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27 Unique Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Everyday we face different challenges and sometimes we face the same challenge day in and day out. Usually someone has found an easier way to approach these daily tasks and we are going to unveil those secret life hacks to you.

A life hack is a trick that someone has discovered to quickly solve a problem. A lot of these can be used daily and are life changers. They will get you more time back in your day and it’s always fun to let friends in on the secret life hacks you implement.

Keep on reading to learn about 27 unique life hacks that will benefit your life!

Tip 1 – Your Pot Of Boiling Water Will Never Overflow Again

Boiling water is one of the first things you learn to do when being introduced to the basics of cooking. It can seem to take forever for the water to start to boil, but once it gets going — it really gets going. Unfortunately, that can lead to it overflowing and creating a huge mess!

If this starts happening to you, don’t turn the heat down, instead grab a wooden spoon. Place the wooden spoon against the top of the pot and your pot will no longer boil over. How? Well the spoon pops the bubbles at the top before they can grow too big and spill over the edge. Genius!

Tip 2 – Handheld Sanitizer

It’s been hard to get our hands on wipes and sanitizing products lately. That’s why we were thrilled when we discovered this life hack – A Portable UV Light that sanitizes anything you wave it over in just 10 seconds. We tested a few, but our favorite so far is the Mobile Klean. We’ve listed the pros and cons of this brand below.

But first, a description of how this marvelous tool works. It uses the same UV light technology used in hospitals to penetrate and destroy viruses, bacteria and germs in seconds. It just needs a little bit of exposure to the light wavelengths to destroy the infectious bacteria. UV lightwaves are the shortest and have the MOST energy – that is why they can destroy germs that other lights can’t.

Pros of Mobile Klean

  • Affordable
  • Chemical-Free
  • Fits in your pocket (handheld)
  • Long battery life
  • USB Chargeable
  • Good quality (sturdy)
  • Safe on electronics (our cellphones are often dirtier then public toilet seats)
  • 50% off this week through this link


  • Sometimes out of stock – but they currently have a supply
  • My coworker keeps acting like he’s Obi-Wan Kenobi and waving the Mobile Klean around

I have a Mobile Klean in my car and one at home. It just gives me that extra boost of confidence that I’m doing all I can to keep myself and my loved ones safe from germs.

Tip 3 – Cellophane Travel Cup

Ever wanted to have something similar to a fastfood cup with your big drink cups from home but every time you did the liquid would spill out on you or the car? There’s an easy fix. If you have any kind of plastic wrap or cellophane “paper” all you need to do is cover the top of your glass or cup with it and poke your straw through the middle. This idea is so simple and easy to implement, most folks wonder why the hell they didn’t think of it sooner. This works for just about any kind of cold drink, and it can save you from repeatedly buying fast food drinks from restaurant drive throughs as well as spending money on fancy thermoses.

Tip 4 – Faster Wi-Fi, Same Internet Bill

Your Wi-Fi is essentially a connection to your Internet gateway, typically a DSL or cable router in your house. The problem is that if you have a weak signal emitter, your Wi-Fi ends up being poor. Walls, thick materials and rooms tend to increase resistance. Boost your Wi-Fi with the RangeXTD and your connection speed will be as fast as your cable-connected computer at the router itself, regardless of how many walls are in the way. Check it out here.

Tip 5 – Sweat Before a Shower

Want to make sure your pores are totally cleaned out when you take a shower? Give yourself a good workout with lunges, pushups, squats and burpees. You will get the full cardiovascular benefit, and your pores with sweating will push-out the grit so you can wash it right off in the shower. It’s a better clean overall, and your skin will be healthier.

Tip 6 – Relieve Neck Pain From Home Office Setup

Your home office is probably not set up very ergonomically. Mine is a little short, I have to lean slightly to the left for the best view and I usually find myself hunched over. All of this leads to neck pain. About halfway through my work day, I put on Neck Relax. Neck Relax is a fantastic neck massager.

In technical terms, Neck Relax is effective by using infrared heat to increase circulation and direct oxygen/nutrients to tissues, using electro frequency stimulation massage therapy and using therapeutic ultrasound.

In action terms, Neck Relax soothes your muscles, stops spasms and nerve pain, and stimulates your tissue to encourage your body to begin healing.

It helped me, and I think it will help you too which is why I’m sharing it here. Now 50% off (and it will reduce your pain by over 50%).

Tip 7 – Get Meditating

You don’t need hours dedicated to meditation. A simple set aside of five minutes a day for focused meditation can help you relax and reduce your stress level by as much to 10 times. You will also realize better sleep, improved cognitive ability, and a sharper cognitive function thinking through problems.

Tip 8 – Stop The Incessant Barking

Your lovely, cuddly pup might be your new (and only) coworker. This definitely has it’s perks – someone to look at you adoringly, a fuzzy head to kiss on your way to the kitchen (w/o any strange looks from HR), BUT, your pups incessant barking that only happens during an important meeting might be driving you crazy. Try BarxBuddy.

BarxBuddy uses a high-pitch noise only your dog can hear to get their attention, stop the barking immediately and then you can follow it up with positive reinforcement. BarxBuddy is always recommended by trainers because it is easy to operate, safe and harmless for both dogs and humans, and very effective in training your dog.

Tip 9 – Crazy Kids With Glue, Shoes and Coins

Kids need fun, wacky things to keep them entertained. So why not let them glue coins to their shoes? What? Are you nuts? Hey, it’s silly fun that costs about nothing, and your kids might get a kick out of it for a day. Little kids tend to love this idea and the clicky sound their shoes make afterwards. Just don’t let them slide on the tile. Bad things happen.

Tip 10 – Salons Closed? No Problem

It’s hard to get a pedicure right now, but for some of us it’s even harder to cut our toenails ourselves. The angle is not natural anyway you try it – bringing your foot up toward your hand or your hand down toward your foot – both are equally hard. Thankfully the ClipperPro toenail clipper was invented to make doing your nails at home a lot easier. The head of the clippers swivels to make cutting your nails effortless.

Tip 11 – Homemade Deodorizer

If you’ve got basic sliced bread and vinegar, then you have the materials for a homemade deodorizer. This is a great way to kill smells in your garbage can before it gets full. Just take a piece of bread, soak it with white vinegar and toss it in the garbage can. The odors from the can will be killed and gone (vinegar fumes kill bacteria), and your garbage can take more instead of you having to empty in the middle of the cold night. The trick works for deodorizing the can after you’ve dumped it to get rid of latent smells too.

Tip 12 – Kill the Snoring

People snore more and more as they age, as well as when they gain weight. And that disturbance will damage deep sleep both for the snorer as well as any partner sleeping with him or her. CPAP machines are the typical remedy from a medical perspective, which involves pressurized air forcing the nasal passages to stay open while sleeping. That said, the wristwatch-style Sleep Connection device causes the body to reposition while sleeping which interrupts the snoring habit and kills the noise-making. Try it by finding out more at this link: Sleep Connection.

Tip 13 – Lunch Prepping

Working at home may not be like being at the office trying to figure out how to warm up a sack lunch or figuring out where to go get some food on your break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pre-made meals. Just find about an hour on Saturday or Sunday and prep your lunches for the rest of the week, or least the next three days. It will save you time in the week, and you’ll get to spend your lunch actually having a break instead of working half of it to prepare a meal.

Tip 14 – Anti-Germ Bedding

We all like clean sheets to sleep in, but bedding that also actively keeps germs and bad smells from getting into your bed is a double-plus. Cotton and similar tend to absorb things, especially off of us, which ultimately ends up making them smell bad and needing to be cleaned. Miracle Sheets, however, use silver ions that kill any organic stuff like bacteria and microbes, which add to odors and germ risks. Check them out yourself here: Miracle Sheets. Your blacklight might end up being obsolete with them.

Tip 15 – Lemon Water

Your body is dehydrated when you first wake up, so water is a good thing. Add some fresh-squeezed lemon into it, and your body gets a natural boost of fruit sugar as well as zest as it absorbs that water quick, usually in about 20 minutes. You also get the benefit of Vitamin C as lemon is a citrus fruit.

Tip 16 – Fend of Mosquito Bites

Don’t worry. As soon as the weather warms up again, the mosquitos will be back. However, you might be able to avoid getting bit by them this year. If you use the Buzz B-Gone any local mosquitos will get killed before they get to you. The device uses a UV light to bring the insects in, and then it zaps them. Dead mosquitos don’t bite. Find out more here: Buzz B-Gone.

Tip 17 – Toilet Cleaner

You don’t need to spend big bucks on cleaning product to get your toilet looking sparkling again. Just mix in ¼ cup of water with a similar amount of baking soda and a ¼ cup of dish soap. The mix will break up crud, eat away at oils and dissolve stains. Let it sit for the night and then check out the toilet in the morning after a flush. Dish soap works really well on clogs too. Pour a cup of dish soap in and let it sit. Then come back in 30 minutes with a container of hot water and pour in. The clog will dissolve.

Tip 18 – Saving Memories

Trying to keep digital memories and photos organize can be a pain, but losing them can be a lot worse. With the InfinitKloud you back all of them up in one shot, and you always have a second copy separate from your computer. Get the InfinitKloud and a discount here.

Tip 19 – Onion Preservation

If your onions and garlic are going bad too quick, put them in a paper bag with holes in it. The paper absorbs off-gassing from the vegetables as well as allows air to ventilate. This reduces the deterioration effect of onions or garlic stacked together otherwise by months.

Tip 20 – Soles for the Body

Need some addition help for your back and neck? Try adjusting your shoe impact on your feet. Add in some MindInSole shoe soles, and you’ll realize a huge difference in how your body works with less walking impact. Trying them out by finding a pair here: MindInsole.

Tip 21 – Keep the Toddlers Asleep

If you like to check on your child while sleeping but the door keeps waking them up, then nullify the latch. Use a rubber band wrapped around the handles of the door, which then keep the latch depressed. You can then enter the room without making noise but keep the door closed when they sleep.

Tip 22 – Anti-Shoe Smell

Shoe odor occurs from our feet sweating and bacteria being left with the sweat in the shoe. Because shoes involve organic material like leather, the bacteria can survive for a long time, making them smell. Wash out the shoes if you can in the washer and then let them air dry. Then put in a deodorizer powder. Finally, put them in the freezer for a night. All three nullifies most smells.

Tip 23 – Socks Help You Sleep Better

Why do people curl up the blanket over their feet? They’re cold of course. And it makes for disturbed sleep too. So next time you go to bed, wear socks. Your feet stay warm, your body relaxes faster, and you go to sleep deeper.

Tip 24 – Spice Rack Those Baby Jars

Baby food jars are the ideal containers for your various spices. And they stack really well too. So, if you have toddler gobbling up goopy stuff for a diet, use those baby jars after cleaning them for your spices and dried seasoning. It’s far better than cheapo store containers and you can see the ingredients clearly when cooking.

Tip 25 – Headache Yoga

Headaches can really ruin a day lasting for hours before dissipating. Why wait that long? Use yoga exercises to change your blood pressure and allow your body to stretch. Yoga not only reduces your vascular pressure, it helps loosen up muscles, both of which contribute to headaches.

Tip 26 – Grow Constant Lettuce

If you’re the gardening type, add some lettuce to your backyard growing. Once it grows, all you need to do is keep tearing off the leaves on a regular basis. This will stop the plant from blooming and continue to keep producing lettuce. It’s a free, easy way to add lettuce to your diet on a regular basis from your own backyard.

Tip 27 – Recycle

If you go for walks a lot in your neighborhood you’re probably going to see errant cans, bottles and similar all over the place. It’s amazing how much people just throw these containers on the ground. So double-up your exercise with a bit of money-making. Get yourself a grabber stick at a local hardware ($10 usually) and use old grocery shopping bags as your container. As you walk, pick up the cans and bottles, crush them with your foot if doable and put them in the bag. At the end of the walk, tie the bag and put them in your recycle container at home. Then go on the weekend, recycle and get some money for them. Avid recyclers easily make anywhere from $250 to $300 a year recapturing recycling payments for cans and bottles. And if you live near a park, its an extra bonus, especially during soccer season and the summer.

Tip 28 – Is My Egg Too Old?

If you’re the tip that gets rid of egg cartons for space in your fridge, then you’ve likely run into the problem with having a few eggs left over and not knowing when they expired. There’s an easy test to find out. Simply put the egg in a bowl of water deeper than the egg. If it sinks, the egg is still good to eat. If it floats, throw it away. Eggs develop gas as they age and go bad. That gas inside the egg shell makes it buoyant. Bad eggs float while good eggs sink to the bottom. If your egg sits in the middle of the water, it’s borderline.


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