Booroolong frog population in addition to habitat restoration. Australia’s east coast received significant rainfall in 2020, which led to widespread flooding. While many towns were devastated by these floods, the Booroolong frog population benefited from them. Many breeding events were noticed in areas where effective breeding had not occurred for many years because of the floods, which provided a perfect breeding environment for the frogs.

Programs for captive breeding and the release of captive-bred frogs into the outdoors are also part of the Booroolong frog’s conservation efforts. These initiatives have improved genetic diversity in the community and increased the number of Booroolong frogs in the wild.

In spite of these encouraging advancements, the Booroolong frog still confronts formidable obstacles in its struggle for survival. The effects of disease, habitat loss, and climate change continue to endanger the species. The Booroolong frog can recover and flourish once more, though, thanks to recent successes in conservation efforts.

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